Best Granite Cleaners 2019

The Best Granite Cleaners Reviews With Buying Guide 2019

Regular household cleaners aren’t advisable to use in cleaning granite countertops. The best granite cleaners are to looked-for. This post will show you product reviews and a buying guide to make the right buying decision.

Granite is a costly material used in making countertops. Of course, you won’t let your expenses in building granite countertops be at risk. Thus, spending a bit more dollars to buy a professionally designed cleaner is necessary. An inappropriate cleaner may cause stains, watermarks, and discolouration on granite countertops. It can even turn the countertop dirtier than before.

Granite Cleaner Buying Guide

This section discusses all the necessary things you need to know about granite cleaner. Hope this helps for you to finally find the right cleaner for your granite countertops.


These key features are the reasons for having the best result in cleaning granite countertops. So, better check it all out before deciding to buy specific granite cleaner.

  • Price

Granite cleaner typically costs higher than homemade cleaners. Choose to spend extra money with professional-grade granite cleaner that lasts long.

  • Packaging

Some granite cleaner is packed in a plain bottle with labels on the outside. Most cleaning formulas are put in a spray bottle for convenience usage.

  • Multi-purpose

You can buy multi-purpose granite cleaner in one bottle for cost-effective buying option. This also lessens the hassle in cleaning a countertop with only one-step maintenance process.

  • Eco-friendly

Check whether the formula is biodegradable or not. Natural-made granite cleaners are highly recommended for safer use.

  • pH balanced

This prevents any damage on countertops, especially those made with stones. The discolouration will never be a problem with this feature.

  • Easy to wipe off

This is to avoid leaving water spots and messes on your kitchen surfaces. It may come with a microfiber cloth or a sponge that helps to wipe off surfaces.

  • Has gentle formula

The too strong solution is hazardous to specific stones so find a cleaner with gentler formula. Most granite cleaners are with a non-toxic formula which is safe for food prep areas.

  • Mild scent

Look for granite cleaner with not-so-strong scent for it may result in lousy smell when mixed with grease. The citrus scent is recommended for better stain remover.


Every time you see spilled liquids, especially acidic drinks on granite surfaces, immediately wipe it up. It is because too much exposure to acidic drinks can damage granite surfaces. Cleaning countertops must be done daily after washing the dishes with only a little amount of cleaner. Polishing and sealing are done weekly and yearly, respectively.

Avoid using dish soap, detergent, homemade cleaner, and glass cleaner for these may not render the expected result. Additionally, scratchy cloth or rough sponge must be avoided too. Homemade cleaner like vinegar, lemon juice, and bleach aren’t a good idea in cleaning granite surfaces.

However, you can avoid putting too much stain on every surface by placing pads underneath the pots. Another is to avoid chopping directly on the surface for not damaging the finish due to scratches.

Top 12 Picks Of Granite Cleaners

The following products are the most rated granite cleaners in Read each formula carefully before deciding which to buy. Let’s get it started!

1. Granite Gold Daily Cleaner Refill

First on the list is a granite cleaner that can last a long time even when using daily. But, daily granite maintenance can result in damage and so regular cleaning is suggested. It is non-toxic and non-acidic without containing phosphates and ammonia, which is safe for food preparation surfaces.

This streak-free formula is a multi-surface cleaner aside from granite countertops. It can cleanse tile, quartz, and all-natural stone surfaces. The cleaner easily removes all kinds of dirt and spills without leaving unpleasant scent other than its fresh citrus scent. There’ll be no discolouration due to its pH-balanced formula.


  • Non-toxic
  • Refillable container
  • Reasonable priced


  • Doesn’t leave a shiny result

2. Weiman Granite & Stone Complete Care Kit

Within one expensive purchase, you’ll get three granite cleaning products. That includes cleaner, sealer, and polish. Plus, no need to prepare for cloth as it comes with a microfiber cloth. This kind of fabric is appropriate and works well in picking up dust. All of your needs are given to you by Weiman.

It is excellent for varieties of stone surfaces, including granite, quartz, marble, limestone, slate, and so on. This cleaner is streak-free, which safely shines stone surfaces. It also helps to enhance the patterns of your granite surfaces. The cleaner kit beautifies, restores, and protects the granite surface for a long time.


  • Suitable for all stone types
  • Complete package
  • Excellent cleaning performance


  • Pricey
  • Cannot remove water stains

3. Sprayway Granite and Marble Cleaner

Sprayway offers a 2-in-1 cleaning solution for both granite and marble surfaces. The combined cleaner and conditioner solutionis contained in a spray bottle for one-step application. This benefits people who don’t have enough time to clean a countertop. Also, it won’t break the bank.

It does an excellent job in cleaning medium to low dirt surfaces. This is more convenient to use than any other cleaners. It is a non-abrasive formula with penetrating foam action that removes grease, fingerprints, and stains. This maintains the beauty of your countertops without the risk of being damaged.


  • Hassle-free cleaning solution
  • Low-cost granite cleaner
  • 2-in-1 cleaner solution


  • Produces unnecessary odour
  • Not a stand-alone cleaner

4. TriNova Granite Cleaner

Do you desire for mirror-clean granite countertops at home?

TriNova Granite Cleaner has that enhanced shine feature that can deal with any kind of messes and spills. The mirror-like or clean surface is possible due to its streak-free finish and no residue left unclean ability. Countertops under bright light will genuinely shine like a mirror. It has a non-acidic pH neutral formula that prevents discolouration and dulling effect on granite and all-natural stone surfaces.

The product is made in the USA and is suitable for daily use. It has a delightful smell that won’t leave your kitchen or bathroom with bad smell. Its power to clean a surface is excellent and is done quickly without leaving any messes.


  • Convenient to use
  • Brings afinely polished surface


  • Requires a separate purchase for a microfiber cloth
  • Complaints about its shining ability

5. Granite Gold Home Care Collection

This is the second Granite Gold product on the list that offers a granite care complete package. It comes with a granite cleaner, all-surface cleaner, and a polishing compound. Among the three cleaner solutions is a cleaning tool, particularly the Granite Gold Scrub Sponge. However, it doesn’t include a sealer.

The sponge is streak-free for easy and thorough cleaning. All of the solutions are entirely non-toxic and therefore, safe to use in all food preparation areas. It won’t cause any damages because of its balanced pH feature. It features a mild citrus scent which smells good even after a long period.

Look for a good sealer to complete these granite solutions and have better results.


  • Three products with a sponge
  • Improved safety
  • Trusted brand


  • Separate purchase of a sealer solution
  • Unsatisfied customers

6. Supreme Surface All-In-One Granite & Quartz Cleaner

Could it be better to have all the needed cleaner solutions in one bottle? So, instead of buying three separate containers of a cleaner, polish, and a sealer, why not have this product?

Within one spray bottle is a professionally-certified granite cleaner used by most industrial professionals. It can clean up to 6500 sq. ft. surface without wax buildup, discolouration, and messes left behind. Microfiber cloth is included.

The formula is alcohol-free, non-toxic, and eco-friendly. It leaves your countertops clean and shiny. It doesn’t leave any grease and dirt on the surface with the help of its bond-breaking formula. It makes the surface resistant to water spots, stains, and dirt.

Further, it comes with ioSeal Protectants for sealer purposes.


  • Spray and wipe cleaner
  • All-in-one purchase
  • Smells good


  • Works better as a polish andnot a cleaner

7. Therapy Granite Cleaner and Polish Kit

Its great-looking packaging is what we loved most. The price is slightly high, but it comes with a microfiber towel. The cleaner and the polish kit is not suitable for floors use but only on countertops.

The 2-in-1 formula is put in a spray bottle for ease of use. It doesn’t contain any toxic ingredients that may harm surfaces. This is suitable for most kinds of stone surfaces, including granite. The finished solution results in a glossy finish that dissolves dirt, grease, and unnecessary streaks.

It has a neutral pH level that is good for all kinds of stones. This is also a solvent-free granite cleaner that is sprayed directly on the surface.


  • Excellent packaging
  • Produces a beautiful finish
  • Wipes off easily


  • Not made for floors

8. StoneTech Revitalizer Cleaner and Protector 

Some 3-in-1 countertop cleaners aren’t that effective and so very disappointing. StoneTech will prove that not all all-in-one cleaners are the same. This product works as advertised. It is one of the Amazon’s Choice anyways, which is an excellent proof of its excellency.

This is a 2-in-1 formula particularly a cleaner and a reseal which is suitable for natural stones and grout. It benefits a person who’s too lazy to clean the countertops. The result is amazingly comparable to professional-grade cleaners.

It has water-based formulas that work by directly spraying it onto the surface and wipe it off. There’s no need for rinsing. Messes and grease are removed while leaving a citrus scent throughout the kitchen.

It is a bit expensive yet worthy to purchase.


  • Good for daily use
  • Reasonable price
  • Very convenient to use


  • Not good for granite with more porous

9. CPR Granite 2-in-1 Cleaner & Polish

This 18-ounce granite cleaner and polish is packed in a different look. It is put in a simple-looking bottle with clear, written functions. The product promises to bring back the life of your granite surfaces through one easy step of cleaning. It is appropriate for everyday use.

Avoid using this cleaner and polish in porous surfaces or floors for it may not reach your expectations. This is a streak-free formula and leaves a smooth and shiny finish after wiping it off. There’ll be no residue on the countertops.

This non-toxic solution takes only little of your time in cleaning and also saves up money upon purchase. It offers two scents such as apple and orchard in the kitchen or bathroom area.


  • Covers up 13,700 sq. ft.
  • Excellent packaging
  • Good scent


  • Non-biodegradable

10. Black Diamond Stoneworks GRANITE PLUS! 2 in 1 Cleaner & Sealer

Some cleaners can cause allergic reactions on the user, but this one has a hypoallergenic formula. It is available in two sizes, one in a spray bottle and the other is larger for refill purposes. If saving up money is what you want, choose to buy the latter. This one is useable both on surfaces and floors.

It is a combination of cleaner and sealer that effectively protects the countertops from dirt and other drink spills. You can clean the surfaces with less hassle and more certain positive results. It doesn’t require rinsing yet safe for food contact due to its pH neutral level. It can be used every day without the fear of damaging the surfaces and floors.

Plus, the product is manufactured in the USA.


  • Cleaner and sealer
  • Very nice scent
  • Saves up money


  • Not a sealer on granite

11. Method Daily Granite Cleaner Spray

Method Daily Granite Cleaner Spray does another technique of cleaning a granite surface. Instead of directly spraying the formula onto the surface, it is sprayed first on a soft cloth and then wipe on the granite surface. That’s maybe effective with this cleaner but not with other cleaners.

The bottle in which it is placed is recyclable, and even the formula itself is biodegradable. It has no chemical ingredients, thus non-toxic and cruelty-free. It can restore the natural glow of the granite upon regular cleaning. Before using this cleaner to other natural stones, make sure the stone is sealed correctly.

It uses up power green technology that helps to remove grease and grimes. Your kitchen area will be delighted with a fresh apple scent.


  • Eco-friendly bottle
  • Naturally derived
  • Ends up with a natural shine and glow


  • Leaves some streaks
  • Has a powerful scent

12. Better Life Granite Stone Countertop Cleaner

This is a natural-made granite cleaner that is appropriate to use daily. Spray and wipe method is followed without rinsing that results to streak-free shine surface. The formula is free from mess maker contents and synthetic fragrance. The packaging process is done with the help of solar energy and recyclable materials. Ingredients are plant-based with coconut surfactants and essential oils.

It is safe to use on most stone surfaces except for Rosetta Stone. The cleaner is food-safe because it doesn’t contain any chemicals in the making. Surfaces are fully protected due to its solvent-free formula. Botanical extracts are the reasons for its natural fragrance, particularly pomegranate and grapefruit.

The formula is waterways-friendly as no harsh chemicals are added on its ingredients.


  • Environmental-friendly
  • Good for daily use
  • Cruelty-free
  • Very affordable


  • Not useful in removing too hardened grease


To make things clearer, here are five frequently asked questions collected from different articles that tackle about granite cleaners. These questions might be your queries, too, from the very start of this post. Let’s get it answered!

  • Does granite cleaner leave residue on countertops?

The cause of residue on countertops after cleaning is a dense cleaning formula. By which the cleaners as mentioned earlier don’t have. Gentle and streak-free granite cleaners are very effective in removing and not allowing dirt residues to appear. With the use of microfiber cloth, streaks are eliminated.

  • How safe are granite cleaners?

Granite cleaners are safe to use on kitchen countertops or food preparation areas because of its non-toxic feature. This won’t inevitably cause health issues hence maintain the cleanliness on your kitchen area.

  • How often should I use granite cleaners?

Granite cleaner is appropriate for daily use right after washing the dishes and clearing up the countertop. Over-spraying the cleaner is not helpful; thus, only a proper amount is necessary to clean granite surfaces. There’ll be no damages expected to happen when cleaning is done daily. However, polishing must be done every two weeks for a better glossy result. Yearly is for the sealing process if badly needed.

  • Where can I buy granite cleaners?

You can buy granite cleaners online at There are lots of highly-rated products on the site that you could look for. Other online sites are available too.

  • Can granite cleaners remove stains and other messes?

The answer is yes if and only if the cleaning process is adequately performed. Do not let the stains or messes stay on the countertop for a long time. That will be more difficult to remove. As long as you find the surface dirty, do the cleaning process immediately.

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