14 Best Cat Treat Dispenser Toys

A bored feline is a dangerous one. From furniture, curtains, and pillows to glass objects, if a cat does not have anything to pour all his curiosity, then you can expect scratches and destroyed things anywhere.

Fortunately, there are a lot of toys out there that can at least ease their boredom when you are not around. The best toys would be treated dispenser toys since you get two functions in one buy: a treat dispenser and a toy.

1. PetSafe FUNKitty Food Dispenser Toy

1. PetSafe FUNKitty Food Dispenser Toy Even the laziest cat will not be able to resist running around trying to catch this fun ball that drops his tasty treats. Once your cat pawed the PetSafe FUNKitty treat Dispenser Toy, watch as he becomes focused on rolling the ball to get his yummy treat drop from whole various opening.

You can even adjust the number of open holes to increase the difficulty of getting treats from the ball and challenge your kitty to work for the hidden treats.



2. Catit Hagen Treat Ball

2. Catit Hagen Treat Ball As your feline buddy swats and chases the Catit Hagen Treat Ball, yummy treats will be released that will entertain your kitty for hours! If it is not feeding time, this can also function as a regular play ball that will keep your cat active while you are busy.



3. Bergan Turbo Treat Ball

3. Bergan Turbo Treat Ball Fun and innovative, this turbo treat ball is an accessory from Bergan’s Turbo Scratcher which allows you to make a one-stop entertainment and reward center for your kitty. Once your cat paws this treat dispenser ball, it rotates in a low stand and drops his favorite treats through the small openings.

And aside from keeping your feline busy, it also serves as a reward center that will stop your kitty from scratching your furniture to sharpen his claws.



4. PetSafe SlimCat Interactive Treat Dispenser

4. PetSafe SlimCat Interactive Treat Dispenser Whether you want your cat from being the next Garfield or you just want to stimulate him to be active or both, this interactive treat dispenser from PetSafe is an excellent choice. This treat dispenser toy stimulates your cat’s innate hunting instincts and makes exercise a very fun part of his feeding routine.

It has various openings which can be adjusted to dispense specific amounts of treats and prevent your cat from overeating.



5. Pioneer Pet Ceramic Cat Feeder

5. Pioneer Pet Ceramic Cat Feeder Sometimes, less can mean more, so do not let the simplicity of this cat feeder fool you. This automatic, funnel-shaped treat dispenser toy allows you to portion your feline’s food and serve it in an engaging and entertaining way.

Its various openings stimulate your kitty to paw out his food so that he will not be able to eat too much or too fast, making it a great way to amuse and challenge your feline buddy.



6. Catit Senses Food Tree

6. Catit Senses Food Tree Cats just love putting their paws and claws somewhere they do not belong. However, using the Catit Food Tree is an excellent way to divert their attention from drawers and cupboards that they usually like to get stuff from.

This treat dispenser allows your kitty to fish out and “steal” their treat from various side opening which makes their mealtime entertaining and challenging. Also, you can also use some small toys that your feline loves to play with and watch as he tries to “get it out” of there.



7. Trixie 5-in-1 Activity Center

7. Trixie 5-in-1 Activity Center Perfect for really smart kitties that get bored easily with new toys, this Activity Center from Trixie will keep them entertained for hours! With various sections, this treat dispenser toy provides your cat not only one but five various challenges.

Stimulating your cat’s senses, this entertaining and puzzling food maze will make him curious and think of a way on how he can successfully get his kibbles.



8. Catit Senses Digger

8. Catit Senses Digger For those felines who just love scooping on your jar of cookies, the Catit Senses Digger is the perfect alternative they will love digging into. With multiple upright tubes of varying height and weight, this treat to will help channel your feline’s natural pawing behavior into something productive and yummy.

You only need to drop a small amount of their favorite treat into the tube and watch him paw out his reward. And thanks to its non-slip rubber mat, you do not have to worry about your feline cheating by tipping the item.



9. Trixie Cat Tunnel Feeder

9. Trixie Cat Tunnel Feeder With a smart design and several options for customization, this tunnel feeder from Trixie is perfect for inquisitive and very clever felines. Consisting of six tunnels, plus an adjustable output level, this tunnel feeder piques your kitty’s curiosity and offer a mentally stimulating challenge which can double as meal time.



10. The Company of Animals Interactive Cat Feeder

10. The Company of Animals Interactive Cat Feeder Controlling the eating speed and provides mental stimulation, this interactive cat feeder also doubles as an automatic cat treat dispenser and interactive toy. By scattering your cat’s favorite kibbles and treat between rounded plastic spikes, you will be able to prevent your kitty from gobbling all of his food at once and instead create a slow, fun and rewarding game for him.

Its uneven and multiple spikes make sure that the treats will not be easily accessible to him and pose a great challenge even for the most clever felines.



11. Cat Amazing Interactive Treat Maze – Most Popular Cat Toy

11. Cat Amazing Interactive Treat Maze Another interactive treat dispensing toy, this treat maze and puzzle game from Cat Amazing help improve your cat’s instincts such as sniffing, searching and retrieving his rewards.

It is designed with three challenge levels to stimulate your cat and can work as puzzle toys or tool for managing your cat’s eating habit. It is made from corrugated cardboard, a material considered among the most loved and entertaining materials for cats. You simply need to add toys or treats inside the box and allow your feline to retrieve them by pushing or pulling through the openings.



12. SmartyKat Treat Dispensing Toy

12. SmartyKat Treat Dispensing Toy An egg-shaped treat dispenser toy, the SmartyKat Knockout allows your feline buddy to work for its food which stimulates his instincts by knocking out the toy for yummy rewards.

It motivates your cat and keeps him engaged thanks to its wobbling and unpredictable dispensing of treats.



13. Playay IQ Treat Ball

13. Playay IQ Treat Ball Playay IQ treat ball encourages your feline buddy to exercise. By holding his favorite treat outside the pliable and soft thorns, your kitty will need to paw, roll or chew out the toy just to get his treats.

It is extremely durable which can withstand even the sharpest claw or roughest play. Plus, this ball is also soft enough to get rid of tartar and plaque on your kitty’s sharp teeth. As a bonus, it also has a subtle mint flavor that helps freshen up your cat’s meow!



14. Kong Cat Wobbler

14. Kong Cat Wobbler This treat dispenser ball for cats adds a twist or to be specific, a fluffy tail on top! The Kong Cat Wobbler makes use of catnip allure to attract even the laziest and most disinterested kitty. The tail of the toy contains catnip which will surely capture the attention of your feline. Plus, if you add some treats, then your feline will undoubtedly become obsessed with this item. With only a single hole to get the treat out, this treat dispenser toy poses a great challenge for any hungry felines.




How can my cat benefit from a treat dispensing toy?

Cats are intelligent and curious creatures. If cats are left alone without any physical or mental stimulation, then you can expect destroyed items and scratches everywhere as well as behavioral problems.

Since cats love some challenge and treat, treat dispensing toys can help prevent such things as well as keeping them sharp and busy while you’re away. Also, it is a great way to avoid your feline from eating too fast or overeating and becoming the next Garfield.

How does cat treat dispensing toys work?

Treat dispensing toys, like its name implies, dispenses foods and treats for your feline buddy. But, it is not all that. It can also act a toy which will keep them busy and entertained for hours.

What should I add to a dispensing toy?

You can add just about anything that your cat loves to munch on. You can ask your veterinarian for advice. However, it makes sense that you add healthy treats so to prevent deficiencies.

How do I clean a treat-dispensing toy?

Most cat treat dispensing toys can be thrown to the dishwasher. However, if it not dishwasher-safe, you can follow its instructions or clean it with standard dish soap and water.

Should I use a treat dispensing toy for my cat’s regular feedings?

Regardless of its great benefits, using a treat-dispensing toy should not replace your cat’s regular feedings. These toys are designed for snack time and playtime only. If you use it for his daily food then your kitty will refuse to eat his bowl of kibbles and solely focus on the toy.

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