Welding is a pretty dangerous job that requires several levels of protection. One of the many personal protective types of equipment essential to a welder is the welding glove.

Thus, asides the welding helmet, the overall, the welding boots and safety goggle, the welding glove is also an essential PPE that every welder must invest in.

As a welder, it is necessary to make use of the right glove to give your hand the needed protection. Thus, we recommend that you purchase gloves that are made specifically for welding. This is because they will be able to handle the rigorous that comes with welding

With the several welding gloves available in the market, you can get one that suits you. That is why this welding glove review will examine each various welding gloves, discuss the features, and talk about the advantages and disadvantages of each. With this, we hope you can select the best and most appropriate welding glove for yourself.

1. Miller 263343 Welding Glove

This is a large welding glove designed to meet all your requirements for welding, especially the MIG and stick welding application. It comes with carefully crafted patches designed on the back and palm that makes the glove durable.

It also has a double insulation for the palm and back. Made of split leader, it offers maximum protection for the palm. With a pre-curved finger design, it gives maximum comfort while giving a firm grip. Both professional and first-time welders will find this welding glove very comfortable and useful.


  • • Wool lining at the back makes the glove flame resistant
  • • Dual layer features give the necessary insulation
  • • Very comfortable to use
  • • Kevlar stitches give extra seam strength
  • • Very durable, can be used for a very long time
  • • Well built design, with a leather glove, offers maximum comfort
  • • Suitable for MIG and Stick welding


  • • Hard to think of any



2. Caiman 1879-5 – Best Stick Welding Gloves

The Caiman is made from original American Deerskin and boar hide. It is suitable for beginners and professional welders made with special finger padding that is suitable for people with huge hands. It is 21 inch in length with strong padding on the forearm for maximum comfort.

Sewn with Kevlar thread, the Caiman can be trusted to last long. Asides, there is a huge leather heat shield patch. This keeps the most vital area of the wrist protected. The leather reinforcement increases the durability of the welding glove.


  • • It is very comfortable
  • • It is very durable
  • • Keeps the hand, palm, and arms safe from heat, spatter and sparks
  • • Keeps the forearm protected.
  • • Perfect for use in other applications requiring a safety glove
  • • It is resistant to pressure and puncture
  • • Special design to keep the glove from slipping off
  • • Very resistant to fire


  • • It is not recommended for activities involving little details. This is as a result of the thickness and strong insulation
  • • An extreme welding process that gives high temperatures can make the gloves feel hot, making the palm sweaty. This is as a result of the fleece lining
  • • It is quite expensive, although you get a quality welding glove that will last very long


3. Steiner 21923 Welding Gloves

The Steiner 21923 is also one of the best welding gloves available in the market. It comes in a very large unit, with an average length of 21 inches. It is one of the top rated stars with foam lining made from cowhide.

Made with cow leather, this gives it durability, comfort and also makes it resistant to abrasion. It comes at a reasonable price without sacrificing efficiency and quality. It is made with an insulated back made with foam which resists heat flow to the glove. The reinforced thumb strap with the full cotton lining makes this glove very comfortable to use.


  • • The glove is strong enough to handle any metal
  • • Protects welder from spark and spatter
  • • It is very large in size
  • • It is cheap and durable
  • • It has insulated material which restricts heat flow


  • • Not recommended for people with shorthand


4. US Forge 403

The US Forge 403 is one of the best welding gloves made from leather. It is a top quality welding glove, soft and comfortable yet capable of restricting unnecessary heat flow to the welder’s hand. It is comfortable enough to keep spark and spatter away from the forearm as it is 1 inch long.

The US Forge is fortified with liners that are essential to preventing excess heat flow from getting to the welder while working. The palm and knuckle areas are reinforced with extra padding to make the glove resistant to damage thereby increasing durability.


  • • It is very comfortable to use
  • • It is soft and padded
  • • Got features to protect against excess heat
  • • It is light in weight
  • • It is ideal for all forms of welding
  • • It is very cheap


  • • Not ideal for people with short hands
  • • It cannot be used near places of extreme heat or anywhere with the tendency of quick heat buildup


5. Revco T50 Welding Gloves

Coming in a combination of blue and white color, the Revco T50 Tigster is a flame resistant glove made from gentle kidskin. It gives a snug-fit flame-resistant style made with cotton.

It is suitable for TIG welding as it has a seamless index design. This helps improve dexterity. There is also an ergonomic thumb style that makes it unique. The stitching of the Revco T50 comes from a flame resistant Kevlar thread.

The Revco T50 Welding Gloves features and Dragpitch design which makes the glove durable. It is comfortable to use, soft and gives a snug fit.


  • • It is suitable for TIG welding
  • • It is very comfortable, giving a great feel to the fingers
  • • It is long lasting
  • • It is light in weight
  • • It provides a perfect grip on anything you might want to handle


  • • Bump…


6. Miller 263343 Arc Armor

This is one of the best MIG welding gloves available in the market. Asides MIG, it performs excellently for stick welding as well. It is designed from cowhide leather and premium grade pigskin. It is ideal for arc welding with the thick lining and outer construction.

It comes with a double layered patch insulated and reinforced on the back and palm for extra protection. Made of Kevlar thread, it is resistant to fame which gives the needed dexterity to keep the welder’s hand safe from excessive temperature and hot steam.


  • • It gives excellent protection
  • • It is pretty comfortable and flexible
  • • It feels cool to hear
  • • It is available for people with various hand size – Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large
  • • It is pretty reasonable in price
  • • It is resistant to flame and heat


  • • It is not recommended for TIG welding
  • • Gripping torches or anything for a long period of time might be difficult.


7. Black Iron Welding Gloves

This 14-inch welding glove is also one of the well-recommended welding gloves that have received quite a lot of acceptance from users. It is a reliable welding glove that meets the EN 388 standard. This welding glove is resistant to abrasion, blade, tear, and cut. The design of the glove is suitable for various forms of welding jobs.

It is recommended to soldering, mechanical work, soldering and many other processes that pose danger to the human skin. It gives maximum protection to users – both professional and people using it for DIY.


  • • It meets the EN 388 standard
  • • It is resistant to abrasion, tear, and cut
  • • It is applicable to all forms of hard labor – soldering, mechanical work etc.
  • • It has been accepted, used and recommended by quite a lot of users.
  • • It gives maximum protection to users
  • • It is made with durable materials


8. Hobart 770440 Premium

Hobart is a household name for welding accessories. It is made with cowhide split with premium natural grain leather. It is sewn with original Kevlar thread which gives additional durability. The back portion of the welding glove is made with the reinforced material. This gives the necessary insulation and shield from excessive temperature.


  • • It is resistant to fire
  • • It feels good and comfortable to wear
  • • It is made of high-quality materials
  • • It can be used for stick and overhead welding
  • • It is thick, thick enough to give the needed protection and finger


  • • The material is not strong enough to withstand prolonged use


Welding Glove Buying Guide: Based on Processes

Welding gloves come in various types and shapes. Asides, there are some welding gloves that can be used for the various welding process. However, there are MIG welding gloves that are not appropriate for stick welding. Also, some TIG welding gloves will not be appropriate for MIG welding.

This welding glove review will explain various glove types for specific procedures.

For TIG Welding

The suitable welding glove for TIG welding will be made of goatskin. Others are made of pliable and thin materials. Goatskin gives excessive flexibility due to the fact that precision is needed when performing such operations. Some TIG welding glove gives extra padding in the palm. Miller is a popular brand in the manufacture of TIG welding glove.

If you are seeking the best TIG welding glove, make sure it comes with a Velcro strap. This feature makes the glove slow to remove when they have been used excessively as a result of too much heat. However, you should consider a heat resistant Kevlar stitching. Also, a TIG welding glove made from wool lining or cotton gives the needed protection and comfort.

For Stick Welding

Or stick welding process, a leather glove made with a thick cut just like the grain of pigskin, goatskin and elk skin. Stick welding is a simple process which doesn’t need a flexible pair of glove. , However, the thickness gives the necessary protection from the heat and sparks created.

For MIG Welding

A very high-quality goatskin glove is needed that comes with extra lining. This prevents heat from getting to the welder’s hand. For MIG welding gloves, a thick glove is ideal because of the excessive among of heat and spatter that is created by the process.

In addition to goatskin, deerskin and top grain cowhide are among the top choice for MIG welding gloves. These materials offer a firm grip to the hand. It gives the necessary protection and flexibility needed for the MIG welding process.

Conclusion: Best Welding Glove Review

The importance of a good welding glove to a welder cannot be overemphasized. All welders need to be properly kitted with the right welding gloves to protect the arm from sparks and spatter that occurs during welding. There are special welding gloves that keep the skin protected from the harmful effect of the UV rays of the sun. This will prevent burns, and possibly skin infections

We have given critical information on the best welding gloves available in the market. We have supplied enough information about the pros and cons of the selected welding gloves. The best welding gloves above does not only offer protection but optimum comfort needs during the welding process.

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