Best Gaming Chairs Under 100$ 2019

The Top 8 Best Gaming Chairs Under 100$ 2019

Playing computer games has been increasingly popular this days thanks to the advancement of technology and mind-boggling, real-life graphics that pullin gamers.

To ensure that you get most of the wonderful experience, it is crucial that you invest in the right gaming gear. And this definitely includes the furniture that you use or the chair that you will sit on for long hours.

A gaming chair determines your comfort as well as your physical well-being during the entirety of the game. Thus, it goes without saying that you want nothing but only the best gaming chair available.

However, finding a good gaming chair in a limited budget is a bit tough task. Gaming chairs tend to be super expensive. And although it is a common recommendation to get one with a hefty price tag for the best quality, a gaming chair is not necessarily something that you need to take out hundreds of dollars of.

The market offers some pretty decent gaming chairs under $100. However, with different brands, which one makes the right choice? How do you even what makes a good cheap gaming chair?

Important Factors To Consider

  1. Ergonomics

Since gamers tend to spend most of their time sitting, ergonomics is probably the most important thing that you need to consider when buying a good gaming chair.

Ergonomics refers to the way that something is designed based on a set of physiological and psychological principles that best fit the user. And an ergonomic gaming chair helps in optimizing the place where a gamer sits on in order to improve efficiency and productivity.

In short, an ergonomic gaming chair should help you maintain a proper posture, minimizes back pain, supports your movements and improves your reaction times. But what makes a chair ergonomically designed?

  • Lumbar support: A good gaming chair should have adjustable lumbar support which you change to fit your spine’s curvature. However, for cheaper chairs, they usually feature lumbar pillow.
  • Adjustability: An ergonomic gaming chair should allow you to adjust your back angle, seat height and armrests to better suit your body. The more adjustment a chair offers, the more ergonomic it is.
  • Tension mechanism or tilt lock: This allows you to lock the backrest tilt in place and helps accommodate various postures.
  • A curved and high backrest which offer a lot of neck and upper back support.
  1. Armrests

For gamers, armrests are extremely crucial. You will need good wrist support in order to better support your wrists and lowers arms well. This allows you to have faster gaming reaction times and further improve your skills in games.

The best armrests can be adjusted so you can fit them to your height and body. At a minimum, armrests need to be height adjustable. Preferably, they should be width-adjustable too so you will have more wriggle room.

There are some armrests which flip out of the way in order to make it easier for you to get in and out of the chair.

  1. Dimensions

You also need to check the dimensions of a gamin chair beforehand in order to make sure that it can fit both your own body shape as well as your available space.

For instance, there are some chairs with narrower seats, making them less suitable for people with larger ass or thighs. Most sellers will list a chair’s dimensions, otherwise, you can always ask. Do not forget to measure the available space first in order to make sure that it will fit.

  1. Upholstery

Most gaming chairs feature PU leather and are usually good enough for most gamers’ needs so I’d recommend that you stick with that for the best value for your money.

There are some chairs that feature microfiber and synthetic webbing too.

Regardless, when considering upholstery, breathability should be considered. There are some chairs that have breathable mesh upholstery to help with heat dissipation.  And the more breathable the chair is, the more comfortable and less sweaty you will be.

  1. Weight and Height Capacity

Most first-time buyers tend to forget about the height and weight capacity of the chair. Gaming chairs vary in weight capacities as well as the recommended height, thus you need to make sure that the one you are looking at is suitable for your own height and weight.

For most people, however, this will not be an issue. However, if you are on the taller and heavier side, then this is something that you definitely need to consider. Most affordable gaming chairs have a 250 – 300 pounds maximum capacity.

Meanwhile, gaming chairs with the largest weight capacities are usually marketed as “big and tall” gaming chairs. Numbers may differ, however, most heavy-duty chairs can support at least 500 pounds of weight and over.

The Top 8 Best Gaming Chairs Under 100$ 2019

  1. BestOffice PC Gaming Chair

Featuring a racing type high back gaming chair, this PC gaming chair from BestOffice is an Amazon’s Choice for “Gaming Chairs.” It features a classic and seamless black-and-white look that can fit any gamer’s room design.

This gaming chair is wider than average desk chairs and features a reliable upholstery that is beautifully designed with thick padding that helps provide a comfortable seating experience. It also features ergonomic construction from the adjustable headrest, padded flip-up armrests and adjustable private custom for the most comfortable prolonged sitting experience.

Easy to assemble, this sturdy and heavy-duty gaming chair have a weight limit of 250 pounds. Meanwhile, the 360-swivel allows multi-tasking convenience and the durable caster offers smooth-rolling mobility from one room to another.


  • Easy assembly
  • Soft PU leather ad mesh upholstery
  • Multidirectional wheel and 360-degree swivel
  • Nylon base for comfort and stability
  • Adjustable and padded armrests
  • 250-pound weight capacity


  • The very strong smell of chemicals upon opening
  • Not for heavier gamers
  1. Homall S-Racer Gaming Chair

Boasting over 3,000 user reviews on Amazon, the S-Racer Gaming Chair from Homall is another great contender under $100. It features all ergonomic functionalities including adjustable height, an adjustable lumbar cushion and lockable tile for the most comfortable gaming experience ever.

The seat and chair back feature a 1.8 mm thick steel that rests on sturdy rubber wheels for a scratch-resistant and free movement. It has a comfortable and ergonomic sitting which can be customized by adjusting the pillow and/or headrest.

Homall also offers a rocking choice where the tension can be adjusted with a dial under the seat. This offers a bit of upper-body mobility, perhaps to rock out when an epic in-game soundtrack suddenly drops in.

Meanwhile, the 3.15-inch seat padding is made of shaping sponge which is not easy to collapse and super comfortable. It does not feel too firm without being excessively hard. You also get to choose in various color including the classic black, black and white, black and red or black and blue. You can also take advantage of the long 1- year warranty period or a 1-month money-back guarantee in case you do not like your chair for a risk-free buying.


  • Additional rocking function
  • Cheap
  • Robust chair structure
  • Long warranty
  • 300-pound maximum capacity
  • Easy to setup
  • Ergonomic and comfortable


  • Top-heavy
  • Non-adjustable armrests
  1. Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair

With its bright color scheme contrasted with a black frame, you probably saw this gaming chair in most high-end Internet cafes. Indeed, its cool design makes it look like it was taken out of a race car from Fran Turismo or Need for Speed.

This gaming chair from Devoko features a breathable, high curved polyurethane leather back and bucket seat with an adjustable lumbar cushion and a removable headrest to support your every gaming needs.

Meanwhile, the easily lockable tilt allows you to toggle between lying, relaxing, reading, or working with a remarkable tilt range incomparable in most office chairs. As a matter of fact. This ergonomic gaming chair can recline all the way back to 180 degrees.

Height adjustability with safety gas spring is also there as with the scratch-resistant polyurethane casters that allow you to roll across any floor in order to quickly get things done while waiting for your game.

Its rubber padded armrests can’t be finback, although you can just uninstall the armrests if you want to. Boasting a sturdy frame, this gaming chair can support at least 300 pounds of weight. With the wide back and seat dimension, you will have no trouble fitting snugly onto this amazing chair.


  • 180-degree recline
  • Removable lumbar pillow and headdress for extra customization
  • Proven ergonomic support and comfort
  • Sturdy frame that can withstand 300 pounds of weight
  • Wide seat and back dimension


  • Armrests can’t be flip back
  • New chairs tend to have a chemical smell
  1. BestOffice Ergonomic Gaming Chair with Footrest

Another great gaming chair from BestOffice, this high back gaming chair offers a unique appearance with a thickly cushioned seat for maximum comfort. The chair is covered in breathable premium PU leather for better heat dissipation keeping you cool and comfortable throughout your game

It has adjustable lumbar support as well as a headrest pillow to keep your neck and spine in the proper position. The chair can also be recline at a safe angle of 90 – 115 degree and lock in position, giving you time to relax while you wait for your game to load. Best of all, the chair also provides extra comfort with the footrest so you can stretch out your feet for a few minutes while you rest.

The gaming chair also features a heavy-duty metal base that passes BIFMA requirements and has a maximum capacity of 250 pounds. The chair can also swivel 360 degrees for multi-tasking convenience while the durable casters allow you to easily bring the chair from one room to another.

What’s more is that BestOffice offers various color and design choices including classic black and white, camo, blue, grey and even pink for the female gamers.


  • 360-degree swivel
  • Removable headrest and lumbar support
  • Reclining lock function
  • Adjustable footrest
  • Durable metal frame
  • Available in various colors and design


  • Footrest is terribly designed
  • Some users report that it arrived broken
  • Not suitable for those with a larger or heavier build
  1. Furmax Gaming Chair

While most budget gaming chair offers great ergonomic comfort for the body and upper limbs, they also don’t give much attention to your legs. However, like the previous gaming chair from BestOffice, Furmax also offers more with the addition of pull-out, thick footrest that takes good care of your lower limbs as well.

An affordable solution, the Furmax Gaming Chair is a solid pick if you need to stretch out your legs every now and then or even taking a quick nap in-between gaming. Another welcoming function of the gaming chair is the armrests which are height adjustable so you can find the best position of your hands during the game.

The Furmax gaming chair also allows you to rock back and forth like the Homall gaming chair so you have back micro-movements as you lean back. It also has an adjustable reclining position of 90 – 180-degree angle for a bed-like-nap. The gaming chair is available in 2 solid colors— black and blue or white and black.

With its strong and sturdy base, the gaming chair can accommodate at least 310 pounds of weight and has a wide seating area dimension to fit even the larger gamers. Furmax also offers free replacement or money-back guarantee for any quality issues within 30 days as well as providing free charge replacements for missing or damaged parts within 6 months.


  • Higher weight capacity
  • Height adjustable armrests
  • Flip-over footrests for support
  • Money-back guarantee and free replacements on missing and damaged parts
  • Adjustable reclining position


  • Limited portability due to heavier chair weight
  • Some quality control issues
  1. RESPAWN Racing Style Gaming Chair

This race-car style gaming chair from RESPAWN provides comfort and luxury whether it is used during long workdays or intense gaming sessions. Boasting a pliable, smooth and leather accents, the chair offers an upscale look that goes well with any room design, while the customizable features allow for personalized comfort.

Featuring contoured segmented padded seat and back design provides back pain relief and comfort all day long. It also offers great adjustability including seatback recline control, seat height adjustments, flip-up armrests, and 360 degrees swivel, you get the ultimate versatility on this gaming chair.

Upholstered in SoftThread Leather with contrasting colored mesh, this gaming chair features an aggressive look but still keep you cool and comfortable during intense game play. With a durable and sturdy base, the chair has a 250-pound weight capacity for long-lasting use. The chair exceeds industry standards for durability and safety and is backed by RESPAWN’s OFM limited lifetime warranty.


  • Stylish and aggressive looking
  • Thickly padded armrests, headrests, and body
  • Tilt-lock reclining control
  • Seat height adjustment and flip armrests
  • 360-degree swivel
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Assembly is more difficult that it seems
  • Back chair is unsteady
  1. Merax Ergonomics Gaming chair

Merax offers an ergonomic gaming chair featuring PU Leather for the ultimate comfortable gaming experience. It boasts thickly padded armrests and soft headrests for great comfort that is covered in high-quality PU leather that is fade-resistant and made for seamless spot cleaning.

The chair is also equipped with a safeguard locking system which allows you to lie down for up to 120-degrees with ease peace of mind that you won’t fall off while snoozing. Meanwhile, the fully adjustable height and 360-swivel body allow you to customize for a better and more comfortable gaming experience.

The sturdy base offers super stability that you can rely on and offers silent rolling wheels for better mobility. The gaming chair is available in various colors including bright red, green, grey and white.


  • Thickly padded armrests and soft headrests
  • Fade-resistant PU leather
  • 120-degree reclining control
  • 360-degree body swivel
  • Available in various colors


  • Not that easy to assemble
  • Poor quality gas lift
  1. Vitesse Gaming Chair

The Vitesse Gaming Chair features a classic and luxurious look in its pure black color, however, there are also other cool color options you can pick. Featuring a deeper bucket seat and thicker back padding, this gaming chair provides extra comfort during your long gaming sessions.

The gaming chair features 3 point support on your lumbar, spine and head thanks to the removable lumbar cushion and headrest pillow. Meanwhile, the adjustable backrest can go from 90 degrees to 180 degrees safety angles for relaxing. The gaming chair can also swivel at 360-degreeswhile the class-3 gas lift offers better reliability and safety.

The strong metal frame allows the gaming chair to hold at least 300 pounds of weight. Meanwhile, the premium rolling caster allows you to transfer your chair without any scratches on the floor. Vitesse offers a satisfaction guarantee and offers free replacements on missing and damaged parts within 90 days of purchase.


  • Reclining adjustability
  • Removable headrest and lumbar pillow
  • Class-3 gas lift
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Very sturdy frame


  • Arms are a bit wobbly

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do I need to get a gaming chair?

A: Well, if you are an avid gamer and regularly sit down and play games nonstop every now and then, a good gaming chair could benefit you in many ways.

Not sitting in a proper posture and position over the long term can lead to health problems such as poor blood circulation, carpal tunnel and back pain.

However, by getting a good ergonomic gaming chair, you get to maintain a comfortable and healthy sitting position for extended periods of time.

In addition, gaming chairs features bold color designs and they can be a cool fashion statement in your room, setting a certain feel telling others that you mean business in the gaming sense.

Q: What makes a gaming chair different from normal chairs?

A: Gaming chairs, as its name implies, are designed to assist people who play games for hours. Thus, these chairs are made with a focus on comfortable sitting experience while also supporting the body in a natural position and posture to avoid long-term harm on your body.

In addition, gaming chairs do more than helping you maintain a good posture with good padding lumbar and headrest support. There are some gaming chairs which include other cool functions which can enhance your gaming experience including built-in audio, console connectivity, remote controls for your console and/or TV and even a massage setting (for high-end products).

Q: Will I get better at playing games when sitting on a good gaming chair?

A: Well, it will not help you get better or improve your skills at playing games, per se.

Sitting on high-quality gaming chairs, you get to prevent health issues which can hurt your ability to play games.

For instance, sitting on chairs with poorly designed armrests can lead to the carpal tunnel syndrome, causing you wrist pain and making it difficult to move your wrists. For some gamers who do a lot of key and button pressing, the pain on your wrist will most likely reduce your ability to play the games efficiently.

In addition, using a comfortable and ergonomic chair should be able to help your body relax which may help with your gaming skill. Gaming chairs with built-in speakers, on the other hand, can help you react faster to your game.

Q: What are some of the good gaming chair brands available?

A: Some of the reputable and well-established brands include Vertagear, GT Omega, AKRacing, X Rocker, DXRacer and RapidX. Their chair offerings have different functions and price points, so you might want to establish your desirable functions and budget before starting to shop.

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