10 Products Your French bulldog Will Love

There are many unique attributes of the squishy-face and adorable french bulldog that makes it essential to have some special products. Frenchies are not just any other dogs, they are beautifully special.

If you already own one, getting our top 10 recommended Frenchie supplies will make a living with it more enjoyable, plus, your Frenchie will love you more for it!

1. Eco-Bark Padded Vests

1. Eco-Bark Padded Vests For Frenchies, breathing difficulties are the norm, so remember this when buying a harness for your French bulldog. To save you the hassle of rummaging through the thousands of harnesses online, we’ve picked out one of the top tackles available, and we are confident your pooch would love it as much as you would.

The Eco Bark padded vest is our top pick for good reasons. This harness comes in several attractive colors; functional doesn’t have to be boring. With this harness, you get the chance to express your dog’s playful personality while keeping him safe!

Friendly to your puppy and your environment, the harness’ webbing is specially designed from recycled water bottles. The mesh vest is lightweight, breathable and padded. This feature is particularly crucial for Frenchies as their brachycephalic natures make them prone to overheating. With this harness, your Frenchie stays cool and comfortable while on the move.

For the pup Frenchie, it is also a great way to introduce him to an essential piece of equipment that would be a part of him in years to come.

Note that the head hole cannot be adjusted; you should be prepared to up-size as your Frenchie grows.

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2. Natural Dog Company PawTection

2. Natural Dog Company PawTection Let’s name them; sand, snow, concrete, scorching asphalt and so many others are just a few of the surfaces that could cause some harsh wear and tears to your beloved Frenchies paws. Allergies can also be a cause, but all these can be curtailed with the right product.

If you observe your canine’s paws feels rough, irritated, flaking or peeling, he may be in a lot of discomforts and could use some immediate relief. Left untreated, paw irritations can worsen as surrounding tissues could be further irritated with constant licking and chewing.

PawTection to the rescue! With its special blend of vegan, organic, 100% herbal-based butter and plant oils, Pawtection can help reduce your canine’s paw discomfort while also providing the needed moisture for rough, chapped paws.

If you are bothered about the possibility of your Frenchie licking it off, you can discard such concerns. PawTection is made with 100% natural ingredients and should cause no problem for your canine if ingested.

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3. Best Friends Sheri OrthoComfort Dish Cuddler

3. Best Friends Sheri OrthoComfort Dish Cuddler This is one adorable and cozy essential for your dog. And justifiably so. Frenchies are more than cute on their own but imagine them snuggled into these little beds with those pointy ears poking out of the top of this brilliantly colored fleece! The sight would undoubtedly be more than cute.

The super-comfy Best Friends bed is made from the finest, pet-safe materials unlike many dog beds with second-hand fillings.  The Virgin AirLoft filing also lasts three times longer than the second-hand stuffing options.  Its water and dirt resistant base is machine washable and easy to vacuum so if you own a particularly messy dog or one that tends to shed a lot, this bed is your best bet.

This premium quality bed comes in a range of colors and fabric options and suits just every type of home décor.

But there are a few cons with this product:

If your Frenchie scratches before lying down, it may not be the best product for it (Frenchies aren’t “big” scratchers anyway). Also, the high back is prone to sagging, and the bed itself may be a little wobbly.

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4. Pet Nail Clippers

4. Pet Nail Clippers Specially designed for use on small pets (Frenchie fits into this category), the shiny nail clippers are easy to use at home on your pooch.

It comes fitted with sharp, angled and stainless steel blades to cut quickly and safely trim your Frenchies’s nails. Made with 100% recycled plastic, the handle is finished with a slip-proof coating, so even if Frenchie wriggles while you are at it, your grip stays strong.

The manufacturer also offers an unconditional return policy if you are unhappy with your purchase. Simply let Shiny Peter know why you’re unsatisfied with the purchase, and like a dream, you’ll be offered a replacement or full refund. What could beat that?

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5. Nylabone Power Chew

5. Nylabone Power Chew If you would love your dog’s breath smelling of roses or puppy breath, then this may just be the right toy for your Frenchie.

With a mint-flavored middle section, its end bits are bacon-flavored. No Frenchie or any other dog would resist playing with this toy.

The mint-flavored section promotes fresh breath and clean teeth. It is vet-approved and currently one of the best-selling pet toys in the USA.

The simplicity and functionality of the Nylabone power chew is probably what makes it the “paw-fact” toy for the playful French bulldog. Yes, a toy all right, but a healthy one!

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6. Iams ProActive Chicken Flavor Adult Dry Dog Food

This premium quality food is perfect for Frenchies with thyroid issues. Its chief ingredients are protein from chicken, egg product, potato protein, and peas.

The huge protein content is particularly needed for weight reduction in obese Frenchies.

Aside from the high protein content, it contains plenty of fruits and veggies, and this is needed to provide the nutrient required by your Frenchie for growth and optimum health.

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7. Carlson Pet Walk Through Pet Gate

With dog gates, you can set limits and boundaries for your French bulldog when required. A good dog gate should keep your canine safe when you are unable to watch him. If you are looking to get one that is both solid and stylish, then it should be Carlson Walk-Through Pet Gate.

This pet gate is stylish and blends right into an already decorated home. Thanks to its sturdy built, your dog can shake it all it wants, and it remains in place. But then, it is wooden, so if your dog chews excessively, it may eventually be damaged – again, you’re in luck as Frenchies aren’t excessive chewers.

With a beautiful dark finish, this dog gate is measured 34-inch tall and about 37.5 inches wide; the wide hinged swinging doors open in either direction. There are pressure pads at the bottom of each end, and the gate uses a one-hand operation latch. The extra removable sections can be easily adjusted to the required size openings, and the wall mounting cups help to perfect the needed width.

A bit pricier than the competitions, it is worth it if you consider that it was constructed from fancier materials than many other gates.

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8. Earth Bath Oatmeal Shampoo

8. Earth Bath Oatmeal Shampoo Completely paraben and soap-free, this shampoo has Oatmeal and Aloe Vera as key ingredients. Just the right shampoo for the delicate and sensitive French bulldog’s skin!

The key ingredients combined with purified water moisturize and combats skin irritation. Its coconut-based cleansers, Vitamins A, B, D and E, and food-grade vanilla and almond extracts make it the genuinely luxurious, natural shampoo that is perfect for your Frenchie.

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9. Nutri-Vet Eye Rinse Liquid

9. Nutri-Vet Eye Rinse Liquid The bulgy eyes of French bulldogs make them prone to myriads of eye issues. Nutri-Vet Eye Rinse may be the rinse your pet needs if it already suffers from eye-related problems.

The sterile ophthalmic solution contains boric acid which is beneficial in fighting eye infections caused by bacteria and foreign particles in the eyes. Being brachycephalic is hard enough, save your dog the extra discomfort by having one on standby.

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10. C.E.T Pet Toothbrush

A good toothbrush will leave your dog’s teeth and breath healthier and reduce plaque formation. The C.E.T toothbrush is one of the best options available for your consideration having been specially designed to meet the needs of small dogs like your Frenchie.

This is a top pick for us hugely because of its soft bristles that get the job done without the bruises and bleedings familiar with most other pet toothbrushes.

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You will love it and so will your Frenchie!

That said, if you’re purchasing these products for a new puppy, ensure you have them ready in advance as you may just be too busy playing with the lovable pooch when it finally arrives. With the items in hand, you’ll be more than prepared to have your Frenchie puppy in his new home.

How to take care of your french bulldog?

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