5 Best Cordless Jigsaws 2019 + Buying Guide

Best Cordless Jigsaws

Looking at your power tools collection, the humble jigsaw is probably one of the most useful and versatile tools at your disposal. With a lightweight frame and flexible blade, the powerful jigsaw is suitable for a wide range of jobs, making it indispensable— whether you are working in your home garage or on a job site.

And, if you want to make the experience even convenient and better, the cordless jigsaw is the way to go. Also though they do not offer quite the power as the corded ones, cordless jigsaws can be taken with you anywhere and allow you to make cuts on materials that are not freestanding or on the fly.

However, there are numerous cordless jigsaw models available, making you confused and overwhelmed.

No worries! We’re here to help.

Here is our list of the best cordless jigsaws in the market today.

Top 5 Best Cordless Jigsaw 2019

5. Black + Decker BDCJS20C Cordless Jigsaw

Black + Decker BDCJS20C Cordless Jigsaw A reputable company, the Black + Decker has been around for a long time and is continuously producing top of the line power tools and equipment. Their cordless jigsaw, the BDCJS20C fits in seamlessly and can share the batteries with other Black + Decker tools that are already in your workshop. An excellent line for hobbyists and beginners alike, this cordless jigsaw will not disappoint for basic and small projects.

Not like most cordless jigsaws which arrived without batteries or “bare tools,” his model comes with both a battery charger and a battery. Although there are not the most long-lasting battery out there, you can always purchase a spare battery for larger projects.

The jigsaw accepts both U and T blades which makes it a versatile addition to your toolkit. Also, the blades can be changed without any tools, removing the setbacks and hassles of replacement mid-project. Besides, it has a 45-degree bevel which goes in both directions, allowing you to cut any angles from any direction.


  • Accepts U and T blades
  • Integrated dust blower
  • Low price point
  • Comes with a charger and a battery
  • Suitable for beginners


  • No LED kit
  • Short stroke length
  • Short battery life


4. Bosch JSH180B Cordless Jigsaw

Bosch JSH180B Cordless Jigsaw Another great model from a reputable brand, the Bosch JSH180B is an excellent machine known for its lightweight and compact design that enhances the portability you need when cutting various materials. Bosch claims that it is 10 percent smaller and 30 percent lighter than other competitors. This small and lightweight design along with a small grip diameter helps in reducing fatigue for extended periods.

This model features a T-shank blade change system that allows for a tool-lee blade change, eliminating the need for you to touch the hot blades and making blade changing more comfortable and more convenient. Its adjustable footplate also allows for bevel cuts of at least 45 degrees. It features an always-on dust blower as well as a LED light which offers increased visibility on your cut lines.

For battery protection, it is fully equipped with Electronic Cell Protection and Electronic Motor Protection, meaning both motor and battery are protected against overheating and overloading, allowing you to work for hours without compromising the tool at all. For portability and convenience, this jigsaw comes complete with a built-in bevel wrench storage.


  • LED light for visibility
  • Proper airflow to avoid overheating
  • Extended battery backup time
  • Built-in bevel wrench storage
  • T-shank blade change system


  • Not good recoil protection against the hard metal
  • Slightly weaker motor


3. DEWALT DC330B Cordless Jigsaw

DEWALT DC330B Cordless Jigsaw A high-quality model from yet another reputable company, the DEWALT DCS331B is a decent bare tool with an 18-volt NiCad battery and offers a range of competitive features. First and foremost, it has a substantial fit in your hand without the weighty feeling, making it comfortable to use and highly portable. It has a balanced weight that makes it handy and offers an anti-slip grip provides added convenience and comfort.

It has enough horsepower that allows you to tackle big projects, including metal, plastic, laminate countertops, plywood, solid woods, and even wood with nails in it, according to Dewalt. An adjustable blower allows customization units, so if you do not need a blower on the job, then you can dial back the function. You also get to match the speed of the saw for each project or slow it down for intricate works and tight spots.

With an excellent build quality construction, this one is long-lasting and durable. However, Dewalt still offered an additional service contract for the tool, meaning the company should maintain the jigsaw and replace any worn parts for a year. Plus, the 3-year warranty covers any manufacturer defects for a risk-free buying.


  • 4 orbital angles
  • Adjustable dust blower
  • Anti-slip comfort grip
  • Tool-less blade and bevel change


  • Bare tool only
  • The blade lock is not secure
  • No LED


2. Makita XVJ02Z Cordless Jigsaw

Makita XVJ02Z Cordless Jigsaw Like Black + Decker and DeWalt, Makita is another reputable manufacturer of power tools. And like other brands, this offering is one of the best models that you can find, thanks to its reliable operation and powerful motor.

Its best features are its brushless motor design, ensuring that you do not have to worry about excessive wear and tear or overheating so you can keep on going with your projects. In simpler terms, it lasts longer than its competitors. The jigsaw also features a 6-speed trigger which can go at least 3,500 SPM, more than anything on this list. Also, it has three orbital settings which make the job run smoothly as well.

It has a locking trigger mechanism that helps reduce fatigue, so you do not have to grip hard when working. Also, it has dual LED lights that allow you to see what you are doing along with its adjustable dust blower, which keeps your project surface free of any debris.


  • Three orbital settings
  • 6-speed control dial
  • Brushless motor that lasts longer
  • Cuts up to 3,500 SPM
  • Soft grip handle for comfort
  • Tool-free blade changes
  • Locking trigger mechanism
  • Dual LED lights and built-in dust blower


  • The blade may jam
  • The trigger can automatically lock in place


1. PORTER-CABLE PCC650B Bare Cordless Jigsaw

PORTER-CABLE PCC650B Bare Cordless Jigsaw Probably the most competitive due to its price point, the popular Porter-Cable PCC650B does not lack useful features, despite its low price. This model is powered by a 20V lithium-ion battery which has a relatively long life. However, being a bare tool, this one does not come with the battery, so you will have to purchase separately.

Its lower price doesn’t mean less power with speeds reaching up to 2,500 SPM. According to Porter-Cable, this model can even cut through copper pipes. Also, it has three orbital setting function, which changes the aggressiveness of the unit when working with various materials. The shoe can also be tilted to 45 degrees, allowing for easy and quick bevel cutouts of materials.

It also has a tool-release feature that allows for a quick changing of its T-shaped blade. Its built construction is excellent and is made for long-lasting use. Its dust blower pushed a constant flow of air over the cut line, so you will have greater visibility when working, giving you more accurate cuts. You will love the controlled over-molded handles which help enhance your handgrip, making it so comfortable even for longer periods.


  • Affordable
  • Three orbital settings
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Integrated dust blower
  • Tool-free blade release


  • Tool needed to change the blade angle
  • No LED light
  • Charger and battery not included


Expert Guide: How To Choose The Best Cordless Jigsaw

Jigsaws can be the handiest tool of a craftsperson, or it can be his biggest nightmare. The right jigsaw will cut lumber and wood like a hot knife through butter, cleanly and quickly without any issues. However, there are some models which barely cut in terms of good engineering.

Here are some factors that you need to consider when choosing the right cordless jigsaw for you.


Power is measured in amps, and it is related to both the size and type of the motor on the jigsaw as well as how big the battery it has. Power is what allows you to create a variety of cuts through different materials.

Decent power measures from 3 – 4 amps. However, higher-priced models have more power from 5 – 6 amps.

Be sure that the cordless jigsaw you are choosing has enough power for the projects that you make. Most jigsaw has a 2,400 – 3,000 maximum SPM or Strokes per Minute. Favorite options for power ranges from 2,600 – 3,000 SPM. But for less intense projects, then lower power saws are enough.

Variable Speed Settings

Most models come with a variable speed trigger since you will not always want to run the same speed, depending on your project. A slower speed means more control on fine work projects, however sometimes you will want to speed it up for your convenience.

Variable speeds are good for several situations. For instance, if you are cutting thick materials, you will usually want to go for high speed, but for refining the cuts, a slower speed can guarantee a higher accuracy.

In general, a more variable speed setting is better— usually between 3 and five variable speeds.

Bevel Capabilities

Bevel capabilities allow you to change the angle of cut that your jigsaw makes. Instead of just being able to cut at 90 degrees angle, you can also cut at other angles, usually of 46 degrees.

Bevel functions is an additional perk since a range of bevel angles only means that you can customize your cut and add some decorative touches to your finished piece.

Dust Management

Higher-end cordless jigsaws usually feature a dust dispersal mechanism. Whether it has a built-in dust collector of a dust blower, this function should help keep a clear view and avoids the pileup of sawdust and other materials. Without them, you run the risk of making mistakes.

Blade Change

You want to get a jigsaw which provides a tool-less blade change capability. Without this feature, you will spend a lot of time changing the blades. Jigsaws are quite versatile. You will be using a different blade for every material. Tool-less blade change offers you convenience and speed.

Orbital Action Settings

A jigsaw with several orbital setting gives you more control over your cutting experience. You can switch between an orbital cut which is better on wood to a straight cut that is most used on metal or if precision is crucial.


Just because it is called cordless does not necessarily mean that all cordless jigsaws are suitable to carry around with you. There is some model which includes extra equipment, batteries, and even a carrying case. So, if portability is essential, then these added features mean that you will not need to worry about sourcing a travel case and any other items.

Battery Life

Although battery life depends on what material you are cutting, a cordless jigsaw with longer battery life to last through your project matters. So, look for one with the best battery life or an affordable second battery choice.

Weight and Comfort

With a power tool which you will be using daily, comfort is crucial. Weight influences just how handy your jigsaw is, however, cushioned and ergonomic grips can also impact your overall experience. A comfy, non-slip grip will make sure that you can not only wield the tool precisely but safely as well when working on less traditional spaces or tricky angles.


Working with cordless jigsaws ultimately means maximum cutting performance with the patent power transfer and freedom. For designing and woodcutting, there is no better engineering tool than a jigsaw.

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