If there is one thing we as human beings cannot do without, I believe it would definitely be light. Imagine if it were possible for the Sun, moon and stars to be nonexistent for a day with the absence of electricity or any other source of light. It would be scary right? No one would even wish to experience such a situation because we will all be lost without a source of light. Same thing goes for your waving flags hung up on flag poles outside your home or work place, without getting proper illumination; they would look extinct at night because they can no longer be seen. For this reason, you most definitely need a light source to light them up at night if you still want them to be visible and clearly seen.

Talking about lights for flags and flag poles, there are many sources of light energy like the mechanical, electric and solar. We are concentrating mainly on solar because in recent times, Solar energy has been the most useful and reliable source of light with a high advantage over other light sources. Why is that? The primary reason should be because solar energy comes from the sun and so it is always readily available.

Solar flag pole lights are available in different types and designs and are usually placed at the top of the flag pole. You may be thinking, I need a solar flag pole light for my flags, why not walk into a store or visit an online shop and order one right away. Believe me, if you don’t take your time to inquire about a product before purchasing it, there is a high possibility of you regretting your purchase later on.

Some thoughts are supposed to come to the mind when thinking of the best solar flag pole light to buy.

Thoughts like;

How bright is the light?

How many hours does it last? 

How durable is the light?

In my own opinion, these are the major things to consider before hitting the market and stores online. Yes, you definitely need a solar flag pole light that shines very bright. You need a solar flag pole light that can last for long hours. You need a solar flag pole light that is durable and will still be useful over time. But determining which particular solar flag pole light has all these features may be a herculean task as there are numerous solar flag pole light products in the market.

Needless to worry, here is a list of top quality and customer recommended solar flag pole lights from reputable manufacturers that can serve you purposefully.

Note that this list is in no particular ranking order

1. Deneve Deluxe Solar Flag Pole Light, Flag Light, LED Downlight

Deneve is a company from South California and they are known for producing quality products so there is no surprise that it is top of my list. This solar flag pole light shines very bright and illuminates the flag properly. It lasts long and can stay on all throughout the night. The solar batteries are rechargeable and can also be replaced if it develops any fault. The solar light can easily fit on a flag pole and there are detailed installing instructions for you to follow. This particular product has a whole lot of positive reviews from customers online.

2. Sunnytech 2nd Generation Solar Flag Pole 20 LED Light

If I should continue with the description, you would see remarks like; Brightest, Most powerful, longest lasting and most flag coverage. All these have been proven to true, believe me this solar flag pole light will be very useful to you if you purchase it. It is an LED light and can light up a flag pole of about 25FT in height. It has a 45000mA replaceable battery, if charged fully, it could last for up to 18 hours. This solar flag pole light is also waterproof so you can worry less about it when it perhaps rains.

3. Deneve Standard Solar Flag Pole Light, Flag Light, LED Downlight

Here we have another Deneve product of similar quality to the earlier mentioned one. Just like the other, it is very easy to install and it works great. The Deneve Standard Solar Flag pole light can light up a flag pole of 15 – 25FT. The batteries are durable and replaceable as well. It is recommended that you charge it for up to 24 hours before making use of it. If properly charged, this solar flag pole light is sure to lit up your flag all throughout the night.

4. Hallomall Solar Flag Pole Light, Flagpole Solar Light

Energy saving is one of the unique features of this solar flag pole light.  It shines very bright and efficiently brings your flag to life at night. It has 11 solar panels with 48 LEDs light. Installing this solar flag pole light is easy. It takes about 6 – 8 hours to be fully charged and can last for over 9 hours. It is also weather resistant which means it can hardly be damaged as solar lights are normally damaged by weather conditions.

5. HiMo Solar Power Flag Pole Light with Flag LED Downlights

You have another quality option with this solar flag pole light. HiMo Solar Power Flag pole light, an ideal solar light for Night lighting. First thing I must recommend this solar light for is its durability; it can last for over 8 years if handled properly. It is self-charging with automatic on/off; it turns itself on once its dark and switches off at day break. It can be switched from low, medium and high positions, depends on how bright you want it to shine. Aside from lighting up flag and flag poles, it can also be used for other purposes.

6. Sunnytech 3rd Generation Solar Power Flag Pole Flagpole Light

Another Sunnytech product but this one is 3rd Generation. It is just a bit upgraded version of the former. The company says it is the best solar flag pole light you can buy and it really may just be. It has solar batteries that are self-charging and very reliable. It is also has the automatic on and off feature and it is weather proof so it can be used in all seasons. It is easy to install and can be easily fitted on any flag pole.

7. Vont Solar Flag Pole Flagpole Light, Energy Saving LEDs

I added this solar flag pole light because it is very affordable. If you are thinking of spending just a few dollars over a solar flag pole light, you can make do with this Vont product. It offers proper illumination at night and if charged fully will keep your flag glowing until the morning. It causes no stress to install, very easy, all it requires is just to unscrew your brass ball at the top, place the solar light, replace the brass ball you are good to go.

8. Homdox Solar Flag Pole Flagpole light

This is one of the preferred solar products when it comes to lighting up your flags. It comes with 3 x built in solar batteries that are self-charging and also with an auto on and off feature. Just like the others, installing this solar flag pole light is very simple and wouldn’t need professional assistance. It is not too expensive as the price is OK enough for the type of quality it has. To say more, it is weather resistant too.

9. Blinngo Solar Flag Pole Light 42 LED

The Blinngo Solar Flag Pole Light has about 6 solar panels which is waterproof and also very durable. It has a rechargeable battery with a 2200mA capacity and 42 LED light bulbs. It is energy saving and can stay on all throughout the night if it is charged properly. This solar flag pole light can easily fit on any type of flag pole and it is easy to install. It is one of the solar flag pole lights you can buy and be assured of getting nothing but quality.

10. Hallomall Flagpole Solar Light 30 LED Downlight

Ending my list with another Hallomall product; this solar flag pole light is described as multi-functional as it can not only be used as a flag pole light but as a general source of light anywhere. Just like the other product, it is energy saving and durable as well. It has 30 LED bulbs and 11 solar panels. It shines so bright that you may forget to sleep whilst looking at it. It lasts long after being fully charged and it is cheaper in price than other solar flag pole lights.


Solar products are normally known for requiring less maintenance and also known to be durable. However, purchasing a durable product is not always enough. If you really want durability, you have to maintain your solar flag pole light properly. Make sure it is duly charged before making use of it and change the battery when necessary.

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