Top 9 Best Alarm Clock Radios of 2021

radio alarm

It’s practically impossible to function without a reliable alarm clock. Whether you’re using a classic nightstand or an alarm clock app on your phone, you must be able to get up on time and get where you need to be. While an alarm clock app on your phone offers a certain level of convenience, sometimes […]

5 Best Projection Alarm Clocks

5 Best Projection Clocks

If you didn’t think that checking the time could get any easier than taking a quick glance at your alarm clock next to your bed, then you’ll be surprised to hear about the convenience of projection clocks. Now you don’t even need to turn to check the time, just simply look up! If you’re someone who […]

Best Cheap 144Hz Monitors of 2020

Best Cheap 144Hz Monitors

Throughout recent years, PC gaming has become more popular than ever. And as the times change, new games, especially multiplayer ones like Fortnite and PUBG, are taking the gaming community by storm. Requiring top of the line hardware to ensure a performance that can match their gameplay’s fast-paced nature. One crucial aspect of a seamless […]

16 Best All In One Record Players

best all in one record player

Record players are one of the many things from the past that we’re still using these days, regardless of the more efficient modern alternatives. With that said, getting an outdated tech piece that lives up to modern standards might not be that easy. This is why we’ve compiled a list of the best record players […]

17 Best Outdoor TV Antenna Buying Guide

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With all the crazy news surrounding us every day, all of us seek release from all the stress, strains, and struggles of our everyday life. And regardless of the overwhelming influence of the internet and social media in the past few years, television is still an effective medium for entertainment. Even though most people have […]

13 Best External Hard Drive Enclosures Reviewed

Rosewill Aluminum Hard Drive Enclosure

1. UGREEN 2.5” External Hard Drive Enclosure Transferring files are at a rate up to 5Gbps, which easily connects on PC, laptop, and other devices. That is 70% faster than the usual USB 3.0. The case is compatible with 2.5” SDD, HDD, and SATA hard drives with tool-free installation. Hard disks are protected from scratches […]