How to Backup iPhone on Icloud and Itunes

Here you will get information of how to do I backup my iphone. Understanding data backup is move or copy the collection of information (data) stored in the computer hard drive which is usually done from one location / device to the location / other devices. Data or information collection could include document files, images, video, audio, system windows, driver, or software / specific programs. In fact, the way of how to backup iPhone is not difficult to do.

Data Backup Function

Usefulness or benefits of backing up the data that we still have a data backup of data lost / damaged / deleted, whether caused by our own mistakes or other factors beyond our ability, such as a virus, corrupted files (cannot be opened), the device computer errors / problems, power failure, disaster, and so forth.

With so backup the data that we have saved it can be used again as a substitute for data that has been lost / damaged / erased earlier. Function back up more data referring to the safety and comfort in using computers.

How to Backup Data

How to backup data can be done with a variety of devices, be it through internal hard disk itself, an external hard drive, CD-R / RW, DVD-R / RW, flash disks, memory, and software backup well that can be obtained for free by downloading it on the internet and paid.

For iPhone users, often times you will perform activities such as iOS upgrades, installing applications, and other activities related to the IOS operating system. Activity is indeed an activity that tends unusual, but it would not hurt for you to be careful. You could lose data due to perform these activities. It is usually associated with the frequent occurrence of a system error or an error (fatal error). To that end, as anticipation, it never hurts to do a Backup Data for your iOS devices, especially the iPhone. Then, how to backup your iPhone? Here are steps of how to backup iPhone to iTunes.

Data backup with iTunes

How to backup iPhone is the most widely performed using iTunes. This method is considered to be very easy and not too difficult. The first step must be done for this data backup is to first install the iTunes program on your computer. After that, you have to connect your iPhone device to a computer that has iTunes installed.

Then you only sync your iPhone with your computer. Once connected, you will see the options menu. All you need to do is choose the options menu. After selecting that option, you just wait for iTunes to do its job doing a data backup. Wait for it to finish and do not ever choose to cancel the backup process. When this is done, then you can lose your data. For that, you must pay attention to every step there.

Data backup with iTunes Wi-Fi

How to backup iPhone data can also be done by using Wi-Fi. This makes backup easier because it does not need to plug the device to the computer using a cable. It’s just for doing it this way, there are requirements. You will perform this way; you must install a minimum of iTunes 10.5 and iOS 5. For those who have not upgraded, then you should upgrade program iTunes and iOS versions prior to that.

To use the Wi-Fi feature, then the thing to do is synchronize with Wi-Fi Sync manner. For the first process, first connect the iPhone to the computer. USB connection this process only once used for synchronization only. Once connected, please run iTunes. Look for options Sync with this iPhone / iPad Over Wi-Fi. This menu option is contained in the Summary section. After selecting, choose Apply to synchronize execution. If completed then reboot (restart) your iPhone device. Remember, prior to restart, turn off the first iTunes. Synchronization is already finished, and you could do Backups by first selecting> General> iTunes Wi-Fi Sync on your iPhone device.

Data Backup with iCloud

How to backup the data on the iPhone the third is to use iCloud service. Apple provides this service for iOS users by presenting a capacity of 5GB for free. This service serves as data storage and also as a place to move the data from one iOS device to another iOS device.

To use the service as data backup, then you should first create an iCloud account. To get an iCloud account, you can simply go into the Settings and select & ldquo; iCloud. & Rdquo; But first make sure that your iOS is the latest IOS. You have to choose the first option General, then Software Update. If iOS has been updated, then this step is not necessary.

Furthermore, you can go into the iCloud account. You then need to enter your Apple ID. After that, you simply choose Settings then iCloud. After that, you enter part of the Storage & Backup. You will find a submenu option iCloud Backup. Activate this menu, and you can already perform a data backup. Quite easy and not too hard is not it?

For those who use both iOS in iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, sometimes finding errors (error) fatal that makes the device unusable. Fix fatal error usually ends up with having to restore iOS. It is prior to restoring order to avoid loss of data, to do a backup first. Well, here it is how to backup and restore your iOS device using iTunes.

Backup can be defined as the process of making copies of data as a backup in the event of loss or damage to the original data. Copies of data created are called the “data backup”. Benefits from such backup process, restore a damaged computer system or loss of data, to restore a file you accidentally deleted or damaged as well. The method of iphone icloud backup is needed.

Data Storage (Storage)

Talking about the backup process will not be separated from the problem of data storage media (storage). Each backup begins with a consideration of backup data to be stored. Data backups should be stored away as to be organized properly. The regularity can be as simple as a paper note with a list of backup CD with the contents of the data that we have or can also be the advanced settings to the computer index, catalog or a relational database. Differences in the use of data storage model will give different benefits. Intake of these benefits is closely related to the backup rotation scheme used.

Manipulation of data

In the backup process, the data can be stored in the format is or can be done to optimize backup manipulation itself. Two processes of manipulation are usually done compression and encryption. Compression compresses the file size to save storage space. Encryption is an important issue when related to data backup is important and confidential. Encryption store data instead of in the original format but has hidden ciphers in the form of a specific algorithm. By encrypting only people who have access to the encryption key can read the real data, right? By implementing a backup data security through encryption will slow the backup process itself. However, if the value is certainly comparable data backed up is very important data.

Restore Data

Restore and recovery are an important process after the backup. The backup will be futile if the process of return and repair the system data difficult. To achieve this goal, there are several approaches that should be considered, namely the backup process must be done with clear rules, avoid backing up haphazardly with unstructured. In addition, much software available in the market (either free or paid) that provides easy data backup. With the same software, usually restore and recovery process would be easier to do. Some backup software has the facility scheduling automatic backup process. This feature is very useful to be used as it ensures the backup process is always carried out with regularity.

Restore and recovery Software

Restore software is a special case of restore data. The use of both software applications and the operating system will not run perfectly ordinary forever. There was a time when software has been installed and used for too long will begin to conflict libraries, damage to files, missing files that culminate software cannot be used anymore. When this time has arrived there are some things that can be done. The first case is recovery software applications.

Some software applications have the repair feature in the menu add / remove programs. This feature can be used when the software is installed already started to not work properly. In the worst case, if the repair has not repaired damaged software functions, the restore process can be done by re-installing the software in question. Of course, before the process is done, the files are stored associated with the software should be backed up first.

How to backup iOS

To backup to iTunes should your device be connected to iTunes, although the iOS 5 has been able to perform backups via WiFi, which certainly slower than using a cable connection.

Once plugged into iTunes and read by him indicated sighting device icon in the iTunes sidebar. You can right-click on the name of the device and then select Backup. The backup time depends on the amount of data that is on your device.


There are two methods Restore, first clean restore of the IPSW (firmware file types IOS) that both restore from backup.

Clean Restore

The restore must be done if the iOS device cannot enter the Home Screen, such as boot looping (stuck at the Apple logo), or hardware stuck in DFU mode described with cable and iTunes logo. Called restore clean because of the existing data on your iOS device will be removed completely.

To perform a restore must be connected to iTunes.

  • Plug the device into iTunes
  • Click the name of your device then go to the Summary tab.
  • Click the Restore button, iTunes will download the IPSW file. Alternatively, hold down the Option key (Mac), Shift (Windows) and select the IPSW file you have downloaded.
  • If you find questions, choose Back Up advance.
  • Then choose Restore.
  • When restore lasting progress bar will be silent, do not wait canceled.
  • After iOS installed and already doing the settings, perform the Restore from Backup below.

Restore from Backup

Restore from backup, the device is used when dressing or doing a clean restore. With the Restore from Backup data and settings from the previous backup IOS will be transferred.

Right-click on the name of your hardware, then choose Restore from Backup. The restoring process will take quite a long time. Make sure your Mac or PC connected to the mains.

Selection of backup data storage media becomes a very important consideration in the backup process. There are many types of storage media that can be selected with the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Magnetic Tape

Magnetic tape similar to cassette tape audio or video tapes that store data in the long ribbon magnet rotates from the starting point to the end point.

Hard drive

The main advantages of the hard drive are a fast access time, wide variations in capacity and ease of use.

Optical Disk

CD and DVD that can be recorded are two options available in this category. However, with the cheapening of the DVD drive with a capacity large enough, selecting DVD as a backup medium is more promising than the CD. Of course, the CD can still be used for the backup process smaller data sets.

Floppy Disk

Media in his time have sufficient data storage demands. But, now there is no more reason to use this medium, especially for backup purposes. With the growing size of the files that are owned by people such as video, music, until the data system, it is unreasonable to make the floppy disk as an option.

Solid State Storage

Included in this group, there are a lot of media, including flash memory, thumb drives, compact flash, memory stick, secure digital cards, multimedia cards, and so on. Portability is the advantage and a weakness of this backup media. With portability, data on the media is very easily moved, including switching to hands that are not supposed to.

Remote Backup Services

This media is not in the form of real physical objects but in the form of service or service. These service providers usually lease space data storage and access process data settings backup is done via the internet. For terms of security, this method is very promising. But, for the condition of Indonesia with the quality of the internet connection is still disappointing, it still takes time for widespread implementation of this backup method. It is time to apply the method of backup iphone.

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