15 Best Thermoelectric Coolers

Thermoelectric Cooler: An Iceless Fridge

Have no ice stores nearby? Why not use one of the best thermoelectric coolers in cooling down thirst-quenchers without stressing out in looking for an ice store? No more store searching thereafter.

In every travel, we bring more of drinks to stay hydrated on our way. Drinking a lukewarm soda or any thirst-quenchers isn’t exciting. The first thing you’ll do is to crush a piece of ice and put it on your drink so then you can enjoy your favorite drink. How about if there’s no ice in your location? A thermoelectric cooler enters the game.

An overview about thermoelectric cooler is when you saw a cooler bag back then, that’s how it seemingly appears however it is now plugged in and more heavy-constructed. It’ll be defined clearly in the latter part of this article.

In this article, enough for traditional coolers and go for an iceless cooler as below are the 15 most portable electric “iceless” coolers that’ll keep the user hydrated both indoors and outdoors.

15 Best Thermoelectric Coolers

1. ARB 10800472 Fridge Freezer

The topmost thermoelectric cooler on the list is ARB 50 Quartz Fridge Freezer which is also the most expensive one. It is a 12V cooler that is suitable for traveling to cool drinks as well as foods prone to spoilage. This works by plugging it in your car however it can still cool everything that’s inside even when the car’s engine is off. It is because of the battery protection system that prevents the battery to completely shut down.

Moreover, the fridge has a 0-degrees internal temperature so even when it’s super-hot outside, it got your beverages! Overall, it can hold up 72 cans of 12oz. soda and 2-liter bottles which are enough drinks for everyone during travel. There’s a separate room for other foodstuffs such as fruits and dairy products. The control panel is also admired because of its large buttons that are easy to operate.


1. Included AC adapter

2. Travel and home friendly


1. Heavyweight (63lbs.)

2. Igloo Realtree Hard Top Playmate Gripper

For a more convenient cooler, Igloo Realtree Hard Top Playmate Gripper is made. This cooler differs from any products in a structure for it is more than portable with two adjustable shoulder straps. It is made from polyester together with more than 25% of foam that helps to cool up drinks. An EVA top and a handle are built to make the cooler more resilient and easy to bring at any spot of the campsite.

The best to bring during campouts wherein only a small amount of drinks are needed as it can uphold 18 cans. The compartment is secured and has leak resistant. There’s a zipper pocket in front as additional storage for snacks and other campout paraphernalia. It is analogous to a traditional cooler but campers switched on this product for its chilling effectiveness.


1. Low-cost

2. Ultra-portable


1. Lesser capacity than other products

3. Knox Gear Electric Cooler and Warmer

To mention, Knox Gear isn’t only for cooling but for warming too which makes the package more complete than ever. Well as during travels, this product is a real deal. And yet in this review, we’ll be focusing on the cooler side. Adapters are included for both home and car use thus cooling/warming foodstuffs are done everywhere. This 34 quart capacitated cooler which can actually contain 48 cans in one travel. There’s a removable barrier to be more organized. 40-degrees F temperature (below ambient temp) cools drinks and likewise without producing ice.

The cooler/warmer has an ergonomic handle for an easy way of moving. It also fits on a car to complete travels. Opening the cooler is done through turning the circle on top without applying any force at all. There’s a separate LED indicator colored light green and red for cooling and warming purposes, respectively.


1. Dual purpose: cooler and warmer

2. Bulkier capacity

3. Affordable


1. Takes time to cool drinks

4. Cooluli Mini Fridge Electric Cooler and Warmer

To a more stylish electric cooler and warmer, Cooluli Mini Fridge has 7 varieties of colors which can complement every kitchenware at home. It will not be called a mini fridge if it’s not because of portability as it weighs only 4 pounds. Consequently, the fridge can uphold only 6 12oz. cans which are lesser as compared to other aforementioned products. The fridge easily switches from a warmer to a cooler.

It has three outlet sources including AC, DC and USB port. That means it can work well anywhere whether indoors or outdoors. It cools and warms foodstuffs quietly that uses up lesser energy consumption. The product is also known to be an environmental-friendly fridge.

If you’re a skincare addict, this fridge could be good to you in storing skin care essentials for example moisturizers and such. Further, the product is designed for a more compact space and for not a soda fanatic household.


1. Compactly and beautifully built

2. Affordable


1. Uneasy to close the door if overly capacitated

5. Dometic CFX-35US Portable Electric Cooler Refrigerator

The most high-end thermoelectric cooler counted in is the Dometic CFX-35US which is also available in other series. As seen on the pricing range, this product is perhaps for diehard travelers that need more cool drinks on-the-go. It weighs 39 pounds and therefore the capacity is huger than other listed products. It specifically upholds 32 liters or 47 cans of 12oz. soda is perfect for the whole squad.

The electric cooler runs through three power source options including 120VAC, 12VDC, OR 24VDC. It is digitally controlled with quick chill functions.  When the system turned down, a memory backs up the preset temperature. The LED displays the current cooling temperature of the product. The whole product certainly has strong fasteners that prevent leak and ensures coolness upon the foods inside.

Amazingly, the cooler has a dual zone for freezing and refrigerating foodstuffs.


1. Foldable handle

2. Has removable baskets


1. Heavyweight

2. Demands greater cost

6. Dometic Cooler CF-018DC

Following the heavy-duty electric cooler of Dometic is the same brand cooler which is more portable and perfect for personal use. It weighs approximately 25 pounds that can hold up to 23-liters of 12oz. soda cans that are still more capacitated than other products. It quietly stores at a low temperature your favorite soda drinks through a DC connection cable. The top lid is fully secured to maintain the coolness even when unplugged.

It is powered up with either 12/24V DC or 110V AC. Bringing it on a truck is possible and makes the travel more convenient and helps the owner to stay hydrated. The cooler is manually controlled through the panels located on its side. A foldable handle is added for easy transport. 


1. Handiness

2. Roomy storage


1. Nothing to mention

7. Rockpals Electric Cooler/Warmer on Wheels

Bringing the party everywhere is much easier with an electric cooler on wheels!

Rockpals Electric Cooler is accompanied with wheels and a pulling handle. There’s no more hard time in carrying a so heavy cooler to start a party as it can be done with one hand.  It is a 30-quart electric cooler that can store 40 soda cans. The lowest temperature it renders is 45-degrees Fahrenheit enough to chill stored drinks. Temperature reaches up to 140-degrees F.

It works through plugging into 12V AC (adapter is sold separately) with versatility in both cooling and warming feature. The machine consumes 68 watts in maximum and that’s undeniably high energy consumption.

Rockpals is not as popular as other brands and yet they offer this most convenient thermoelectric cooler in the universe.


1. Dual function: Cooler and warmer

2. Easy mobility

3. Huge capacity


1. Consumes more energy

8. Igloo Iceless Converter Coolers

Igloo thermoelectric cooler has two series namely Breeze 28 and Powerchill 40. They differ on quart capacity as according to the brand model number. Breeze 28 has the 28-quartz capacity with the internal temperature dropping down to 36-degrees Fahrenheit. Consequently, Powerchill 40 has the 40-quartz capacity with the internal temperature dropping down to 38-degrees Fahrenheit.

Both models can be plugged in a 12V outlet or 110V AC to keep the cooling effect on the stored beverages. Cool air circulation inside the cooler is achieved that quickly cools even drinks in a plastic bottle. It works quietly through the brushless motor used in construction. For handling purposes, there’s a swing-up side handles to easily carry the cooler. The cooler is easy to clean by only wiping the interior and exterior parts.

So, better choose the latter model for increased storage thus more drinks to be cooled.


1. Option availability

2. Mid-range pricing


1. Unsteady temperature level

9. Coleman PowerChill Portable Thermoelectric Cooler

The most popular among all cooler products globally is Coleman’s. They are known in producing durable and useful materials at home and yet a 40-quart thermoelectric cooler is included. The cooler can carry 44 soda cans as taking advantage on 40-degree Fahrenheit (below ambient temp) cooling temperature. This is obviously higher than other products have rendered and also effective on warming version.

PowerChill Thermoelectric Cooler is designed to complement most vehicle settings in terms of structure and also for plugging it in. 12V plug and 8-feet power cord are included which makes this portable cooler suitable on cars and even on boat outlet. It is built compactly thus fits into a cabin of some cars. The door opening of the cooler is managed to open on both left and right way.

Further, it can be permanently placed inside a car (if the user travels every time).


1. Low-cost thermoelectric cooler

2. Roomy

3. Trusted brand


1. Produces frustrating sound

10. Koolatron P75 Kool Kaddy

Come to realize that lesser ice in a cooler renders more space for foodstuffs. Having a long trip with Koolatron P75 gives 36-quartz space for 57 cooler canned drinks and other foods. Within a few hours, the guests are able to obtain cold thirst-quenchers. It chills beverages through plugging it in a 12V power outlet and it takes 40-degrees F cooling temperature (below ambient temp) to make things done. It produces internal cooling temp 40-degrees below outside temperature. Moreover, it also warmth foods by adjusting the temperature level into 130-degrees F.

It is built with brushless motor resulting in a quieter piece of equipment with air circulation fan. Therefore, cooling contained foodstuffs is made easier. Compressors, coils, or gases aren’t included in the construction resulting in a well-lit machine. The product is suitable for short or long trips and it is set up either horizontally or vertically. A shelf is also included for a more organized fridge.


1. Koolatron has built a brand reputation

2. Reasonably priced


1. Add more insulation

11. K-Box Electric Cooler and Warmer with Wheels

As hot weather approaches, a wheeled electric cooler is highly demanded. K-Box Electric Cooler/Warmer is another wheeled cooler machine listed. The wheels are helpful for more convenient mobility. There are also two handle ends to easily get in trucks. Switching it into cool and warm option is done through a provided control panel. It can hold up 48-quartz specifically 60 soda cans into 2 removable dividers. 40-degrees Fahrenheit is consumed to cool drinks and 130-degrees Fahrenheit to warm foodstuffs.

There are two 6-ft. separate wires intended for outdoor and indoor use. Tangling wires is avoided because of the in-built wire storage. For this reason, traveling with this cooling machine is less messy. Also, a folding handle exists for both rolling and carrying the cooler.


1. Easy to transport

2. More capacitated than other products.

3. Reasonably valued


1. One user said it stops working after a week

12. Gourmia GMF600 Thermoelectric Mini Fridge Cooler

Do you love having a midnight snack? If so, a mini fridge cooler must be in your room so you can just reach your favorite drink even in the middle of the night. The cooler is designed as compact and lightweight that is plugged in an AC or DC power outlet. It can contain 6 soda cans and cools up with 32-degrees F and warms up to 150-degrees F. A built-in cooler/heater fan helps to provide a quicker result. Whatever the beverages you wanted, it can offer.

Further, the cooler is free of CFC which ensures it being eco-friendly. Also, an ETL certified product that means quality and safe appliance. Switching the machine from the cooler into warmer and vice versa is very convenient through a control panel. There are light indicators for both approaches.


1. Very portable

2. Simple construction

3. Very affordable


1. Some claim it doesn’t reach the desired cooling temperature

13. Think Gizmos Mini Fridge Thermoelectric Cooler

The most stylish thermoelectric cooler listed is from Think Gizmos. Portability becomes popular these days and hence having a mini fridge suitable everywhere is also rampant. Apart from being a sophisticated mini cooler, it can contain 10-liters of beverages. Another model containing 15-liters is available. It is powered up through an AC or DC power outlet.

Its appearance is only an added factor due to its high performance in cooling drinks and foodstuffs. This can perfectly complement every room décor and adds beauty thereafter. Handling the cooler is made easy through side handles and therefore placing it from one point to another is will not demand so much force.


1. Huge storing capacity

2. More organize storage


1. Do not refrigerate foods

14. Wagan EL6224 Electric Car Cooler 

Are you planning to go on a trip with the whole family? Travel will never be completed without a car cooler. Wagan EL6224 is created primarily to use in a car simply because of its suitability at any part of the car. The unit works in either cooling or warming function that can be easily determined through an in-built light.

It can hold 27 soda cans cools within 30-minutes done with 36-degrees F. Warming temperature is 140-degrees F. Cleaning the material is easier by removing the lid to see interior parts needed to be cleaned. An ergonomic handle also exists.


1. Compact and lightweight

2. Cooling temperature options: 32-degree and 36-degree


1. A cord isn’t detachable

15. Wagan 6214 Electric Cooler

Since no one hates travels, we’re ending this stuff with a car suitable thermoelectric cooler. The unit is perfectly fit into cars just ensure it is plugged in. Designed to be slimmer than the prior Wagan’s cooler. The style blends to a car interior and it has to carry strap for setting up outdoor picnics. It is distinguished with its two external cup holders. Both cooling and warming function is achieved.

12 soda cans are cooled with a cooling capacity of 32 to 36-degrees F. The cooler isn’t too deep to reach out for your favorite beverages. Control panel is easy to operate to switch functionality. A power cord is included and has its own room for storage. In warming mode, 140-degrees F is required.


1. Two cup holders

2. Affordable


1. AC adapter is not included


Perhaps at this point, you’re still confused about thermoelectric coolers that some of the questions below might cross your mind after reading the preceding reviews. No worries for we won’t allow you to end this post without getting clear information about an iceless cooler. Below are 5 answered frequently asked questions that will certainly assist you to choose a preferred thermoelectric cooler. 

  • What is a thermoelectric cooler?

A thermoelectric cooler is far different from the traditional coolers for it requires a power supply. It makes foods or drinks cooler without producing any ice. It appears a typical cooler with harder materials and has control panels.

  • What are the benefits of using a thermoelectric cooler?

First, it is available in many variations in terms of design and even in versatility. Some products aren’t only for cooling purpose but also for warming. Second is, an electric cooler isn’t built with chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) which are safe. It also renders accurate temperature regulation to evenly chill all confined foodstuffs. It consumes only less amount of energy. Significantly, it can be brought anywhere.

  • What specific power source is needed?

A 12V power source is enough to run a thermoelectric cooler. It doesn’t mean that the machine is plugged continually. There are some products which work constantly after unplugging it in a long time. It is, therefore, an efficient and effective home and on-the-go appliance.

  • How much temperature level is required to cool down foodstuffs?

Normally, the internal temperature level depends on the outside temperature. The thermoelectric cooler has a minimum -40F ambient temperature which is deducted to the outside temperature resulting in desirable storage temperature.

  • Can I replace my refrigerator with a thermoelectric cooler?

It is not recommended to replace a full-sized fridge with a thermoelectric cooler in so many reasons. The size itself cannot contain your desired amount of cool beverages. In an account of shelves, more are on regular fridge rather than on mini fridge. A thermoelectric cooler is only recommended for users who lack space.


Are you out for travel this weekend?

After all the researches have done overhead, we assure you the need of thermoelectric cooler is sought-after even by other travelers. Being hydrated is what matters most when you’re on the road and even at home. During this hot weather, a cold drink is enough to survive a day. If a literal fridge cannot go with you everywhere, a thermoelectric cooler will go with you.

We hope the facts above become effective to help you choose which of the best thermoelectric cooler is for you. We are also open for your questions and recommendations by pointing it all out down below. Without further ado, stay hydrated!

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