(Last Updated On: December 11, 2018)

There is a chance that you are going to be among the people who will need the use of a salt chlorinator for the pool’s water. If you are about to get your own chlorinator, you should make sure that you will get the best model out there in the market.

The chlorinators are used to help the pool owners maintain their swimming pools, so if you do get your own one, there is no doubt that you’ll love your pool more as it keeps it clean and makes the water feels good.

Top 10 Best Salt Pool Chlorinators

Since there are a lot of salt chlorinators out there, you should consider making a couple of research of different products to ensure that you get the best product. But in this article, we have prepared the best list of salt pool chlorination systems so that you can compare the best product with each other.

Here are several of the best chlorinator systems available in the market:

1. Hayward Goldline – Best Above-Ground Salt Chlorination System

Hayward Goldline Above-Ground Salt Chlorination SystemThe Hayward is a well-known product when it comes to swimming pool related items. Acquiring this kind of model will let you experience a lot more performance that would be worth spending your money on.

This is also one of the best-selling salt chlorinating systems on the market today, which also has an over 1 million installations globally.

This model works perfectly when it comes to eliminating the harsh odor of chlorine. Aside from the smell of chlorine, the system also removes the taste of it providing you with a clean, fresh, and odorless swimming pool. The system also has the ability to automatically convert the dissolved into chlorine, which reduces your maintenance time.

  • Automatically dissolves salt and convert into a useable chlorine
  • It provides you with a consistent sanitization process
  • It has a high reputation
  • The system is worth the cost
  • Eliminates the harsh odor of chlorine
  • Keeps your pool looking fresh and clean looking
  • The system requires the use of a power center which is sold separately
  • Very expensive



2. AutoPilot Salt Chlorine Generator – Best for big pools

AutoPilot Salt Chlorine GeneratorIf you have your pool, you’ll never have to buy chlorine for your pool ever again if you consider getting one of these products. This system is designed to generate a continuous supply of chlorine that you might need for your swimming pool.

Also, there is no doubt that you’ll have an easy time when it comes to the product’s overall usage.

The system is also very easy to use thanks to the machine’s intuitive controls and features. You don’t have to keep on looking at the provided manual to operate the system. One of the benefits of having this chlorinator model is that you’ll never have to worry about faded swimwear, skin irritation, and red eyes. It will deliver you with the best performance that you need.

  • Energy Efficient
  • Shows important information on the display
  • Prevents skin irritation
  • Makes the pool ideal for those who have allergies and asthma
  • It doesn’t have an automatic shutoff feature



3. Intex Krystal – Best Cheap Saltwater System (Electrocatalytic Oxidation)

Intex Krystal Clear Saltwater SystemThis is a great model that you can use when it comes to having an easy time of using the saltwater system. This product also comes with the top brand.

f you buy this branded chlorinating system, you will end up having a model great model that works great compared to other models that have the same price range.

The model has a two-stage technology which is both important when it comes to sanitizing the pool’s water. The first part is that you’ll have to throw in natural salt to the pool’s water, the water will then pass through the system’s filtration process to create fresh and soft water for all the swimmers to enjoy. Your pool’s water will now be free from harsh chemicals.

  • It is very easy to setup
  • Effectively cleans your pool’s water
  • Helps eliminate the growth of algae
  • Removes the harsh chemicals in your pool
  • Cheaper than most models
  • This is only effective for a 15,000-gallon pool
  • It has some issues on its salt alarm
  • Not very durable



4. ControlOMatic ChlorMaker – Affordable Saltwater Chlorine System

ControlOMatic ChlorMaker Saltwater Chlorine SystemThis salt chlorinator is much simpler looking than most chlorinators listed here. It is also quite simple to use and set the machine up.

This product is also listed as one of the best chlorinators that provide the best performance for the users. You will feel more comfortable with this product once you get your own.

The design of the product will allow you to use for home, public, or professional pool or even spas.

If you have little time in your hands, you will surely love this product as it only needs little maintenance. It can work anytime as you wanted it to, this is thanks to the chlorinator’s ten built-in power levels. The product also has a self-cleaning system, which will help you save more time from cleaning the machine.

  • Very easy to use and install
  • Allows you to save more cleaning time
  • It is fully programmable
  • It can generate 30 grams of pure chlorine every day
  • It doesn’t require mechanical alterations or plumbing
  • Ideal for spas and hot tubs
  • Not durable



5. Intex Krystal Clear – Best Sand Filter Pump and Saltwater System with E.C.O

Intex Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump and Saltwater SystemThis model is designed for the use of above-ground pools that has a water range of 4,800 to 15,000-gallon capacity. This sand filter/salt water system has one of the most desirable methods that keep your pool water clean and sparkling.

The all natural, inexpensive sand pump does an excellent job of filtering the water. Also, it only requires a replacement once I every five years, which makes it an easily maintained filtration system option in the market.

This system also has an ECO or Electro Catalytic oxidation, which keep the swimming pool clean and safe, while also eliminating the harsh chemicals of the traditional chlorine.

Intex has combined these two great systems to provide all the above-pool owners with low-cost, low maintenance system that would always keep their pools comfortable, clean, and safe for all swimmers.

  • Price is a bit more affordable than other branded products
  • It treats above-ground pools that are around 4,800 to 15,000 gallons
  • The saltwater system is included with ECO
  • Eliminates the harsh chemicals of chlorine and its odor
  • Keeps the swimmers comfortable and safe
  • It has a sand filter for an effective filtration process
  • It comes with a 2-year warranty
  • It is only applicable to above-ground pools
  • Not very durable



6. Hayward Goldline All-In-One Control and Salt Chlorination System – Best Premium

Hayward Goldline All-In-One Control and Salt Chlorination SystemThis is another top product that is manufactured by Hayward that is available in the market. This brand further proves the effectiveness of their items, as the products are quite good at doing their jobs.

If you purchase this item, you will also get the best features that are often seen on electronic pool chlorinating system. You will love how this system works as it comes with the best automation, and with user-friendly controls.

However, like all the branded products out there, this system doesn’t come with a low price, but it does work great and lives up to its name.

Once you have tried this product out, you will think that it was worth the purchase. Also, this model is fully programmable which enables you to let it work the way you wanted.

  • It works great for larger pools
  • Offers great maintenance of pH
  • It  is fully programmable
  • It has user-friendly controls
  • Does its job well
  • Effective in maintaining your small or large pool
  • Provides you with a clean, safe, and comfortable pool to swim in
  • It is quite expensive



7. Pentair IntelliChlor Salt Chlorine Generator Cell

Pentair IntelliChlor Salt Chlorine Generator CellThis is a top performing product that won’t give you any kinds of problem when it comes to its overall use. You will find it very easy to use thanks to the systems overall design and configuration.

The Pentair only comes in buttons to help deal with a few adjustments. And even if you have never owned one of these products before, you’ll immediately know how to get the system working the way you want it to.

This model also has an easy to view display, which enables you to quickly view the display. This will allow you to check the cell cleanliness, sanitizer output, salt levels, and the water flow.

These are the most important parts of owning a generator cell. The system also provides you with all the needed performance data. This will enable you to enjoy working with the system.

  • The model can be easily adjusted
  • It comes with an auto shut off feature
  • It will provide you with all the performance data
  • Easy-to-view display
  • The cells use a tracking feature
  • It is quite expensive
  • It often needs to be regularly cleaned



8. Solaxx Saltron Retro Self Cleaning Salt Chlorine Generator

Solaxx Saltron Retro Self Cleaning Salt Chlorine GeneratorHere is another great salt chlorinating system that is going to provide you with the best performance, especially when it comes to working with a salt chlorine generator.

The Solaxx comes in a self-contained model to provide the needs of the user. This product uses a natural process to help generate pure chlorine once you work with this model.

The product comes with the process of electrolyte that utilizes a low concentration of sodium chloride. This is so that you will have the right amount of chlorine in your pool. Since Solaxx generates free chlorine, you won’t ever have to spend money on getting additional chlorine to treat your pool’s water. Also, this model also features a digital power supply, where you can always switch to various modes to have a good power supply to the system’s cell.

  • You don’t have to keep extra chlorine
  • It gets cheaper in the long run
  • Very easy setup
  • Provides a smooth feeling of the water
  • Can be used for In-ground and above-ground pools that are up to 20,000 gallons
  • It has a built-in programmable timer
  • Removes harsh chemicals from the pool
  • It is not suitable for pools that have soft insides
  • It is not as durable as other salt chlorinators



9. Circupool Salt Chlorine Generator

Circupool Salt Chlorine GeneratorCircupool can deliver you with the ultimate reliability and simplicity when it comes to chlorinating your pool. The unit can automatically keep your pool’s water crystal clear and clean, it also provides comfort for all the swimmers as it doesn’t irritate your eyes and skin, and keeps your hair feeling smooth.

It also eliminates the use of chlorine, shock, and algaecides.

This product is much more durable, user-friendly, and easy to operate than other salt chlorinators. This chlorinating unit is guaranteed to operate well and out-last other products that are more expensive. This chlorinating system is very easy to install where you won’t even need the help of a professional pool installer.

  • It can operate automatically
  • The cells can be easily inspected
  • It can treat pools that are up to 40,000 gallons
  • Very easy to clean
  • Doesn’t require regular maintenance
  • It has a self-cleaning ability
  • It has cases of calcium build up



10. Hayward SwimPure Salt System Replacement Cell

Hayward SwimPure Salt System Replacement CellIf you want to have a pool with clean and silky smooth water, you should try out this Hayward SwimPure salt system. This item uses a non-iodized salt so that it can electronically provide you with pure chlorine. What it helps removes microorganisms like bacteria and algae from your beloved pool. Once you use this product, all that you’ll be left with is a soft, clean, and clear pool without the presence of harsh chemicals and chlorine odor.

It also prevents your swimsuits from fading and will not irritate your eyes and skin. All you have to do is add a large amount of salt into the system to set up a solid base, and later on add small amounts regularly to keep the system working. This can also be connected to your pool’s plumb line, which helps reduce the cost of maintenance and time. The control panel of the system can also be easily controlled that also comes with a digital display.

  • Easy to read digital slat display
  • Keeps your pool water looking clear
  • It can be connected to your pool’s plumb line
  • It produces chlorine out of salt
  • It prevents or lessens the growth of microorganisms
  • It is too expensive



How the Salt Chlorinator Works

How the Salt Chlorinator WorksOther than chlorine chemicals, did you know that you can also use salt a pool chlorinator? Yes, you can use a table salt to help chlorinate your swimming pool.

When your pool water contains salt or sodium chloride in it, and then applied with a small electric current, the salt inside the pool will then be converted into chloride ions and chlorine gas. Once the produced gas dissolves in your pool’s water, a form of chlorine will then be distributed throughout your whole pool.

Now, let me get on how these eco-friendly salt chlorinators work:

  • First, large quantities of salt will be added to your swimming pool
  • The water that contains salt will then pass through the machine’s salt cell
  • A small electric current will then pass through the machine’s plates, causing the salt to have a chemical reaction that releases chlorine gas.
  • As the water passes through the salt cell during the ongoing process, the produced chlorine gas will then dissolve into the water and creates fresh and pure chlorine that will kill all the existing contaminants.
  • And finally, the purified chlorine goes back to your swimming pool.

What are the Advantages of Salt Water Chlorination?

Salt Water ChlorinationLike any other competing products, most of you will compare which kind of chlorinator will be much better for your pool. Will, you stick on using the traditional chlorine for pool maintenance or opt to change into using salt chlorinator?

To help lessen your confusion between the two products, let us focus on the advantages of using salt chlorinator:

It Requires Minimum Maintenance

The best thing of using salt water swimming pool is that it requires little maintenance, unlike chlorinated pools. This kind of pool virtually cleans its own without the help of the pool owner. If you are a pool owner, then this is excellent news for you.

Unlike chlorine maintained pools, you no longer need to add sanitizers on the saltwater pool, but you’ll need to conduct alkalinity, regular pH, and water hardness tests to make sure that you have a healthy swimming pool. Salt water has a constant level of sanitizers, which lessens or prevents the growth of algae, which also means that it requires less cleaning.


The initial cost of a saltwater pool is quite high, but the system will be extremely cost-effective in the long run. Also, the cost of the salt chlorinator will be very much worth it as the price of salt in much cheaper, unlike the regular use of chlorine that costs a bit more than salt.

Annually, your pool will only require a little bit of salt to maintain the concentration of salt. The amount of salt that you need to use will also depend on the pool’s rain or water loss.

It Doesn’t Contain Harsh Chemicals

Saltwater pool may contain chlorine, but not as strong as there’s no need for you to add any kinds of sanitizing chemicals. It’s not necessary for you to store or use any kinds of harsh and toxic chemicals.

This also means that you are maintaining your pool in an environmentally-friendly free. And as an addition, your pool doesn’t reek of a strong chlorine odor.

The Comfort of Water for Swimmers

Since the pool’s chlorine level is very low, yet still effective, the swimmers won’t be subjected to having red eyes, discolored hair, and swimsuits, and dry skin, making their swimming experience in the water more comfortable than ever.

Health Benefits

Unlike chlorinated pool, salt water is much healthier for swimmers that are enjoying the feel of the water. Also, salt water is much softer to the eyes, hair, skin, and for your swimming attire.

The high levels of chlorine and additives are the ones responsible for the irritation that you feel when swimming. The irritating feeling cannot be found on saltwater pools, which makes the pool suitable for those people who are asthmatic and has allergies.

The versatility of Salt Chlorination

The pool salt chlorination system can be applied in anybody types of water. Whether you use it on a Jacuzzi type pool or the Olympic size pool, you can get all the benefits of the salt chlorination system.

The installation process is also straightforward. A professional pool equipment installer can easily install it. This kind of system has already proved its worth for a lot of times.


There are different kinds of ways that you can do when it comes to maintaining and keeping your pool clean and safe. One of the best of maintaining a swimming pool is by getting the best saltwater chlorinator that you can find.

Salt chlorinators are great systems that help keeps your pool clearer, cleaner, safer, provides a good feel on the skin, and many more.

If you are looking for a pool chlorinator, then we highly recommend that you buy a salt chlorinator instead. It helps save cost in the long run and very economically friendly.