12 Best Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

Wine Cellar Cooling Unit to Preserve Chiller Wine

Read on this article to look for the best wine cellar cooling unit to store your wine collection!

Are you having a habit of collecting a variety of flavors of wines? There’s no sense to collect all of it when not stored properly. A wine cellar cooling unit is a big help to provide a cooler, tastier, and more concentrated wine in every gathering. It might cost great but I guess a devastated wine is more hurtful to see. It is a great investment for those who really love wines and I’m not saying it’s you reading this article.

Below we’ve selected 12 cooling units which are a great addition on your appliances. They have the same goal and that is to cool up wines however they differ in so many different ways. Without further ado, let’s proceed on the reviews.

12 Best Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

1. WhisperKOOL Platinum 4000

What wine lovers admire on this cooling unit? Apart from being the top preferred wine cellar cooling unit, the manufacturer had promised 2-year warranty on both parts and compressor. Warranty is a plus in every product we purchased, isn’t?

The wine’s temperature is kept 55-degrees Fahrenheit and it is constantly monitored through a little bottle probe. Surely, the wine you’ll go to drink tastes at its best when being served. The unit cools up to 1000 cubic feet of your favorite wine. It can be placed in three configuration options. First, the evaporator is wall-fixed inside the cellar which is the most convenient. Second is the evaporator is placed in 100 line feet away. And lastly, the condenser is installed outside together with the evaporator which is 100 line feet away.

It operates quietly as a LED screen displays the temperature reached.


1. 2-year warranty

2. Well-designed


1. Failed temperature issue

2.  Ivation Wine Cellar Cooling unit

Wine will be cooler even in a short period with this temperature-controlled Ivation wine cellar cooling unit. A bottle of wine in the right temperature is pacifying in the mouth and it lasts longer. As wine stored in improper temperature will ruin its value as well as its existence. In looking for the right cooling unit, be meticulous on its temperature controlling unit.

The unit can hold 12 standard 750ml bottles of both red and white wine which is too much for every wine lover. The cooling temperature can be adjusted from 50-degrees to 64-degrees Fahrenheit. It is digitally controlled through an LCD display where the temperature setting is easily program and lock. The wine shelves are removable to easily get the substance. It is vibration-free and hence doesn’t disturb the wines from sediments.

The system is tightly sealed and enclosed with dual-pane smoke glass to completely preserve wines with visibility with the help of LED lighting.


1. Lesser pricing than other products

2. Has temperature options

3. Well-built


1. A too bright LED lighting

3. Phiestina Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

Have a wine party at any place you want! This unit is designed compactly to be placed anywhere, whether at the kitchen, backyard, and other places. What more, choosing between Celsius and Fahrenheit is permitted with this cooling unit. Therefore, tasting a glass of wine at different levels of malaise is realized.

Under Phiestina there are lots of cooler unit which are dearly loved by consumers. Well, this cooling unit can store 29 bottles of your most favorite wine inserting it on 5 removable kick plates. It is a well-structured cooling unit thereof. Through an advanced temperature control system, perfecting your wines is done and finished with upper and lower zone of temperature level. There’s a freedom in choosing which wine temperature is desired. The unit cools wine quietly that couldn’t be noticed wherever it is placed.

Opening the unit is accompanied by non-slip handle resulting in a more comfortable grip. The LED lighting serves as an indicator of what wine to choose for.


1. Temperature level is widely adjustable

2. Compactly designed

3. Maximized capacity


1. Have an unpleasant odor according to some buyer

4. WhisperKOOL Slimline 2500 Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

As its name says, a Slimline Wine Cellar Cooling Unit is the retort to wine lovers who have no sufficient storage area. It is made slimmer than other cooling units to fit in all available holding area. Wine collections will finally have their own room and therefore conducting a wine party is now made stress-free.

The quietness of this cooling unit caught the attention of wine courtesans to have one. With this feature, having small talks with your co-drinkers will not be disturbed therefore more talks to come. Considering its slim design, it still abides a maximum storage capacity up to 350 cubic feet of different wines. Those were cooled at your desired temperature. The unit is mounted above a door for easier access to the thirst-quenchers.

Temperature level is clearly displayed on a digital LED thermostat to show whether the wines are appropriately cooled or not.


1. Quiet cooling operation

2. Slimmer designed


1. Greatly priced

2. Less storage capacity

5. Westinghouse Thermal Electric Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

Wine cellar cooling units are undeniably pricy that even wine lovers cannot afford it. And yet Westinghouse offers away from the reality cooling unit. Perhaps they felt how obsessed are we to cool wines. There’s will be no more reason not to enjoy a wine party with this affordable Thermal Electric Wine Cellar.

Apart from being made smaller than a usual cooling unit, it is also constructed to render convenient cooling function. The cooling temperature is easily adjusted by only rotating a built-in temperature control system. It is easier and simpler to choose what temperature you desire. Wines are stored in a sturdy wire shelf which is dramatically beautiful in sight for it is seen through a tinted glass door. There’s also an interior light to anticipate your favorite wine bottle even when the door is closed.

A recessed door handle makes it more convenient and space-saving unit. It also complements the whole unit structure.


1. Very affordable

2. Easy to operate temperature rotating control


1. No temperature display

2. Less storage capacity

6. Koldfront TWR187ESS Free Standing Dual Zone Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

Do you want to have a more stylish wine cellar? TWR187ESS is a standing wine cellar that could be placed at any spot. It beautifies a wine room like ever before to bring about a change of atmosphere during wine session.  It cannot be mounted on a wall and hence designed only for free-standing installation.

This standing cooling unit has two temperature levels, both for making a wine taste good. It is the top level and the lower level of temperature a wine should be ranging 54 to 66°F and 46 to 66°F, respectively. Each has an individual control panel on a LED temperature display so you’ll never be confused. It has a bottle capacity of 18 varieties of wines, both red and white wine, placed in wooden shelves.

Bottle capacity is also customized by removing the wooden shelves to accommodate larger bottles. Your wines are safe here as the unit has a lockable opening.


1. Lockable cooling unit

2. Separate control panel

3. Stylish designed


1. Size limitation on bottles 

7. Haier Dual Zone Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

Separating red wine from white wine is sometimes considered by wine lovers to hastily pick which is which. Haier has created a dual zone wine cellar that literally divides a variety of wines. It is also a free-standing cooling system similar to Koldfront’s, however, this one is a huge smaller.

It is a thermal electric cooling system which means no use of compressors resulting in lesser noise and vibration produced. This prevents the formation of bubbles in the wines thus extends its life. Also, it is a kind of cooling system that demands low maintenance which is an advantage. Dual temperature ranges are 54 to 66°F and 46 to 66°F, same as Koldfront’s. There’s interior lighting to easily monitor your wine collection even though it is closed. A LED temperature display is easy to read and operate.

Twelve wine bottles can be stored in this wine cellar. It is enclosed with a dual-pane insulated visible door to maintain the right temperature upon the wines.


1. Dual cooling temperature level

2. Energy-saver unit

3. Compact


1. Limited capacity

8. Koldfront Built-In Single Zone Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

Wine collectors’ best companion is a wine cellar that could bear more of expected. Over 25 different wines are upheld by built-in single zone wine cellar. Wine parties are done longer and more enjoyable due to a variety of wines on the table. It can bear either small or large wine bottles and let it cool in just a few minutes.

To hold bottles, a total of 6 shelves have two racking positions are done including normal racking and reverse racking. For normal racking, 4 bottles are put in one shelf and one bottle on top. For reverse racking, 5 bottles on each shelf and one bottle on top near the control panel. An internal fan exists to circulate cool air throughout the unit amounting to 40 to 65-degrees Fahrenheit. It automatically defrosts whenever it reaches full freeze capacity.

LED temperature display is present as well as an interior light. Wines are visible on the outside through the grayish dual-pane glass door.


1. Bulkier capacity

2. Easy to fit on cabinet


1. Produces noise

9. N’FINITY PRO HDX Wine and Beverage Center by Wine Enthusiast

The most stylish wine cellar on the list brought to you by N’FINITY PRO HDX.  It is a storing center not only for wine but also for canned beers. The party is all set! It is a combination of a wine cooling system and a built-in fridge-freezer. The expectation of its price is obviously high because of how versatile it is.

The system is divided horizontally into two, one section for wine and another for beer. The left section comprises 7 pull-out shelves which are a perfect place for more than 30 wine bottles. The right section has 4 built-in shelves that could hold up to 90 beverages. Each section has separate temperature control panels ranging 41-72 degrees F and 36-72 degrees F for left and right section, accordingly.

The unit is designed free-standing or built-in whichever is preferred. It is a heavy-duty system and yet lessens energy consumption up to 25%.


1. ETL certified product

2. Extreme storing capacity

3. Well-constructed and versatile


1. Produces unnecessary noise

2. Pricier than any other products

10. Whynter Thermoelectric Wine Cellar Cooling Unit 

Make a wine cellar be the centerpiece of attraction anywhere it is put on. It looks simple and compact yet compliments any house décor. And also, a thermoelectric designed cooler which renders a quiet cooling operation thus more delicious wines are prepared. It is favorable to store a variety of wine on this cooler.

Wines on the inside are greatly secured from UV rays by a mirrored tint glass door and therefore retain the consistency of the wine. The unit comes with a free-standing installation occupying a narrow spot. A digital control panel is placed on top-front and it is softly touched to adjust temperature level. It can contain 20 bottle wine placed in 5 removable stainless steel shelves.

Wine visibility is achieved even when the door is closed by switching on/off the LED lighting.


1. Low-cost cooling unit

2. Elegantly designed

3. Good for a newbie wine collector


1. Doesn’t last long

11. Aobosi Dual Zone Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

We are getting near the end of this article and yet none of the aforementioned products catch your attention? Maybe Aobosi’ dual zone cooling unit is the wine cellar you are looking for. Wines are separately stored depending on their types or tastes. The unit is divided vertically into two wherein setting different levels of temperature is permitted.

Overall, the cellar can contain up to 30 bottle wines if it’s properly customized. Removing some shelves is suggested to give room on bigger bottled wines. Each section has different cooling temperature rates ranging from 40-55°F and 55-65°F on the upper and lower section, respectively. Those are monitored through a gentle touch on smart digital control. The cooling circulation system is enhanced as it maintains the needed temperature in every corner of the unit.

Further, a LED blue light adds beauty in displaying your wine collection. The free-standing wine cooler is secured by a safety lock to prevent ruining the consistency of wines.


1. Stainless steel handle

2. Mid-range pricing

3. Conveniently designed


1. One user claimed it stops working

12. Kalamera Single-zone Wine Cellar Cooling System

The last product to be reviewed is a temperature memory hoarder cooling system. Sudden power cut normally causes reprogramming of appliances at home when power supply returns.  Well, Kalamera Cooling System is different! It restores the current set of temperature right after the power supply returns. It is beneficial in a way that the concentration of wines isn’t disturbed a long time which will certainly produce a tasteful wine. 

It is structured with a shining stainless steel frame and dual-layer tempered glass enclosure. The unit is positioned at one place whether free-standing or built-in installation. To hold wine, it comprises 6 wooden shelves and can uphold 30 standard size bottle wines. Each shelf could hold 5 bottles that 2 and 3 bottles face towards each other to maximize the space provided. It is allowed to remove one shelf to widen the space for larger bottles. A digital LED control panel is used to adjust the cooling temperature level between 40 to 66°F.

A blue interior LED lighting enhances the look of your beloved wines to look more elegant and more delicious to swill. The unit is locked to preserve the coolness and to not accidentally open by children when you’re not around.


1. Quiet cooling operation

2. More organize shelves

3. Mid-range pricing


1. Stops working after a short time consumption


Before getting excited to drink your very own cool wine, let’s learn more about wine cellar cooling unit. It is safer to purchase a product when questions popping on your mind are accurately and clearly answered. Hereafter, below are 5 informative questions with a response dealing with cooling units for your much-loved wines:

  • What is a wine cellar cooling unit all about?

Wine cellar cooling unit is a fridge specifically for a variety of wines. This unit helps wines to get cooled in a shorter period of time without breaking the bottle. Through the cooling system, the consistency of wine is boosted.

Three types of wine cellar cooling unit:

Self-contained cooling unit: It is where both the compressor and the evaporator are placed in the same unit.

Through-the-wall cooling unit: The same as the prior unit however it is placed on a wall or attached at any part of the room.

Split cooling unit: The compressor and the evaporator are separated as the compressor is positioned near where the wines are stored.

  • How is a wine cellar cooling system installed?

This type of cooling system can be installed in three different positions depending on where it looks great. Below are the 2 suggested installation positions:

Wall-mounted installation

This installation type is usually seen in bar houses where the system is attached on a wall either on a higher or lower level. It is easy to set up and hence appropriate for more compact cooling systems. There’s no piping required and requires a low cost of installation.

Free-standing installation

This looks as if a normal refrigerator placed in one corner.  It requires more installation process and cost. It is usually applied to bigger cooling systems.

  • What are the features to look for?

In order to attain the best wine cellar cooling unit during purchase, there are factors that need to be considered and these are the following:

Temperature level: Temperature depends on the type of wine. For lighter red and darker white wine, 50-degrees F is alright. For more classic wines, a cooling temperature ranging 50-60-degrees F is needed. Darker red wines require lower than 60-degrees F while lighter white wines at 40-degrees.

Interior lighting: Aside from it adds beauty to the unit; this will make the wine more visible.

Control panel: It can be digitally controlled or rotatable.

LED temperature display: The most vital feature is to monitor the proper temperature level being applied.

Structure: There are cooling units formed in either single-zone or dual-zone units. A single-zone cooling unit only has one temperature control panel and the coolness is evenly distributed. Dual-zone cooling unit has two temperature control panel and the shelves are separated either vertically or horizontally cut. Mostly, a dual-zone unit is pricier than the other structural designed.

Quiet operation: Because it is irritating having a device that produces unnecessary noise while cooling wine. It is not fully eliminated but there are units with lesser noise.

  • How long wine cellar cooling units will last?

For mid-price range, it could last up to 5-years. However, when properly installed and with proper maintenance, the unit lasts for 20 years.

  • Can I use an existing refrigerator to hold wines?

It is not highly recommended. Since wines are contained in a bottle, an appropriate cooling temperature is needed. Wine is a concentrated substance that maintains its consistency to attain its desired taste.


Before obtaining a wine cellar cooling unit, prepare a room to where it’ll be installed. Do not be misled in between a fridge on your appliances as compared to a cooling unit for wines as they differ in temperature levels and how it is proposed. We’ve first mentioned 12 cooling units and all of them are beneficial to your wine collections. You can still go through the web to look for other cooling unit products.

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