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(Last Updated On: November 4, 2019)

The most ideal tempering machine for a fondue party is here. It is completed with attached stylish molds so you can directly make candies in different forms. This is perfect for kids who love sweets and make a bond with friends with more amusing snacks.

The product is shipped with a box to make it an excellent gift for a friend. It is a 3-in-1 candy maker comprising melting pot, gummy bear maker, and a candy maker. Those features mark the product as ideal for birthdays. The melting pot is placed on a heater that has a variable temperature setting.

Heating temperature is maintained to keep the chocolate warm even without burning. With the help of a dropper and silicone molds, you can create perfect looking gummy bears and more exciting candy forms.

After using the materials, it is easy to detach and wash to give way for the next fondue bash. Four color-coded forks are also counted in for more convenient and safer dipping of fruits into the melting pot.


1. Well-built designed and affordable

2. Perfect for small parties


1. Time-consuming in melting a chocolate