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(Last Updated On: August 22, 2019)

Lifting weight is an excellent way to build your muscle and tone your body. Unfortunately, callused hands are the most common side effects of your frequent visit to the gym and constant lifting of those heavy lifts. Keep your paws looking handsome and well-manicured as they should be with the best weight lifting gloves in the market today.

Top 7 Best Weight Lifting Gloves for Men

7. Harbinger Non-Wristwrap Weight Lifting Gloves

1. Harbinger Non-Wristwrap Weight Lifting GlovesOne of the best things about the non-wrist wrap weight lifting gloves from Harbinger is that it features a StretchBack Performance Mesh in between the fingers and along the back of the hand. This is a great feature since it makes this pair of gloves very flexible and comfortable. They also work with the shape of your hands and flex as you lift any heavyweights.

This pair of weightlifting gloves also have an open-cell foam along with the fingers and palm that helps in providing you with a particular amount of padding to keep your hands comfortable while you lift weights.

Made of leather, the leather palm provides you with some real solid grip so you do not drop the weights. In addition, it is durable and tough so it will not strip apart from just a few weight lifting sessions.

The Harbinger weight lifting gloves have an open finger design, meaning, the front half of your fingers are exposed which allows good ventilation and feel the weights better too. Lastly, this pair of weightlifting gloves has a fully adjustable Velcro wrist straps for a perfect fitting on your hands.



  • Adjustable Velcro closure for good fit
  • Leather palm for good grip and durability
  • Flexible StretchBack for an ergonomic feel
  • Foam padding for comfort
  • Open fingers for ventilation


  • No wrist support
  • A dye may leak onto fingers
  • Stitching is somewhat weak


6. Bionic Men’s PerformanceGrip Fitness Gloves

2. Bionic Men’s PerformanceGrip Fitness GlovesSomething that is really awesome about this particular weight lifting gloves is that they are full-fingered, meaning all of your hands are covered and no part of your fingers and hands is going to suffer from irritation or calluses. Furthermore, the full finger design makes this pair of weight lifting gloves fit and stay on better.

And even though this pair of gloves is full-fingered, it has a whole lot of ventilation. The material of these gloves was designed to be breathable and also feature several Lycra strips between the inflection zones and fingers in order to provide the hands with even more ventilation.

The material that covers most of these weight lifting gloves are very flexible and is designed in order to work with your hands rather than obstructing them, plus it is also made for durability and ventilation.

The Bionic Weight Lifting Gloves have poly towel thumbs that are pretty much a special cloth made for wiping your sweaty hands without taking off the gloves. Even better, there is also a special cloth lining that was placed in strategic areas inside the gloves which absorb and remove moisture from your hands.

Featuring a superior Velcro wrist closure system, this pair of weightlifting gloves provides you a perfect fit every time. Furthermore, the wrists also have a good amount of padding which supports the wrists and keeps the free of injury and pain regardless of how much weight you are lifting.

These weightlifting gloves are also designed to be ergonomically friendly as well as anatomically correct to be as comfortable as possible. This pair of weightlifting gloves has strategically placed relief pads which take some pressure off some sensitive areas of the hands and provide you with a better pain management.

The patented design of this pair of weightlifting gloves is a bionic glove pre-rotated finger system which adapts to the natural movement of your hands. Lastly, these weight lifting gloves have specifically designed ultra-durable leather palm to provide you with superior gripping power.



  • Breathable
  • Very lightweight
  • Wrist support
  • Superior Velcro closure system
  • An anatomically correct design which moves with your fingers
  • Leather palm for superior gripping power
  • Well-padded for reducing pressure
  • Extremely flexible


  • Fingertips can tear down after prolonged use


5. Nordic Lifting Weightlifting Gloves

3. Nordic Lifting Weightlifting GlovesThis pair of weight lifting gloves from Nordic Lifting is made out of a mix of stretchy synthetic materials and leather that provides you with the best combination of comfort and strength. The leather part design of these gloves makes it durable so you do not have to worry about replacing them every now and then. The stretchy synthetic materials, on the other hand, are placed strategically which makes these weight lifting gloves very flexible and do not hinder your weight lifting routine.

Another aspect of these weight lifting gloves is that it features an integrated wrist support. The Velcro closure system around the wrists is adjustable to fit particular sizes and is very secure. Moreover, the thick padding around the wrists provides a great level of support in order to your wrists pain and injury free when lifting heavy loads.

Also, this pair of weightlifting gloves has the perfect amount of padding located in the palms in order to keep your hands comfortable. In addition, the palms also have an anti-slip layer which helps in giving you more grip power to securely hold up any amount of weight without dropping it.

Lastly, these weight lifting gloves feature an open finger design, allowing some good ventilation and air to flow and prevent your hands from getting stinky, sweaty and hot.



  • Great grip
  • Great padding for blister prevention and comfort
  • Flexible and non-obtrusive
  • Durable build
  • Adjustable Velcro closure
  • Good wrist support


  • The sizing chart is a little off
  • Seams are a bit weak


4. Trideer Weight Lifting Gloves

4. Trideer Weight Lifting GlovesThe Trideer weight lifting gloves feature a palm with special layers of anti-slip coat that helps in providing you more gripping power. Its coating is combined with special silica gel pads which add more friction, thus additional gripping power than ever.

Speaking of palms, they also feature a wear-resistant layer that helps in preventing these gloves from ripping apart. Also, these particular weight lifting gloves have double stitching along its whole design to ensure that they do not just come apart even during rigorous weight lifting sessions.

These gloves are made out of microfiber materials which are extremely durable and built to last. Plus, it is breathable and very lightweight that it feels like you are not wearing any gloves at all. Furthermore, the microfiber materials are very flexible that it actually moves with the shape of the hands, rather than being rigid and hindering your movements, which provides you with a comfortable weight lifting experience.

One of the best parts of the weightlifting gloves is the wrist. It features a Velcro closure system which is fully adjustable, so you can tighten or loosen the gloves in order to fit your hands perfectly. Even better, this pair of weightlifting gloves feature specially designed thick wrist pads in order to give your wrist a good amount of support and prevent pains and injuries during lifting sessions.



  • Fully adjustable Velcro wrist closure
  • Finger tabs for easy takeoff
  • Good wrist support
  • Special anti-wear and anti-slip coating on the palms
  • Silica gel palms for a good grip
  • Double stitching that increases durability
  • Microfiber build for durability and flexibility


  • Wrist support straps are very long


3. RIMSports Weight Lifting Gloves

5. RIMSports Weight Lifting GlovesThe RIMSports weight lifting gloves are made of breathable materials to provide your fingers with good ventilation so that they do not get sweaty or too hot. As a matter of fact, the inside lining of this pair of weightlifting gloves is made of a special moisture-wicking fabric which removes and absorb your sweat. These weightlifting gloves are also washable so you can easily wash away the smell and sweet after long weekends of rigorous training.

These weightlifting gloves are made of both spandex and leather. It’s leather aspects, particularly on the front of the palm, make these gloves extremely durable and resistant to wear and tear that comes with lifting heavyweights.

The spandex material placed on the back of the hands makes this pair of weightlifting gloves very flexible so that they do not get in the way of your normal lifting routine. These gloves are also flexible and very tough so that you can get the most out of your lifting training.

The palm of these weight lifting gloves is specifically designed to provide you with more gripping power so that you will not end up having crushed toes. Featuring a specially-engineered diagonal Velcro wrist closure strap, the RIMSports Gloves will not open up during use and its closure system is adjustable in order to fit your hand size. The strap is built on diagonal angles in order to not get in the way as you do the heavy lifting.



  • Can be used for both women and men
  • Diagonal Velcro wrist closure
  • Spandex material for flexibility
  • Leather material for durability
  • Moisture wicking inner lining
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight


  • No wrist support
  • Stitching is somewhat weak


2. Steel Sweat Weightlifting Gloves

6. Steel Sweat Weightlifting GlovesThis pair of weight lifting gloves from Steel Sweat comes with more than enough wrist support. Its Velcro straps are specifically designed to allow you to tighten or loosen the gloves to fit your hand size. The straps are also very thick which provide ultimate wrist support and prevent injuries or pains during weight lifting.

Featuring a wrap around the thumb, these weight lifting gloves help in protecting your thumbs from bending the wrong way and ultimately getting injured. Its palm has a special non-slip coating, combined with grip dots in order to provide you with superior gripping power. Also well-padded, the palm of these weight lifting gloves provides you with enough comfort and helps in preventing calluses and blisters.

Featuring a leather design, these eight lifting gloves from Steel Sweat has the ultimate durability and maximum longevity. It’s leather backing also gives you stability when lifting weights. Furthermore, its double stitching doubles its durability.

Lastly, this pair of weightlifting gloves feature a Cool Weave technology which provides you enough ventilation so you do not have to worry about sticky, sweaty and hot hands when doing lifting heavy loads. The technology allows sweat to evaporate and provide you with an excellent lifting experience every time!



  • Durable leather build
  • Comfortable
  • Flexible
  • Well-padded
  • Good gripping capability
  • Superior wrist support
  • Adjustable Velcro closure straps
  • Wrapped thumb for thumb protection
  • Cool weave technology


  • Weightlifting gloves are somewhat thin


1. Contraband Black Label Basic Weight Lifting Gloves

7. Contraband Black Label Basic Weight Lifting GlovesIdeal for all people, the Contraband Black Label Basic Weight Lifting Gloves offer a great leather palm which is very durable and is built to last for many training routines to come. It also does a great job of providing you with ultimate gripping power so you do not end up dropping any weights on your toes and crushing them.

Featuring a breathable and lightweight mesh that is built on the backside and along the fingers, this pair of weightlifting gloves prevent your hands from getting sweaty, hot and sticky during your lifting routine. Moreover, this mesh is quite flexible and is specifically designed to move with the shape of your hands for an unobstructed weightlifting experience.

The inside of the Contraband Black Label Basic Weight Lifting Gloves features a comfortable and soft interior with a special soft lining in order to provide you with the utmost comfort and blister and calluses prevention. Not only that, it also does a great job at wicking away moisture and keep your hands nice and dry. And thanks to the weightlifting gloves’ open finger design, your hands will be well ventilated and cool.

Lastly, it has a Velcro wrist closure that is adjustable, perfect for any size and perfect for both women and men to wear!



  • Adjustable Velcro closure straps
  • Breathable and lightweight
  • Mesh design for ultimate flexibility
  • Good grip
  • Tough leather palm
  • Affordable


  • Seams are not the strongest
  • Dye may stick to sweaty hands
  • No wrist support


Weight Lifting Gloves Buying Guide: Things to Consider When Shopping

You should know that weight lifting gloves are not that expensive, meaning you will not be spending more than 75 dollars for just a pair. However, money is still money, and I am pretty sure that you do not want to waste your hard-earned cash on something with poor quality.

In order to make the best buy, here are some important considerations you should take before you buy any pair of weightlifting gloves.


A good pair of weight lifting gloves need to be durable. This criterion could come down mainly to what kind of material it is made of.

When it comes to durable materials, leather is always the best to go. Synthetic materials like spandex or mesh can be tough, however, leather is always the best option. The only disadvantage of leather is that it is not breathable.

If possible, you should look for a pair of weightlifting gloves which are not made of leather with some kind of ventilation holes or mesh backing for breathability. One more thing that adds durability to weightlifting gloves is double stitching.


A good pair of weightlifting glove has the capability to help you grip heavy weight better. A good grip is, after all, one of the major points of wearing weight lifting gloves, so they should do it well.

Usually, this involves some kind of leather palm since leather is known for good grips. The gloves should also have some kind of special areas, buttons, or knobs which are specifically designed to have a better grip or they may also have grip pads.

You need weight lifting gloves which have some sort of mechanism in order to increase your ability to grip.

The best thing about an excellent pair of weight lifting gloves is that it provides you with a strong and superior grip. Hands can get sweaty which can lead to constant repositioning in order to make sure that you do not drop the weights that you are lifting—or worse— dropping those heavy weights onto your toes.

The best weight lifting gloves will make sure to provide you with enough grips to hold onto any weight with superior security.


Another feature of a good pair of weightlifting glove is being well-padded. The padding needs to be in the glove’s palm. This is crucial since it will keep your hands comfortable and prevent any cuts, calluses, blisters, painful fingers and palms and other forms of irritation which can occur during weight lifting. Padding is also a good way in order to take the pressure off in particular points of your hands and reduce pain.

Using a weightlifting glove provides you with some padding between your palms and fingers and the weight bar that you are holding. Metal bars cause blisters, calluses, irritation, and even cuts. But wearing a good pair of weight lifting gloves will help in protecting your hands.


Another important feature of good weight lifting gloves is flexibility. They need to be flexible in order to help retain a full range of motion and does not obstruct your weight lifting routine.

Wrist Support

Another important of a good pair of weight lifting gloves is good wrist support. Not all weight lifting gloves out there has good wrist support, particularly the less expensive ones. But if you got a few bucks to spare, I would recommend that you get a pair with good wrist support. 

The best weightlifting gloves help support your wrists. You should know that a human wrist has a weak joint and too much pressure and weight can definitely cause injury and pain. By wearing a pair of weight lifting gloves, you can have extra support to your wrists to prevent any injuries or pain.

Thick wrists straps can support weak wrists and can go a very long way in preventing wrist injuries and pains.


When looking for weight lifting gloves, you should also consider how they close. Most pairs of weight lifting gloves have some type of Velcro strap in order to make sure that they stay closed.

The strap should be adjustable in order to accommodate different sizes of wrists and hands.


The last thing you should consider is how well ventilated the gloves are. A pair of weight lifting glove which is not well ventilated can make your hands sweaty, hot and prone to blisters. Thus, it should have some sort of ventilation slits or mesh backing.


Weight lifting is a phenomenal form of exercise which brings a whole lot of benefits to the table. This type of workout will surely make you stronger and bigger.

Keep in mind, however, that when it comes to your on lifting ability and comfort, one of the best equipment to have in your smelly gym duffle bag is a good pair of weight lifting gloves. Weight lifting gloves will make lifting weights more comfortable, efficient and easier, thus providing you with the best weight lifting experience every single time!

We definitely recommend the above options— all of which are durable, comfortable and affordable, so you do not have any problems in choosing the right pair of weight lifting gloves for you!