5 Best Propane Fire Pits for The Money

Are you looking for the best propane fire pit for your next camping adventure?

A fire pit is essential during cold weather. Traditional ones are so popular during the camps, and we cannot deny the difficulty of starting a fire using firewoods. Amazingly, going to a campsite during this season is no longer feared because of a more advanced fire pit. The good news is you will no longer build a consuming firFore just by yourself. A propane gas tank will do.

This kind of fire pit is fired up through the use of gas, particularly a propane gas. It’ll not produce sparks and smoke and therefore avoids grass fire and other difficulties. Also, it is more convenient to make a fire using this type of fire pit.

Underneath are the selected five propane fire pits much known in the market. We have reviewed essential highlights that are significantly essential in a fire pit you must have. Hoping you’ll going to pick one!

5 Best Propane Fire Pit

– Bestseller Propane Fire Pit Comparisons Table – 

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5. Camco 58041 – Portable Propane Fire Pit 

5. Camco 58041 Portable Propane Fire Pit  To finish this post is another portable propane fire pit by Camco that is widely known in the market. Thus, wherever you go, you can bring with you a fire pit, most especially during camps. It is easy to set up compared to the traditional fire pits that demands so much fire starter technique. No more gathering of firewood and hence more environmental-friendly and more convenient. This benefits both human nature and nature itself. Camco 58041 must be the most fragile-looking propane fire pit on the list but do not be deceived by how it looks.

Camco’s Propane Fire Pit is the most portable fire pit among the listed products. It has foldable legs for easy storing and transport. Therefore, placing it at any part of your truck or car is alright. It is round but fire tray styled fireplace. That means it only has a limited dimension to uphold lava rocks or fire glasses. It can actually produce 65,000 BTUs of heat that is highest among the reviewed products despite its appearance. Additionally, as compared to bigger fire pits, Camco’s is better in providing warmth for everyone, for it exceeds the normal amount of BTUs for fire pits. It is initially intended for outdoor activities to ensure safety for the group.


  • Surrounding star design
  • Delivered pre-assembled
  • A storage bag is included
  • The adjustable regulator is included
  • 14.5″ in diameter
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • No smoke or sparks produced
  • Foldable legs

12 pounds of lava rocks are involved together with an 8-feet hose and a regulator to completely create a fire. Additionally, there’s a storage bag to keep the equipment when not in use to make it live longer. Also, it is easier to store during travels if placed in a storage bag thus prevents the case of missing parts.

Overall, at first, you might doubt its capability as a fire pit. However, knowing its high heat production may change your mind. You can have one at a lower cost and quality performance is to be expected. It is worthy of purchase indeed.


  • Very sturdy and attractive
  • Easy to disassemble and reassemble
  • Very affordable
  • Too high heat production


  • No manual ignition control
  • Narrow in diameter
  • Shorter hose length compared to other fire pits


4. Heininger 5995 – Portable Propane Fire Pit

2. Heininger 5995 Portable Propane Fire Pit Having a propane fire pit is to replace the use of a traditional fire pit. This prevents too much mess on the site as no ash is produced. It won’t take away the experience of a real wood fire. It only makes things nicer and more environmental friendly. In terms of appearance, it is more elegant and lovelier looking than the prior with its copper powder finished color. Then again, corrosion is avoided thus prolongs its useful life. It still looks like a fire bowl or almost the same as Outlands, though. Though the minimalistic design is being applied, it still looks better than other fire pits in the market.

Heininger 5995 is another option to use for camping and other outdoor activities. It produces a maximum 58,000 BTUs of enough heat to warm the whole group. Just like the prior, it exceeds the normal heat output of 40,000 by the most patio heaters. The heat could last approximately 8-hours using 20lbs. of propane that is sold separately.  The usage hours can be extended if the heat level will be lowered. By adding lava rocks, warmth is felt 6-feet away from the fire pit knowing the weather condition is at 50-degree temperature. The downside is wind may affect the flame as there is no covering added. It comes pre-assembled just attached the 10ft. hose with the regulator and add some lava rocks to start making a fire.


  • Diameter and height measure 19″ and 15″, respectively
  • 22 pounds
  • Fire glass is sold separately
  • Manual ignition control
  • The bottom part is heat-resistant
  • No spark nor smoke produced
  • All-weather fire pit
  • Suitable for marshmallow roasting
  • Outdoor fire pit

A locking lid is purchased separately to keep the interior safe when stored and it extends its usefulness. Using a fire glass amounting to 15 pounds is suggested resulting in more fabulous and radiance fire.

Generally, Heininger 5995 is considered as a mini propane fire pit but slightly bigger than 893 Deluxe. In spite of its extent, heat output and manual control exceeded the user’s expectation. You would regret not having it at your backyard.


  • Stylishly designed
  • Very high heat output
  • The use of fire glass adds more beauty in it
  • Easy to light up and adjust the heat


  • No covering added
  • Too much propane gas needed


3. Bali – Portable Outdoors Propane Fire Pit 

4. Bali Portable Outdoors Propane Fire Pit  A portable fire pit is in demand at every campsite these days as we understand the difficulty of packing things. This one is rectangular in shape but big enough to warm a group in cold weather. It is created for an outdoor setting because, despite its portability, it is still huge as compared to other portable fire pits. Placing it indoors may cause suffocation and other dangerous acts.

It is made of steel and powder coated with rubbed bronze color from the inside and out. This prevents the fire pit from rusting and hence extends its usefulness. It is a rectangular portable fire pit that is appropriate for camping purposes and other outdoor activities. Bali Outdoors Propane Fire Pit can produce 50,000 BTUs of heat through the use of 20 pounds propane tank (sold separately). It is lower than those in a circular form but still enough to warmth a vast space. A 10-feet hose is also included to be connected into the burner to start a fire. Valve knob is used to adjust flames up to the desired heat level from low to high setting. A 1.3 kilogram of lava rocks are also part of the purchase that is used to make a fire. The more rocks being placed, the more fire it will create.


  • Automatic ignition control
  • 18.7″ in diameter
  • Long-lasting enamel finished
  • Delivered pre-assembled
  • Great ventilation
  • Sturdy leg steel construction
  • Propane tank holder is included

A covering with a handle is added in case of storing and for easy transport. There will be no worry about being scorched by the flame. The stainless steel burner is also away from rusting, and it can be detached from the fire pit when not in use.

Besides, Bali Outdoor has created a fire table that produces a similar amount of heat. The fire table is actually more affordable than the portable one. Having either of the models is still an advantage for the camp goers. Moreover, it perfectly complements the natural environment and no more difficulties in starting a fire. You can enjoy the campsite as soon as you arrived.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Sturdy construction and well-designed
  • High heat production
  • Portable fire pit


  • No carrying bag included


  • Slightly heavy


2. Tacklife GPF01 – Gas Fire Table Review

3. Tacklife GPF01 Gas Fire Table Another form of a propane fire pit is a fire table. This type is bulkier in a table-like form. Adding a fire table at your backyard makes every gathering more appealing and warm. Though it is bigger than the other fire pits mentioned, it is still powered by a propane gas that is on-trend these days.

The GPF01 is a 28 inches fire table made of rugged steel and coated with gold, red paint. It is very good looking at its neutral design that complements most of the outdoor decors. Also, GPF01 is 25 inches tall that is enough for table purposes. Speaking of the table, the top lid covering converts it into table form when not use as a fire pit. It ends up with enough room to hold glasses of wine and, therefore, perfect for a family gathering. It warms the area of about 50,000 BTUs of heat with the help of the automatic ignition control found outside the table. Adjusting the heat level is easily done. Adding 7.7 pounds of the included lava rocks will create a continuous heat. It will finally heat up by connecting the 10-feet hose into the burner.


  • Multi-functional appliance
  • CSA certified
  • Easy access propane gas storage
  • A product manual is included
  • 2-years warranty
  • Warranty card
  • Stainless steel burner
  • Metallic tabletop
  • Auto-ignition control

The unique feature of GPF01 is the knob starter wherein starting up a fire is as easy as turning the knob. The propane gas tank is hidden underneath the table and so prevents being manipulated by children. Also, it provides more room for the fire table itself. The fire table is overly made of metal from the burner up to its external switch that ends up to a durable gas fire table.

In general, GPF01 is more reasonably priced among the list and yet render a high-quality heating performance. It is also smaller than a usual fire table but works well upon warming a wide space.


  • Easy to put together
  • Emits high heat output
  • Enough room for glasses and other foodstuffs
  • Skillfully designed
  • Complements any backyard décor


  • Requires larger space
  • More substantial than other types of fire pit
  • Pricier than any other fire pit



1. Outland Living 893 – Deluxe Portable Propane Fire Pit

1. Outland Living 893 Deluxe Portable Propane Fire Pit It looks like a fire bowl used for warming the campsite or any cold area. It is made of high-quality steel (except the burner) with powder coating to prevent corrosion, and so extends its usefulness. The stainless-steel burner can produce 58,000 BTUs of heat that could last hours through the use of 20 pounds propane tank (sold independently). Flame height adjustment is controlled via a chrome valve knob located outside the bowl. To finally set up a fire, put 4.4 pounds of lava rock into the fire bowl and wait for it to ignite. Add up more lava rocks to make more fire and warmer environment.


  • Fasteners are included
  • Diameter and height measure 18.5″ and 10.5″, respectively
  • 26.9 pounds
  • No auto-ignition
  • The bottom part is heat-resistant.
  • Manual ignition control
  • CSA approved
  • The propane tank cover is sold separately.
  • Standard burner type
  • No spark nor smoke produced
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Suitable for RV camping

The 893 Deluxe is designed at a low height to effectively spread the warmth it produces for the whole squad. It has also gained popularity in the market as one of the best propane fire pits. The heat it produces is actually higher than most other patio heaters, which are an advantage to its target market. It can heat up to a distance of 6 to 7-feet. The amount of heat takes effect at 50-degree weather. Lower than that, it won’t have much heat effect. The 20 pounds propane tank can last up to 8-hours at the highest heat setting and so lowering the level may add more usage hours. Assembly is done just by attaching the hose into the burner and adding the lava rocks into it.

The only accessories included upon purchase are the cover and elastic carrying kit. Separate purchase of gas conversion kit, specifically the Natural Gas Conversion Kit 780, is recommended for broader gas option.

Overall, 893 Deluxe exceeds many other fire pits in the market, including those bigger ones. It is a significant investment to start up with as Outland Living is one of the topmost brands in selling propane fire pits.


  • Very high heat output
  • Distant heat scope
  • Simply designed yet sturdy
  • Manually operated


  • Only the burner is made of stainless steel
  • There’s no handle on its covering



Choosing the best propane fire pit is not that easy. There are many manufacturers of the fire pit that upgrades into a propane fire pit. And picking the best out of the best fire pits may be challenging as the majority of the features are the same. In this section, we’re going to show you some answered queries that might affect your purchase. These questions will give you hints in picking a propane fire pit that suits your need.

Does propane have a bad effect on the environment?

Propane is far different from natural gas. It is non-toxic and more organic. While in fact, it is a great source of energy. That's why many fire pit producers are switching into this kind of gas to empower a fire pit. Aside from being environmental-friendly, it is cost-effective too.

Some models permit the use of a conversion gas kit. Wherein, a propane-running fire pit can turn into natural gas running fire pit. It only demands a separate purchase to do so.

How long does a propane tank last?

Normally, a 20-pound propane tank can last up to 12-hours. It is only affected by the heat setting. The higher its heat settings, the more propane gas is used. Conversely, if you want to lengthen its usefulness, lower the heat setting.

It is recommended to have an extra propane tank in case of the emptied tank so that warming the site continues. However, adding some costs is necessary.

What to consider before buying a propane fire pit?

Apart from being a propane-running fire pit, there are other factors to look for to end up with the most appropriate fire pit. These include:


Since it is intended for outdoor use, make sure it can be carried easily by one or two persons. Fire pits are normally designed huge to execute a fire, but it weighs lighter than expected. Look for something that includes a carrying bag because it is a big help in transporting the equipment.

Materials used

This factor greatly affects the overall performance of a propane fire pit. It is usually made of metal or steel to keep it durable in holding a fire. The metal material used must be heat-resistant as its main purpose is to hold up the heat. Light but durable materials are preferred to easily move it from place to place.

Heat produced

The higher its BTU, the warmer it renders. This is considered according to the party being withheld. The normal BTU of heat a fire pit produces is approximately 40,000. Lower than 40,000 BTUs produce not enough warmth for the whole team. This factor also adapts upon the current weather condition.


A propane fire pit is classified into three designs. These include fire bowl, fire table, and fire tray. Fire bowl design is round-shaped and most commonly known in the market of fire pits. It normally has a surrounding artistic design that whenever a light has been put on, the crafted design is noticed. The fire table design is a multi-purpose fire pit. It turns into a table by placing a cover into the burner. Lastly is the fire tray that is shallower than a fire bowl.

Other accessories

This includes carrying bag for both the fire pit and the propane gas tank. In addition, the fire pit's covering is an extra purchase.

Is it good for indoors?

Not, it may cause suffocation and fire incidents when not properly supervised. It might be good but in a lower heat setting and with increase supervision. Put in mind that a fire pit is primarily intended outdoors.

Can it be useful in cooking?

Not again. It emits gaseous smell while burning, and it's dangerous to anyone's health when ingested. A traditional fire pit might be the right one to allow cooking. Even though propane gas is safe, it might not have a direct contact on food for it still emits dangerous chemicals.

Some fire pit producers allow marshmallows roasting through a propane fire pit. In this case, you can be sure it is safe.


When do you plan to go for the next camping? Are you still worried about having a fireplace?

No, not anymore!

Add a propane fire pit on the gears you’ll be going to bring. Beforehand, choose to investigate more of propane fire pit products in the market, aside from what is discussed. You can surely discover more amazing products. You’ll never know the importance of having one without trying it first.

We also conclude not to use it in closed doors for some incidents already happened in doing so. Its only purpose is to keep your whole being warm and relax after a long tiring day. There’s no need for exerting too much effort in making a fire. Just twist the knob and then there you have it.

Are there questions bothering your mind as of this moment? Or, are there things that aren’t clear as of now?

If yes, kindly post it in a comment section below and wait for a swift response. Thank you!

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