10 Best Rotary Cutters in the Market

The Best Rotary Cutter for Quilters 2018

Seamstresses and quilters need to cut through a lot of fabric. Scissors may be useful for the project, but using the best rotary cutter is much more efficient than using a pair of scissors. Also, it is much easier to hold and doesn’t put much of a strain on the wrists. Using a cutting wheel also provides a fluid experience in cutting without pains or aches on the wrist and hand.

Rotary cutters are useful in handling different types of fabric, such as leather, foam, and other types of fabrics. Aside from manual cutters, you’ll also find some automatic rotary cutters that are designed to cut multiple fabrics at a time.

10 Best Rotary Cutters in the Market

In the market, you’ll find a large variety of choices when you start looking for the best rotary cutter. And with a lot of options that you could choose from, you might start feeling a bit confused as of which product could offer the best performance.

So to avoid all confusions, we have listed and made some reviews on the best selling items on Amazon. Here are x of the best selling products in the market:

  1. Fiskars  Comfort Loop Rotary Cutter

Fiskars products usually offer a highly durable, titanium cutter that functions smoothly when used. The unit has about a 60mm blade, which is perfect when cutting through thick materials. And with a larger blade, it will allow you to cut through materials like foam, multiple layers, and batting.


  • It is safe to handle
  • It is very convenient for paper, fabric, and other materials
  • Cuts straightly


  • The blade wobbles slightly
  • The blade needs to be sharpened after a few months or so
  1. Olfa Deluxe Rotary Cutter

This is a 45mm rotary cutter, but Olfa also offers a 60mm model if you are looking for an item that has a much bigger blade. But despite its small diameter, the blade is able to cut through six layers of fabric at the same time. It is pretty fast and efficient even though its blade is a bit smaller than the previous product. Olfa also offers dual-action safety lock to prevent unexpected injuries.


  • It has a vibrant color
  • It is very easy to close and open
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable to hold


  • The blade can sometimes pop off
  • Its blade is a bit dull
  1. Arteza 45mm Rotary Cutter

This cutter has the ability to make quilting much faster, relaxing, and fun as it comes with various encased blades, which are designed to make different edgings. The unit is designed ergonomically with a soft-grip comfort, which makes it both usable for both lefties and right users. This way, it could make cutting much even and smoother.


  • It comes with a protective blade cover
  • It has comfortable hand-grips
  • It comes with various blades with different edgings


  • It sometimes skips with layers
  • It has an uneven sharp blade around the unit’s edges
  1. Evergreen Art Supply Rotary Cutter

This cutter is an all-around tool that makes an accurate, precise, immaculate cuts right through its steel that is coated with premium titanium, along with its 45, sharp razor blade. The blade allows you to cut in curves, straight, and the corners can be flawlessly executed safely and quickly. This item is free from jagged edges on its blades.


  • It includes a sharp thin blade
  • The blades are very easy to replace
  • It can go through any types of material
  • It has a money back guarantee


  • Use with caution if the rotary handle is pressed down
  • It has some safety concerns
  1. Fiskars Softgrip Loop Handle Rotary Cutter

Here is another Fiskars model that has a good-quality performance when it comes to cutting fabrics. Not only is the unit perfect for cutting different types of thick materials like batting, foams, and multi-layered fabrics, but it can also cut precisely as well. The blades can be placed together at one side or the other, which easily accommodates both right and left-handed users.


  • It has an easy and comfortable grip handle
  • The slider button automatically locks
  • Great for multiple fabrics


  • It has a dull blade
  • The blade sometimes disengages
  1. Olfa Straight Rotary Cutter

Small craft, sewing, and quilting projects can be easily accomplished with this small, 28mm rotary cutter. However, if you are about to do some miniature work that involves some more complicated and complex cutting, this unit can also be pretty convenient. This product is straight, yet very durable and easy to maneuver, and right and left handed users can easily adapt to this product.

The blade is equipped with a safety cover to add more safety to the user. Also, its actual cutting mechanism is a razor blade that rolls, and could easily cut through papers and shapes as well as cutting quilting pieces, strips, and other designs.


  • Blades are extremely sharp
  • Applicable for right and left-handed users
  • It has a detailed and straight cutting mechanism


  • It is a bit hard to use for straight cuts
  • The blade retractor is a bit wobbly to operate
  1. Luditek Rotary Cutter

This 45mm rotary cutter is a great choice for working with leather, quilts, and scrapbooking. Despite its small blade, it can effectively cut through multiple layers of thin fabrics, such as paper, vinyl, and felt. Along with its dual-action safety lock, it allows you to store it with proper safety when not in use.


  • Perfect for cutting multiple layers of thin fabric
  • It can be used by both right and left-handed users
  • It has a money back guarantee
  • It includes a dual-action safety


  • It’s not suitable for cutting leather
  • It doesn’t cut really well in a straight line


Whether you are a crafter, quilter, or a seamstress to make sure you easily finish your project in a breeze, you should consider purchasing a handy rotary cutter, which could easily cut through different types of fabrics that you would need for your project.

Also, make sure that the product that you are about to get has a protective cover for safety, especially if you have kids around the house.

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