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(Last Updated On: July 4, 2019)

Collecting silicon baby dolls have become a widespread hobby quite lately.  And why not when they look so realistic and adorable?

Realistic baby dolls are getting more and more popular as they are fine examples of a piece of fine art. Hence, if one is thinking about adding one of them into their collection, then here is a list of fine and best silicone baby dolls to take a look!

5. Pinky Reborn

This cute and lifelike doll stands 22 inches; 55 cm in length gives the impression of a toddler. It has fine black hair with its body made up of soft simulation silicone vinyl. The doll is ideal for a toddler’s birthday present because of its soft and comfortable touch. Also, this kind of best silicone baby dolls is all made up of non-toxic, pure environment-friendly materials that makes it safe for kids.


  • Flexible enough to pose like sitting and lying
  • Multiple clothing options provided inside the box.
  • Weighs around 1.5 kg makes it easy to lift and taken to places.


  • The doll cannot stand straight, and due to its clothing, it is not recommended for washing.
  • The hair is also made up of high-quality wig that is also not washable.



4. American Girl WellieWishers Willa Doll

Willa doll stands tall at 14.5 inches and is perfect to be a friend for young girls of the age of five to seven. The doll looks beautiful with bright hazel eyes and has her pretty blonde hair tamed into flowing pigtails.

It also has cute bunny ears in the form of a headband. The material is plastic or vinyl, and its brilliant quality has made it in quite some product awards. It is dressed as wearing a hedgehog tee and matching the skirt that looks both trendy and adorable. The coordinating Wellie boots are equally cute and comfortable.


  • The doll is animal loving and has pretty animal impressions on its dress.
  • The dimensional ears and pretty eyes with strawberry blonde hair make it look all the more adorable.


  • The doll is static at standing position, and it cannot bend its knees.
  • Cloth size is a bit smaller than the regular American doll wear.



3. iCradle Reborn Doll

This realistic looking reborn doll has brilliant lifelike features and is exclusively handmade. It has also got a magnetic pacifier that looks quite real and similar to that of an actual baby of the same age such as 3.

It weighs approximately 3lbs and is quite light to handle. Also, it measures a total of 55cm from head to toe. The bay is suitable enough to fit into newborn clothes and even has the option of changing disposable diapers.

The hair has a lot of specifications to it as it has hand rooted mohair and can be styled in any shape. Also, one can easily wash them just like real baby hair. Special care has been taking while processing the skin and nails. Such best silicone baby dolls come with hand-applied eyelashes and lips painted as such it seems to be warm and humid all the time.


  • Best thing is that its limbs are movable and that makes it sit and lay down quite conveniently.
  • The head simulation is completely that of a real baby size and looks super cute.
  • The high-quality acrylic eyes and soft hair gives the best baby like impressions.
  • These best silicone baby dolls are 100% hand-made, and the craftwork is finished with hand painting to give it a natural look.


  • It is not flexible enough to stand up and also does not have any talking features.



2. Paradise Galleries

Paradise Galleries brings life-size baby dolls with features just like that of a Hispanic girl straightly out from a royal princess dream. It is made up of gentle touch vinyl and comes in a variety of five variant colors. These best silicone baby dolls display pretty blue eyes and wear a marvelously majestic dress. The pink satin dress ensemble with white polka dots looks adorable and posh. It also allows variable options for accessorizing with a pink head wrap or sequin silver crown.


  • One interesting aspect about this baby doll is the magical baby bottle that comes with a drink. Whenever the baby drinks it, the liquid inside the bottle magically disappears. This is something that makes a kid’s quite a curio and interested in it.
  • The doll is ideal for the reborn baby doll collectors of the age group 14 and above.
  • Buyers can also be quite assured about its quality as the box comes with a warranty certificate assuring its authenticity.


  • The only negative aspect about this doll is that it is slightly on the pricey side. However, the specifications and brilliant features are entirely worth the price it is paid for.
  • Buyers do not have the choice to bath her as it comes with a clothed ensemble that can get molded.



1. Paradise Galleries

Another lovely reborn doll by Paradise Galleries that is quite popular among the best silicone baby dolls collectors is this one. It has a 7-piece ensemble for a newborn baby bundle that jumbles into a handsome baby with endless charming features.

The baby doll is crafted with so much precision and delicacy that it has perfect toes, beautifully nurtured faux mohair and what not. It is made up of Flex Touch vinyl, and the soft and gentle cloths give it the real baby like feel.

The realism to this piece of doll does not end here as it also showcases special delivery tag, hospital bracelet, a birth certificate, and an original diaper. So much for its authenticity!


  • The baby is a fine example of perfection and ultra-realistic features.
  • It is a perfect possession for all the doll enthusiasts.


  • The baby doll is not waterproof, and hence it cannot be bathed.



Some frequently asked questions about the best silicone baby dolls: FAQ

Are they safe for toddlers?

Answer- Yes, it’s safe for your child.

Does the doll have correct anatomy?

Answer- Yes, it looks perfect as you see in the picture.

Can she take a bath?

Answer- No, it’s not completely waterproof.

Is the pacifier replaceable?

Answer- No, as per the terms it’s not replaceable.

Can she wear real clothes of baby girl or boy?

Answer- Yes, you can change their clothes as you want.

All the above baby dolls are ideal to make the house look adorable to the extent one will love to add more and more to the collection.