Best Pocket Hole Jigs

Best Pocket Hole Jigs

Are you a fan of woodworking or find joy in creating DIY furniture in your home? Do you want a smooth, professional-looking project made with precision? This type of work demands precise tools for various needs.

One of these needs is pocket joints – a handy way to hide screws in your build. While also providing a top-tier, sturdy connection between the different pieces of your project. The appropriate tool here would be a pocket hole jig! And we’re here to help you find the best model on the market today.

Top 8 Best Pocket Hole Jigs

8. Wolfcraft Pocket Hole Woodjoining Kit review

8. Wolfcraft Pocket Hole Woodjoining Kit review The Wolfcraft pocket hole jig kit features a robust design coupled with solid construction. The jig’s single-piece design (made of nylon mixed with glass) means no parts can break off. The most popular material thicknesses are also marked on the body of the jig.

Its small size will enable you to fit it easily into a small pouch or toolbox and also lets you work in small or difficult to reach places. The kit includes all the standard drill bits and starting supplies for pocket hole making. However, this jig is quite expensive compared to similar kits, like the Milescraft PocketJig 200.


  • Precise drill guides ensure the most precise pocket holes and the least damage done to the drill bit over time.
  • Sturdy design with an adjustable fence and a measuring scale.
  • Includes a carrying case and a bunch of different types of screws to get you started.


7. Kreg R3 Jr. Pocket Hole Jig System review

1. Kreg R3 Jr. Pocket Hole Jig System review This is one of the most popular jigs available on the market, seeing how simple and handy it is. It would make a great addition to your collection of tools. With the product’s compact design, you can take the tools anywhere you go. The product is of high quality and very durable, so expect this product to last many years.

The product also comes with a clamp pad, which is quite useful for keeping your workpiece firmly secured. Thanks to the clamp pad/adapter, the pocket hole jig can be used with most standard clamps. That makes the jig more versatile and adaptive to your existing toolkit.

From drawer boxes with thin layers to crafting projects to stout 2×4 sizes. This mini jig can do them all without a problem. The sliders have nine separate depth settings, which allow you to join the materials without any problem from ½ easily” inch to 1½” thick wood. Also, to set the jig properly without wasting time, you’ll have to press the slider clamps on the side of the jig and move the sliders so that your materials will be aligned on the arrow from the jig’s body.


  • Easily join the desired materials that have a thickness of ½” – 1½” (1/8″ increment, nine settings).
  • The wood chip holes will keep the excess woodchips from clogging the jig. This prevents the material from bending and prolongs the drill-bit lifespan.
  • It can easily be attached via any kinds of face clamps made by Kreg, like the bar clamp and the C-clamp.
  • The hardened-steel drill guides come with a lifetime warranty.
  • The jig can be screwed to certain parts via the screw hole, for when a clamp is impossible to use.
  • The body of the product is made from heavy-duty glass-reinforced nylon. This mixed material offers great flexibility and durability.


6. Milescraft PocketJig 100 Kit review

5. Milescraft PocketJig 100 Kit review The Milescraft Pocket Jig 100 allows you to combine your work items in an exceedingly fast and timely manner or do all kinds of crafting repairs in your home.

The small, compact product’s compact style allows you to make pocket holes in the most difficult to reach positions. You can easily measure and set up your work without needing the use of endless manual measurements.

The kit contains everything that you need to start your first project with pocket holes. This includes a drill bit, a depth collar for the drill bit, a hex key to adjust the collar, a driver drill bit for the screws. The jig itself contains some handy little features, like a clamping magnet that makes it easier to secure the jig. As well as common material thicknesses marked on the side of the jig. It is also quite affordable, by comparison.


  • There are four common board thicknesses marked into the jig (1/2″, 3/4″, 1″ and 1-1/2″) with simple reference marks.
  • Includes a clamping magnet that lets you clamp the jig to parts more easily.
  • The fence-free design and the small size allow for this jig to be a lot more versatile.
  • The minimal clearance between the drill guide and the drill bit ensures the highest precision possible.
  • The kit is quite affordable relative to others.


5. Milescraft PocketJig 200 Kit review

6. Milescraft PocketJig 200 Kit review This pocket hole jig allows you to take precise measurements quickly, thanks to the flip fence and thickness markings for measurements. Whatever your needs, this pocket hole jig will help you make quick work of it.

Includes a reusable plastic storage case with separate places within the case for every item in the kit. The kit includes all the standard questions, like drill bits for pocket hole drilling and screwing in screws, a stop collar for the drill bit, a hex key, and a handful of screws and wooden plugs to get you started.

While the PocketJig 200 is slightly more expensive than the PocketJig 100, it does sport two drill guide holes instead of one. It also has a sliding fence. So basically, evaluate these two factors along with the price if you’re choosing between the two models.


  • The built-in metric and imperial measuring scale, along with a sliding fence, help achieve the most precise results.
  • Has a clamping magnet for quick and easy installation on any surface.
  • Hardened steel drill bushings ensure the most precise pocket holes and lessen the drill bit’s wear and tear.
  • More affordable than similar Kreg jig kits.


4. Kreg Pocket Hole Jig HD review

7. Kreg Pocket Hole Jig HD review The HD jig made by Kreg is as sturdy as you can imagine a Kreg’s product to be. This pocket hole jig is made with 1½” thick materials and above, making it much more heavy-duty than most other pocket hole jigs on our list. It’s also a better fit for large-scale projects than the smaller jigs.

The HD Jig can be used separately, the same as most other 2-drill guide jigs. Or it can be used in multiple Kreg jigs, like the K4 pocket hole system that we looked at before. Overall, the compatibility with thicker materials and other Kreg products set this jig above others.

Unfortunately, what also sets it apart from other jigs is the price, which is noticeably higher than other jigs, even similar Kreg ones. But regardless of the price, this may be the best pocket hole jig for thicker materials on the market, which renders the price difference tolerable.


  • The sturdy drill guides provide the most precise and strongest pocket hole joints.
  • Supports material thickness of 1½” and above, which makes it more suitable for large-scale projects.
  • Works independently or with K3, K4, and K5 Kreg jigs.
  • Kit includes extra-sturdy hardened steel screws.


3. General Tools 850 All-In-One Pocket Hole Jig review

4. General Tools 850 All-In-One Pocket Hole Jig review This pocket jig kit includes an in-built clamp, a 3/8-inch step drill bit, a stop collar for the drill bit, a hex wrench drill bit, a separate hex wrench, wooden pocket hole plugs, and a couple of dozen screws in a molded carrying case.

The 850 is relatively affordable, considering the build has an included clamp. However, it cannot be secured to workbenches and can only be used directly on the parts.

You can also get the General Tools 854 pocket hole jig, which can be secured to workbenches and has an adjustable jig that simplifies the drilling process. As you might expect, this will cost you a lot more, hence why we focused on the 850 models since it covers the same basic functions for a much lower price.


  • Has an in-built clamp to secure the material into the pocket hole jig.
  • Comes with a kit of all the necessary drill bits, screws, and plugs.
  • Affordable in comparison to other pocket hole jigs.
  • Sturdy aluminum body.
  • Fully customizable hole depth.


2. Kreg Jig K4 Pocket Hole System Review

2. Kreg Jig K4 Pocket Hole System review This product is perfect for those who like doing DIY stuff and those who are not too familiar with pocket hole joinery. Whether you are planning to build your first set of storage shelves or just planning to make simple repairs, this Kreg tool can help you finish the job in no time and without exerting much effort. With the product’s clever and handy design, you’ll be able to make pocket holes by the dozen.

With this Kreg jig, you’ll create joints much faster, stronger, and, most importantly – much easier. This simple 2-step pocket hole jig includes a large clamping recess, built-in depth setting gauges, and three drill guides. Having all of these parts already included in one tool is what makes this jig so handy.

The kit also includes everything else you’ll need when making pocket hole joints. This includes a dust collection shroud, the Kreg Jig, a 6-inch square driver, a starter screw set, skill builder DVD, a stepped drilling bit, a quick start guide, and a starter plug set, all inside a durable and compact carrying case.


  • The drill guide is portable for both on-site and benchtop use.
  • It can be used with materials that range in thickness from ½” to 1½”.
  • The drill guides are made up of hardened steel and have a lifetime warranty.
  • The tool has a wood chipping relief hole, which reduces the risk of damaging the parts and prolongs your drill bits’ lifespan.
  • A 3-hole drill guide for multiple pocket hole drilling options.
  • The jig can be secured to workbenches with standard Kreg clamps, while the in-built clamp holds the material within the jig.


1. Kreg Mini Jig Kit review

3. Kreg Mini Jig Kit review If you are looking for a small jig that you can use to place holes in unreachable places, then this product is for you. This product’s fenceless design will enable you to make pocket hole joints in most hard to reach positions. Like the other Kreg products, the body of this tool is also made with glass-reinforced nylon.

Like its larger counterparts, the Mini jig kit has a woodchip relief hole, allowing for more precise work that doesn’t deteriorate your drill bits as quickly. This one hole jig is perfect for making repair works on the flooring or different kinds of furniture.

The jig comes with a kit that includes a detailed guide, a 3/8 inch drill bit, a depth collar for the drill bit, and an Allen wrench to set the drilling depth. Overall, this pocket hole jig is useful to both beginners and professionals alike due to its compact. It’s also quite affordable by comparison, making it perfect for people new to woodworking.


  • Very versatile – the lack of a positioning fence allows you to customize the pocket hole depth to whatever you need it to be.
  • This jig’s small size allows for it to be used in the most awkward drilling angles that most other jigs can’t get to.
  • Has a relief hole for wood chips to reduce the risk of damage to materials and drill bits.
  • Has a plug-setting feature in case you want to hide the pocket holes completely
  • The top-quality hardened steel drill guide will last a long time.


What Is a Pocket Hole Jig?

First things first, a pocket hole is an angled hole (15-degree angle) drilled into one board in which you want to connect to another. This will allow you to drill a screw through the hole into the other board.

Such a hole allows for a sturdy connection with few screws. It also allows for the hole itself to be hidden since there’s plenty of room above the screw for an appropriate wooden plug.

The pocket hole jig will make drilling a pocket hole a lot easier and precise compared to it being done by hand. It is not a very complicated tool, as it isn’t mechanical at all. It simply guides specific drill bits at the right angle and position to help you make the perfect pocket hole.

This is similar to other drill jigs. Drill jigs are usually used by craftsmen or DIY enthusiasts for creating fast, repetitive hole center locations in different interchangeable parts. This is done by using the jig as a template to guide different kinds of boring devices into the exact position, angle, and depth necessary for the particular task.

What Are Pocket Holes

The pocket hole joinery technique utilizes a screw hole at a 15-degree angle, through which a screw joins the two parts together. This way, a sturdy joint can be made without huge effort, without the wood bending, or screws being exposed at the connected parts’ edges.

This is also often used for repairs as many furniture pieces don’t initially have such connections, allowing for pocket holes to be made through intact portions of the otherwise damaged parts.

Benefits of Pocket Holes

The screws act as an internal clamp that holds the joint together; glue is not necessary but is recommended in most cases. Clamping is not required if the glue is used, as the internal clamps hold the joint together while the glue dries.

Pocket hole joinery doesn’t require access to the inside of the joint, and making quick repairs is possible without disassembling the joint. Fix squeaky chairs, cabinets, tables, or other furniture. It’ll only require the drilling of additional pocket holes and the use of screws to pull the two pieces together.

Pocket holes can also be hidden from view using wooden plugs because a pocket hole has a wide enough opening above the screw to fit such a plug.



The pocket hole jig is definitely a good tool to possess in your home workshop since pocket holes are a handy way of making sturdy joints between wooden parts. Picking a reliable and versatile tool here is important. The method itself requires precision tools to ensure the highest stability possible.

The pocket hole jigs and kits on our list vary somewhat in their specific features, the parts included in their respective kits, etc. Still, few woodworkers and enthusiasts will require anything other than the basic, 2-drill guide jig.

This is why the MilesCraft PocketJig 200 was favorite – it comes with all the necessary gadgets. It has all the features needed for precise and easy pocket hole joinery, and it’s cheaper than most of its counterparts.

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