17 Cheap Vlogging Camera

Low-cost Video Blogging Camera

Video blogging demands the use of a quality camera. Generally, video blogging speaks more on the video content as there are lots of competitors on the internet about this thing. Thus, the outcome of the entire video blog depends on the devices used in filming as most viewers do not focus on the content but on the way it is filmed or made. Having a cheap vlogging camera may not give you great satisfaction in filming a sensational vlog but it can be a good start in entering the world of video bloggers.

This article will talk about those low-cost cameras with a win-win feature that will help you to become a sensational vlogger even practicality is being applied.

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17 Cheap Vlogging Camera

  1. Logitech C922x Webcam Pro – $70 at Amazon’s price

Doing your video blog in front of your computer is possible with this C922x Pro Webcam by Logitech which is suggested for video recording and also for live streaming on Twitch and on YouTube. As a webcam type of camera, it is good for different tutorials like a make-up tutorial or even reviewing on products purchased (popular on YouTube) that will be posted on internet platforms.

It has 1080p and 30 FPS and 720p and 60 FPS video resolution for video recording and for streaming, respectively. Broadcasting a game is a way possible through this Pro Webcam. Its autofocus is also at its best to give a clearer video even indoor. Additionally, it has a tilting ability in finding the right angle for your video.

If you’re planning to have your own YouTube channel inside your home, this camera would be a good start to invest.


  • Compatibility on several software devices (Windows 7 to Windows 10, Android V5.0 and beyond, Xbox One, macOS10.9 or higher, and others)
  • Automatic light correction
  • Built-in stereo speaker for recording
  • Good for indoor use


  • It demands more upgrades
  • Necessarily need a computer for use Webcam C920
  1. Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 – $50 at Amazon’s Price

Another Logitech camera which is nearly the same as the first one that is necessary for indoor video blogging. Unlike the C922 model, this webcam is primarily used for video chatting and recording on Skype or on other social media platforms in a high definition video.

It does not have a video quality option of 1080/720p for it just offers a 1080p resolution which is still good in starting up a video. The autofocus is not compromised as it offers the same quality as the C922. It can also be tilted the way it gets the right angle for your video. The more advanced feature of C920 compared to C922 is its light correction for it can render better video quality on low light.

You can start making a video blog with a more affordable webcam.


  • Built-in microphone for clearer audio recording
  • Software compatibility
  • Built-in clips for tripod


  • Little deficient on its audio
  • For indoor use only
  1. Crosstour Action Camera – Less than $50

It is an action camera that has a complete feature needed for more quality video blog at its most affordable price. It can also act as a dash cam on your car for better security but mostly used in recording a video for internet purposes. It can also be connected on your smartphone by downloading the ISmart DV app so you can easily download or upload your files. With less than fifty dollars, you can purchase a video camera with 18 different accessory tools.

Using a waterproof case suitable for the device makes the camera perfect for underwater adventures up to 98 feet. It also has a wide-angle lens for better outlooks. For long-life purposes, it comes with two batteries which are both rechargeable to record more moments without being distracted.

Lastly, it can be connected to WIFI for faster transferring of files.


  • Renders full HD video quality
  • More batteries availability
  • The waterproof feature works well
  • At its best in capturing action scenarios


  • Incompatible memory cards on other devices
  1. Polaroid Cube Act II – Less than $50

This is the smallest video camera on the list yet the sportier it gets. Because of its handiness feature, it could be easier to place in one platform to another and its weather-proof ability adds to its flexibility. You can leave it into place without getting hit by the wind and it can capture every moment you’re going to do.

It has a 90-minute long video recording with 1080p video resolution; not bad for its cubic size. The downside of this device is it does not have a widescreen for viewing purposes for it only has a wide-angle lens. Because of its cubic size, it is also perfect in extreme moving videos as it has a more technology-advanced OIS. The audio recording is also perfect for soft up to loud voices.

Its simplicity attracts most vloggers to use it.


  • Have much accessories added on the package (wrist strap, device’ case and more)
  • Includes 8GB memory card
  • The waterproof case works


  • the screen got scratched easily
  • slow charging battery
  1. Nikon COOLPIX L32 Digital Camera – Less than $100

If you are planning to make a stable video content during your vlog, this one is designed for you. The one reason you need to buy this kind of digital camera is its wider screen like no other for it will help the vlogger to be more aware on itself as the filming starts. Also, its battery life is way longer than other compact cameras thus taking 320 shots in one use has no difficulty.

Aside from a wider screen, it also records a 720p video quality with audible sounds which is literally good for the price. It can also be connected to a TV for bigger screen in viewing your final piece of a video blog. It is best used during the day or outdoors for it only has 1600 ISO that is not preferred for low light situations.

Though it lacks features in creating the desired video blog, it can be a good start for it is less pricey and also a trusted brand.


  • Inexpensive
  • More battery life
  • Built-in sound recorder


  • Shooting button is hard to press
  • Fragile battery door design
  1. Nikon COOLPIX S33 – Less than $100

Taking a video blog content that is beneath the waters may be impossible with so much affordable vlogging cameras but with Nikon COOLPIX S33 exploring beneath waters is possible. It is so unbelievable with its price that it can be soaked into the water without getting destroyed thus it works well on that situations.

The downside of this camera is that it doesn’t have an OIS functionality that results in shaky video output when used in extreme video contents. Another downfall is its battery life is not too long that it can capture only 220 shots. However, counting those lacking features doesn’t lessen its capability to be an alternative for costly waterproof cameras.

Some say it is not a legit waterproof camera perhaps it depends on how it is used.


  • Can be used underwater up to 32 feet in depth
  • Easy to manipulate and very handy
  • Worth the price


  • Do not have WIFI connectivity and flip screen
  • Unclear users’ opinion about its waterproof specs
  1. AKASO EK7000 4K Action Camera – Less than $100

Another waterproof camera on its affordable price of less than $100 and it can also function as a dash cam on your car so you can do your video blog while on the road. With that amazing feature, it’s unimaginably surprising as it also has a remote control for an overall action capturing camera thus the remote control is not a waterproof device.

Furthermore, instant uploading to Social Medias and editing of videos can be done with this device through its 2.4G WIFI connectivity. It also has a wider 170-degrees angle lens for a better view of the final shot. Moreover, it will give you an ultra-HD shot and video quality with high FPS; you cannot find as better as this camera could offer.

Surely, you will never regret spending a hundred dollars with this superb vlogging camera.


  • Many accessories included in just $100
  • Works well on underwater adventures
  • Wrist remote control is so convenient to use


  • Uneasy to focus
  • It works well only for 1080p resolution
  1. Nikon COOLPIX L30 – Less than $100

You can take your video content in different sceneries using this camera in just one shot. It will let you choose your desired mode according to what you feel. In terms of video quality, it renders 720p with sound videos that are capable of viewing in a widescreen format. It can be connected into your TV through the use of a cable port (sold separately) for family viewing.

It helps you capture every moment in a perfect angle shot with the help of its 5x zoom lens and also prevents shaky shots. There’s no other unique feature about this camera other than those mentioned thus it does not overlook its ability to render a clear and quality video blog.


  • Easy to store and to manipulate
  • Different modes in taking pictures
  • Prevents shaky shots


  • Lacks unique features
  • The batteries used are not rechargeable
  1. Canon PowerShot A2300 – Less than $100

It is a compact digital camera which has smart auto specs that is capable of adding effects automatically on the captured photos. It also has several advanced scene modes for better effects on your video blog. Nothing to worry on how it is manipulated as it can be easily learned even without the help of a handbook because it is manually controlled.

It allows 3 consecutive shots then chooses the clearer image to be saved. You can also avoid blur photos through its 5x zooming power and wide angled lens. All in all, it provides a 720p video quality at 25 fps that is way better than any other vlogging cameras. You can use an iFrame format in editing a video blog for smaller file size as a result.

It is a pocket-friendly yet storage-friendly vlogging camera.


  • It renders 16-megapixel images which is enough for video blogging
  • It has a help button visibly seen on the device itself
  • 3-choice consecutive shots


  • Compromise video and image quality due to several unnoticed features
  1. 10.Canon PowerShot ELPH 110 HS – Less than $150

You can start up creating a video blog with this very simple yet quality camera from Canon. It’s not actually that simple looking digital camera but has an eye-catchy appearance for its slim look and a very handy camera that is good for vlogging. As Canon never failed on giving clear and quality images, it also gives its best on video recording.

With the help of CMOS sensor and DIGIC 5 image processor features, shooting a clear video has been made possible up to 1080p video quality at 24 FPS. It can be easily operated with just one click on the video recording button whether to start or stop shooting a video and to zoom in and out an object. And also, you can capture a slow moving scene to give more interest to the viewer most especially when it comes to sports video content.

In just one package, you can get 5 additional accessories necessary for the better usage of the camera itself.


  • Easy to store
  • Easy to operate
  • Wide-angled lens for better scenery captures


  • Not recommended for indoors used (lacks low light control)
  • No memory card included on the package
  1. 11.YI 4K Action and Sports Camera – Less than $150

You can have an ultra-HD video quality spending just a low cost by purchasing the YI camera with so many superb features. Aside from its image and video shooting features, it also catches many video bloggers’ attention because of its frame design that is available in three eye-cooling colors. It works best for taking an action video content or for taking an adventurous video content.

It has a long-lasting battery life that can capture up to 120 minutes of video length with 4K at 30 fps video quality. It can also be easily manipulated with its touchscreen feature. You can download the YI camera app for instant editing and sharing on social media about your video through its high-speed built-in WIFI connectivity. The package contains one rechargeable battery for longer use.

Furthermore, you can purchase for a waterproof case for a more exciting video blog beneath the waters.


  • Can capture up to Ultra-HD video quality
  • Features that are worth the price
  • It can be converted into a waterproof camera


  • YI camera app needs to be downloaded for editing purposes (without it, there are no other editing options)
  • No memory card included in the package
  1. 12.Sony Cyber-Shot DSCW810 – Less than $150

It is not claimed as the best vlogging camera at its affordable price but it can be the best for only one reason: Optimal image stabilization. In doing a video blog, most viewers consider how stable the video is without compromising its definition quality. Sony Cyber-Shot DSCW810 makes unshaky videos possible with 720p video quality.

Other than that, it has similar features as those mentioned earlier such as a high quality zooming factor, minimal blur images, variation of picture effects, and also a panorama effect. Obviously, it has more features in taking an image rather than recording a video but it works for both.

There’s more, it has a rechargeable battery via USB which is more convenient than directly plugging the device.


  • Very handy
  • Easy to manipulate
  • Avoids shaky videos


  • Some users said the pictures taken are not too clear
  • Few features for video blogging
  1. 13.Canon PowerShot ELPH 360 Digital Camera – Less than $200

Lastly, a Canon Digital Camera which is obviously known for its ability to provide a quality video blog because it has all the important features needed in producing the best video blog on the internet. It can capture both day and night scenarios with a sharper image because of its 20.2 megapixel, a higher degree of an image processor, and its 12x zooming factor. It has four advanced functions on video recording whether with a tripod or without a tripod.

Instant sharing of your video blog to social media platforms has been made easy with its built-in WIFI connectivity and sharing to other devices through its built-in NFC connectivity. You can also have an improvise remote control on your device by downloading the Canon Camera Connect App on your smartphone. It also has a wider LCD screen for better viewing.


  • Has a built-in microphone for better audio recording
  • Works well on low light situations
  • Very portable


  • Short battery life and expensive cost for extra batteries
  • No memory card included
  1. 14.Sony DSC-HX50V/B – Less than $200

This will be your travel buddy camera while creating a video blog for it has 60x zooming power that is needed in capturing awesome clear close-up shots. It also eliminates the blurry photos on your camera as it has a steady shot feature which focuses on the targeted object rather than on its background.  Additionally, it has more technology-advanced lens for it can capture a clearer image even in low light situations.

It is manually controlled which means easier to achieve the desired focus you wanted. With its long-span battery life, it can shot an overall 400 images (not bad for its price). It has additional features such as a powerful flash to give more lively shots even at night and an OIS for more stable shots.

It is good for travel as it is compactly designed and its specs are to-look-for by every vlogger out there.


  • Has better image quality
  • Different modes according to your needs
  • A clear and bright LCD screen


  • Has no WIFI connectivity
  • Has no external microphone port
  1. 15.Lakasara 1080p Camcorder – less than $200

Do you love capturing a video then uploading it right after recording? Lakasara 1080p Camcorder is a WIFI built-in camera on its affordable price that lets you upload your videos right away. It can be also connected on your smartphone while recording by downloading LzxViewer App.

You can capture videos without hassle as it has a remote control feature for more convenience. It can be also charged while at use because of its lithium-powered battery and it is commanded to charge the camcorder for 3 hours on its first use. It can hold up to 64GB storage. Moreover, it works several functions such as an anti-shake spec, face detection, a self-timer, imprinted date and time, and an auto-off up to 10 minutes.

Lastly, an external microphone can be attached to the device for an additional cost.


  • A video blogger friendly camcorder
  • Great features at its affordable price
  • Ready to post online videos
  • Extra battery for the external microphone


  • Takes a lot of practice in operating it
  • Separate purchase for a memory card
  1. 16.Canon VIXIA HF R800 Camcorder – Less than $200

They say camcorders capture more moments for it has longer battery life and Canon’s VIXIA HF R800 leads the way. When it comes in zooming in and out on an object, this camcorder does its best on its 57 times zooming advanced feature. It also ensures less shaky videos especially when zoomed because of its OIS feature.

Other than that, its SD card is removable for an easy transfer of files and it can be locked up to disable unexpected deletion of files. You can also capture a video at its fast and slow motion pace. It is an ideal camcorder outdoors with a flip screen and a very portable camera to bring anywhere. Additionally, an external microphone can be attached through its built-in mic port.

In less than $200, you can more video length than what you’ve expected.


  • 1080p video quality in slow motion and fast motion mode
  • Captures more video length
  • Easy to edit videos


  • No built-in WIFI connectivity and memory card
  • Do not function well on low light
  1. 17.Nikon COOLPIX B500 Digital Camera – Less than $300

If you desire to have a DSLR-type of a camera but cannot afford one, Nikon’s COOLPIX B500 has got your back. You can still look classy with this affordable digital camera that nearly looks like a DSLR. It offers the three best look-for feature such as a 1080p full HD, OIS, and great zooming factor. To completely be amazed at these features, it will not take a lot of pressing options as it has easy control.

It is better for use outdoors but works well indoors for it weighs heavier than the usual cheap vlogging cameras. You can also connect it via your smartphone for faster uploading and editing of videos or photos and even for convenient control when filming. It can be also tilted to find more interesting angles. Lastly, the built-in stereo makes the sound more audible to the viewers.

It can be attached to a tripod (sold separately) for stable capturing of moments.


  • Zooming function convenience
  • Can be easily learned to operate
  • A good starter for DSLR-type of camera


  • The record button is mistakenly pressed as the shutter button
  • Has no memory card in the package


Before purchasing a video blogging camera the following questions will help you in deciding whether to buy or to refuse to buy a certain camera. Take these things seriously.

  • Why choose a cheap video blogging camera?

First of all, as a beginner in creating a video blog, you don’t have to immediately purchase a high maintenance camera or a highly expensive one. Cheap video cameras don’t always mean cheap quality result. Of course, you won’t spend too much on the stuff you’re not capable of using consequently lower cost cameras are easy to manipulate.

  • What are the things I must consider buying a low-cost vlogging camera?

Since it cost much lower than those superb vlogging cameras, there are things you need to check-on before buying a camera (because spending lesser penny also hurts your pocket sometimes):

  • Video quality

There are low-cost video cameras that can render up to ultra-HD resolution. If there’s none, look for 1080p resolution.

Also, consider if it has optimal image stabilization for steadier video recording and it prevents blurry outcomes.

  • Storage

Mostly, internal storage availability is built but external storage will be purchased separately. As an alternative, discover if that device has Bluetooth connectivity to transfer files in other devices for more space allotted on the camera.

  • Flip screen

Almost all of the cheapest video cameras have their flip screen. This will allow you to capture videos from different angles with only one device.

  • Flexibility

As video blogging is done whether indoor or outdoor, consider the durability of the camera you’re going to buy. If intently use indoor, check if it works well in low light situations. If intently use outdoor, check if it is waterproof or check on other features needed when using outdoors.

  • Effects

By having many effects on the camera itself, avoids dull outcome. If you’re a fan of watching video blogs on the internet, the effects they are using makes the video more interesting to watch.

  • Battery life

Most of the low-cost video blogging cameras are not rechargeable thus considering its battery features will keep your recording going. The battery receives most complaints from the users as they don’t last long. However, there are existing video cameras that have rechargeable batteries which are sold separately.

  • What is the most observed quality for video cameras used in vlogging?

First, the camera’s portability for it takes a lot of actions to finish a video blog and having a handy video camera gives so much comfort. Second, the autofocus feature, because no one would love to watch a, failed on focus video whether indoor or outdoor. Third, the image steadiness it could provide because a shaky video will be so irritating to the viewers.

  • What accessories should I need to purchase?

Since it is a low-cost video camera, purchasing additional accessories needed for better usage. The most commonly separately purchased accessory is the microphone because there are only a few low-cost cameras that have a built-in microphone. Another is a remote for more operational convenience. Lastly, a tripod which is commonly needed in creating a vlog in a steadier way and it avoids shaky video result.

  • Can I use an existing smartphone in doing a video blog?

If there’s still no available budget for a low-cost video camera for vlogging, the best alternative will be your smartphone. Make sure it can capture high-resolution photos or videos because we believe that other vloggers have been using their smartphone in doing a vlog lately. Example of a smartphone that can be used in vlogging is the iPhone 6s.


Having a good video camera doesn’t tell a quality video outcome for it depends on the video blogger itself on how a nice shot is executed. Investing for cheaper video cameras makes you practical not a dull video blogger and it doesn’t make sense at all when you have finished quality and good video content.  However, having your own video camera even at its lower cost will keep you going in creating more video blogs.

Just keep on producing your own kind of video blog contents. Again, your contents matter rather than your devices’ cost. We’re looking forward to watch your video blog using a cheap vlogging camera.

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