10 Best Xbox One Gaming Chairs

10 Best Xbox One Gaming Chair: Buying Guide And Reviews

For some people, console gaming should have the right equipment for a total game immersion. Hence, finding the best console gaming chair is the utmost to the transformation of one’s gaming experience. These immersion gamers are undeniably looking at high-end audio gaming chairs, where each and every button pressed not just effects the screen, yet makes the gamer feel like they are not sitting in their playing area.

Nevertheless, this is one of the continua; for other gamers, the ideal gaming chair is a comfortable floor chair, which does not cost a fortune. Not just can these chairs be much more affordable, yet they are also an easy purchase that ensures gamers to still have money for more gaming.

It is important to look at all aspects of each chair, and in this article, we have reviewed the ten best Xbox one gaming chair or gaming chairs –in general, that’s available on the market. Here, we truly have the best of the best –now more about these –read on!

What Are The Advantages To Gaming Chairs? When Do You Need One?

From rocking gaming chairs to ergonomic chairs and beanbags, there are thousands and thousands of chair models available in the market today. The top ten that we have listed are definitely some of the best and easy examples of gaming chair advantages.

The first advantage is the benefit of back support and the ergonomic design. If you are a heavy gamer who plays about 5 to 6 hours every day and more, you will quickly realize that sitting on the floor, sitting on a regular couch, or sitting up in the bed, is already messing with your back.

Without proper back support while gaming, you are actually likely to injure or harm yourself and have a much harder time doing some other activities. Having a good gaming chair might help in supporting the head, neck, arms, and the back, hence getting rid of most pains.

Additionally, a whole different advantage that gaming chairs may bring to the table is a way more immersive experience. A lot of gamers wish they might be able to bring their systems into a movie theater and make magic happen, yet with the proper gaming chair, gaming experience at home may even transcend the surround sound of the local theater. A strong sound experience that is created by special speakers and subwoofer bass might truly transport you inside a movie or game and make the gamer feel like they are really in there.

When do you need a gaming chair? Well, you need one if your current gaming setup is causing discomfort and likely cause damage to the back. Moreover, you may need a chair with a good speaker and vibration if you are a gamer who has tried manifold systems, games, and methods of playing, and wish to immerse yourself in the game. This will surely up the experience of the gameplay.

Buying Guide for Gaming Chair

Knowing what to look out for in a gaming chair is not always the easiest thing to do for most people. Often, you have to ask yourself a lot of questions before making any purchase. To help you out, we have included some common information for your consideration before buying your gaming chair. Hopefully, it will lead you to the perfect purchase that will fit your needs.


If you are a gamer who travels a lot to your friends’ house or in conventions, perhaps you are going to opt for a gaming chair that is more lightweight. The same is true if you play in different parts of the house, or if you play in a room and watch movies on the other. In this case, moving a 50 lbs. chair all the time might be tiresome and you may consider something more lightweight.

Conversely, if you have a home theater at home there might rarely be any need for you to move chairs around. These are ideal environments to the heavy-duty ground and raised gaming chairs. Bear in mind, moving around does not just mean lifting for chairs like this, it also means unplugging and plugging –that can be so tiring. Nonetheless, in an environment like a gaming room, hefty pro gaming chairs do not really need to be portable as they will be staying put.

Chair Type

The type of chair you are using might most certainly depend on your own preference as a gamer, so you need to pay attention to how you game, or how a family member plays.

Do you prefer playing on the floor? Purchasing a floor chair might mean you will almost always be looking upward at the TV or screen placed on the shelf. In this case, you should look for a chair that can recline or tilt backward without causing any fall. For chairs that just offer comfort and aren’t fitted with any technology, consider the total of adjustments every product has available for leaning backward.

Do you prefer playing on-level with the screen in raised gaming chairs? In this case, know first that the adjustable chairs are always suitable for preference, rather than the tilting chairs. Do you like putting your legs up? Raised chairs may often leave the legs dangling, while floor chairs always allow you to rest your legs against the ground. Once more, it all depends on your own preference as a gamer.


The warranty on every product is the assurance you need to return it for money back, replacement, or repair. Most of the warranties last just several days, and for the gaming chairs, the warranty might last from 60-90 days.

Before you purchase your gaming chair, check out every warranty so you know the period of security you have on the purchase in case something goes wrong. If there is no warranty, then you might not want to purchase that product. Once more, this is a matter of the gamer’s preference.

Weight Capacity

Each and every gaming chair has its own weight capacity –it is the best not to go over their limit and risk breaking the chair. Again, this may be a matter of preference and forethought before you make any purchase. If you don’t know your own weight, then measure it and come back before you make your decision final.

Extra Features

You may also consider extra features, which a lot of the gaming chairs include. One example is –Bluetooth. If you frequently use Bluetooth at home, then you might very well want a chair that has this feature. In addition, consider the following:

  • Plug-in or batteries
  • Device compatibility
  • Whether it folds and stores
  • Swivel capability
  • Available colors of every chair
  • Speaker placement
  • Subwoofer speakers for bass effect

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Best Xbox One Gaming Chair: Top 10 Picks

For gaming, this chair may represent the full-body experience, where the gamer is not playing the character on the screen anymore, and are already the character. With its built-in bass tones and vibration motors, this chair may let the player feel that everything that’s happening in-game from the shortest contract of the weapon to the rising motion of an in-game eruption.

It is not limited to particular devices or games and is compatible with Nintendo, Xbox One, Wii U, PS3, and PS2. However, not just gaming systems, this chair might also connect with iPhone and iPad, as well as Blu-ray, DVD, CD, and TV. This is really an awesome chair –not a purchase that you would regret!


  • Free shipping upon purchase.
  • It can connect with multiple chairs for an interrelated ultimate experience.
  • Built-in wireless radio receiver.
  • The chair is powered by a cord through an electrical outlet and has batteries to run on wireless TV as well.
  • Compatible with most gaming devices, including Xbox One.


  • Might want to retrofit a roller base or swivel to the chair.
  • Heavyweight chair at 50.3 lbs. –this makes it somewhat harder to move than the lighter models.
  • Not compatible with Bluetooth, but does have a personal headphone jack on it.
  • Pricier high-end chair for experienced gamers.
  1. Ace Bayou X Rocker 5143601 II Video Gaming Chair

This is assembled with the gamer’s support and comfort in mind, built with an ergonomic design, as well as cushioned with vinyl coverings and interior foam. Its speakers placed near the audio and headrest might be conveyed wirelessly to its subwoofer sound system. In-built headphone jacks are also included!

With a sound that you can feel, this chair may alter movie watching and game playing experiences feel more life-like. Further, this chair is compatible with Gameboy, PlayStation, Xbox One, and home theater systems. This may connect itself to the TV, instead of plugging into various consoles –thus making it a leading candidate for all the gaming experiences at home. At all times, the in-built side panel may allow you to control the bass effect and volume of the chair, so you may never need to get up and change the settings on the TV manually.


  • Cords run straight through the television set and transport the sound to the chair.
  • Armrests may flip out of the way for the desired gaming environment.
  • Wireless audio transmission.
  • No assembly required –comes entirely ready to use.


  • Buying a 120-volt power adapter is recommended; otherwise, the chair batteries will go dead in about every two weeks.
  • No Bluetooth capabilities.
  • Weighs at about 45.8 lbs. and might want to be kept in a certain room, instead of moving around every now and then.
  • Not built on a wheel or swivel system for easy movement around the house.
  1. X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 Video Gaming Chair

One great option from the X Rocker is this –it is the same as the first on –only that it is mounted on a swivel and has two fewer speakers. The metal frame of it is cushioned with vinyl for the optimal comfort and may include arm and headrests for great relaxation throughout extensive gameplay or even a swap over to general work. Furthermore, if you are a ‘work hard, play hard’ kind of player, this is the chair that’s ideal for you.

Moreover, the gaming chair is great for playing video games. It is compatible with Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PS4, and is also ideal for listening to music, relaxing, reading, or watching television. Its sound experience alone –with two speakers built into the subwoofer 2.1 AFM technology and headrest –is enough reason to purchase the chair. The vibration and the bass experience surely transform the gaming experience and may bring it to a whole new entertainment level.


  • Built-in wireless transmitter and receiver.
  • It can connect with multiple chairs for an ultimate gaming experience.
  • A swivel pedestal allows for tilting forward in the chair.
  • The swivel function makes it easy to paly different screens from the chair, or do work on two connected monitors.


  • Still in the wheelhouse of a high-end gaming chair.
  • Some assembly is necessary.
  • Weighs about 57 lbs. and not on a roller –thus making it more difficult to move all over the house.
  • Needs an adapter to connect with PS4.
  • No Bluetooth capabilities.
  1. HOMY CASA Leisure Recliner & Ottoman Chair Set

If you are a console gamer, as well as a PC gamer, this chair is well suitable for both in front of the television and desk gaming. This is also perfect for play and work, it’s high solidity sponge design cushioned in PVC leather is for long stretches of sitting and comfort. Varying on the preference of the gamer, the backrest of the chair is adjustable from 90-145 degrees. Its height isn’t adjustable, only its backrest. Further, this gaming chair also has an equally comfortable ottoman so that the gamer does not need to leave the legs hanging and stiff.

The gaming chair is brought within two days after the purchase and needs some broad assembly. In addition, both the footrest and chair are but on360 degree swivels and is made from similar stain-proof materials.


  • Assembly instructions are so straightforward and understandable.
  • Stain-proof leather –very easy to clean.
  • Designed for use at a set out in front of the television or at a computer.
  • Comfort tested and designed for gaming while sitting or reclined at a 90-degree angle.


  • Pricey gaming chair, perhaps not for the beginner level gamers.
  • Assembly is necessary, which might take about 30 minutes to finish.
  • It doesn’t include any vibration or sound systems.
  • Not built on a wheelbase.
  • Weighs at 58 lbs. brought with both ottoman and chair. The chair is still hard to move from room to another on your own.
  1. X Rocker 5142201 Commander 2.1 Audio Gaming Chair

The gaming experience that this chair lends to music, movies, gaming, and some other general comfort is what makes it worth the purchase. Since it’s built on a tilt and swivel system, it is exceptional for watching movies or gaming the way you want to, and also has an outstanding double speaker and subwoofer to intensify the experience and transport you outside your home and in the entertainment. Furthermore, this chair might support most gaming systems, including the Xbox One and PS4.

In addition, it is made with a comfortable polyester and ergonomic metal design –making it an ideal gaming chair for prolonged gameplay. It is attractive and durable, does not overheat even from extended use, and really immerse the gamer in an amazing adjustable bass vibration and sound. Further, it is also easily one of the most reasonable high-quality gaming chairs out in the market.


  • Chair hooks up to television output, instead of the separate consoles.
  • Has a personal headphone or headset capability.
  • Multiple chairs may be connected together for the ultimate gaming experience.
  • The chair is on a 360-degree swivel, arms flip up, and it tilts frontward for the preferred gaming experience, as well.


  • Moderate assembly is necessary.
  • It doesn’t support Bluetooth. If you really like this feature, you would have to purchase a Bluetooth adapter.
  • Polyester fabric is cheaper, rather than but not as comfy as foam designs and vinyl.
  • It doesn’t fold and can’t be stored away easily.
  1. Giantex Floor Foldable Gaming Chair

The design of this gaming chair is flannel fabric with high-density foam and has six reclining modifications including upright and flat. This is beyond a doubt the most budget-friendly chair for gamers, as well as what you order is what you get. Forthright, this kind of gaming chair is ideal for playing games or watching movies, and it is amongst most transportable lightweight chairs.

When you are done with gaming, the chair folds flat for under-bed storing or in a huge closet. The material is soft, yet not essentially comfortable for those who do not like the flannel texture. However, you will be quite content gaming in it for extended or prolonged hours.


  • This gaming chair is simply best for its easy storage and comfort.
  • Easily and restfully supports a height of 6 feet.
  • The frame is heavy-duty iron and may adjust to 90-degrees or flat.
  • No assembly is required, and the chair is easy to travel or store with.
  • It comes in four colors –tan, pink, black, and brown.
  • It is the budget pick of gaming chairs on the list –very affordable.


  • Very simple design, yet sometimes adjustments do not lock in place immediately.
  1. X Rocker 5172601 Surge Bluetooth 2.1 Sound Gaming Chair

This sound gaming chair is dissimilar to others –not just because it is cheaper, but because it supports a built-in Bluetooth receiver, and thus it may link to the gaming systems, and to the devices, like iPads, iPhones, and Laptop computers. The chair is compatible with most of the gaming systems. Not only you may plug in the gaming systems, yet you may also kick back in the new chair and watch YouTube videos on the phone while you experience the full sound immersion.

This gaming chair might plug into an outlet and thus you never need to worry about changing batteries every week. Further, this chair may also fold for easy transportation and storage when moving or changing positions. It also has a comfortable and ergonomic design, which has polyester and upholstery backing.


  • Very smooth sounding subwoofer with adjustable volume and bass options.
  • It comes with all hookups and cords for the day of delivery use.
  • A top of the line gaming chair that’s so affordable for beginners to expert level gamers. All will surely enjoy it.


  • Requires an HDMI converter for gaming systems.
  • The farther from the television you want the chair, the longer connecting cord you are going to need.
  • Not equipped with a wheel or swivel base
  • Not tall enough for a desktop
  1. Gioteck RC-3 Foldable Gaming Chair

This is a gaming chair that works well because of the fact that it is easy to fold and store. Apart from it is incredibly easy to assemble, it also comes with a good amount of storage areas, which lets you keep the controllers and other accessories close. Its television audio connectivity and dual incline positioning may feature with all home consoles make it worth purchasing.


  • Easy to access volume controls.
  • It comes with plenty of storage areas.
  • It comes with LED illumination features.
  • Easy to fold and store.


  • LED illumination features might not be as beneficial to some.
  1. BirdRock Home Adjustable 14-Position Memory Foam Floor Chair

Free-standing, cushioned with memory foam, and bounded by plush fabric, this product is ideal for an easy-going gamer that is on a budget, especially if all that you are looking for is a comfort. This adjusts to 14 different positions neck and back comfort, and you may easily watch movies of the game from it for a long period

It is also easy to store –you just need to simply lay the chair flat and slide it under the bed, couch, or tuck it away in the closet. This also travels well in the car to a friends’ house or to a drive-in theater, as well as is adjustable up to about a 90-degree angle.


  • Free-standing and does not have to be supported.
  • It comes in five different colors.
  • An affordable option for gamers.


  • Mainly a gaming chair for easy storage and comfort.
  • Without immediate liquid spills cleanup, memory foam might absorb some stain or mess.
  • Back of the gaming chair might support the neck, yet not the head of many adults.
  1. 10.ECR 4 KidsSoft Rocker Chair

This rocker chair is only for floor use. It is designed for teens, kids, and even adults. Furthermore, it’s made from comfortable polyurethane materials and foam. Also, it isn’t exclusively a gaming chair, yet it might also work well and look stylish in daycares, in-home movie theater, or classrooms. Gamers might also love its meek rocking design that supports the legs and back while gaming and allows for a casual floor reclining.


  • Free shipping.
  • Ergonomic design and wooden inner supports.
  • Multifunctional for classroom or house environments.
  • It comes in four different colors –each priced differently.


  • It is mainly a chair that’s meant for comfortable gaming and easy mobility from television in the living room to the systems in the room.
  • Medium to high affordability for gamers.
  • Floor use only –doesn’t mount on swivels or wheels.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What gaming chairs are compatible with Xbox One and PS4?

A: Previously, none of the foldable or fabric chairs might have these capabilities or hook-ups. If you are searching for chairs that are compatible with devices like PS4 and Xbox One, the above chairs you wish to look at are the X Rocker 51259, 5143601, and 51396 chairs, X rocker 5142201, and X Rocker 5172601. These are all well-suited with the said gaming systems, plus all but the X Rocker 5172601 and X Rocker 5143601 need a bit setup to get to work.

Q: What gaming chairs are easy to store and ideal for small rooms?

A: Most gaming chairs abovementioned are high-quality gaming chairs and are best used in home theaters or in permanent gaming rooms. Some fit so well at a desk. The best options for the easy to store gaming chairs are the soft floor chairs, as they are either small or fold in half for easy storage.

Q: What gaming chair should I buy for a teenager?

A: For a teenager, you are going to wish to begin with small ones and let them figure out what they really like slowly. At first, get them a simple rocking or reclining gaming chair at a ground level.

Q: What gaming chairs are easy to clean?

A: Gaming chairs that are going to be the easiest to clean are the ones that are made of polyurethane, leather, and vinyl. Also, softer floor chairs that have foam interiors might be the hardest to keep clean in a long term –this is since the liquid and dirt stains seep slowly into the foam and change its color, texture, and smell.

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