How Can You Make Your Hair Grow Faster?

Long hairstyles are popular for a reason. If you have healthy hair, they look great and help you to look your best. For a lot of people, hair grows very slowly, and it can be frustrating if you want to try out a new style. Luckily, there are lots of ways to encourage faster growth naturally.

We’ve put together a list of tips to help you grow your hair out and have you looking great. Some of these tips are more focused on protecting your hair, while others relate to direct hair stimulation and growth. Some of these tips are a lot more straightforward than others, but all of them will help you to speed up the process of growing long and shiny hair.

Cut Your Hair Often

Although it might seem counterintuitive, cutting your hair regularly is a good way to speed up growth. Whenever you have your hair cut by a good stylist, the split ends are removed. This gives more chance for new, healthy hair to grow. If you want your hair to look shiny and healthy, make sure you book yourself in for regular cuts. Split ends make your hair appear duller and frizzier, so getting rid of them is essential if you plan to grow your hair longer.

Avoid Treatments That Damage Your Hair

Hair treatments like relaxing and coloring can cause a lot of damage to your hair and the follicles. After bleaching hair, your hairs are more likely to break, leading to split ends and thinning. Hair relaxing breaks down the proteins in your hair, making it weaker and more likely to break. If you want to grow long and healthy hair, it’s best to avoid these treatments for now. You should also try and limit how much you use heated styling tools and hair dryers. High temperatures damage the protein in your hair, leading to more breakages, frizz, and slower growth.

Use a Hair Thickening Mask

Hair masks are products that help to nourish, hydrate, and protect your hair from everyday life. A hair thickening mask goes one step further and contains active ingredients that help stimulate hair growth. Ingredients of hair thickening masks include things like Ginseng, Biotin, and Saw Palmetto. These are all naturally sourced ingredients that help to stimulate hair follicles and lead to increased hair growth. Using a hair thickening mask can show good results after only a few weeks. Just use the product as recommended, and you should start to see an improvement in the volume of your hair.

Eat a Healthy and Balanced Diet

A healthy diet is even more important than you might think. As well as being vital for your personal health, your diet also affects the health of your hair and skin. Not getting the right vitamins and minerals may lead to your hair looking dull or struggling to grow. Make sure you’re getting plenty of A and B vitamins plus protein and omega 3. Foods like green leafy veg, fish, nuts, and whole grains are all ideal for keeping your hair looking its best. Getting the right nutrients will also help your hair grow faster.

Avoid Shampooing Your Hair Too Often

Keeping your hair clean is important, and you should definitely shampoo regularly. However, shampooing too much can actually affect the health of your hair. Your body produces natural oils that protect your hair and keep your scalp hydrated. By shampooing too regularly, you risk removing those oils and leaving your follicles unprotected. If your follicles get damaged, then your hair will struggle to grow, and you may suffer from dandruff and a dry scalp. Shampooing twice or three times a week helps keep your hair clean and protected. You should make sure to use a shampoo without sulfates, as these can cause further issues.

Use a Silk Pillowcase

Our hair comes under a lot of stress during the day, and breakages can occur when we’re out and about. Unfortunately, breakages can also happen during the night, especially if you’re a restless sleeper. To avoid this, try out a silk pillowcase. These can not only help to protect your hair, but they’ll also give you a better night’s sleep.

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