7 Best Waterproof Family Tents Review 2019

Spending quality time together with the family is the best days ever. Make it more exciting by taking your family outdoors for a camping trip. In this post, we collected the best waterproof family tents on the market. And so, wet seasons have no right to break every outing plan as the whole family will stay dry inside a tent. 

Hope this helps for you to find the most suited waterproof tent for the next family outing.

Top 7 Waterproof Tents for Family

1. Coleman Dome Tent

1. Coleman Dome Tent Up to six persons are kept dry and stay cool with this Coleman Dome Tent. The inner portion can contain two queen-sized airbeds together with the pieces of stuff place in the storage pockets. It can be assembled within 10-minutes with the convenient clips and continuous pole sleeve construction.

Having an electrical power inside the tent is possible through the E-Port. Extra weather protection is due to the 450mm polyester and fabric shield coating. The seams design is leak-proof with extra durability due to heavy-duty 1000D polyethylene. An added rainfly is extra protection from the rain. It has D-style zippered entry.


  • Easy to put together
  • Includes a carry bag
  • Screen panels and floor vent


  • No footprint


2. Weanas Professional Backpacking Waterproof Tent

2. Weanas Professional Backpacking Waterproof Tent This one is for smaller than 5 members of the family. It can be installed by only one person and become stable with the durable aluminum poles and hence lightweight. Classic interior design is made.

It has a waterproof index up to 4000mm and also wind-proof. An outdoor curtain can serve as an additional place to stay and just roll it up and secure with the buckle when not in use.

Good ventilation system is maintained inside the tent because of the breathable nylon and SPF proof fabric used. It undergoes into waterproof testing to prove its ability to be weather-proof. Its door can be opened in two ways either from the inside or outside the tent. Other openings are the two closeable ventilation skylights and brace type window.


  • A groundsheet is included
  • Good ventilation
  • Can sustain heavy downpour


  • Tall persons aren’t comfortable
  • Fragile poles


3. Core Extended Dome Tent

3. Core Extended Dome Tent Do your family becomes bigger and bigger? Perhaps an extended waterproof tent is needed. Here is the Core’s Extended Dome Tent that can contain up to 9 persons at once.

Its two extra poles provide more space for an outdoor retreat. It can actually fit up to 3 airbags. Just unfold, setup, and erect the tent with rope and poles and everything is ready. When the rain comes, put on the rainfly.

Its center part can accommodate a 6ft. tall man. Core uses up 68D polyester fabric with 600mm hydrostatic rating. The stakes and poles are made of steel and fiberglass materials, respectively.

H20 Block Technology helps to do not let the water inside the tent, unlike normal seams. There are vents on the ground and large mesh on the ceiling to balance the airflow. An electric cord access point is added.


  • Offers plenty of rooms
  • Easy to set


  • Extremely expensive
  • Leak issue


4. Kelty Acadia Tent

4. Kelty Acadia Tent This tent might seem small on the outside but can accommodate 4-5 persons. It might not be one of the largest tents on the market but still offers enough space for the family. Kelty Acadia stood up the entire weather test and passed it all. It has a sloping entrance that adds up better wind protection for the whole tent. The super quality polyester mesh material helps the tent not to be easily torn by the storm.

Setting up the tent is so easy with its three-pole design. There’s a front canopy offering another space where adults can sit underneath. It won’t block the door and so entering and walking out of the tent is still easy. It is designed with full rainfly to protect the family from rainy weather.

Lay down a tarp on the floor to prevent moisture presence.


  • Adequate tent for the  family
  • Long-term investment


  • Fiberglass poles easily bent


5. Coleman Instant Family Tent

5. Coleman Instant Family Tent Are you out of time in setting up a camping tent? Coleman Instant Family Tent has an instant setup feature with the help of its preattached poles. It’ll be fully set in three ways – unfold, extend, and secure. Or, just follow the instruction manual. After a minute of putting it together, put on 2 queen-sized air beds to accompany 8 persons. You have an option to put the three dividers or not. 

The WeatherTec System is composed of welded floors and inverted seams that keep the interior dry and well-ventilated. With added large screen windows and doors, bugs and other insects aren’t welcome to go inside. This all-season tent has interior mesh pockets sewn on the tent’s walls. The necessities are secured too from wetness.


  • Quick to setup
  • Has an attractive color design
  • Can be divided into three rooms


  • Windows aren’t closeable
  • Cannot stand heavy rains


6. Campla Waterproof Camping Tent 

6. Campla Waterproof Camping Tent  Wilderness could be so dark at night and somewhat scary. Campla Tent can provide lighting through a waterproof USB LED light strip so that your tent remains visible even at night. Due to high demand, the tent isn’t available during the review of the product.

This tent is suitable for the three members of the family. It is smaller than the other family tents but still made of waterproof fabric materials. Besides, the frame is coated with 121D Nylon cloth that is also water-resistant to prevent it from deteriorating.

A removable rainfly is present for extra protection when it rains. It has mesh roof design to allow airflow and natural daylight. Store the tent in an included carrying bag for easy transport.


  • Attachable storage bags
  • Many included accessories
  • Lightweight


  • Limited capacity


7. Amazon Basics Tent

7. Amazon Basics Tent A waterproof tent that comes from Amazon can offer room for eight. You can add up mattresses for comfier stay. It is constructed with 6-feet center height so that the persons inside can stand and move around.

Unlike the other tents, it has a tub-like floor design to avoid leaks and improves ventilation. For added airflow, cool-air port and an adjustable air-venting system are built to keep the interior cool and fresh. Smooth setup is done with the presence of shock-corded poles and snag-free pole sleeves or you can follow the assembly instruction. There are interior pockets to store your stuff.

Aside from welding technology and polyester materials, adding the rainfly gives extra protection from the rain. Separate bags are used to store the tent’s parts for the next camping trip.


  • Well-ventilated tent
  • Provides a generous space
  • Double-stitched seams
  • Well-built tent


  • None


FAQs for Waterproof Family Tents

The following are the frequently asked questions about waterproof tents for the family. These might help the consumers to decide which product is a good buy.

  • Does the said maximum capacity of the tent fix?

No, that depends on the actual sizes of each family member. The said capacity is only for advertising. Perhaps the manufacturer said the tent can contain up to 8 persons, on the other hand, it could contain more or less than the said capacity.

  • Are tent poles reusable?

Old tent poles are fragile for using it with a new tent. Therefore, you better buy good quality poles which are made of steel rather than aluminum or plastic.

  • Are family tents be used for hiking?

Family tents are designed too bulky for hiking. Its capacity is undeniably high compared to other tents used for hiking. These tents are meant to whom it is advertised, nothing more and nothing less. It will never be good for portable needs.

  • How long do family tents last?

The usefulness of family tents depends on three conditions. First is on how many times the tent is used each year. Second is on how much you care for the tent. And lastly is on what condition the tent is used. With due care, a family tent can last more than 30-years as according to some users.

  • Can I have more than one room with one family tent?

Yes. Larger family tent features tent dividers for the partitioned of areas inside the tent. These dividers allow you to customize the tent’s interior set up so as you desire. This feature also gives importance to family member privacy.


Staying on the campsite with the whole family during bad weather is somewhat impossible. Until the best waterproof family tents came into reality. Those above-reviewed water-resistant tents render all-weather protection, great ventilation, and more exciting camping trips. There are other tents online like the above-mentioned waterproof tents for the family that you could look for.

So, go and buy one of the best waterproof family tents. And, share with us your rainy season camping experience as you dwell inside your chosen watertight tent.

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