9 Best Waterproof Tents

best waterproof family tents

When you have a waterproof tent, a downpour and even heavy rains will not ruin your camping or outdoor experience. Instead, it will make it more enjoyable and comfortable.

If you go backpacking, hiking, mountaineering, or camping often, waterproof tents can be a valuable and significant investment. Even so, it is crucial to ensure that you opt the best one that can withstand strong winds and heavy rains as well as serve for a couple of years.

However, not all waterproof tents on the market aren’t made equal. As a result, choosing the best one can be very confusing.

To help you and other buyers out there, we have made our research, picked, and reviewed the top-rated and best waterproof tents that are currently on the market. Furthermore, we include a buying guide that can help you in choosing the right model that suits your needs and budget.

Reviews of the Best Waterproof Tents

9. Teton Sports Mountain Ultra Tent 2

1. Teton Sports Mountain Ultra Tent 2 The Teton Sports Mountain Ultra is a lightweight, sleek, and small waterproof tent that is very easy to assemble. This item, on the other hand, is an efficient and practical option for those who are looking for a waterproof tent that can accommodate two persons.

With regards to the waterproof features, its design is somewhat seamless. Further, it is excellent for 3-season camping. Meaning to say, you can use it rain or shine.

The tent comes equipped with a rainfly that offers maximum protection and is made of PU coated nylon and sturdy 66D Ripstop. Aside from that, it features a polyester footprint and a bathtub floor.

Irrespective of its small size, this waterproof tent can withstand thunderstorms. When it comes to the ventilation, its inside is made of mesh and could be accessed thru the rainfly’s cutaways to offer airflow.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Seamless construction
  • Superior waterproofing
  • Offers enough ventilation
  • Easy to assemble


  • Doesn’t feature windows


8. Eureka Copper Canyon Tent

2. Eureka Copper Canyon Tent With an enormous seven feet of standing space, this waterproof tent from Eureka can comfortably accommodate eight persons.

This comfortable and quick to setup tent comes with the weather as well as waterproof features. Moreover, it is a 3-season tent that is rare to see in-cabin styles as they are not typically designed with a rugged condition in mind.

The only downside of this item is that it weighs 34 pounds and it is too big for backpacking.

Nevertheless, the Eureka Copper Canyon Tent comes equipped with a storm shield polyester rainfly that will cover the roof entirely.

With this tent, you will be able to check and access your power lights charging the device and electric cables thanks to its zippered power port. There is even hammock-style mesh storage where you can store personal belongings.

With doors and windows too, this waterproof tent will look and feel like home. Finally, it comes with several cross-tent airflows for proper ventilation.


  • Accommodate eight persons comfortably
  • Durable frame
  • Easy to assemble
  • Heavy-duty rainfly
  • Comes with walls and doors


  • It doesn’t have internal sections
  • Too heavy and big for backpacking


7. NTK Cherokee GT Outdoor Dome Family Camping Tent

3. NTK Cherokee GT Outdoor Dome Family Camping Tent This waterproof tent can accommodate 8 to 9 persons. And at 10 feet by 12 feet, the NTK Cherokee is very spacious. The remarkable thing about this product is that it does not look like a usual big capacity tent, it is more like traditional domes just oversized.

Though there is no antechamber, there’s a removable room divider insider as well as a lantern hook, gear loft, and utility for saving space.

This tent, on the other hand, is constructed using 190T PU polyester (laminated) with a 2500mm waterproof rating. What’s more, its rainfly is very thick, but it only covers the door partially.

For the ventilation, there is a full and one mesh and D-shaped door. Also, it features a mesh roof below the rainfly.

Another good thing about this tent is that its poles are double chrome-plated, extra thick, and Nano-flex that have durable elastic cores. Moreover, this easy to setup tent has four 10ft guy lines for additional safety.


  • Spacious
  • Great waterproof features
  • Has proper ventilation
  • Durable


  • It’s quite heavy


6. Coleman Dome Tent

4. Coleman Dome Tent This list with the best waterproof tents will not be completed without mentioning the Coleman Dome Tent.

With this tent, you can technically fit four persons, but that would not leave too much space, that is why we highly recommend that three persons should only use it.

The Coleman Dome Tent features welded 1000D PE floors and the patented WeatherTec system of Coleman. Its bathtub style, on the other hand, can be extended higher up the walls.

Moreover, its rainfly will reach intermediate down the waterproof tent from the covers and top. When it comes to the ventilation, this tent has cool-air vented ports as well as Vari-Flo ventilation that keep moist at bay. What’s more, there are ground vents and a D-shaped door that is half ventilated.


  • Light in weight
  • Electrical port panels
  • Welded features
  • Comes with storage


  • Its rainfly isn’t all-over


5. Wenzel Klondike Tent

5. Wenzel Klondike Tent This eight people capacity waterproof tent from Wenzel has a 6.5ft headroom and a gear loft for more storage.

The Wenzel Klondike, on the other hand, is a 3-season tent that is constructed using water-resistant polyester and only utilizes a rainfly on the top. Furthermore, it features lap-felled as well as double-stitched seams.

The ventilation is very extensive. It has two big windows and mesh-screened porch. There’s a big ground vent as well. There’s only one door in the main area and one more into the porch.

Another strong point of this waterproof tent is that it can withstand torrential rains and 20mph winds over a couple of hours.


  • Spacious and big
  • Reasonably priced
  • Comes with two big windows
  • Great value
  • Can withstand torrential rains


  • Heavy


4. ALPS Mountaineering Lynx Tent

6. ALPS Mountaineering Lynx Tent Measuring at only 7.6ft by 2.8ft. the ALPS Mountaineering Lynx Tent can only accommodate a person. But it is a refreshing 3ft height tent. Thus, it is more ergonomic compared to tents in which you need to stay flat.

There is also an incorporated vestibule, pockets, as well as gear loft that will maximize the restricted sleeping space. Of course, it will pack down to a smaller size that only weighs around 3.5 pounds. A lot of backpackers find this waterproof tent more efficient to carry and take out of the bag.

Other than that, it features floor as well as rainfly that are both 75D 185 thread for additional strength. When it comes to the seams, they are tightly sealed. It does very well in any weather and is UV protected as well.

However, the ALPS Mountaineering Lynx has only mesh panels in front and half-mesh door. For its size, this tent is extremely durable thanks to its five guy lines and stakes while the aluminum poles came from the special 7000 series of the manufacturer.


  • Extra storage
  • Durable
  • Easy to carry
  • Lightweight
  • UV protected


  • Doesn’t have much ventilation
  • Can only accommodate one person


3. Coleman Evanston

7. Coleman Evanston This spacious eight-person waterproof from Coleman is big enough to accommodate two queen size air beds as well as your stuff. The main room has a total dimension of 10ft by 9ft. In addition to that, it comes with a 10ft by 5ft screened porch and will pack up to 28” by 10” by 9” or equivalent to 21 pounds.

The Coleman Evanston comes with a rainfly that will cover the windows and the roof. But the sides and front are mesh screens only. The primary material used in this tent is 75D taffeta polyester.

It also utilizes the WeatherTec system of Coleman. Thus you are certain that this tent will withstand unexpected flash floods. On the other hand, its bathtub floor is soldered while the seams are inverted for additional protection. One more thing, it comes with weatherproof cuffs that prevent the zipper from getting wet.

The poles are made of aluminum alloy and have constant sleeves to avoid snagging. There’s also a small mesh that can be found in the roof as well as zippered and half-height mesh windows on the sides.

Nonetheless, you can set up this waterproof in just 15 minutes.


  • Big porch
  • Inverted seams
  • Vented windows
  • Well-designed and durable rainfly
  • Affordable


  • It can’t be used in extreme cold or hot


2. Marmot Tungsten Backpacking Tent With Footprint

8. Marmot Tungsten Backpacking Tent With Footprint The Marmot Tungsten Backpacking Tent sports a sporty as well as sleek design. Though it is promoted as a 3-person waterproof tent, usually it is more like a two-person.

This product has 4ft headspace and a floor space of 5.5ft by 7.5ft. However, it packs up to 28” by 8”. For additional storage and space, the Marmot Tungsten comes with two vestibules.

This tent has a PU coated floor, rainfly, as well as seams, in fact, it also features a footprint, but it doesn’t come with a bathtub floor.

On the other hand, it has an excellent water-resistant wall feature and is well-ventilated. It also offers further protection for freshening on warmer nights as well as no moisture. Nonetheless, it comes equipped with a mesh canopy and two doors.

The Marmot Tungsten has a zone built, meaning to say the poles are pre-bent for more room and vertical walls. For quick set-up, the fly, clips, and poles are color-coded. When it comes to the strap points, they are reinforced as well.


  • Comes with a footprint
  • Waterproof wall
  • Durable
  • Well-ventilated
  • Two vestibules


  • Doesn’t come with a bathtub floor


1. Coleman Weathermaster

9. Coleman Weathermaster Another tremendous waterproof tent from Coleman that is worth investing. As the name implies, this tent can withstand any weather.

The Coleman Weathermaster is a 3-season tent that offers good ventilation, maximum comfort, and enough space to people. In addition to that, it can accommodate six persons making it ideal for group hiking and camping.

Similar to Coleman Evanston, the Weathermaster is made with Weathertec system. Moreover, it features secure and tight welded floors as well as gap-fee seams to keep water and moisture away.

Though the stuff outside gets wet, this waterproof tent remains dry. Your gears and items will be safe as well thanks to the mesh pockets added on the interior.

There’s also a rainfly that offers further weather protection. The Coleman Weathermaster has an excellent scratched-resistance and is rugged. Finally, the tent’s frame doesn’t break easily, even in the occurrence of strong wind blasts.


  • It has a durable frame that can withstand a harsh weather condition
  • Easy and quick to set up
  • Constructed using wear and scratch-resistant materials
  • Seamless gaps
  • Waterproof floor


  • The disassembly process is a bit complicated


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Should I Invest In a Waterproof Tent?

You need to invest in this type of tent so that you will be able to protect your stuff from moisture caused by humidity, morning dew, and of course, rain. Waterproof tents, on the other hand, will provide maximum protection to ensure that you stay dry during heavy rains.

When in the open air, you can never be assured what the climate will be like. Nevertheless, it’s intelligent to hope for the best, but preparing for the worst by investing in the best waterproof tent is more important.

What’s the difference between a normal and a waterproof tent?

A regular tent is usually designed for usual weather conditions. Furthermore, it has only a single level of water resistance that offers protection against moisture and light rain.

On the other hand, a waterproof tent is equipped with excellent waterproof protection that makes it surface fully resistant to water. Its inside will stay dry even during humid conditions and heavy rains. Last but not least, waterproof tents are made of sealed seams, thick materials, and waterproof coatings. 

How to store a waterproof tent?

As time passes by, the water-resistant treatment on waterproof tents wears off while the moisture starts to soak over.

That is why, when storing, you need to seal the seams using seams sealers and reapplying sturdy water repellent coating. Furthermore, make sure to do this on a dry and warm day. After applying all the needed waterproof treatments, leave your tent to dry out.


Buying Guide: Things to Consider When Buying A Waterproof Tent

Design and Materials

When buying a waterproof tent, the first thing that you need to consider is the design and materials. The majority of tents these days that are constructed using nylon and polyester are great design as such fabrics are specially designed to withstand heavy rains and other harsh outdoor conditions.

Further, waterproof tents that have welded seems are great options as well because they stop water from getting inside. Also, you need to pick an item that has a rainfly to enhance the tent’s water defense abilities further.

Of course, you will also need a waterproof tent that comes equipped with strong poles, stakes, as well as guy lines.

Ease of Setup

Choosing a waterproof tent that can be assembled with ease is very important, especially if you are new to camping or other outdoor activities that need shelter. You can read some customer reviews online to find out how easy to assemble the tent that you are considering.

Comfort and Size

Look for one a product that can offer utmost comfort. When it comes to size, usually, it depends on the number of people who will be staying in a tent. If possible, opt for a tent that will accommodate you as well as your friends and families without feeling restricted.


Another important factor that you need to take into consideration is ventilation. That is why choosing a waterproof tent that has big doors and windows is highly recommended. In that way, you will have sufficient air in the tent.


If you are mountaineering, backpacking, or hiking the lighter the waterproof tent, the better. With this in mind, you should opt for a lightweight model so that you will not have a hard time carrying it.

By merely considering these factors, you’re certain that you are getting the best value for your money.

To Wrap Up…

A high-quality and reliable waterproof tent is one of the essential components of your outdoor gear. That is why doing comprehensive research is very crucial so that you will be able to identify the best one.

Hopefully, this content has helped you a lot in finding the best waterproof tent whether you want it for mountaineering, hiking, backpacking, or camping.

Keep in mind that all the products on our list offer durability, strength, space, comfort, protection, as well as security in the great outdoors.

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