Best Puppy Shampoo

Does your charming puppy love to take a bath during the hot season? Or does it love to play around and getting dirty that undoubtedly stresses you out?

Well, that’s a normal thing for us pet lovers to encounter messy pets just give that pup a fresh bath and let it experience a good scent all over its body. Bathing is part of its grooming process and it will cost you. Furthermore, stop doing it practically by using what’s available but purchase for a suitable shampoo for puppies; your adorable puppies seem like a child to you so invest for it and make a little bit of sacrifice.

We have searched for the best puppy shampoo and we’re all set to reveal it to you. Are you ready? Let’s get it to unleash!

Top 15 Most Reviewed Puppy Shampoo

  1. Hypoallergenic Dog Shampoo by Particular Paws

Are your puppies suffering from severe skin allergy reactions?

Particular Paws develops an herbal-made shampoo both for dogs and cats that can prevent itchy feeling to your little pets for this product is composed of only a little bit of ingredients that can possibly harm your pet’s skin reaction but overall it comprises healthy ingredients such as Aloe Vera, chamomile, rosemary, honey, coconut scent and herb scents that are gentle components that clearly shows how safe it is for your pets.

Another important ingredient of this product is the mild surfactant blend which is also used by the manufacturers of human shampoo. No worries for your dog’s fragrance because it smells good that will offer your puppy a huggable scent and gives no shame to cuddle.

FDA and GMP certified!

The good thing

  • Smells really good
  • Few ingredients used

The best thing

  • Prevents itch on puppies’ eyes
  • Cures both present and future irritations

The worst thing

  • A sort of Beeswax which could fill up skin openings
  1. Puppy Tearless 2 in 1 Shampoo by Burt’s Bees

Burt’s Bees is a legit manufacturer of environmental-friendly human soap, cosmetic and shampoo products that they have gained customer’s trust and loyalty. Can they also produce a shampoo for a pet as good as their main products, especially on your puppy?

Puppy Tearless Shampoo and Conditioner is a veterinarian certified shampoo for it has pH balance formula and made up of natural ingredients such as buttermilk, which nourishes the puppy’s skin, honey, colloidal oatmeal, and linseed oil, which make the fur softer. Unlike other dog’s shampoo products, it has no strong scent for the company doesn’t add up fragrance chemicals on their products to avoid irritations on your pet.

A 97% chemical-free puppy’s shampoo!

The good thing

  • “No tears” formula
  • Short-list of ingredients

The best thing

  • The container is a recycled bottle (environmental-friendly)
  • Naturally made
  • Veterinary approved

The worst thing

  • Lacks ingredients that can cure irritations
  • Too little foam
  1. Tearless Puppy Shampoo by Isle of Dogs

This product has its branding on pet’s salon for it has a really amazing cotton and orchid scent and has the best scent in the market which makes your puppy more appealing to you and to strangers. Additionally, it has a natural odor neutralizer that aids for the overall effect of the scent to your puppy.

Paraben and sulfate free!

The good thing

  • Removes stains on puppy’s fur
  • Prevents itchy from the eyes

The best thing

  • Useable on dogs in all ages
  • A non-toxic shampoo and is safe when ingested by a puppy

The worst thing

  • Unpleasant strong scent according to other users
  1. All Natural Ultra-mild Puppy Shampoo by Earthbath

All Natural Shampoo has 13 different products that are conferring to pets’ needs and Ultra-mild Puppy Shampoo is one of those.

Earthbath has been one of the top picks puppy shampoo manufacturer that certainly provides care for an overly sensitive puppy’s skin for their products are made up of natural ingredients such as 3 % oatmeal formula that relieve itchy feeling, and aloe that moistures the skin. It does not just clean the outer appearance of your pup but also the inner core of it where bacteria actually live. Certainly, Puppy shampoo has its cherry scent which is loved by puppy owners for it emphasizes a good feeling odor and sounds lovely, isn’t? The product is not just appropriate for puppy’s use but also when it gets older, you can continue using it.

Make your little fur smell like no other!

The good thing

  • Positive customer reviews
  • Have a good scent

The best thing

  • Variety of products offered
  • No added soap content
  • Cruelty-free and biodegradable packaging

The worst thing

  • No list of scent ingredients
  1. Paws & Pals Natural-Dog Shampoo and Conditioner

If you’re looking for a pocket-friendly bath essential, Paws and Pals will provide what you’re looking for!

A Natural-Dog Shampoo and even a conditioner are designed for pups that have a super dry and sensitive skin with its affordable price of just 13 dollars, really interesting to buy. The ingredients used to finally unleash this product are safe, toxic free, natural, and vegan, you heard it right but still offered to you for an unimaginable low price. Being a vegan-made shampoo ensures a great nutrient for a puppy as it also contains aloe, coconut and jojoba oils which moisturize and restores dry skin into a healthier skin. Another, it is effective for flea control to help your pet to be healthier from the inside and out.

Not just a pocket-friendly product but also an eco-friendly which is best for you.

The good thing

  • Very affordable
  • Safe for the puppy’s eyes
  • Contains essential oils for healthier puppy’s skin

The best thing

  • All-natural product
  • One of the most reviewed best puppy shampoo
  • Effective flea control

The worst thing

  • Gives confusion on some customers
  1. Fresh ‘n Clean Scented Shampoo

Fresh ‘n Clean felt your empty pockets as they offer to you this scented shampoo for as low as 4 dollars in an 18 oz. in size, sounds great to our budget!

As owners love to cuddle with a freshly sensed dog, so as the dog wants to feel fresh even after playing around. As its name says, it gives your puppy a long-run scented feeling as well as its hygiene is not compromised as this product will remove dirt that stains your puppy. Its ingredients contain aloe vera for softer skin, Vitamin E for protection and healthier skin, and protein.

The good thing

  • Scent can last for 2 weeks
  • Inexpensive

The best thing

  • Gives your pup a better coat
  • High-quality ingredients

The worst thing

  • Complaints of packaging
  • Not good for an overly sensitive skin
  1. Wahl’s Flea and Tick Shampoo

Does your puppy look gross with so much flea and tick that you can’t afford to cuddle with it? It’s not just your eyes seeing it who are suffering but most especially your puppy who’s feeling it as its skin gets itchy and ticks can destroy your puppy’s being, and that’s so sad. Do you want to help your puppy get rid of those pests?

Wahl’s Flea and Tick Shampoo has made to conquer the presence of destroying creations on your pet as it contains rosemary, mint, and cedar oils which are a good defense for fleas and ticks in just a week. It’s a chemical free and that ensures no irritations and renders thorough clean on your pup’s skin and also restores to its former skin appearance.

Instead of buying medications in removing fleas and ticks, this product renders you a dual service such as it lessens your cost as it gives your pet a proper hygiene during the bath. Lastly, a paraben free product!

The good thing

  • Affordable and quality product
  • Made of non-toxic chemicals
  • Tear-free

The best thing

  • It prevents and kills fleas and ticks
  • Cleanse the inner coat
  • Entitled as Shampoo for Flea Removal on Puppies

The worst thing

  • Wait for 7 days to see results
  1. Natural Oatmeal Dog Shampoo + Conditioner by Pro Pet Works

Does your pup get overly sensitive in all areas like a little sort of irritation will rapidly affect its whole being? Longing to stop that pup stigma?

Pro Pet Works have seen those itchy feeling of every puppy because of its highly sensitive skin so they’ve created this Natural Oatmeal Dog Shampoo with an additional conditioner content to finally stop the shame of having an overly delicate skin. It is made of aloe extracts, almond oil and rich in Vitamins A, D, and E that are right for dry and sensitive skin and will surely not give your pup a worst feeling while applying it.

No scent at all and doesn’t have alcohol content but it repels odor, dirt and also fleas without giving itch to your fur baby.

The good thing

  • Very affordable
  • Safe to use habitually
  • Makes the fur shiny

The best thing

  • Cures and prevents allergy-cause scars

The worst thing

  • Unpleasant odor
  1. Miracle Coat Dog Spray-On Shampoo

A one of a kind shampoo for its waterless feature just by simply spraying it on the puppy’s fur and everything works. Some dogs, especially puppies, are afraid of getting into cold waters and this product is an alternative for that chaos. It freshens up your dog’s coat and also nurtures dry skin that leaves a good scent on your pup.

It is made of Tea Tree Oil, Neutral Hanna, Hyacinth, Clove and also rich in Vitamin E and extracts from white ginger, chamomile, evening primrose, jasmine, wild cherry bark, and honeysuckle that all adds up on its wonderful scent. Moreover, it can heal every bad condition of your pup’s skin and makes the fur looks shinier and healthier than ever, sounds miraculous.

If you want to quickly clean up your puppy, this would be the best puppy shampoo product you are looking for.

The good thing

  • The scent lingers a long time
  • Softens the fur
  • Inexpensive

The best thing

  • Convenient for outdoors’ use
  • Not just an ordinary shampoo spray but also a healing shampoo

The worst thing

  • The scent is sometimes overwhelming
  • Didn’t work for some other dog breeds
  1. 10.Oster Oatmeal Naturals Shampoo

Oster Oatmeal Naturals Shampoo does have six varieties of shampoo products including Natural 4 in 1, shampoo for shed control, for odor control, for extra soothing, for a coat and skin repair and for gentle puppy shampoo but let’s focus on discussing the one good for puppies- Oster Oatmeal Naturals Gentle Puppy Shampoo. It is appropriate for 8 weeks and older puppies and it is made of humectants, wheat protein, and oatmeal and rosemary leaf extract for a pleasant scent. It actually smells like a baby powder to make your pup smell babyish and fresh.

No content of alcohol, parabens, and dyes which is worthy for your baby fur’s healthy skin and coat that keeps it active and jolly. The ingredients are more likely for cleansing and it works very well.

The good thing

  • USA made product
  • Smells good
  • 100% naturally made product

The best thing

  • Perfect for sensitive skin
  • Have the best customer service

The worst thing

  • Complaints about its side effects on fur’s skin
  1. 11.FURminator deShedding Ultra Premium Dog Shampoo

Having a falling hair while taking a bath is so frustrating that’s making you less confident hanging out because your hair gets thinner and thinner. Do you notice it happening also on your pups? Work on it before it’s too late!

FURminator creates shedding solutions and continue transforming it into its best version until deShedding Ultra-Premium Dog Shampoo has been made which lessens and eradicates shedding of your pet’s hair as it contains 6 fatty acids, omega 3, calendula and papaya leaf extracts and other essential oils which are obviously non-chemical materials. Its main function is to prevent your baby fur from shedding and this has proven by many.

It is the best use with FURminator conditioner, purchase it separately.

The good thing

  • Parabens and chemical dyes free
  • Light Scent

The best thing

  • Stops your fur from shedding
  • Rich of several natural ingredients

The worst thing

  • To see the best results, purchase another tool from the company.
  1. 12.Radiance Naturals Oatmeal and Aloe Shampoo

Still doubting on mentioned best puppy shampoo brands? A 5-starred best puppy shampoo has been revealed by Radiance Naturals, let’s discuss it further.

A hurting dog is an inactive dog so give it a fresh bath with this 16 oz. shampoo containing aloe, oatmeal, palm and coconut oil that helps to cure those breaking skin of your puppy and can be active again. It can render 5 actions to your pup in just one product such as it cleansing the skin, soothing dry skin, untangling hairs, getting rid of irritations, and aromatizing a good odor.

You can take your money back if it doesn’t give you a 100% satisfaction. A nature-friendly and cruelty-free shampoo for a puppy.

The good thing

  • Made of a 100% natural ingredients
  • Do not cause skin irritations

The best thing

  • Positive customer’s feedback and professionally proven quality
  • Rendering 5 must-have actions of every pups shampoo

The worst thing

  • May give irritations to other breeds

Our pets certainly give joy in our lives that’s why Crazy Dog has been developing crazy products but offers a quality and best puppy shampoos. They’ve created 6 scented flavors such as Baby Dog, Green Apple, Pina Colada, Rain Forest, Verry Berry and Wild Cherry with additional sprays for the more pleasing scent on your puppy. Another astonishing feature is it is solar power made that smoothly cleans and moisturizes your pup and also makes the fur shiny and lessens tangles.

It’s packed crazily as its bottle is designed and written with funny instructions on how to use it. A stress-reducing shampoo for pet owners and for a little four-legged friend out there. Have a fun bathing time!

The good thing

  • Available for gallon sizes
  • Easy to wash-off

The best thing

  • Lots of scent flavors
  • Perfectly cleans the puppy

The worst thing

  • Pricey
  1. 14.Moosh Natural Dog Shampoo by Fieldworks Supply Company

Let’s take a look on pups’ shampoo that is used and proven medically.

Moosh is a pro dog shampoo that keeps your pet from bacteria, fungal infections, and pest attacks because of its Neem, Argan oil, Vetiver, Nutmeg, and Rosemary content and an additional aloe vera and shea butter that are essential for moisturizing and reestablishing your pet’s skin after being infected. Another great ingredient is Bentonite clay which has a natural healing power for infections as it is an earthly element.

Fieldworks Supply considered the harm of chemically content products on dogs or on other beings that’s why they guarantee that this product is chemically free and also cruelty-free.

The good thing

  • Worth the penny
  • Easy to wash-off

The best thing

  • Made of Bentonite clay (natural and organic)
  • No chemicals added
  • Can cure many skin problems
  • Positive feedback from users

The worst thing

  • Sounds expensive but it’s not
  1. 15.Perfect Coat Puppy Shampoo

Lastly, the best puppy shampoo that cares on your puppy’s fur condition as this product is rich in Keratin and Jojoba natural oil which are literally good in producing soft and silky hair with a long-lasting baby powder scent.

There are other 9 Perfect Coat shampoo products where you can choose what your bet is. They’re all equally a quality product.

The good thing

  • Very affordable
  • Many options

The best thing

  • Rich in essential oils
  • Has baby wipes available (purchase separately)

The worst thing

  • Fewer ingredients

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

No pet parent wants a bad thing to happen on its pet so it’s important to have an idea of what’s, how’s and whys of a puppy shampoo. It’s not enough that you knew the products without asking these following queries:

  • What is the difference of a dog shampoo from a human shampoo?

Human’s skin greatly differs from dog’s skin in terms of sensitivity and chemical it can hold. Dog shampoo generally contains higher pH level while us is much lower for a low pH content represents acidity that’s bad for dog’s skin.

  • Why should I use puppy shampoo?

Puppies’ gets dirty and smells foul when it plays around and washing it with a certain puppy shampoo prevents it from infections and gives your pup a fresh feeling after a bath.

  • How many times should I wash my pup?

Bathing a puppy depends on how active it is. Obviously, when it gets dirty and muddy you must wash it immediately. If less active, 2 to 3 months is necessary to bathe a dog. But take note, shampoos could make your pup’s skin dry if applied often.

  • How old will be my puppy to receive its first bath?

As soon as it arrives, give it a bath just make sure that you’re using a puppy shampoo to avoid any bad effects on your little fur.

  • My puppy hates getting into the water, how can I wash it?

Your remedy is a waterless shampoo and there are so many available brands out there to keep your puppy fresh even if not wash in the water. One product is mentioned above.


Your little four-legged buddy deserves to be refreshed and to smell nice after giving you a lot of laughter on a long tiring day. The best puppy shampoos mentioned earlier are one of the best ways to groom your pet by you alone. Using a non-brand puppy shampoo like a human shampoo sounds practical but not highly recommended for it can cause breakage of puppy’s skin because of high pH level and harmful chemicals because dogs’ skin is different from ours and it’s more sensitive.

Importantly, be sure that the shampoo you purchase is appropriate for puppies and will give you a great satisfaction in using it. No one who is a dog lover loves to see its doggy looks messy and smells bad and by using a certain shampoo in grooming it makes your duty as a pet parent easier and more fun.

Still puzzled on what to purchase? You are free to ask questions and lay down recommendations on the comment section. Waiting for your response to PUP out!

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