11 Best Star Projectors for The Money

If you are an astronomy fan, love stars, or looking for something relaxing or romantic, then you might be interested in getting a stunning star projector for your bedroom. This is also perfect for those who have trouble sleeping at night.

Kids and babies sometimes have trouble sleeping, and even adults. A star projector could help kids fall asleep. you can also use the projector to set the mood during a date or a party. No matter what purpose you use them for, these projectors can turn your dark room into a romantic venue, an instant planetarium, or a soothing sleep-inducing zone.

Top 11 Best Star Projector Reviews 2019

Getting a star projector for your home can be one of the best purchases that you can get, it is one of the best options for creating a soothing and relaxing atmosphere indoors.

Here is a list of the best star projectors in the market, it includes reviews and pros and cons to help make your decision making much easier:

11. Lizber Baby Night Light Moon Star Projector

This product can project and give life to a beautiful night sky with a lot of various colors. Upon purchase, the product is included with four different LED light beads. It allows the projector to change its color uniquely and impressively. The most remarkable feature of this star projector is its 360-degrees rotation.

This feature enables the stars to rotate around in your dark room, which can provide us with fascination and calming feeling. Since this projector is provided with LED lights that are durable, you can use the product for a long time.

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  • The projector can be powered by either battery or through a USB cord.
  • It can project a realistic looking night sky, which contains the moon and stars that would twinkle and swirl around in your dark room.
  • The projector is provided with various LED lights. You can project the stars in white, green, red, or in blue colors. You can even combine the colors in any combinations that you like.
  • This product can be rotated unlike other star projectors in the market.
  • Upon purchase, the projector is included with a white cover. You can make this projector work as a night light or as a star and moon projector.
  • Kids and adults can use it.
[/alert][alert type=blue ]Cons:

  • You cannot use the battery powered and USB charging operation at the same time.
  • The product is not included with batteries and charger, but it does contain a USB cord.


10. Laser Stars Indoor Light Show

Unlike other star projectors, this projector doesn’t come up with LEDs or incandescent light, but it comes with laser lights. Therefore, it can provide you with a much better experience than the other projectors on the market. The product’s unique feature is that it can be mounted on the wall.

For those who don’t have enough space in their bedrooms, then consider buying this star projector. Aside from enabling you to mount it on your wall, it can even project cool, realistic stars with its lasers.

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  • It can project thousands of realistic stars in your bedroom instantly.
  • The projector is also included with a built-in 4-hour timer.
  • It can be mounted on the wall, which is ideal for rooms with tight spaces.
  • The projector is powered by innovative laser technology.
  • It can fill out dark spaces in your room.
[/alert][alert type=blue ]Cons:

  • It has a higher price tag than the other star projectors.


9. Galaxy Clock by MomKnows

This product not only works as a star projector, but it also works as an alarm clock and could monitor the temperature. One of its best features is that it is also included with a built-in speaker, and can also provide an all-around experience. This is another great star projector for those who don’t have enough space in their rooms.

The projector comes along with a compact dimension, which will enable you to place the device anywhere in your room, and without worrying too much about your room’s limited space.

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  • It has a very convenient compact dimension.
  • It has a built-in speaker that will provide you with music in decent quality. The volume can also be adjusted depending on your preference.
  • The additional clock in the middle of the projected can be helpful and enables you to save money. You don’t need to buy an alarm clock in your room.
  • With just a single press of a button, you can instantly check your room temperature with the projector’s built-in temperature monitor.
  • The manufacturer offers a 100% money back guarantee. This can be convenient if you aren’t delighted with the device.
[/alert][alert type=blue ]Cons:

  • It may be included with a temperature monitor. However, the temperature that it monitors is not entirely accurate.


8. Lumitusi Constellation galaxy Round Projector

Here is another creative, touch-activated star projector. The touch-activated system can be convenient for some people, you can instantly operate it with just a single touch without dealing with any hassle. The projector provides a calming effect on kids, making it ideal for nurseries and in a little kid’s room.

This star projector works on batteries, but even though it is battery powered, the star projector’s battery life is awe-inspiring. It could last for a long time, meaning you won’t have to go through any hassle. If you are looking for a star projector for your kids, then this is one of the best devices that you can find out there.

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  • Its touch-activated system will enable you to instantly turn the device on, without dealing with different controls.
  • You can choose between its four different LED color setting. The optional color includes blue, orange, and green. You can change the color of the projector by touching a certain a region on the projector’s shell.
  • It has an automatic off-timer, which will turn off the device after 45 minutes. Perfectly ideal for kids use.
  • It can project images on the room’s ceiling and the walls.
  • Its battery life can last for up to 2 months when used consecutively if not, it might last for half a year or so.
  • The device is shock-resistant making it durable.
  • Can be easily cleaned.
[/alert][alert type=blue ]Cons:

  • You cannot change the projection of the images in your preferred direction.
  • It doesn’t have a built speaker, nor does it produce any sounds.


7. Deneve Mood Lighting Lamp

This is an ideal addition to your kid’s bedroom. If you are looking for something that will relax your kid to sleep, then this projector is just what you needed.

It can create a relaxing environment for kids and adults. Unlike other star projectors, this device could offer a lot of various colors. It could provide you with twelve different colors, which can give life to wonderful and scenery in your room during the night.

Another impressive feature of this product is that it can provide its users with an audio-visual effect. This will enable you or your kids to immerse yourselves in a realistic background. For awesome scenery, combine this device with a laser indoor light show.

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  • With its 12 different colors, you will surely enjoy using the device without getting bored.
  • You can connect your MP3 player or mobile phone into the projector to play music, while also enjoying the projected lights.
  • The device comes along with a built-in speaker, which will enable to provide you with a realistic experience.
  • It has a 1-hour timer that will automatically shut off the star projector.
  • This is powered by a USB cable, which can be quite convenient, especially if used during a camping trip.
[/alert][alert type=blue ]Cons:

  • Its built-in speaker does not create quality audio.
  • The device is not durable.
  • Does not project images of stars.


6. Homestar Classic Review

This star projector can project an astounding image of stars on any ceilings or wall. It can expect a shocking number of 6000 stars with a rotation. One of its amazing features is that it has a shooting star feature that can be turned on or off anytime.

The Homestar Classic also comes with two image discs. Both are an image of the star map’s northern hemisphere. One disc is completely mapped out, while the other disc contains plain stars.

Once you get bored with the discs or want to expand your range, you can purchase other discs available in the market.

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  • Projects a very realistic image of the universe.
  • You can freely set the timer, which can automatically turn off in 15, 30, or 60 minutes depending on your settings.
  • Create an instant planetarium in your room.
  • Has a shooting star feature, which a lot of star projector does not have.
  • A cheaper version of the Homestar Original.
  • Powered with an AC adapter.
  • It has various disc add-ons.
[/alert][alert type=blue ]Cons:

  • It may be cheaper than the Homestar Original; it is still much more expensive than other star projector brands.
  • It doesn’t have a built-in speaker like some star projectors.
  • You might use a converter since the power requirement may vary from location to location.


5. DIGOO Night Light Projector Lamp

This product is exclusively engineered to bring great experience with its starry output. You will sometimes hardly find this factor in other star projector products.

This projector uses a 2-in-1 pattern where the inner part of the device showcases a model of cosmos, while the outer part of the projector’s shell is filled with stars.

Like any other star projectors, the Digoo Night Light Projector is also provided with four different colors to bring different colors for the cosmos and stars.

The controls are straightforward to operate and to understand, you will instantly grasp its settings once you get a hold of the device.

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  • It has a 360-degrees rotation feature
  • The projector includes a brawny crystal cover
  • The cosmos can be projected together with the stars
  • The projector can be powered with batteries or with a USB Cable
  • It has an excellent price point
  • You can easily change its modes and operate the device
  • It projects bright colors.
[/alert][alert type=blue ]Cons:

  • The package does not come with batteries
  • The lower part of the projector is made of weak plastic materials
  • Slightly durable


4. SCOPOW Constellation Night Light Star Sky

This compact star projector can deliver you with a wonderful experience and beautiful night sky scenery.

The projector also comes with user-friendly controls to easily change the settings. Like for example, you can change the brightness level of the projected image that will suit your needs.

The product can also create realistic sound effects as well. Therefore, this makes it one of the best all-in-one star projectors that are available in the market.

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  • Like other projectors, this one will also give provide you with different color options, which is necessary to create a beautiful scenery.
  • It can create a realistic image of the entire universe. This is the perfect device to help induce sleep.
  • You can freely adjust the projector’s brightness level into a much comfortable glare, which will help you sleep more comfortably.
  • This product also contains a timer here you can adjust it from 5 to 95 minutes.
  • You can power with up with a USB cable or with 4 AA batteries.
  • It can be a great romantic night light and a decoration light for your room.
[/alert][alert type=blue ]Cons:

  • This projector doesn’t come up with a built-in speaker to help deliver sounds.


3. Kingstoys LED Night Lamp Projector

This star projector from the Kingstoys is well-constructed and quite compact.

This product comes with a DC power adapter, which can be plugged in and powered by an electrical outlet, rather than being powered by batteries.

This unique projector not only projects an image of stars, but it can also produce a cloud effect, which can either be combined or work independently.

You can set the movements of the lights from fast to slow, solid to flashing, or from moving to static. It’ll all depend on what you prefer. All these settings can be controlled with three easy buttons. This projector is not only great for your home or bedroom, but it can also be an excellent device for events and parties too.

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  • Suitable for parties, disco, bedrooms, home decorations, holiday events, nightclub, and in other types of occasions.
  • The high-quality LED projection offers a comfortable, soft, and anti-glaring lighting, this help protects your vision.
  • Perfect for all kinds of occasions.
  • Can be used as a sleep-inducing machine for kids and adults.
  • Can instantly turn your room into a sparkling wonderland.
[/alert][alert type=blue ]Cons:

  • The product would sometimes have a manufacturing issue.
  • Does not come with a speaker, or with a sound effect.


2. SOAIY LED Night Light Projector

This projector does not project stars, what it projects is an aurora-like effect in a dark room. This aurora projector can be purchased at a reasonable price tag. Its decorative mood-setting lights are one of the best features that the projector provides.

The aurora effects that it creates looks realistic that can make the users enjoy a good night sleep.

And since this product has eight various operation modes, you will never get bored while using the product. It can also add more colors to your room, which is quite convenient.

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[alert type=blue ]


  • It has a remote controller where you can adjust and turn on/off the timer, the brightness level, and will also allow you to set the projector into a still or rotating manner.
  • It can be used as a nightlight or as an aurora projector.
  • The projector has a built-in speaker. You can adjust the volume, and you even can plug-in an MP3, iPod, iPhone, and other devices with the included AUX cable that will enable you to play soothing music while watching the projected aurora lights.
  • You can project the image in any direction, thanks to its tilting mechanism.
[/alert][alert type=blue ]Cons:

  • Even though the projector has a built-in speaker, the volume is not audible. It’s only enough to create white noise.
  • It does not make any star images.


1. Hontry Star Light Rotating Projector

The Hontry rotating starlight projector might look cheap and small, but when it comes to projecting bright images, you might be surprised by it. This projector can project a dreamy luminous image in your room with the help of its four light setting of red, white, green, and blue. This is perfect for kids as a sleep-inducing device, or for couples who want a romantic scenery in their room.

Sleep won’t be disturbed because this projector uses a quiet motor. Another great feature of this star projector is that it has three lighting modes, it enables you to blend all the colored lights, set it to a rotation, and could also set a color change pattern.

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[alert type=blue ]


  • It has an immense period range for its automatic off timer
  • It offers you with three lighting modes, which some other star projectors can’t.
  • The device’s motor hardly makes any sound, which makes it the perfect device to put your child to sleep, same with the adults.
  • It can either be used as a night light or as a starlight
  • The color automatically switches from one color to another.
  • The projector uses bright LED lights with a bit of sharpness.
  • Can be plugged-in a wall or could run with battery power.
[/alert][alert type=blue ]Cons:

  • The product doesn’t offer a focus tweaking option.
  • The projector would often come with a manufacturing issue.


The Complete Buying Guide of Star Projectors

There are several things that you should take into account when you are trying to get the best projector, no matter how or what you’ll use the star projector for, you still need to consider several things.

Here’s what you should look and think when buying the best star projector:

The Star Projector’s Lighting Mode

The lighting modes that the star projector could offer will depend on what you want. If you want to use the projector to put your kids to sleep, you should set a smooth, light-colored and steady image to help induce sleep on your kids.

But if you plan on using the star projector as a way to keep the party alive, then you should set it where it could project colorful lightings, the movement of the lights should also be set to be a bit more erratic.

Aside from the speed of the lighting effect’s movement, you should also look for a star projector that will enable you to change its colors. This way, you can set the color to match up your preference or the current mood.

No matter what kind of lighting mode that you want in your star projector model, be sure to look for a unit that has straightforward controls. Check if the controls are easy to understand and easy to fine-tune, this is so that you can get the exact set that you want your star projector to project.

The Used Materials

No matter what materials are used to make the star projector with, the projector should be durable, non-toxic (for kids), and well-designed. Luckily most star projectors are well-designed, you have a lot of optional designs to choose from.

The only reason why you should consider the unit’s materials is if you intend to use it for small kids. Kids might sleep with the projector or put some of the parts inside their mouths while sleeping. This could pose a health issue if the device is made from harmful plastics.

To make sure that the star projector is not made from harmful plastics, you should choose a device that doesn’t contain any phthalate, lead, BPA, or latex. In that way, you’ll surely know that your kids are completely safe with their projectors all night.

The Use and Purpose of the Star Projector

Here is another thing that you should think about, you should know why you need the star projector for. Some model units can only be used for children, while the others are mostly for adults. There are also some hybrid products that are suitable for both kids and adults.

Depending on how you’ll the star projector, here are the features that you should for upon purchasing the device:

  • The hybrid models are star projectors that are usually designed to help someone sleep, whether if it’s a kid or an adult.
  • If you are looking for a star projector for your kid, the first thing that you’ll think of is by getting the one that could help soothe them to sleep. If you want them to have the unit on their bed, you should look for a unit that is soft, free of chemical, and childproof so that they cannot access the product’s batteries. Star projectors that are designed for kids will usually come with a musical sound, which will further soothe your kid to sleep.
  • For adults, the star projector doesn’t have to be all cute and cuddly. You’ll most probably choose a more stylish and sleek design. These kinds of models will usually have different projection options. You can even turn your room into a small planetarium with a realistic night sky projection.

Bulb Type Projector

Star projectors have two bulb choices. You can either choose an Incandescent Bulb, which is much cheaper but would not last long, or you can get an LED type, which is much expensive but could continue for a long time. The LED type bulbs are also a bit brighter than the Incandescent ones, which makes them ideal for overnight use.

If you decide to choose a projector with cheaper light bulbs, you’ll have to make sure that the room is completely dark or else you won’t be able to see the projections.

Projection Style

Star projectors have two different projection styles. One is a projector that can fill up the whole room, which includes the walls and the ceiling, and two is a projector that can only fill up the wall or the ceiling.

So, depending on your needs, you should make sure that the projector that you choose can project the way that you wanted to.

The Star Projector’s Power Source

Aside from the light movements, the changeable light colors, and design, you should also check out the projector’s source of power. All projectors have different power sources; some can run on battery powers with an AA or AAA size. And some can be plugged in on an electrical outlet or through a USB Port.

However, you should look out for the ones that operate on battery power. Switching out the used batteries is not a problem, but if you are planning to use it in a party or such, you don’t want it to run out unexpectedly. So your best choice would be those types that can run on electrical power.

Additional Sounds

This is not a requirement, but this feature can be useful for kids. Some projectors usually produce sounds like lullabies or white noises, which could help put your kids to sleep. This feature often comes with a star projector that is specifically designed for kids.


Star projectors are mostly used in dark rooms as it help compels the adults and kids to stay, relax, and enjoy the view in their beds. Mainly it helps influence the imagination of the users, especially when it comes to kids. The use of these projectors can also help parents to put their overactive child to sleep.

Aside from being used as a sleep-inducing machine, it can also be used as lighting equipment at parties, occasions, and in special events. It can instantly transform your flat ceiling into an impressive starry constellation. These devices can also act as an education medium for kids to help them know more about stars, cosmos, and planets.


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