Best Running Gloves for Winter

Best Running Gloves for Winter

Whether you are a fitness enthusiast who declines to hand over the great outdoors or someone who wants to look physically fit for the upcoming summer, having the best running gloves is very important if you’re planning to run in the cold. If you left them exposed, your hands and fingers become painfully dry, cold, and sore.

However, if you’re anxious about your hands’ condition, you may consider getting yourself a good pair of running gloves. But the big problem is, choosing the best pair can be a daunting task simply because there are many choices where you can choose from. But one thing is for sure. There is a pair of running gloves that will perfectly suit you.

Nevertheless, to help you find the right pair of running gloves that suit your needs, we have rounded up some of the best running gloves that are currently available on the market. What are you waiting for? Check out the list below and enjoy your upcoming winter-run feeling cozy and warm.

Top 16 Best Running Gloves Reviewed



16. Sugoi Firewall LT Glove Review

1. Sugoi Firewall LT Glove Review This slender pair of running gloves will safeguard your hands/fingers in cold, windy surroundings. The long cuff slips of the Sugoi Firewall LT Glove will prevent undesirable exposed skin as they cover your entire wrist.

On the other hand, these gloves come with nice details such as silicon graphics on the middle and index fingers to offer a grip. As a result, you will be able to get your things from your pocket with ease without removing your gloves. Moreover, the thumbs of these gloves are outfitted using a soft material. With this pair of gloves, you can still use your electronics since it has a touch-conductive exterior. Nevertheless, it also comes with a small pocket where you can place your key.


15. Compression Lightweight Running Gloves Review

2. Compression Lightweight Running Gloves Review The Compression Lightweight running gloves will retain your hands dry and cool at the same while you are running. Even so, their four-way stretch fabric is specifically designed to resist the odor and get rid of sweat.

These gloves are also top-notch when it comes to flexibility. They are ideal for doing various errands with ease.

Either way, for runners with a busy and crazy lifestyle, who are planning to invest in a pair of running gloves, then they can’t go wrong with Compression Lightweight Running Gloves. You can leave them on while doing other tasks. More importantly, it is a great item with a nice value.


14. Ronhill Classic Gloves Review

3. Ronhill Classic Gloves Review With Ronhill Classic Gloves, you will assume thermal properties that help regulate body temperature as you power over the miles. Aside from offering warmth, this pair of running gloves, acne can also manage moistness, leaving your fingers/hands sweat-free and dry.

This lightweight and thin pair of gloves may not retain your hands cozy enough, especially if you are running in areas with severely icy temperatures. But rest assured, the Ronhill Classic Gloves will not affect your way of walking if the heaviness in your hands heaves you uneven.

Nevertheless, these gloves are available in bright yellow or black. On the other hand, if you are sensible about sporting reflective clothes while you are running along with main roads, without a doubt, these gloves are perfect for you.


13. Nike Therma-Fit Elite 2.0

4. Nike Therma-Fit Elite 2.0 According to the manufacturer of these gloves, this product is made of materials that protect your hands from the cold. Furthermore, it keeps that ability in wet weather.

However, inside the Nike Therma-Fit Elite 2.0 is a fluffy lining that offers additional warmth and comfort. On the other hand, Nike puts lots of thoughts into these gloves when it comes to the design. For instance, it has a curved patch in fingers and palm to allow for the usual movement.

In addition to that, it also has a reflective detail, which improves visibility and a nose wipe. Whether you admit it or not, we are using our gloves to clean a runny nose.


12. TrailHeads Running Gloves for Women

5. TrailHeads Running Gloves for Women Creating a fashion statement using your hands has never been easy. However, with TrailHaeds Running Gloves, you’ll not only protect your hands, but they look great as well. These gloves are smooth, durable, and wind-resistant. Moreover, its brush inside layer that is very soft will wick moistness keeping your fingers/hands warm.

This pair of running gloves, on the other hand, allows you to use your electronics due to its touchscreen capabilities.

Undeniably, running in cold weather will make hands cold; thus, having a pair of Trailheads Running gloves is a sure way to safeguard your hands. Nevertheless, these gloves are certain to keep your hands feeling and looking great at a very affordable price.


11. Trim Fit Life Gloves

6. Trim Fit Life Gloves The majority of runners tend to look for clothing that will last longer. For that reason, the Trim Fit Life Gloves are constructed to endure even the hardest workout. Moreover, these gloves are sewed using the best nylon, which offers them the durability every active sportsperson is looking for. It also has a fingertip precision that has two scroll technology.

The Trim Fit Life Gloves is ideal for cool weather. They are extremely comfortable and light in weight. Similar to Compression Lightweight Running Gloves, it is also made of four-way stretch fabric.  Also, the fabric doesn’t lose shape. Either way, the Trim Fit Life Gloves is quite affordable yet durable.


10. Under Armour No Breaks Gloves

7. Under Armour No Breaks Gloves For runners, owning a pair of gloves that can be utilized as a base layer or alone for cold seasons is necessary. Even so, Under Armour No Breaks can either be utilized unaccompanied or as a base layer.

These gloves that are made from spandex and polyester will protect your hands from various harmful elements. They are also tight and thin fitting. However, the Under Armour gloves are ideal for active runners who are courageous enough to run in cold places to obtain their heaps in.

This pair of gloves are also designed to resist snow and water, making it perfect for runners who love running/walking in the rain as well as snow. Furthermore, these gloves are sure to protect your hands without losing its breathability.


9. Lonew Touch Screen Gloves

8. Lonew Touch Screen Gloves Keeping your hand warm while running in a cold temperature has never been an easy task. But, the Low Touch Screen gloves can do that. This pair of gloves with lots of great features that every runner will love.

These gloves feature an elastically lined wrist, which is useful in stopping cold air from getting or sneaking your hands. Furthermore, they are very light in weight. Aside from that, these gloves have lots of benefits that perfectly suits runner needs. Also, its breathable inside fabric lets the gloves stay dry, and it will keep your hands safe from the cold.

Nonetheless, these windproof and waterproof gloves are quite affordable and something worth getting.


8. Anqier Knit Running Gloves

9. Anqier Knit Running Gloves This versatile pair of running gloves are made from the latest windproof as well as waterproof materials. Also, these gloves are ideal for people who enjoy various activities, aside from running. The Anqier Knit Running gloves are perfect in the rain.

Unlike other brands, these gloves are equipped with a zipper that can be adjusted. Thus, whether you are looking for loose or sung running gloves, you cannot go wrong with Anqier Knit running gloves.

Also, these gloves are ideal for everyday use, driving, winter weather, and casual wear. Even so, it also a great present for your family friends and lover.


7. Icebreaker Quantum Gloves

10. Icebreaker Quantum Gloves Most people are searching for the soft and gentle feel of merino wools on their hands. Fortunately, the Icebreaker has completed a great job by using merino in creating their running gloves. Even so, these gloves are filled using some spandex to ensure that fit is firm and nice. Furthermore, they feature grips on the index, thumb, and palm.

The Icebreaker Quantum Running Gloves comes with wrist cuffs that are long enough to offer extra protection. Even though they do not have wind stopping potentials, this pair of running gloves is top-notch when it comes to comfort. Plus, they are ideal for regular Nordic skiing or running day.


6. The North Face FlashDry Liner review

11. The North Face FlashDry Liner review If comfort is what you are looking for in running gloves, look at The North Face FlashDryLiner.

The thing that contributes to the comfort of this liner is its lightweight, first of all. Secondly, its Radiametric Articulation is designed to keep the hands in a natural, relaxed position and allow free movement. Aside from that, its breathable FlashDry fabric technology makes the liner act as a second skin.

As convenient as it is, this liner won’t be a suitable choice for really cold weather. It is a liner, after all. It is more appropriate for cooler days in autumn, for example, rather than for winter. Apart from that, this liner is quite pricey.


  • Keeps the hands in a relaxed position.
  • Comfortable.


  • Expensive.
  • Not the best option for extreme cold.


5. New Balance Lightweight Running Gloves review

12. New Balance Lightweight Running Gloves review New Balance’s running gloves are pretty similar to the FlashDry liner but are much less expensive. Moreover, these gloves have several interesting features not present in the previous pair.

New Balance Lightweight Running Gloves feature touchscreen-compatible index and thumb fingertips, so you won’t have to take off the gloves to use your smartphone. Besides, it has an anti-microbial finish that should keep the gloves safer for longer periods of time. You shouldn’t forget to wash them after each workout, though!

The good range of available color options will also certainly be an advantage for some as well.

Bear in mind, however, that these gloves won’t be very good for cold days: in terms of warmth, it appears to be closer to liners than to gloves.


  • Inexpensive.
  • Touchscreen-compatible thumb and index fingertips.
  • Various color options.
  • Anti-microbial.


  • Probably won’t protect on frigid days.


4. Gordini Men’s Stash Lite Touch Gloves review

13. Gordini Men's Stash Lite Touch Gloves review In case you want warm gloves, then Gordini Men’s Stash Lite Touch gloves could be the best choice for you.

The insulation layer of these gloves is made from 80% silk. Thanks to its conductivity, the silk is breathable yet keeps warm air close to the skin. As a result, silk makes these gloves both warm and breathable.

Another upside of these gloves is that they are rather stretchy, making them easier to put on. Besides, the spandex cuffs of these gloves feature small pockets in which you can store the most necessary small items.

Remarkably, Gordini gloves feature 3 touchscreen-compatible fingertips for more a comfortable handling of your device’s touchscreen.


  • 3 touchscreen-compatible fingertips.
  • Insulated and breathable.
  • Has cuff pockets.


  • Don’t fit as tightly as most other gloves.


3. Nike Lightweight Tech Running Gloves review

14. Nike Lightweight Tech Running Gloves review A renowned manufacturer of sports gear, Nike also has made its move in the market of running gloves. Their products are a go-to for many activities, and running is no exception. These gloves are fairly expensive, mind you, but they should be able to satisfy you if they are what you need.

Nike’s Dri-FIT fabric is engineered to keep sweat away and maintain the wearer’s hands’ dryness. These gloves appear to be pretty warm, and they should work well during rainy and windy weather.

Nike’s nice feature in these gloves is the key pocket inside the palm that is also suitable for other small items.

Lastly, these gloves have touchscreen-compatible thumbs. That will certainly allow you to use your smartphone in cold weather, but only one touch finger won’t be as convenient as two or more.


  • Touchscreen-compatible thumbs.
  • Keeps the hands dry.
  • Has a key pocket.


  • Fairly pricey.


2. Under Armour Men’s ColdGear Liner review

15. Under Armour Men's ColdGear Liner review Under Armour Men’s GoldGear Liner is a pretty remarkable piece of running gear. Being a liner, this product probably won’t be excellent for cold protection in winter, but it should be more than enough for moderately cold days.

The length of the cuffs on the GoldGear Liner catches the eye right away. The length of this liner will come in handy with clothing with not so long sleeves. Besides, it could help isolate your arms from the cold outside air better.

The main downside of this pair of liners is that it won’t be as easy to put on as regular short gloves. Sure, the liner’s stretchy material could make the process easier, but it will likely be annoying nonetheless.


  • Long.
  • Good for the hands’ isolation from cold air.
  • Stretchy.


  • More difficult to put on.
  • Won’t work very well in cold weather.


1. VBIGER Winter Gloves review

16. VBIGER Winter Gloves review VBIGER Winter Gloves have been specifically designed for cycling, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use them to run.

These gloves are made from elastic and breathable lycra, which makes them pretty comfortable. Apart from that, it has a touchscreen-compatible thumb and index fingertips to allow the use of touchscreen devices.

All those benefits aside, possibly the biggest advantage of these gloves is the cheap price. Just keep in mind that they appear not to have much warmth in them.


  • Touch-compatible index and thumb fingertips.
  • Affordable.


  • Not really warm.


Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Running Gloves

When buying a pair of running gloves, there are essential things you will want to think through. However, choosing the right pair does not have to be difficult. Nevertheless, listed below are important factors that you need to consider before making a purchase.

  • Materials

Generally, running gloves are made from synthetic blends. Polypropylene, fleece, acrylic, and polyester are the fabrics that are commonly used in making gloves. But keep in mind the each of them has different waterproof and windproofing features, warmth, and breathability.

  • Thickness

Investing in a pair of running gloves that are thick enough to protect your hands from cold is highly recommended. Either way, most running gloves today are thick and capable of providing wind protection and warmth.

  • Fit

Look for running gloves that perfectly and comfortably fit your hands. Bear in mind that too big gloves will flop about, while too small running gloves will cut the circulation off.

  • Warmth

Running gloves aren’t created the same and not providing the same level of warmth. Either way, if you want a pair of gloves that can make you feel warm even though you’re in a freezing place, then look for models that are made of thicker fabrics.

  • Weight

Fabrics will determine how heavy a glove is. However, the majority of running gloves are light in weight, and they do not disturb the flow or comfort of your run.


Having the best and right pair of running gloves sounds a good investment. That is why when looking for a pair, make sure to choose the item that suits your needs. During cold seasons, a pair of running gloves is pretty much a must. If you don’t protect your hands from the cold, you will probably have a bad time at your running sessions.

Winter gloves would be somewhat suitable for freezing days because you wouldn’t sweat as much, but they won’t be appropriate for warmer days. Either way, we hope this content helps you a lot in choosing the best running gloves that you can comfortably wear on your next winter run.


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