5 Best Pool Vacuum Hoses of 2019

If you are regularly cleaning out your pool, there would be times where you’ll need to have a very useful vacuum hose that you can attach to your generator.

This is so that it can aid you in finishing the entire cleaning process. Today’s modern swimming pool vacuum cleaners are made out of high-quality materials for a great outcome.

However, there are some companies out there where their vacuum hoses can be quite frustrating to use to most users. This can be quite unfortunate so you’ll have to be more careful when making your purchase.

Top 5 Best Pool Vacuum Hoses for Your Convenience

As you know, pool vacuum hoses are one of the essential tools to have is a pool pump. And for you to be able to use the pool pump is that you’ll need to use a high-quality vacuum pool hose to help collect all the dirt from the pool, by the help of the vacuum cleaners power.

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There are a lot of great products available in the market today, but which of them are the best of the best among the competing products? To answer your question, we have already listed the top pool vacuum hoses in the market below.

1. US Pool Supply Heavy Duty Vacuum Hose Review

The US Pool Supply brand is known for its affordable prices and high-quality products. The vacuum hose is made of EVA plastic, which is a very durable material that is resistant to depreciation.

It also helps it have a very long life. Also, the hose’s swivel cuff prevents from getting tangled up.

  • The swivel cuff prevents the hose form having kinks and tangles
  • 30-feet long, ideal for large pools
  • Made of EVA plastic
  • Has a long shelf life
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty
  • The swivel cuff is too rigid which may get stuck on the connector

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2. Pool Master Heavy-Duty In-Ground Pool Vacuum Hose Review

This product is Amazon’s number 1 best selling vacuum hose. This hose can be both used on in-ground and above-ground pools. This product is part of the Poolmaster’ Classic Collection.

Which is also known for the quality and performance of their products, the PoolMaster hose is made of high-quality materials that are none–corrosive. It is also resistant to harsh chemicals and UV rays, which makes it an ideal product for a long-term usage.

  • Can almost fit t almost all kinds of pool vacuums
  • A low optimal flow rate
  • Very flexible
  • The swivel cuff can be directly connected to the vacuum head
  • Doesn’t Tangle
  • High resistance and strong durability
  • It’s quite hard to straighten the hose. A common problem of brand new products

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3. Intex Spiral Hose for Pool Filters Review

This Intex hose is known for its versatile structure. It enables you to fit it in all kinds of Intex filter pumps that you have. The hose is also very light and flexible which makes it portable and tangle-free.

This has a length of 1.5in x 25ft, which is already long enough to reach all sides of your pool. Also, the best thing about this product is that you can cut it into your desired length, the nozzles can also be reattached.

  • Nozzles are re-attachable
  • A diameter of 1.5 inch
  • Very light and flexible
  • Tangle-free
  • Has a length of 25 feet
  • Advertised length seems less in personal
  • Hose is quite stiff

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4. Dayton Flexible Vacuum Hose Review

This product is the longest one on this list, its length can go for up to 50-feet long. It is also probably one of the thickest as it has a diameter of 2 inches.

Since it has a long length and thick diameter, it makes it an ideal hose for a heavy-duty cleaning process. Moreover, this vacuum hose will also allow you to suck more dirt compared to other hoses.

  • Has a great finish
  • Can be fit to a 1.5 OD vacuum outlet
  • It has a thick diameter
  • Very long hose length compared to other products
  • It’s quite difficult to straighten up the hose

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5. FibroPRO Professional Swimming Pool Hose Review

If you are looking for more options of high-quality, yet affordable pool vacuum hose, then the FiberPRO product is another great choice for you.

The outer walls of this vacuum hose are made out of a very durable polymer material. It makes it highly resistant to depreciation and cracking. The hose is also lightweight enabling you to store and use it in a hassle-free way.

  • Lightweight
  • A spiral wound vacuum pool hose
  • Very affordable
  • It is included with a sealed end which can be connected to a wall
  • The hose comes with a  durable swivel cuff
  • The connection swivel isn’t very durable

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If you are planning to buy your own pool vacuum hose, aside from looking at its features, you should also consider weighing the pros and cons of the products to know which pool hose will suit you the best.

This is also the reason why we have provided you with products that already have their pros and cons. This is just some of the most important factors when purchasing a product.

From all the choices listed above, the best pool vacuum hose for us would be the Pool Master Heavy-Duty In-Ground Pool Vacuum Hose. It has a lot of amazing features like its great flexibility, optimal; lengths, wide diameter, swivel cuffs, and strong tensile strength for added durability. All of the product’s great features will be worth the purchase.

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