Best TV antennas for cord cutters: Tested for real-world signal strength

best outdoor tv antennas

Ever since the 1950s, there has been a technological and cultural phenomenon that has taken the world by storm, television. Picking up from where the radio left off, TV has long been one of the most popular forms of entertainment globally, and there are many reasons for this.

We’ll be reviewing five of the best long-range outdoor TV antennas we’ve used. You may be wondering why we’ve chosen to include so many antennas, and it’s because everyone has different needs and standards. We’ll also be going over some advice to help you choose the right antenna for your needs.

Without any further delay, let’s get right into the long-range TV antenna reviews that you’re undoubtedly waiting for.


Top 5 Best Long Range TV Antennas

5. Best 150-Mile Long Range TV Antenna – Vansky 150-Mile Motorized TV Antenna

5. Best 150-Mile Long Range TV Antenna - Vansky 150-Mile Motorized TV Antenna If you need extreme range, then you’ll probably like this model of long-range TV antenna from Vansky. Whether this is your first antenna or you’re used to buying these products, you’ll find that the use and installation of this model are far more comfortable than you would expect, thanks to some helpful features.

First off, installing this antenna is relatively straightforward, as you need to install the pole mount somewhere on your roof that’s free of obstructions and then mount the antenna. Once the antenna’s mounted, all you need to do is connect a few cables from it to your TV, and you’re done.

Of course, this antenna’s most notable aspect is that it features a range of 150 miles, which is perfect if you find yourself far from the nearest TV transmitter. If you live in a rural area with inadequate coverage, this antenna’s combination of reliability and range will probably make it an attractive choice.

Beyond the range, you’ll still be able to enjoy full HD reception, as this antenna is made to receive signals up to 1080p. The gain will typically range from 28 to 36 dB, depending on whether you’re using VHF or UHF signals. Provided you’re in the right area, you’ll have access to a range of free HD channels.

The support of two TVs without a signal splitter is another feature that makes this long-range TV antenna far more convenient than other models. This model has only two downsides: the inclusion of a poor-quality coax cable with problems staying put and the lack of an included mounting pole.


  • 150-mile range is more than enough in most situations
  • Capable of full HD reception at 1080p
  • Supports up to two separate TVs without a splitter
  • Wireless remote makes it easier to use
  • Protected from lightning strikes by grounding


  • Doesn’t come included with a mounting pole
  • Included coax cable is of poor quality

4. Best 70-Mile Long Range TV Antenna – Xtreme Signal Long Range TV Antenna

4. Best 70-Mile Long Range TV Antenna - Xtreme Signal Long Range TV Antenna If you don’t need such a long-range and instead invest in higher build quality, this should be the right antenna. Xtreme Signal makes this model, and it’s made to be one of the best Yagi-style antennas on the market by making up for the downsides common to these kinds of antennas.

A common problem with Yagi antennas is that they often suffer from interference to a much greater extent than other models. Thankfully, there is a strong back reflector that’s mounted on this antenna, which should prevent the vast majority of interference that’s possible to avoid in the first place.

With a range of 70 miles, you won’t be getting any ultra-long-range use out of this model, but you’ll find that it offers an excellent level of reliability within its effective range. If you don’t need the additional coverage that other models provide, you can benefit from the enhanced build quality.

This antenna’s construction is much more robust than other models, though it has a single glaring flaw that will only become evident during high winds. When you fold up this antenna in anticipation of higher wind speeds, then you’ll find that it doesn’t have a built-in locking system.

Thankfully, rainstorms don’t have to be too much of a hassle thanks to the built-in transformer that’s been weatherproofed. Apart from the spotty VHF reception at extended ranges and the lack of a locking system, this is one of our favorite antennas because it’s simple, and it works.


  • A range of over 70 miles
  • Better build quality than competing models
  • The angle can be adjusted once mounted.
  • Features a weatherproof built-in transformer for rain resistance
  • Reduced interference due to the back reflector


  • No locking system for high winds
  • VHF is somewhat unreliable

3. Best Indoor Long Range TV Antenna – U Must Have Amplified Digital TV Antenna

3. Best Indoor Long Range TV Antenna - U Must Have Amplified Digital TV Antenna Up next, we’ll be looking at the best TV antenna for those who want to install one directly in their home. While there used to be a time when indoor antennas were too unreliable, we’ve now reached the point where models like the U Must Have Amplified Antenna are nearly as reliable as outdoor models.

One of the most impressive aspects of this antenna is that it can support 4K UHD signals, so you won’t have to be stuck with full HD. If your TV supports 4K, there’s no reason you should be missing out on it. As a perfect companion to 4K, you’ll also be able to watch TV at 60 frames per second.

This antenna comes included with a crystal clear sound filter, which is there to ensure that interference doesn’t ruin your viewing experience. The sound quality will typically be perfect, though sometimes problems ensure that the volume itself remains constant. Still, these troubles are rare.

This model is also equipped with a Smart IC chip that will monitor it for any signs of overheating, overload, or other issues. Thanks to these safety features, you won’t have to worry about your antenna or your home sustaining any damage. Safety is an integral part of any quality antenna.

Of course, there are a few things that you’ll have to keep in mind with any indoor antenna, including this model. While you can place it anywhere you want in the house, you’ll have to mount this antenna somewhere near a window to ensure that you get the best signal possible.


  • Supports signals up to the 4K ultra-high definition
  • Capable of supporting signals up to 60 fps
  • The crystal clear filter ensures better sound quality than other models.
  • A range of up to 65 miles or more
  • Smart IC chip protects the antenna from damage.


  • Needs to be mounted near the window
  • Sound gain can be inconsistent at times

2. Best Indoor/Outdoor Long Range TV Antenna – Free Signal TV Marathon Indoor Outdoor Antenna

2. Best Indoor/Outdoor Long Range TV Antenna - Free Signal TV Marathon Indoor Outdoor Antenna For those of you that are looking for a hybrid indoor/outdoor long-range TV antenna, the Marathon is what you’ll want to invest in. While this antenna may be one of the more expensive options out there, it’s also one of the best. For example, this antenna features a reliable range of over 100 miles.

Of course, installing this antenna wherever you want to makes it easier to mount and start using, but the three-step assembly also helps out immensely. Fortunately, this antenna is logical to install because the instructions somehow manage to make this process seem unclear.

Beyond the minor issue of instructions, there aren’t many downsides to this long-range TV antenna, and the benefits far outweigh them regardless. For example, this antenna is ready to receive 4K signals, ensuring that you’ll be able to take full advantage of a UHD TV model.

Other than the signal’s quality, you’ll also find that the Marathon is more reliable than other options, provided it’s mounted in the right place. If you live close enough to a transmitter to install this model indoors, it should be even more convenient, though placing it outdoors will still give you the best signal.

You can also support 4 TVs at once with this antenna, so you won’t need to invest in signal splitters unless you have a larger family with many TVs around the house. Finally, a filter will prevent interference from anyone using 4G or LTE around the antenna.


  • Capable of being mounted indoors or outdoors
  • Easier to install than standard outdoor antennas
  • Can receive signals from up to 100 miles away
  • Designed to receive 4K signals for maximum quality
  • LTE and 4G filter prevents smartphone interference
  • Supports up to 4 TVs at once


  • More expensive than the alternatives
  • Instructions can be unclear at points

1. Best Budget TV Antenna – McDuory 150-Mile Digital Long Range TV Antenna

1. Best Budget TV Antenna - McDuory 150-Mile Digital Long Range TV Antenna Finally, we’ll be going over the best TV antenna for those looking to save money while still maintaining an effective signal. This model’s low price is somewhat surprising when you take a look at the specs, as this model can receive a TV signal from up to 150 miles away and reliably relay it.

With a playback quality of 1080p, you’ll be able to enjoy full HD at extended ranges, making this antenna a perfect choice for customers who live far out in the country. If you have more than one TV in your home, you won’t have to worry about using a splitter (and it isn’t recommended) thanks to this model supporting two TVs at once.

The built-in pre-amp on this model ensures that you won’t have any issues with interference since it’s a close as possible to the antenna itself. There’s also a remote control that comes included with this antenna so that you can rotate it without having to climb all the way up to it, which is a relief.

Unfortunately, this antenna is not without its flaws. This model doesn’t come included with an antenna pole to ensure that you have a pole with a max diameter of one inch. We also found that rotating this antenna doesn’t change much when it comes to signal strength or quality.

Thankfully, that second issue isn’t as much of a problem because no matter which direction you point to this antenna, you’ll be able to receive a consistent signal. We were impressed by this model’s quality, as you wouldn’t expect such an affordable antenna to be so effective.


  • Max range of 150 miles
  • Capable of supporting 1080p playback quality
  • Features support for two TVs with no splitter
  • Can be installed without the need for tools
  • Pre-amp is built-in to the antenna
  • Remote control


  • Pole doesn’t come included
  • Rotation doesn’t make much of a difference


While TVs may have been initially top-end technology that only the fortunate had access to, they’ve gotten cheaper over time to the point that most households in the western world have one. Unfortunately, a more accessible price still doesn’t prevent issues like a weak signal, which can be common.

If you live far away from your TV relay, or if you have issues getting the right signal for your TV, then you may be looking for a way to fix your problems. One of the best options you have at your disposal is to try and look for the best long-range TV antennas to alleviate your problem.

Whether you have problems connecting because of extreme range or because of interference of some sort, you’ll find that these antennas are capable of getting through most of the time. Unfortunately, choosing the right one can often be a problem, especially when you’re not used to buying them.

This is the main reason we’ve put together this buying guide, as we figured that we could use our knowledge and experience with these products to give you an idea of what to expect. You won’t ever have to be disappointed with a long-range TV antenna again if you go through this guide thoroughly.

Why You Need the Best Long Range TV Antenna Possible?

Now, you may be wondering why you need to go to such lengths to find the best long-range TV antenna out there, and there are a few primary reasons. First off, TV antennas can sometimes get pricey, and you want to make sure that you aren’t wasting your money on a product with poor quality.

An unreliable TV antenna can end up costing you money for a range of reasons. The antenna could end up breaking in harsh weather, or perhaps it won’t even work in the first place. While many stores will have return policies, it will still end up inconveniencing you to return the antenna.

If you want to start enjoying free TV as soon as possible, then you’ll want to make sure that you choose the best possible long-range TV antenna the first time. You also have the signal issue, as better antennas will be able to keep up with a signal with fewer problems like interference or sound loss.

Those of you who have experience with long-range TV antennas probably already know about all of the problems you can face with a model that features poor build quality. No one should have to settle for an antenna with a spotty connection, no matter how far they live from the nearest transmitter.

You also have to consider the unique problems to long-range TV antennas in particular, as models with a shorter range often won’t have too many issues. Since the distance is extended, you’ll find that the signal will break down more easily, meaning you’ll need a more reliable antenna to pick it up.

There’s also the matter of installation, as you’ll have to mount and unmount several antennas in a row if you end up unsatisfied with each of them. If you would like to avoid much work and effort wasted on antennas that don’t get the job done, we would recommend doing your research.

What to Look for in the Best Long Range TV Antenna?

Now that you know why you shouldn’t settle for less than the best when buying your long-range TV antenna, we can address some of the ideal models’ crucial aspects. If you already know what you need out of your TV antenna, then this section may not be as useful to you as it would be to beginners.

Types of Antennas

This table below shows the three most common types of antennas that are used:




Directional antennas can receive more signals from longer distances. Since they see in one direction, they are resistant to multipath distortion and noise.


Multidirectional antennas are used to pick up signals within an area. However, the antenna is more likely to receive more noise, multipath distortion, and interference because it sees multiple directions.


This antenna looks in eight directions and is used to find local broadcasts. Since its directions are defined, they’re less likely to receive noise or multipath distortion than multidirectional antennas.



Of course, the most crucial thing to look for in the best long-range TV antenna is the ability to receive signals from a long-range, as you would expect from the name. Believe it or not, determining the distance you need is one of the biggest challenges in finding the right antenna.

Most of the time, you’ll have to use prior experience, or you’ll have to make an educated guess regarding how far you are from a TV signal. If you already know where the relay is located, you’re in luck as it will be much easier for you to choose an antenna with the right range.

Ease of Installation

One of the first things you’ll want to consider when buying your new long-range antenna is whether or not it’s easy to mount in the first place. If you’re new to these products, you won’t want to purchase an antenna that will take specialized tools and over ten steps to assemble.

Many of the best long-range outdoor antennas will feature a simplified three-step process, which will make it possible for nearly anyone to install them. Some of the most user-friendly antennas will be so easy to install that the hardest part will be getting up to your roof to mount them in the first place.

Video Quality

The next thing to consider is the max video quality that your antenna will be able to pick up, and most models fall into one of two categories. The first option is an antenna that can receive full HD signals, which max out at 1080p. These antennas are often more affordable and less finicky.

On the other hand, you have antennas capable of catching UHD (ultra-high-definition) signals. UHD quality is most commonly known as 4K, though it encompasses a few other quality options like 1440p. Your choice in this matter will often depend on whether or not you have a 4K TV.


You’ll also want to make sure that your antenna is as durable as possible, provided it’s an outdoor model. When an antenna is exposed to the elements, it can be damaged in various ways, and strong design is often the only thing standing between you and a broken antenna (and wasted money).

Keep in mind that a heavy-duty antenna will be much more expensive than alternatives, and many regular models are slightly resilient. If you live in an area with windstorms and tornadoes, however, you may have some problems keeping your antenna in one piece unless you’re quick about disassembling it.


Last but not least, you’ll also want to search for TV antennas that have the best possible reception. Depending on how well your antenna can receive signals, you may or may not have to worry about your signal cutting out or otherwise being unreliable, which is often a significant concern.

Of course, the reception will also depend on a range of different aspects not related to your antenna, including the distance from the relay to your house, the antenna’s position, and much more. Be sure to position your antenna somewhere where other objects like trees and buildings will not block it.

To Wrap Up

The right outdoor long-range TV antenna can get you years of free TV and ensure that your signal is as reliable as possible. It can often be challenging to choose the right model unless you’re already acquainted with these antennas. We hope that this guide has been able to help you find the right antenna for your needs.

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