Best Volleyball Ankle Braces Reviewed

10 Best Volleyball Ankle Braces Recommended for You

Everyone is prone to getting an ankle sprain, whether from just a simple walk or playing sports: Indoor and outdoor sports like volleyball, basketball, soccer, and more. An ankle sprain is one of the most common recreational injuries in sports, especially in volleyball.

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It’s essential to wear an ankle brace if you are about to play on the court. This is to provide you with support and protection on your ankle while playing. This article will focus on the best ankle braces for you for volleyball and guide you on how you’ll choose the right ankle brace.

10 Best Volleyball Ankle Braces Recommended for You

Most of us know that volleyball is a very reactive sport, which means you are to exert vertical power, endure sudden cuts, and make a sudden quick change of direction. These moves are critical and would often use your ankle joints.

Once your ankle’s joint has received enough amount of stress, the ligaments will eventually start to stretch and tear, leading to an ankle sprain. As support for your ankle joints, I have reviewed the best ankle braces for volleyball players.

10.  Med Spec ASO – Ankle Stabilizer

10.  Med Spec ASO Ankle Stabilizer This ankle brace falls onto the lace-up types, but with an additional 8-figure stabilizing strap. The garment is either made from nylon or cotton or a combination of both. This lace-up brace provides you with amazing support, comfort, and durability. The ASO stabilizer ankle brace is one of the most popular brands of ankle braces for athletes. It is also often recommended by physical therapists, athletic trainers, and orthopedic surgeons for athletes.9

The garment has a bilateral design so that each of the sizes would fit on either foot. The material also lines the boot’s inner backside, which adds more comfort to the ankle’s Achilles area. The brace also has an invisible seam for more comfort. Each brace is sold separately, so if you are planning using two ASO ankle braces, make sure that you order two pieces. It can be washed with the machine, allowing you to use the garment repeatedly.


9. SNEINO – Ankle Brace Review

9. SNEINO Ankle Brace For all-day, breathable comfort, the SNEINO ankle brace support can provide you just that. The garment is made from neoprene material. It promotes durability, elasticity, and quick drying. The air holes in this ankle brace make it more comfortable and breathable to wear all day long. On both sides of the ankle brace, there are two spring sheets of steel to enhance its supporting ability. This semi-rigid ankle brace can be suitable for loose shoes.

You can fit this ankle brace in your shoes without feeling uncomfortable. Additionally, it has a contoured tongue that can add comfort to your foot. We recommend you to wear high socks when using ankle braces for added comfort. This ankle brace support is designed to help you recover from your ankle injuries or surgeries, prevent you from acquiring future injuries and prevent pain from getting worse. SNEINO has made many happy customers, be one of them, and try their ankle brace product for your support needs.


8. Active Ankle T2 – Ankle Brace

8. Active Ankle T2 Ankle Brace Looking for maximum comfort and protection? Active Ankle can provide you with all your needs. It is durable and easy to wear with its single strap system. Easily adjust the straps to fit into your low and high top shoes. Its padding is surprisingly very light, making it easier t walk or run and perfectly fit your ankle’s contours.

Most of the Active Ankle products are designed to be used for a variety of sports and activities. However, because of the classic design of T2, the brace has become one of the most popular ankle braces for volleyball players.

This durable ankle brace protects the back and front row player’s ligaments from tearing by landing, jumping, and making a sudden change of directions. Play confidently while trusting the brace to withstand the demands and the impacts of the competitive sports play.

The Active Ankle has been making ankle protection braces for more than 25 years now, and I assure you that their products can provide you the support you need.


7. Copper Compression Recovery Ankle Sleeve

7. Copper Compression Recovery Ankle Sleeve If you’re looking for an ankle brace made from a high copper nylon content, then this compression sleeve is your best choice. Do not let the other companies from fooling with copper-infused sleeves. Some of them claim that they have infused a high copper content when the truth is it only 4% of the content. The Copper Compression is so confident that you’ll love their products, they have infused a 100% money-back guarantee.

These ankle sleeves are designed to help support your sore and stiff muscles all day and all night long. Aside from professional and amateur athletes, people with sore and stiff muscles or joints, ankle injuries, arthritis, tendonitis, ankle sprains, and more also use this product. Warm your muscles and joints all day during cold days with their super comfortable fabric. It’ll give you the support you need while also allowing you to move freely.


6. Ultra Zoom Ankle Brace

6. Ultra Zoom Ankle Brace This type of brace falls onto the rigid brace types. Rest assured that this ankle brace can keep up and withstand your movements for hours, providing you with more support and protection. The design may look restricting, but it can actually allow you to move freely and naturally. This is an ideal ankle brace for athletes in basketball, soccer, football, and volleyball players in clubs, youth, or pros. With this brace, you’ll less likely acquire a rolled or sprained ankle.

Just a note, these units are sold individually and not in pairs. For the sizes, use a sizing chart and measure your foot by ankle circumference. Do not base it on your shoe size, because even if you have a big or long foot, you still might use a small or medium-sized brace. The braces will fit on either foot. You don’t have to worry about which side you want to get when you purchase the product.


5. Aircast – Ankle Support Brace

5. Aircast Ankle Support BraceThis garment is designed to be used by those people who are just or still recovering from a Grade I or II ankle sprain. It provides its users with moderate compression and support by using air cell technology. It is also combined with a semi-rigid casing, which delivers you with amazing comfort and stability. Additionally, the stabilization and compression are provided with an Anterior Talofibular (ATF) integral forefoot, shin wraps, and cross strap.

Aside from the previous features, this brace also provides protection and support both from aversion and inversion. Like the other ankle braces, the Aircast also has a universal design that allows the ankle brace to be used on either foot. Aside from that, the product can be both used by men and women. You’ll have to order it in the right size. This is ideal for volleyball, soccer, basketball, and other sports athletes. It is also ideal for those with prophylaxis and chronic instability.


4. Zamst A2-DX Ankle Brace

4. Zamst A2-DX Ankle Brace The Zamst A2-DX model is designed to provide strong support for those who have moderate to severe ankle sprains. Aside from support, it also offers protection. Its dual exterior structure helps correct your ankle’s medial or lateral stability.

Its pre-curved design allows you to move your feet freely in a full range motion. With its adjustable open-panel and fastener design, it will allow you to have a comfy fit. The compression levels can be changed, so adjust it until you achieve the fit that you want.

The ankle brace has plastic guards on each side of the ankle. They are sturdy and durable and will reduce your foot’s pronation. Despite the rigid support, it is actually quite comfortable on foot. In fact, it is said that the famous NBA player, Stephen Curry, uses this kind of ankle brace during his game and practices, so you will be okay with this brace if you still have your doubts.


3. SENTEQ – Compression Ankle Brace

3. SENTEQ Compression Ankle BraceIf you are looking for an ankle brace made from neoprene materials, then this is probably the one that you are looking for. It has a uniquely compact design and very easy to use. It has no lace and no strap; slip it on, and it’ll provide you with excellent support and comfort all day. The SENTEQ has a powerful moisture-wicking mesh, keeping your feet dry. It also inhibits the growth of bacteria.

The brace is very breathable and highly resistant to odor. This water-resistant ankle compression sleeve is ideal for having games in hot water. It is also ideal for water sports activity. Use the size chart for the appropriate size. If you have accidentally ordered the wrong size, then you should contact them.

They will immediately your a full refund or replace the compression in one day. This garment is FDA and Medical Grade approved, meaning it is classified as a medical device that can heal your ankle sprain and other conditions.


2. Gonnic – Professional Foot Compression Sleeve

2. Gonnic Professional Foot Compression Sleeve This is an ideal compression sleeve for athletes. It helps stabilize the foot’s ligaments, prevents your ankle from being re-injured, soothes your aching feet, promotes proper circulation, and helps reduce swelling. With its therapeutic effect, it will help you relieve your pain and discomfort on your foot. It also helps treat your Achilles tendon, edema, stress fracture, splint, heel pain, plantar fasciitis, and more.

This is ideal for volleyball, basketball, soccer, and other players with weak joints in their ankles. The garment is made from nylon. It provides your foot with premium comfort and lightweight feeling. It also gives you a great feel with its soft velvety texture.

Aside from stabilization, it also helps stimulate your blood circulation and reduce swelling. What makes this product amazing is its lifetime warranty. Yes, the company offers a lifetime warranty. So if you ever have a problem with the garment, give them a call.


1. McDavid – Support Ankle Brace

1. McDavid Support Ankle BraceThe McDavid ankle brace provides you with level 3 maximum protection and excellent support. The garment is constructed with a single layer of polyester fabric, providing full support and lightweight material. The brace has a unique strapping design. It stimulates the athletic tape with a 6 figure strapping pattern. The brace keeps your foot in place, but it will not limit your mobility. It’s perfect for playing sports games.

This ankle brace is best for treating or preventing moderate to major instabilities. The ankle brace can be easily adjusted without undoing the lace or removing your shoe.  The linings are padded, so it’ll provide you with a comfortable feeling.

This brace will help decrease your risk of injury during your game. A lot of athletes that use this ankle brace gain fewer injuries after their game. I assure you that this brace will offer you great support and protection, so get your own ankle brace now.


Things to Consider for a Comfortable Ankle Brace

Ankle braces may look quite similar to other ankle braces, but their durability, quality, and comfort make the product different from each other. These braces can provide you with excellent support, but if you have chosen a brace that would fit poorly or has used the wrong materials, then you’ll end up walking uncomfortably when you use it.

To help you out in making sure that you have chosen the right brace, which will provide you with both support and comfort, then consider the things below:

  • The Right Fit

The size of an ankle brace will be based on your shoe size or your ankle’s circumference. To ensure that you got the best support and right fit, you should first consult on a sizing chart.

  • Fabric Vs. Neoprene Ankle Braces

Ankle braces that are made from knit and fabric materials are much breathable than neoprene materials. If you want to keep your feet cool, then choose a breathable ankle brace.

A neoprene ankle brace is a flexible material. It’ll provide you with a good fit and support. It can also insulate heat for additional support and protection against ankle pain. However, this material is not breathable, so it can be too hot for your feet when used all day. But it is a good option for cold weather.

When Should you Wear an Ankle Brace?

These garments can be used in different situations. It could range from your everyday activity to intense sports. To avoid inflammations, ankle trauma, postoperative synovitis, and degenerative pain in volleyball players, using an ankle brace can help you prevent these future injuries or re-aggravate your old injuries. It is also a great tool to help limit your movement while recovering from an ankle injury.

Besides playing sports, you can use an ankle sleeve if you have ankle pain from plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, or just a common ankle pain. Using an ankle sleeve with compression and protection can help you soothe your pain.

How to Wear an Ankle Brace

No volleyball athlete will consistently use a very uncomfortable brace or takes a lot of time to put on. Choosing the best ankle brace for you will highly depend on your needs and comfort, and luckily there are many braces that you can choose from out there.

Here are the things that you should look out for when choosing your own brace for your ankles:

  • The Size and Tightness of the Garment

For the garment’s size, aside from your foot size, if you are to use it during a game, the brace should also fit in your shoes. As for its tightness, you should take time to adjust the brace. Test the garment out to determine if it is too tight or too loose for you. Making adjustments will take time, but it is important to get a perfect fit.

  • Your Regularity of Usage

Depending on how frequently you are playing volleyball or how often you’ll need the support of an ankle brace, you can wear the garment all day long or for just a short period of time, depending on your needs.

  • The Brace’s Comfort

If you are planning to use the brace all day, then you should highly consider its comfort. You surely don’t want to play or walk with an annoying feeling on your foot. Aside from the brace’s size and tightness, you should also know if the garment is breathable or not. It’s up to you how breathable you want your brace to be.

4 Types of Ankle Braces

You can purchase your own ankle brace from a local drugstore or online. But it’s not just about simply purchasing a brace. There are different types of ankle braces that you can choose from. You should know what type of brace you want or needed to use.

Here are four types of ankle braces:

1 – Hinged Ankle Brace

These braces are semi-rigid. They prevent your ankles from moving side to side, but you can freely move them in up and down motions. Hinged braces are commonly padded on the sides for comfort. It can be easily adjusted or removed with its Velcro straps. Unlike the other braces, this type can either be fitted on your left or right ankle.

2- Compression Ankle Brace

These braces are also called foot sleeves or elastic braces. These garments are often used to treat tendonitis and mild ankle sprains. They are made from stretchable, lightweight materials. It allows you to make normal movements and rotation on your ankle. It is designed to enhance balance, provide joint support, and reduce swelling. It also keeps your ankle warm and initially decreases muscle stiffness. These are usually sold by shoe size and can be worn on either your left or right ankle.

3- Rigid Ankle Braces

Doctors often prescribe this brace for athletes and active people to help them recover from their stress fracture or ankle sprain. The brace is made up of hard plastic, placed on either side of the ankles, and secured with a Velcro strap. This type provides you with excellent support, however, it may not fit inside your shoes. Depending on your condition, your doctor may recommend you switch with a less restraining type of brace once your ankle begins to heal.

4- Lace-Up Ankle Braces

Like the hinged braces, the lace-up braces are also semi-rigid. These types of garments are often used to treat to moderate type of ankle sprains. It limits you from moving your ankle from side-to-side and up-and-down motions. Unlike the compression braces, the lace-ups could provide more support on the ankle. Most types of lace-up braces can fit into shoes. Like the compression, this is also designed to fit on either ankle.


And there’s your full guide in choosing the best ankle brace for you. Volleyball player or not, if you have weak ankle muscles and is prone to get injured or having regular constant ankle pains, you should probably get your own ankle brace for your safety. It will help protect your ankle’s ligaments from stretching and tearing and support you during your activities.

Even if you are just simply walking down the pavement, it is still possible for you to get injured. Ankle braces don’t fully prevent you from getting ankle sprains, but it will help lessen the pain and injury you are about to acquire. So for extra support, you should grab your own ankle brace now.

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