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(Last Updated On: May 29, 2019)

With the increasing popularity of inflatable stand up paddle boards, it can be quite challenging to pick the best fit for you. Whatever your activity or weight, an excellent inflatable SUP board should be easy to transport, easy to inflate and durable to last you a few years. Whether you’re into touring, enjoy surfing small waves or touring down a river, here are 12 best SUP boards for you to consider. We only focused on inflatable paddle boards because of how easy they are to transport and their increased fame in the past few years.

When selecting an inflatable paddle board, the most basic brands offer a paddle and a fin. The top names on this list give you everything you need to get into the water and begin your fun activities. You’ll expect to find a fin, a pump, a paddle and a few other accessories such as a leash and a repair kit. With these in hand, you can expect to experience the water as you’d never have done before.

Inflatable SUPs are also great for leisurely activities- if you wish to become a pro surfer, you may have to get a hardboard paddleboard instead. However, this does not mean that expert surfs should not get this type. When well inflated, an inflatable SUP feels much like a hardboard paddleboard; the only difference is you have a softer landing when you do fall. They are also stable, meaning that doing a headstand on an inflatable stand up paddle is easy. If you’re a beginner, this is good news. You don’t have to fear falling over severally as you get better a paddle boarding.

Top 12 Best SUP Boards

1. Tower Inflatable – Stand up Paddle Board

This inflatable SUP comes with a tower branded deck pad with diamond grooves, a high-pressure pump, a removable fin, three-piece of fiberglass paddle, a roll-up carrying strap and an attached bungee rope. It has handles on the tail and nose, making it easy to transport when it’s inflated. The feel of this SUP feels very similar to that of a hard board when it’s fully raised. If you don’t achieve that it’s an indication that you should add more air inside.

The PV material used to create this paddle board is military grade and uses the drop-stitch construction for added strength and durability. The Tower SUP can hold up to 350 lbs. When on water, and you can use it for touring, fishing, yoga or even sunbathe. It’s convenient in that you can travel with it anywhere as part of your luggage when it’s rolled up given it weighs 26 pounds.

You also get a two-year warranty that covers other aspects that don’t include the expected wear and tear that comes from using the SUP. It, however, does not have accessories or paddles.



2. ISLE ClassicStand Up Paddle Board

Anyone person between 189 and 358 lbs. Can comfortably use this paddle board. It works perfectly for parents also due to its soft non-slip deck and how rigid and stable it is. That means that anyone can use it despite their skill level, that is, whether a beginner, skilled or advanced learner. You should ideally use it on flat water and soft waves- for touring, fishing or even yoga.

The accessories you expect to find are a center handle, a fin, and an adjustable paddle. The SUP is constructed using an ESP core that has an embedded triple stringer system. The bottom is equally high density for added strength, and the wooden design makes it glide smoothly on flat water. It also weighs 27 pounds. ISLE offers easy returns within 30 days of purchase although a restocking fee applies.



3. Atoll Stand up Paddle Board Set

A dual layer PVC makes this SUP ultralight, that is, 30% lighter than other models. This factor makes it extra rigid and can support a rider whose 300 lbs. It has EVA foam at the top so you can’t slip when paddling or even getting on. The drop sticking uses Korean style technology for added durability. With this board comes a paddle, a fin, a dual action hand pump, bungee tie downs at the front and back, nylon travel backpack that has a waist strap and a repair kit.

The paddle is a three piece and is of aluminum alloy with a nylon blade. As for the fin, you can detach it and use it on almost all other SUPs due to its universal design. It is also a tri fin which gives it fantastic tracking, that is, it paddling in the intended direction without turning. It also has 15 D-rings, a recommendation that came from loyal fans of the brand. The backpack has mesh sides so your SUP can continue drying while it’s still in storage. The Atoll SUP comes with a two-year warranty for material or craft defect.



4. PathFinder Inflatable SUP

Are you looking for something you can use for a wide range of water conditions and use? You can also give this SUP a shot. It is made of PVC material and has sturdy multi-layer drop stitching. The deck pad is large and has a D-ring attached to a leash, as well as a bungee to secure onboard cargo with.

The PathFinder SUP also comes with a carry bag with shoulder straps, a pump, a valve wrench, a detachable fin and an adjustable aluminum paddle. When inflated to 15 PSI, it feels similar to hardboard. The weight limit for this particular SUP is 240 lbs.



5. SereneLife Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

With the triple bottom panel fins on this SUP, you’re able to have improved overall handling steering and speed. This aspect makes it ideal for kids and adults alike, especially beginners and those who like paddle boarding as a hobby. The non-slip and soft top deck makes for a soft landing for learners should they fall during those early paddling experiences. Experienced paddleboarders can equally enjoy using this SUP.

The speed with which it inflates and deflates makes it ideal for taking with you to the ocean, lake or river. It comes complete with a manual air pump, a storage bag, an oar, and a coiled ankle cuff leash so that you don’t lose your paddle board should you fall out.



6. SCOTT Burke Stand up Paddle Board

This inflatable paddleboard is made of three layers of fabric that’s PVC coated and reinforced. You’re able to quickly transport it the Scott Burke bag that you get when you buy this brand. The traction pad attached gives it a better grip, so you need to wax the board. It also comes with a leash, repair kit, pump, a paddle and a fin.

The V-hull nose gives the paddle board efficient movement when in water. The weight capacity is 300 pounds and is ideal for intermediate and novice paddlers for any water condition.



7. Sportstuff 1030 Adventure Stand Up Paddleboard

Like any SUP, this brand offers you the convenience of being portable so you can take it with you anywhere. It has secure footing because of the large anti-skid EVA pads on the paddle board. It comes in a mesh backpack that includes tow rings, a board leash, fin, valve wrench, a pressure gauge and hand pump, a removable seat, and a paddle.

The SUP weighs 27 lbs. But can only carry someone who’s 250 libs. It works as an all-around paddle board to use in a river, lake or ocean to tour around on flat water.



8. SOL Paddle Boards

The side walls of the SOL paddle board are reinforced twice to provide extra strength and protection. The D-ring attachments are reinforced with nylon for maximize tension and to accommodate cargo better. The handles located at the front, middle and back are cushioned for save and easy handling and transportation. For extra durability and protection, this SUP has a PVC nose cone.

With 3000 lbs. Total on board, you can still maneuver easily. With this brand SUP, you can get the most out of it whether you’re a beginner or an expert. You can use it take your dog with you, do yoga on board, explore the ocean, lake or river or go fishing with this inflatable paddle board. It comes with a three-piece aluminum paddle, a pump, repair kit and a wheeled backpack. With these parts, you’re ready to get a full body workout paddling down your favorite body of water.



9. NIXY Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board

Fusion laminated drop stitch technology is part of this SUPs construction. It can carry a rider with up to 300 lbs., an impressive weight for a paddle board that only weighs 17 pounds. If you’re an experienced rider, NIXY assures you that you can exceed this weight and still get the most out of this inflatable paddle board.

The deck pad had a diamond groove texture and made of soft EVA. The board also has eight D-rings and three removable fins that require no tools to fix or remove. The paddle is three-piece and made of aluminum with a comfortable T-grip design and a nylon blade reinforced with fiberglass. The SUP comes with a Bravo 4D pump, a leash with an ankle strap by the same brand and a branded backpack with three wheels made of heavy duty PVC and nylon.



10. Solstice by Swimline Bali Stand-Up Paddleboard

This rigid and robust inflatable paddle board is lightweight, sleek and fast. It has four tie downs that you can use to secure the gear. The material that makes it is a three-ply PVC fabric that enhances its performance. You also get a paddle board, a gauge, and pump and carry bag.

The Solstice weighs 39.4 lbs., and when inflated, you can use it for your favorite activities including yoga, fishing or touring at the ocean, river or lake. It also works great for the family and beginners.



11. THURSO SURF Waterwalker Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

When you purchase this SUP, you also get a carbon shaft paddle, three tool-less removable fins, traction pads, a water-resistant deck cooler bag, deck bungees, one double swivel leash, a storage bag, a dual action pump and easy to carry handles on the board.

The drop stitch interior fabric is coated with PVC, the same material the two-layer tarpaulin construction is made of. This inner material is however military grade for increased endurance and sturdiness. Additionally, it makes the paddle board ding-proof. The top has a coat of stripe wood to imitate the real material which makes the board unique from other brands. The lightweight nature makes it easy to carry around whether as luggage or in your trunk whenever you travel. Being able to enjoy this SUP is not limited to experience. Anyone can purchase it and use it on their desired water body.

The Thurso paddleboard comes with a two-year warranty should you encounter any manufacturer’s defect. You get the option of getting a replacement or a refund.



12. Ten Toes Weekender Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

This inflatable SUP accommodates anyone who weighs less than 250 lbs. and ideal for people with any skill set. The military grade PVC and drop stitching make it almost indestructible to survive the scratches and bumps that come from use; it also fairs quite well on rocks as compared to hardboard. It’s equally as firm as hardboard. You can quickly roll it up for easy transportation or storage.

The package contains three fins, a three piece lightweight aluminum paddle, a manual pump, a neon strap to wrap the paddle board with when deflated, a reinforced carry handle, a repair kit and a handbook. Ten Toes also gives you a two-year warranty that covers manufacturing defects.