10 Best Kitten Toy Sets of 2019

If you are a cat person, then you are well aware that a cat’s daily routine looks something like this:

Snooze, stare, munch and eat, stare, use the litter box, stare, play, and stare— repeat!

Even though your feline friend may stare at you a, like a lot, it might just be his way of saying “play with me, human, now!

And because the play is a crucial part of cat daily routine, and is sometimes the only exercise they can get, you need to make sure that you have enough toys that will excite them as much as a can of cat food does.

And because you love your feline friend (even if he’s aloof most of the times), I’m pretty sure that you want to give him the best toys there is. Here are the top 10 best toys for your feline buddy!

Top 10 Best kitten toy sets for the money

10. Cat Dancer Wand Cat Teaser Toy

Looking for a kitten toy for indoor use? Then try the Charmer Wand Teaser from Cat Dancer. This cat toy is designed like the rope that figures skaters, dancers and gymnasts use in their routines. It is a great teaser which can surely capture the enjoyment and fascination of any feline breed.

Because its rope is made of fabric and not wire, you can rest assured that you will not hurt your beloved kitty when play gets a bit rough. The wand itself is made of polycarbonate for comfortable gripping and its multicolor design makes it highly interesting for your kitty.



9. Petstages Tower of Tracks

If dogs love to play catch, kitties love playing balls, too! Petstages created the Tower of Tracks with four different sized plates that are stacked on top of each other.

These stacked disks create a channel where a small ball can roll and spin around the track. The ball’s rolling movement mimics the scampering behavior of prey in the wild, making your kitty interested and pounce on the ball as it rolls away.

You feline buddy will have hours of fun trying to catch and nudge the balls from their tracks. No need to worry about the tower falling apart. No matter how hard your cat tries to swipe the ball out of the track, the tower will stand tall, thanks to its non-skid padded bottom.

Even if it does tip over, the balls inside the track are not going anywhere, so no need to worry about your feline buddy running away with the balls.



8. SmartyKat Catnip Skitter Critters

Although these catnip mice may not look like the lovable Jerry, from the popular Tom and Jerry series, that our kids have grown to love, your kitty will not be bothered at all— it will become a great object of interest for him. The pack includes 2 colorful mice that will force out the predatory instincts of your feline buddy.

Each colorful mice are filled with high-grade and safe fiber that is made from 100% recycled plastic, totally eco-friendly. Plus, there are also no chemicals or pesticides involved in its production.



7. Fashion’s Talk 20-Piece Assorted Cat Toys

If you want a variety of cat toys in one buy, then look no more. This 20-piece variety pack provides you kitty enough toys that should last for a lifetime. With a dazzling array of playthings to play, your feline buddy will surely never be bored again. It contains teasers, balls, toy mice, catnips, feathers and many more, each being high quality and safe for your kitty.



6. PetSafe SlimCat Interactive Toy + Food Dispenser

If your cat is on the brink of becoming the very next Garfield in terms of eating habits, then you might want to try this item from PetSafe. This kitty toy is perfect for your furry friend that is overweight. Inside this ball, a toy is a cavern which allows you to add at least 2/3 of your kitty’s dry food.

It has holes where the good thing will come out and you can configure the holes in order to add some difficulty. Watch your kitty exercise while trying to get his food— a perfect tool to keep him entertained while controlling his eating and weight.



5. SmartyKat Hot Pursuit Cat Toy

Cats just love to go after their prey! This is why SmartyKat manufactured this electronic toy which looks like a flattened circular tent. There is a soft, fluffy toy at the center via a wand which moves and creates a bulge on the surface along with lights.

This will make your feline buddy think that there is “something” hiding and the movements will surely make your adorable tabby pouncing on the “hapless prey”!



4. Cat Amazing Interactive Treat Maze

Another kitty toy that also helps in controlling the food portion is this interactive treat maze from Cat Amazing. It is a rectangular box that comes with 3 different sections for super smart kitties, intermediate and beginners.

Each section has the corresponding level of difficulty to reach the toys or treat inside— a perfect way to test how clever your tabby is. It might have a simple design, however, it works really well in stimulating his cognitive development while losing weight.



3. Creaker 3-Way Cat Tunnel

This tunnel is pretty much the like the play tunnels that you might have as a kid. It comes with crackly and crinkly paper which help stimulate the predatory instincts of your feline friend.  It comes with a spring steel frame which helps keep it standing as well as easy folding and storing. Buy a 2 or more of this and build a play tunnel for your kitty to keep him active!



2. Ethical Pet Colorful Springs

Some kitties love balls, whereas some love springs! And if you have a kitty who wants the latter, then this colorful springs from Ethical Pet is a great buy! It comes with 5 colorful springs each of 2-inch and 1-inch long springs.

Just throw these springs on the floor and watch it bounce and spring into action, enticing your cat to go after it. Made from cat-safe plastic, you will have a blast watching your kitty catch one of these springs only to spring back when caught.



1. Cat Dancer Interactive Toy

What makes this interactive “prey” toy than other is that the lure attached to the tip of the spring steel wire is made of eco-friendly material. It is made of cardboard tubes which are used in tissue paper rolls and are rolled and twisted to form the shape of “cat prey” that stimulate his predatory nature.



FAQs Answered

Why do I need to buy my kitten a toy?

Kitten needs exercise. They may be more aloof than dogs, however, cats need playtime and attention, too! Toys stimulate their predatory nature, optimizes their joint and muscle functions, prevents obesity and other complications as well as building bond with you as his owner.

What are the most common types of cat toys?

Kitties have their own preference in terms of toys. The most common types of toys include electronic toys, catnip toys, puzzle toys, feather toys, and wand toys.

Why does my kitten hide his toys?

Hiding his toys is a sign of lack of trust in its environment. Your cat does not actually believe that it is safe to leave its toys lying around. It is typically a protective behavior where cats do not want their “possessions” being taken from them.

Why does my kitten put her toys in the water?

There is really no decisive explanation about this, however, there are 2 theories that feline behaviorist use to explain this behavior. The first one is because they think it is a lot safer there. Cats are believed to “safeguard” their toys by keeping it in a place where no other feline or predators can go such as the water. The second explanation is more on the collecting or gathering behavior of cats.

Why does my kitten bring his toy to bed?

Just like how most kittens bring their toys in their water bowl, some tend to carry their toys with them to their bed or their master’s. Again, there’s really no scientific explanation regarding such behavior except for the assumption of putting their toys to a safe place.

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