Corsair Voyager Air 1 TB Review

Corsair is not one of the more well-known data storage device manufacturers on the market, but it has managed to make a name for itself in spite of heavy competition from industry monoliths such as Seagate. The competitiveness of the data storage device market has made it so that most of the products you are going to see would have largely comparable features, and most products would only beat each other by a few points here and there. Corsair, on the other hand, has managed to set itself apart by a larger margin than any other company in this field by providing exciting new features that expand the functionality of the device and make it suitable for a variety of uses outside of data storage as well.

Whether this is going to set the trend for the world of data storage at large remains to be seen. However, the trend that technology tends to follow is unification. Devices rarely stay one dimensional for very long because adding extra features can help make said product more versatile. Hence, Corsair is nothing less than a trailblazer and innovator, which makes its newest entry, the Voyager Air, an exciting addition to the world of data storage and a poignant sign of the shape of tech to come.

The product itself is quite solid even when looked at from an old-school data storage perspective, although there are some drawbacks just like there would be with any other product. In the review provided below, you will be given a detailed account of what this product is actually like, how its performance measures up to its competitors, and why you should consider buying it as a backup for all of your data.


The design of this product is a breath of fresh air in an industry where all involved parties are offering you nothing more than bricks that can store data. The actual storage device is encased within a red outer layer that looks fantastic when contrasted with the black inner section. It is slightly larger than other products of this variety, but it makes up for it by being one of the lighter data storage devices on the market.

However, it should be noted that this product lacks the sort of durability that its competitors manage to provide. In order to provide a unique feature and keep the device affordable, Corsair had to sacrifice something and in this case, it was durability. This can be a deal breaker for a lot of people because they would be storing some pretty valuable data on these devices and would not feel secure knowing that it is not durable enough to take as much damage as a product from a company like Seagate would.

The design features of the product are bifurcated between the front and rear sections. All of the functional elements that you would have to interact with regularly are in the front. These include the on/off switch as well as the LED lights that would indicate how much battery is left.

On the other end of the device are three ports. The first and second are standard, namely the power socket and USB connector. It is the third port that really sets this device apart and would catch your eye. This third port is for an Ethernet cable. While it is true that everyone uses Wi-Fi now, Ethernet cables still play a role in our internet usage, albeit a slightly less visible one than it used to before. Hence, the fact that you can connect an Ethernet cable to this product shows that this is not your run-of-the-mill data storage solution.


While you may be slightly underwhelmed by the device’s lack of durability, its functionality will make up for it to a great extent and arguably make it more than worthwhile. This is a rechargeable data storage device, which means that you do not have to connect it to anything in order to use it to its full potential.

The battery life is solid for occasional use, offering up to seven hours of uninterrupted usage. Intermittent users would be able to break up these seven hours over the course of a day, thus allowing you to use this product on battery for one whole work day. However, heavy users would not be satisfied with this much battery life, as other products in this category offer extended usage at the same price point.

Battery life aside, this product is quite accessible in terms of simultaneous usage as well. The data that has been stored on this device can be accessed by up to five different people at the same time, which means that everyone in the family can get whatever they want to from the files stored on this external hard drive without waiting for the other to hand it over.

This product’s wireless data transmission can help you take full advantage of this multiple usage feature, although you would notice a bit of lag when more than one person is using it. This is a little disappointing because everyone using it would want high-quality, uninterrupted streaming, but the presence of the Ethernet port actually makes up for this. Since this product has an Ethernet port, you can use an Ethernet cable to turn it into a network-attached storage device. Basically, everyone that wants to use this product to stream something would be able to do so by connecting via the localized NAS. This is useful because it can allow you to create your own little intranet that would be safe from hackers because it would not be broadcast using wireless signals.

Finally, this device manages to be quite easy to use. Setup is simple, and the app is straightforward to use. If the person using this product has some level of technological skill, they would be able to get the hang of this device without facing too much difficulty. There really is very little to complain about when it comes to the performance of this device, although some people would have issues with the read/write speeds which are, after all, essential to the overall user experience.


  • Functionality: The fact that up to five people can stream content from this product is quite extraordinary. While a lot of high-end storage devices that are not meant for portability offer multiple streaming options, such a feature is unparalleled when it comes to portable storage devices. Additionally, the presence of the Ethernet cable is an excellent innovation that sets this device apart from its competitors and helps it establish its own unique place in the market.
  • Ease of use: A device with a lengthy learning curve can be quite annoying, but this product manages to provide an experience that is simple and easy to get the hang of. It would take some time, but overall, this product is not that difficult to use thanks to an app that is intuitive and designed with minimalism in mind. The sleekness of the app design can help navigation be a breeze.
  • Storage space: There are very few portable devices out there that can offer an entire terabyte of potential storage space. Most products that offer this much storage are actually quite bulky and cumbersome. Only companies such as Seagate were able to create portable devices that could store this much data. Hence, Corsair has placed itself at the absolute cutting edge of data storage technology as far as internal memory is concerned. A terabyte in your pocket is enough for even the heaviest of data users. It is enough for lossless media files as well as any other heavy files you can think of.
  • Portability: Although this product is admittedly larger than others in its category, it really isn’t big by all that much. The fact that it is so lightweight makes up for a lot of that and in the weight category, this product really does excel. Making a tiny bit of extra space in your bag would be easy if you want to pop this in, and the practically nonexistent weight of the product would make it so that you would not get tired carrying your data around with you. This makes this device ideal for college students or other highly mobile individuals.
  • Price: The amount of functionality this product offers becomes truly amazing when you take into account the fact that it comes at such an affordable price. This is another area where this device manages to beat its well-established competitors, and it is an area that would be of particular interest to the aforementioned college students who would be quite interested in the other features this product has to offer. Perfect for someone on a budget and suitable for people who need versatility, this is a truly standout product in a largely uniform market.


  • Durability: The perfect product does not exist, and the fragility of the Voyager Air proves this. Since this is a lightweight device, you are going to have to treat it with a lot of care, lest it falls and breaks. People who are thinking of storing valuable data on this device should think twice if they are clumsy and tend to drop things. Since this product can store up to a terabyte of data, if you do end up breaking it, the potential loss would be monumental.
  • Read/write speeds: Everything else you might be able to bear with, but if there is one thing that people are not going to like about this product, it is the read/write speeds. If you are the sole user of this device or if multiple people are using it via the Ethernet port, the read speeds can be considered more or less adequate with very little lag. However, in all other situations, read speed can become quite frustrating. On top of all that, this product has slow write speeds no matter what. This makes this device unsuitable for people short on time who want a quick data transfer, although many would take the low price point as a bonus that makes up for this lack of efficiency.
  • Battery life: While intermittent users should face no issues, the people using this product are far more likely to be heavy users. Hence, the battery life is rather inadequate and would be a point of frustration for many potential buyers. The low battery life, when compared to similar products, takes a little bit of this device’s portability away because you would have to keep it connected in order to make sure you do not lose access to your data when the battery dies.


While there are certain gripes that you might have, this product is overall absolutely stellar and shows a bright future for the world of data storage. Corsair has outdone itself and makes up for the low-quality build, low battery life, and slow transfer rates by offering a slew of benefits in exchange. The outstanding functionality offered at this price point makes it all worth it, especially when you consider the amount of storage space you are getting. While high-end users would be unimpressed, for younger individuals, this product is nothing short of a blessing because they would be able to get it on their rather low budgets.

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