How Can I Customize My Xbox 360?

The Xbox 360 by Microsoft is a discontinued yet innovative gaming console. It has held high regard in the eyes of the users and given a tough time to its competitors.

Unlike the original Xbox, the Xbox 360 gives users the added features of high-definition DVD and add-on drives. It also has better memory and a central processing unit. It also has a lot of online features such as Kinect, Xbox Live, and webcam.

Some of its prominent features include the audio and visual cable, allowing the user to benefit from a high-quality gaming experience. There’s also one hundred and twenty gigabytes of storage space in the hard drive, a built-in Wi-Fi system, and the Kinect system to allow the user to be the ultimate controller by giving commands through hand gestures and their voice.

All these features make it possible for the user to play their favorite games such as Call of Duty and Assassin’s Creed. Users can also watch their favorite videos, movies, and whatnot while streaming the internet, witnessing a high quality and satisfying experience, making it an overall enjoyable, user-friendly, and interactive gaming system.

Ways to Customize Your Xbox

  • The easiest way to change the outlook of the Xbox 360 is by altering the control panel. You can do this by going to the settings and changing the theme. You can further modify the features of the control panel by using Xbox Live and downloading additional features.
  • You can change the features of your avatar to make it match your appearances such as hairstyle, clothes, accessories, skin tone, and facial features. Added features for your avatar are available in the Marketplace such as additional clothes and accessories.
  • There are also different skins available for your gaming console that give it more character and are easily available at an accessory market.
  • You can also change the language settings and pin different apps and games on the home screen of your Xbox.
  • You can also make it a do-it-yourself project and come up with innovative ways to create your own casing for the gaming console or paint it yourself. However, you should know that in this case, resale might be hard as it is a discontinued product and potential buyers usually look for products as close to their original quality as possible.

What Do the Customers Have to Say About This Product?

All in all, the Xbox 360 has grand reviews, allowing customers to choose from a range of amazing games that will keep the players on edge. It also allows friends to compete with each other, or you can compete online with other players. Users can watch videos, shows, and movies online as well as stream the internet, supported by its built-in Wi-Fi system, allowing easy and fast streaming. Users can also put in their DVDs and watch them, making it a gaming console and DVD player which is connected to the internet – a three-in-one investment. Customizing it to make it more fitting to your style will add value to this already efficient and sleek model.

A Few Final Words

It can be concluded that the Xbox 360 is an innovative and great purchase, with brilliant features allowing a user-friendly and entertaining experience. While it may not be deeply customizable as some users would want, the bottom line is that it gives you the one thing which all game console owners search for before buying a console, that is, graphical features along with extras. Also, note that this is a relatively older model of the Xbox series, so immense customization and some features may not be available as compared to the newer versions such as the Xbox One.

Considering that it is a 2005 model, the Xbox 360 offered a great deal of customization, similar to those of its competitors, although they didn’t have an avatar like the Xbox. At the end of the day, the gaming console’s performance and durability are what actually matter, which the Xbox does not fail to deliver on.

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