PS4 Gaming Chair: 12 Best Picks with Buying Guide

Heads up gamers! In a bit are the best PS4 gaming chairs to rest your butts. Be with us until the end of this post.

Gaming equipment matters most for passionate gamers who are spending much of their time in front of a gaming console. Finishing a particular console game considers the gamer’s comfort. And a chair plays a significant role in winning a gaming session. We technically find any chair as our gaming chair, but that isn’t always right. Try to look for comfier sits that will suit long hours of gaming. We are talking about the PS4 Gaming Chairs.

We’ll help you out in finding for the right PS4 gaming chair throughout this blog. Hope you’ll end up with the gaming seat that fits your need.

PS4 Gaming Chair: A Quick Buying Guide

Many times we reason out that all of the chairs are just the same and ended up picking the wrong chair. This buying guide will change your views on selecting a gaming seat. Gaming chair options are increasing, and it’s so crucial to choose which one is a good buy. Here are the main factors to look for in buying the best PS4 gaming chair:


Admit it or not, the price will always be the first thing you’ll take notice in purchasing all kinds of equipment. Super cheap products are eye-pleasing, but sometimes it’s a trap. Get products from known manufacturers that are within your budget and has a warranty.


We cannot hinder excitement feels while on the game. Then, choose a gaming chair that can firmly provide the necessary support. Be aware of the chair’s load capacity to know whether it fits you or not.


All gaming chairs are internally well-padded. Consider the materials used that gives comfort. The inner portion is typically full of foam materials while the externals are either made of fabric or leather. The fabric-made cover is difficult to clean. Most players pick leather covering more often because of the comfort it renders.

Its overall appearance depends on your liking as long as it is appealing to your eye.


This is to fit anyone’s sitting height. It adds comfort to the user whenever the chair is adjusted. It could be height or recline adjustment, whichever it is, both are a great help for the body’s comfort.


Gaming chairs do bear many more features that make every gamer’s life at ease. These make the purchase worthier. Such features include inbuilt speakers, USB ports, vibration motors, and many more. These are the reasons why most gamers choose to buy one instead of using a typical chair at home.

Top 12 PS4 Gaming Chairs

1. Furmax Racing Gaming Chair

Let’s start with a best-seller gaming chair as produce by the professional gaming chair provider – Furmax. This racing cars seat design chair is intended for long hours of office work and video gaming. It is a budget gaming throne with a weight capacity of 280-pounds. Installation tools and manual are included.

The chair has a well-cushioned leather scheme that renders comfort upon the user. It supports your entire back and neck with its 2-inches cushion and height-adjustable backrest. You can adjust the chair’s height via a pneumatic gas lift. Adjustability feature doesn’t end on the backrest as the armrests, and lumbar support is adjustable too.

The seat provides relaxation as it swings back and forth. It is through the help of the conventional tilt mechanism. Its universal casters swivel in 360-degree and glide smoothly without leaving any marks on the surface.


  • Breathable design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Great adjustment features


  • Unlockable casters

2. X Rocker Pro H3 PS4 Gaming Chair

Hardcore gamers will surely love this wireless gaming chair by X Rocker. It is different from the former in many ways. This one is chiefly intended for players who play all day long. It is reasonably priced with beautiful features and a beautiful design. It can last for 5-years long for everyday use.

Pro H3 can be connected to multiple chairs for the ultimate gaming experience with your friends. Due to its overall durable upholstery-grade vinyl materials, it can withstand intense game play. It can carry up to 275-pounds of weight. The chair renders better comfort with the help of its fully padded back support and headrest.

Other best features such as headphone jack, four built-in speakers and subwoofer, and vibration motor are present. Playing games is now more fun and seems factual. All works without the need for any wires.


  • Foldable chair
  • Excellent surround sound
  • Well-built gaming chair


  • Very low
  • Not moveable

3. THE CREW FURNITURE Classic Video Rocker

This gaming chair is best for someone who’s not yet spending too much time in console gaming. We are talking for the average gamers. You don’t need to spend much to buy a super fancy gaming chair. A simple looking chair could be right for you. Classic Video Rocker has the lowest price range so far. Its usefulness doesn’t stop on gaming purposes but also for other activities at home.

It comes fully assembled without any extra features. The appearance is so plain and available in eight different colours. The wooden frame plus polyurethane foam padding makes the chair super lightweight and comfortable. It is covered with faux leather vinyl with mesh that results in a breathable configuration. The material is easy to clean by wiping its surface with a damp cloth.

Casual gamers who usually play around 1 to 2 hours a day can rest their butts on this chair.


  • Affordable
  • Can hold heavyweight
  • Lightweight construction


  • No added features

4. noblechairs ICON Gaming Chair

Noblechairs brings its gaming chair to the next level. ICON Gaming Chair moves away from the typical looks of traditional chairs for gamers. This has more sophisticating look with minimalist design, and indeed, less is more. It is a racing seat design and has 55% cold foam density on the inside top with grain leather. A sturdy steel frame for stability supports the interior design. Further, the chair can carry up to330-pounds of weight.

You can recline the backrest up to 135-degrees angle for better relaxation while on the game. Adjust the seat’s height by its hydraulic gas lift to accommodate the taller user. The armrests are flexible that could be adjusted in 4 dimensions. The PU casters are suitable for soft and hard surfaces.

You’ll get an additional two comfortable cushions, including a complimentary head and lumbar pillows.


  • Chic design
  • High-quality
  • Renders superior comfort


  • Complaints on customer service
  • Armrests cheap design

5. Ficmax Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Playing PS4 nearby a PC monitor requires the use of a gaming chair. It is because a usual chair might be too low or too high as compared to the level of the monitor. That’s so uncomfortable. Ficmax Ergonomic Gaming Chair is mainly used as an office desk chair, but gamers loved it using during the play. The product is Amazon’s Choice.

It is again a racing-style chair with a complete built from foot to head comfort. You’ll feel relax on the game with its adjustable massage lumbar support and footrest. Plus, a super thick seat cushion that is appropriate for long-time sitting. It also include some headrest pillow for thorough comfort.

The overall built is long-lasting due to its metal framing in which carrying 300-pounds of weight is so stress-free. It can be tilted, swayed, and swivelled to give your desired comfort.


  • USB-powered lumbar massage pillow
  • Excellent seat cushion
  • Very durable


  • Expensive
  • No instructions

6. AutoFull Gaming Chair

AutoFull is a pro in manufacturing gaming chairs in the global market. They apply ergonomic design to end up with professional-grade gaming seats. This is suitable for adults, and it costs a bit higher than the previous chairs. It has a unique spider design at the back, which is so eye-pleasing. Besides, it is a mesh back that prevents the gamer from being heated throughout the gaming session.

Back pain and fatigue are excused while sitting on this gaming chair. The detachable lumbar cushion helps to ease back sores and lets you enjoy the game. Its headrest is perfectly shaped in supporting the neck. Adjust the chair arms up to seven height level as according to your need. Of course, the given comfort comes from its high-density foam padded upholstery.

You can achieve the most comfortable position by reclining the seat up to 170-degrees. Use the tilt control seat mechanism located under the seat.


  • A hybrid  design
  • Eye holes exist
  • Very comfortable


  • Takes time to be assembled
  • Highly expensive

7. RESPAWN-200 Racing Style Gaming Chair 

It’s hard to stay cool while in the midst of extreme game play. But, with RESPAWN-200 Gaming Chair, everything remains cool and in place. Breathability is essential to keep away the chair from giving you a warm feeling. This chair is made of innovative mesh back design to increase airflow. This might result in better game play as you can feel more relaxed.

During an intense play, the chair remains stable because of the steel tube frame construction used. The seat’s inner part is filled with moulded foam that delivers comfort to the user. Moreover, it adds up an adjustable headrest and lumbar support for better relief. Its 2D armrests have height and depth adjustment.

Finding optimal positioning is done in 4 ways. First is the armrests adjustment and then followed by a chair’s height adjustment. You are also allowed to recline and lock the seat up to 130-degrees angle. Lastly is the 360-degree swivelling feature.


  • Highly breathable
  • Ergonomically design
  • Easy to set up


  • Flimsy armrests
  • No instructions

8. Homall Gaming Chair

Some gamers are okay with lightly padded gaming chairs. It doesn’t bother them at all. Well, Homall admitted that they don’t put too much cushion on this gaming chair. And that’s alright. The good thing is their high-quality frames that cannot be easily worn out while carrying 300-pounds. Additionally, it has a sturdy five-star base to support the whole thing. This can be a good start of investing a gaming chair because of its affordable price.

It uses up PU leather, which is very resilient and easy to clean material. The armrests are immovable in which some gamers preferred so. You can freely rest your back and head by this seat. The headrest pillow and lumbar support are a plus in buying this chair.

This chair isn’t only ergonomic but also orthopedically designed. It has a tilt locking mechanism that renders an optimal position up to 180-degrees angle. It can swivel too in a 360-degree direction. Plus, the wheels can travel miles away in multiple directions.


  • Inexpensive
  • Enough padding
  • Adjustable head and lumbar support


  • Non-adjustable armrests

9. X Rocker Pro Series Pedestal

Listening to your favourite music while on play brings you to another level of experience. X Rocker never gets weary in producing gaming chairs with great features. Pro Series Pedestal is excellent when it comes to sound quality. It comes with two inbuilt speakers and subwoofer under Audio Force Module Technology. This intensifies your gaming session like no other. All of the said advanced features work in a wireless scenario.

Further, the comfort this chair renders is at a higher level proportionate to its price. You’ll spend extra dollars on buying it. Pro Series Pedestal is compatible with all gaming systems, including PS4. It might look bulky, but it’s actually lightweight. The design is ergonomic and very easy to move around.

You can tilt and swivel the chair to find your desired position.


  • Comfortable
  • Uses wireless transmitter
  • Advanced features


  • Poor customer service
  • Very expensive

10. Furmax Gaming Chair with Flip-Over Footrest

This is different from the first Furmax Gaming Chair Series in terms of design and structure. Its striking colour scheme of black and blue is a perfect addition to your modern gaming setups. You can easily install the chair as an instruction manual is included. Its maximum weight capacity is 310-pounds, a bit heavier than the prior weight loads.

The steel frame is in tubular construction, which is highly durable. It has thick padding and extra-cushioned headrest for greater comfort. You can modify its seat height through the pneumatic gas lift system as the backrest can be tilted at a napping position. The chair can rotate 360-degrees for convenience. The soft-padded armrests are adjustable.

It can be used as a console or a gaming chair. Pull-out the footrest to turn the chair into a console if you want to lie down while playing PS4.


  • Includes lumbar support pillow
  • Comfortable design
  • Achieves desired comfort


  • Difficult to assemble
  • Cheaply made armrests

11. Smugchair Gaming Chair 

The primary purpose of buying a gaming chair is to maintain your spine’s normal curve. Smugchair Gaming Chair has an ergonomic design which supports your body and posture all through the game. It seemingly appears like an office desk chair that is fit for up to 300-pounds of weight. Putting it up together takes a little moment with no extra tools. The overall design is durable and flexible.

Its armrests design is made different from usual armrests structures. It keeps the proportionate alignment of your spine and neck. This cushion-rich seat has waist and lumbar support, which eases your body from pain and possible injuries. It has a tilting mode with the tilt lock mechanism for relaxation. Its reclining mode can reach up to 120-degrees angle.

The seat is waterproof and will give you a relaxed seating experience.


  • Adjustable seat height
  • Stable base
  • Good looking gaming chair


  • None

12. BirdRock Home Memory Foam Floor Gaming Chair

The last gaming chair is for the kids. This is the simplest looking padded chair on the list. It has a sofa look that is directly placed on the floor. It is suitable for playing, watching TV, and napping. The memory foam renders excellent comfort on your whole body. It offers 14 different positions through its adjustable feature. You can set the chair at a 90-degrees angle to experience its backrest.

It is available in 5 stylish colours. Choose which colour suits your kid. The product comes fully assembled and ready for use. Store away the chair by folding it flat and placing it under a bed or couch.


  • Easy to set up
  • Fully padded gaming chair
  • Easy to adjust


  • So small
  • Requires minor adjustments



Perhaps some of the following questions are now running on your mind. Here are five frequently asked questions collected from the consumers of gaming chair:

Why a gamer needs a gaming chair?

Human bodies respond poorly when in an improper position, maybe because of the wrong kind of chair while gaming. Hours of playing PS4 will result in body pain and strains. The immediate remedy is to have a stretching to ease the pain. But, a gaming chair is the best solution to improve your gameplay. Here are the benefits you could get in having a gaming chair:

Comfort: To last up to hours of gaming is possible without feeling any back or neck sore. Gaming chairs are well-padded, unlike usual chairs. That makes a massive difference in your gaming session.

Additional Features: You’ll not only get a chair but a chair with many added features. Examples are built-in speakers, USB ports, and even a surround sound. Those specs will help you out into the game. It enhances the gaming experience and makes it more stress-free.

Where to buy PS4 Gaming Chairs?

Find for the best PS4 gaming chairs in online selling platforms like is easier to look for the right product with the help of customer's reviews and ratings. Also, the products’ features are well-discussed on the site. There are many selling platforms online that you can try. There are also physical stores that offer different kinds of gaming chairs.

How much is a PS4 Gaming Chair?

The cost of PS4 gaming chair depends on the performance it could render. The simpler it is, the less cost it demands. You can get one under a hundred dollar without any advanced features like inbuilt speakers and power outlets. Gaming chairs with connectivity options cost a bit higher than the prior. The price ranges between $100 and $400. Don’t forget to choose a gaming chair that fits your budget.

What are the best qualities a PS4 Gaming Chair must-have?

To be able to pick the best PS4 gaming chair, you need to know the best qualities it must bear. The first quality is being tough to carry heavyweight and taller users. This will inevitably happen if the materials used are out of durable resources like steel, leather, and high-density foam. PS4 gaming chair must also be comfortable whenever seated. Seat adjustments are a helpful tool to achieve the desired comfort. Setting up the gaming chair must be done quickly with or without the tools.

If your selected PS4 gaming chair has these qualities, you are picking the right equipment. This helps you out to win more console games.

Among the 12 best products, which one is the best buy?

Our best pick is the Smugchair Gaming Chair. It is the only listed gaming chair that doesn’t receive any negative comments from the users. Its look is very simple yet differs from the other gaming chairs on the list. This seat provides the comfort you could ever wish for. Your waist and lumbar will be at its proper posture after long hours of gaming. Just tilt the chair whenever you feel numb to feel relaxed again.

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