10 Best Coolers With Wheels 2019 + Buying Guide

If you frequently tailgate, camp, have a picnic, go to concerts or any other outdoor activities, you most likely take a cooler along with you in order to keep your drinks at cool temperature.

However, if you are tired of lugging a bulky, heavy cooler with you everywhere you go, I’ll let you in a little secret: there’s a better way to take a cooler without getting tired.

Just imagine how easier it would be for you to just simply pull up a long handle and roll your cooler anywhere you go.

Yes. The market offers convenient coolers with wheels so you never get tired carrying your drinks and have more energy in your outdoor activities.

Here are out top picks for the best coolers with wheels out there!

The Top 10 Best Coolers With Wheels 2019

  1. Igloo Glide Pro Wheeled Cooler

The Igloo Glide PRO Wheeled Coolers is a priceless investment for your private parties and outdoor adventures. Boasting a rugged look, this 110 quart cooler can store a week’s worth of beverages and food or more and will keep them cool for as longer.

The cooler is made of high grade polyethylene material which make it sturdy and rugged to carry extreme weight loads without any issues. Its ultratherm insulation in the body and lid will keep ice for at least 5 days if the cooler is stored in room temperature.

Sporting large wheels, you will have no trouble pulling this huge cooler and rolls efficiently on any kinds of terrain. The transport system design allows you to use the slide and lock telescoping handle in order to pull the cooler easily to its destination. It includes handy side handles, so you can easily lift in and out of your vehicles.


  • Large wheels that will get you through any terrain
  • Rugged and sturdy construction
  • Large capacity
  • Keeps beverages and food cool for 5 days
  • Slide and lock handle for easier loading and unloading


  • Heavy
  1. Coleman 42-Can Soft Cooler

Coleman helps people make fun memories by providing them with every outdoor gear they need. And with their Soft Cooler on Wheels, you can take all your beverages and food into the great outdoors with ease.

This cooler features a removable, hard-plastic liner inside that is treated with FDA-approved antimicrobials. This mean that the cooler can resist fungus, mold, and any odor causing bacteria. With this cooler, you do not have to worry about any leaks. Its seams are heat-welded which keeps ice and water from seeping out of the container.

The inside of this cooler can hold up to 42 cans plus the ice. It requires no ice substitutes. IT comes fully equipped with adjustable telescopic handle for pulling as well as 2 side handles to offer you more carrying options when pulling is not convenient.

The cooler features medium-sized wheels that are made of strong plastic material for durability and can hold up heavy loads without any issues. Furthermore, the cooler is designed with side mesh pockets and front zippered pockets for extra storage space and keep your smaller items organized.


  • 2 side mesh pockets
  • Front zippered pocket
  • Heat welded seam
  • Can hold 42 cans plus ice


  • Zipper can get caught on inside lining
  • Handle does not always lock in place
  • Not easy to pull in the sand
  1. Igloo Island Breeze Roller Cooler

Another great product from Igloo, the Island Breeze Roller Cooler is one of the best coolers with wheels on Amazon right now. The design of the Island Breeze Roller Cooler is pretty straightforward and simple. It may look small but, the Island Breeze Roller Cooler can pack around 29 quarts of drinks and foods. That’s a lot of room, if you ask me.

It comes with a telescopic handle which can activate through a push locking system. It can even swing into 3 various grabs and carry points. Also, there are side scoop handles to carry it by for two-handed use.

This cooler boasts a curved back that allows it to be carried comfortable if necessary. Underneath, it has an elevated bottom which minimize contact with the ground, protecting the cooler from hot surfaces and improves its cooling abilities.

In terms of the wheels, it has a pair of soft ride sports wheels which are able to handle most ground. They’re not that big but they should get their job well. And because the wheels are small, they won’t take up too much space when storing the cooler.


  • Side handles for carrying
  • Telescopic handle with 3 adjustments
  • Elevated bottom that minimize contact with the ground
  • Soft edge wheels
  • Curved back that allows comfortable carrying
  • Fits 29 quarts of beverages and foods


  • No drain spout for melted ice
  • Wheels don’t always work in some terrains
  1. Vibe Kayaks Rotomolded Wheeled Cooler

Built to be as tough as your next big adventure, this wheeled cooler from Vibe Kayaks offers just the right size for a group outing or multi-day adventure. The cooler is crafted with rotomolded construction to ensure supreme durability.

This wheeled cooler features 3 inches of insulation within each walls for extreme ice retention. Its walls are extremely strong that it can hold up against dings and bumps which usually happen with any outdoor adventures. Not only that. It also have a UV protection built, so that even the elements won’t cause any damage to the cooler overtime.

It has a freezer styled lid gasket with sturdy rubber T-latches which keeps the warm air out and limiting ice melt. Also, it comes with pressure release valve so you can easily and quickly open it on hot days. In addition, this cooler also offers you built-in bottle openers that are multi-purpose— not only are they good at opening at bottled beverages with ease, but they can also be used as lock down points to secure your cooler.

And when it’s time to drain all the melted ice inside, you can easily clean and drain it with the rapid-flow drain spout. The wheels are rugged and sturdy enough to roll on different terrains without any problem. And with 75 quarts capacity, you can take everything you need for a week adventure!


  • Large capacity
  • Rugged and sturdy wheels
  • Easy to drain and clean with rapid-flow drain spout
  • Pressure release valve
  • Built-in bottle openers
  • UV protection built
  • 3 inches of insulation
  • Rotomolded construction for extreme durability


  1. Coleman 50-Quart Xtreme Cooler With Wheels

Enjoy a spacious room for your beverages and food with the Xtreme series cooler with wheels from Coleman that will save your arms and back for more enjoyable activities. Coleman’s heavy duty and sturdy wheels are constructed from high-quality plastic for smooth tooling that should hold up under heavy loads.

It features telescoping pull handle that locks into place when the ideal length is reached. For your convenience, molded side handles were added to easily carry the cooler in and out of your car as well as carrying it across unsuitable terrains for the wheels.

The wheeled cooler also offers convenient built-in cup holders which provides you a place to set your drinks when you are relaxing. The top of the cooler doubles as a table top which offers you a secure place to hold your drinks.

Furthermore, the cooler has heavily insulated lid which keep the contents cold for at least 5 days, ensuring that ice melt is delayed and the melted ice will stay cool for longer. With a 50 quart capacity, you have enough room to store food and beverages for extended trips.


  • Durable wheels that works on smooth and moderately uneven surfaces
  • Side handles for carrying
  • Telescoping handles lock in place
  • Built-in cup holders
  • Doubles as a tabletop
  • Good capacity


  • Wheels are not good on gravel or sandy terrains
  1. Pelican Products ProGear Wheeled Cooler

The people at Pelican created the sturdiest and toughest mobile cold storage possible and is called the ProGear Elite Wheeled Cooler! Constructed from corrosion resistant stainless steel, this wheeled cooler is built to endure and stand up against the harsh outdoor. It is also UV resistant and comes with various locks, handles and clasps in order to keep it secure.

Good news for those who love fishing, this cooler comes with an Integrated Fish Scale that allows you to assess your latest catch. It also has a built-in opener so you can still enjoy your drink if you forgotten about your handy opener.

Thanks to the 2 inches insulation, this cooler can stand temperatures of up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit and still keep everything inside it cool and keep it up for at least 10 whole days! Its wheels are constructed from heavy duty materials which are resistant to damage and impact. Plus, it also comes with a non-marking raised feet in order to protect floors when applicable.

A great addition, this cooler is also bear-proof. As an outdoor enthusiast, we all know that bears are usually drawn to human campsites, thanks to the smell of food which can end up being dangerous to everyone. But, with the ProGear Elite Wheeled Cooler, no bear will ever dare pry it open and is certified by the IGBC or the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee.


  • Insulation can last for 10 days
  • Certified bear-proof
  • UV resistant material
  • Resistant to rust and corrosion
  • Built-in bottle opener
  • integrated fish scale
  • Heavy duty wheels


  • Some users say that ice may not last as long
  • No telescopic handles
  1. Igloo Ice Cube Maxcold Roller

This cooler chest from Igloo features an extra-large capacity for any outdoor trips and parties. The Igloo Ice Cube Maxcold Roller will keep you beverages and foods cool for longer, thanks to its unique cube shape as well as the deep foam insulated lid.

Featuring telescoping pull handle, pulling it across both rough and smooth terrains is super easy. It has a locking mechanism that set handle to ideal length adjustments. In addition, it comes with molded handles on each side for easy lifting in and out of your car as well as carrying when terrain is not that great.

The cooler also comes fully equipped with a drain plug that empties out the melted ice easily and quickly. It durable rolling wheels can move across rocky or uneven ground with greater ease.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Telescoping handle that lock to suitable lengths
  • Large capacity
  • Extremely well insulated
  • Easy to clean with built in drain plug


  • Wheels and handles can be faulty due to poor construction
  • Quite heavy
  1. Coleman Personal Wheeled Cooler

Just because this cooler is small does not mean that you won’t fit everything in your fridge to camp. Although this cooler is probably the smallest one in our list, it does offer you plenty of room you hold up to 22 12oz. cans.

In includes a telescoping handle which makes it easier for you to carry this small cooler with just an effortless tug of the tow handle. Its wheels will then follow along smoothly so you do not have to bear the weight of heavy coolers when going on your adventure.

The cooler itself is made in the US and with highest quality polyethylene materials that should last for a long time. Also, the cooler is built with extra head space and can fit 2-liter bottles in an upright position inside.


  • Made in the USA
  • Convenient personal-size cooler
  • Quality materials
  • The tow handle and wheels makes it easier for you
  • Built with extra head space
  • Small but spacious


  • Handle does not have a locking mechanism
  • Not suitable for multi-day adventures
  1. Igloo Ice Cube Roller Cooler

Enjoy the space for all the beverages and food you need on your next tailgate party or camping trip with the Ice Cube Roller Cooler from Igloos. Featuring ultratherm insulation, this cooler should keep everything inside cool for longer.

The Ice Cube Roller Cooler offers a 60 quart capacity for carrying the necessary beverages and food items with you. It also boast durable wheels which are designed to endure heavy loads and repeated use.

Also, the telescopic tow handle unlocks and locks at the push of a button for your convenience and safety. In addition, Igloo also added side handles that are quite useful for moving the cooler in and out of your vehicle or carrying convenience when terrain will not allow the use of wheels.


  • Very easy to pull
  • Telescoping handle that locks in place
  • Strong wheels that should do well on most terrains
  • Side handles for carrying versatility


  • The lid pops off too easily
  1. Rubbermaid DuraChill Wheeled Cooler

For 80 years, Rubbermaid has offered innovative products that made out lives easier and more comfortable. Their products can be seen anywhere and they have never failed to give outdoor enthusiast the convenience they need.

Available in sizes from 45 – 75 quarts, the Rubbermaid DuraChill is packed with insulation which can keep ice cold and nice in 90 degrees Fahrenheit for at least 5 days. If you want more, then the 75 quart model can offer you cold drinks and food items for up to 6 days!

Living up its name, the DuraChill is constructed on durable metal so it can handle any kinds of terrain. The cooler comes fully equipped with plastic tow handle as well as side swings for versatility of carrying. When it’s time to clean and drain, it also has a drain spout for your convenience.


  • Lid has cup holders
  • Telescopic handles
  • Side swings
  • Durable wheels
  • Available in different sizes


  • Handle may break

Choosing the Best Cooler With Wheels: An Expert Buying Guide

Before you go and buy your own wheeled coolers for your next adventure, there are certain things you need to consider first in order to ensure that you are getting only the best one for you.

  1. Wheel Size

The size of the wheels can turn out to be a big deal. If you think you will have to pull the cooler across gravel, rocks or uneven terrain, then it is best that you get a cooler with large wheels. Smaller wheels do not perform really well across sand and gravel and they are more inconvenient unless you use them on even and smooth surfaces.

  1. Handle Style And Height

One of the most common and convenient handle styles for cooler with wheels is the telescopic type. This only means that it can be adjusted to suit individuals of different heights. If you are tall, then you surely want an extra-long handle so you do not have to crouch just to pull the cooler.

  1. Ice Retention Rates And Insulation

In terms of ice retention, most manufacturer claim that ice inside the coolers can last up to 5 days. This is not necessarily true since there are a variety of factors that affect the ice inside. This includes where the cooler is stored, in shade or direct sunlight, how often it is opened, how long the ice has been there and insulation.

In general, there are two types of insulation used in coolers.

The first one is polystyrene which is lightweight, cheap durable and poor at transferring heat. In general, the thicker walls of polystyrene there is, the better insulation it offers. The second type are foam which are the less expensive and soft—sided ones. Foam lining works well if you only need to keep items cool for a few hours of less than a day. However, it not effective for multi-day trips.

  1. Capacity

The amount that it’s able to store and hold also plays a big factor in your decision. If you are going to bring a feat for your whole family, then you’ll want something that with a huge capacity. However, if you are camping out yourself or just going with a couple of friends, then smaller, personal-sized coolers should do just fine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long can a cooler work?

A: This depends on the thickness and type of insulation used in the cooler. The best insulating material is polyurethane however it is also the most expensive type. These usually comes in 2 – 3 inches thickness for the maximum insulation.

With such insulation, you can get a week of ice retention. However, the outside temperature and how frequent you open the cooler also plays a big part.

Q: Can I use dry ice?

A: This will again depend on the cooler you have. If it does not particularly say that you can use dry ice with it, then don’t you even try.

Q: Can I leave it in the sun?

A: Again, this depend on your cooler. If your cooler has a soft side, then it is probably best to place it in a shaded area. There are some coolers, however, that are constructed in military-grade plastic and also comes with UV protection so that the contents inside will not be affected by the heat.

Q: How should I store my cooler when it is not in use?

A: I suggest that you hang it up in your garage or storage rooms if you can, so that no one will sit on it or even put something on top of it.


Regular coolers are out and wheeled coolers are the new in. They make a great portable storage solution for all your outdoor adventure— from tailgating, camping to packing for beach picnics and fishing trips. You never have to carry those heavy drink containers anymore and just let them roll with you!

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