Top 29 most pointless websites to waste time

Top 30 most pointless websites to waste time

Funny isn’t it? There are some websites that are actually for time wasting, how possible is that? You may be wondering how someone would set up a website that is totally useless and still leaves it there instead of taking it down. Believe it or not, there are websites that are like that and after […]

Best Personal Alarm Keychains

Best Personal Alarm Keychains

The world is full of all sorts of dangers. No matter where you live, you can be at risk of becoming the victim of a crime. Often, victims don’t take enough measures to defend themselves properly. Self-defense classes may help, but what if an aggressor is bigger and stronger? Pepper spray can work but can […]

Best Keychain Pepper Sprays for Self Defense

Best Keychain Pepper Sprays

As people move out of their comfort zones and domiciles to the streets, recreational centers, and workplaces, one is not sure of his security. Neither can such a person predict the event that will occur in the next minute? People who are security conscious tend to protect themselves by equipping themselves with devices or tools […]