10 Best Golf Rain Gloves for Men

best rain golf gloves reviewed

Most golfers that I know of have usually been using the same gloves for countless game rounds before. However, the gloves that they use are regular types. Like for example, a breathable golf glove, this is perfect for summer use. A simple pair like that is great to prevent a slipping grip, but it may only be effective during a dry and sunny day.

The simple glove’s anti-slipping factor may be ineffective when it suddenly rains. As a solution, you will need a goof glove that will provide a good grip even if it’s raining. Let me help you look for some good golf gloves, perfect for a rainy season.

10 Best Weather Golf Gloves for Rainy Seasons

Usually, golf rain gloves are much tighter and thicker to be more durable and resilient.

Additionally, the palm side of the gloves has incredible non-slip materials. So, no matter how wet your gloves get from the rain, it’ll still give you a good grip on your golf clubs. Be more confident in swinging your golf club with these type of gloves without accidentally losing hold of your club.

Here are 10 of the best rain gloves that you can use for your golf games:

1. Bionic Gloves – Men’s Golf Glove

1. Bionic Gloves – Men’s Golf Glove These golf gloves are made from genuine leather materials, and it has an additional pad on the gloves’ palm for an extra lifespan and support. With its great gripping feature, you don’t have to increase your hold on your golf club, preventing your hands from getting fatigued. With the gloves’ pad relieving system, you can put a light grip on your golf club without stressing your hands.

1. Bionic Gloves – Men’s Golf Glove review No matter what the weather is, whether it is raining, sunny, windy, the gloves will give you a good grip with its StableGrip. These Bionic gloves are designed with the help of an orthopedic hand specialist. The gloves are crafted with high-quality materials and would fit like a second skin for your comfort.


2. FootJoy Rain – Grip Gloves

2. FootJoy Rain-Grip Gloves These rain gloves are bought in pairs. It has a precise fit in your hand, making it feel like a second skin. It has an angled ComforTab closure to give you a good fit and stress-free comfort. These golf gloves are perfect to be used in all kinds of weather conditions. Even if you play in the rain, the gloves will still provide you with a good grip.

The gloves are made with durable materials making it last for a long time. For those who want warm during a game, FootJoy gloves, despite its thinness, will give you the warmth that you want. It is also breathable.


3. Mizuno RainFit Golf Gloves

3. Mizuno RainFit Golf Gloves These gloves are really an amazing choice for all kinds of golfers for a couple of extra dollars. These can be used in different kinds of weather. It’ll provide you with an amazing grip on your golf club, especially in the rain. The wetter the gloves get, the greater your grip gets. This professional pair of gloves is based on a japans feature. It is made with synthetic Japanese-made suede around the glove’s palms. This is the reason why it provides users with great performances in rainy conditions.

As for the gloves fit, there would be hardly any loose folds of fabric that are left. It is because the glove will fit your hand perfectly like a second skin. The elasticity and flex feature of the gloves is retained because of their mesh materials. The mesh also increases the glove’s breathability. It is also very durable. You can use it for numerous rounds of rainy golf games.


4. HJ Glove Rain Golf Glove

4. HJ Glove Rain Golf Glove High-quality golf gloves are expensive, but as long as it can provide you with great performance, every penny that you’ve used will be worth it. By purchasing this set of gloves, you will not be disappointed with its high-performance. This pair of gloves is made from high-quality materials and would provide you with a stronger grip on your golf club.

The suede palms of the gloves are dotted with a HexaGrip honeycomb silicone. The grip will usually get better the wetter the gloves get. The fabric of the gloves also has a WeatherTex mesh that will ensure a breathable glove. Aside from this, the gloves will also dry up fast. Another feature of the gloves is that it prevents the fabric around the fingers from twisting and bunching up. Also, the DriTex wristband, it’ll keep your hands moisture-free.


5. Finger Ten Men’s Golf Glove

5. Finger Ten Men’s Golf Glove This golf glove may seem compliant at first glance, but it is also one of the best rain golf gloves out there. This is a good choice, especially for those golfers who want a glove with an excellent grip in the rain. If you want full control over your club, then this club will be a perfect choice. The glove features a bit of 3D performance mesh to give its users an extra breathability feature. This feature also prevents moisture from building up and keeps your hands dry.

The palms are packed with suede microfibers, providing you with a great grip throughout your whole game. This glove will guarantee you a skin-like fit, ensuring that it’ll stay put on your hands without the fabric twisting. The gloves are comfortably snuggly. It doesn’t often move, so you don’t have to keep readjusting the gloves on your hand.


6. Orlimar – Winter Fleece Golf Gloves

6. Orlimar Winter Fleece Golf Gloves for Women Golf has more male players than women, but there are still quite a lot of female players. Therefore, gloves for women should also be available. Here is a great golf glove for women. This pair of gloves keeps your hand warm. The fabric is made from a waterproof polar fleece material that is very comfortable on the hands.

If you are worried about the glove being too think, then worry not. The glove’s synthetic palms are quite thin. It also has a great grip during wet and cold conditions. No matter how much you swing your club with these gloves, be confident that you won’t lose your grip on your club.

The product has a feature of a slight diverse of an elastic waistband. This makes the glove a bit hard to be removed, but it does an excellent job of retaining the gloves’ tension. The glove is also durable enough to be resistant in numerous amounts of cold and wet conditions.


7. Callaway Men’s X-Spann – All-Weather Performance Golf Gloves

7. Callaway Men’s X-Spann All-Weather Performance Golf Gloves This all-weather X-Spann golf glove is one of the best products produced by Callaway. If you are a golfer with big hands, you will especially love these golf gloves to fit your hand perfectly. Golf gloves that have a feature of a compression fit are popular with golfers. Using a golf glove that fits on you like a second skin would enhance your performance. Also, gloves with a good fit and strong gripping ability will greatly help golfers play their best game, especially in rainy conditions.

The full palm Cabretta leather and silicon chevrons not only provide an anti-slip function. It also incorporates a soft, extra breathable, and moisture-wicking microfiber suede for golfers’ best comfort. This is perfect for those who have sweaty palms and for those who usually play in the rain. This glove is one of the premium golf gloves that you can choose from.


8. Srixon – Golf Rain Gloves

8. Srixon Golf Rain Gloves The Srixon products are not new in the golfing gear industry. They have made many products that have a very high quality and pretty much reliable, a lot of golfers go for this product. Most golf glove products in the market are sold in one glove only, unlike this Srixon golf glove, it comes in pairs, so this will be worth your attention.

These gloves will slightly feel a bit thicker than the Callaway’s, but it has an interesting build quality to make up for its small downside. When it comes to wear and tear, the glove’s resilience is enough to last for a long time. The product only has a few complaints regarding its fit, which means that the gloves also have a pretty good fit on the golfer’s hands. The Srixon golf glove provides a pretty decent grip on the club. This is perfect to be used during a rainy season.


9. MAcWet Climatec Long Cuff Gloves

9. MAcWet Climatec Long Cuff Gloves These gloves could provide you with a firm grip, even on a rainy day. No matter how wet these gloves get, it’ll still provide you with a very effective non-slip function. The wrist is of the gloves are secured with a Velcro strap. It can be easily fastened and removed from your hand and will also ensure a very nice fit in your hand.

The fabric is made from part-elastane for great elasticity. It is also covered with a soft mesh at the backside of the gloves for a breathable function. This is pretty convenient when used in warmer climates. Aside from golfing, these gloves can also be used in different activities like cycling, shooting, water sports, fishing, paragliding, horse riding, and more. Aside from having a great gripping function, it also has a natural wicking function that will evaporate the collected water in the gloves quickly. This greatly enhances your comfort in playing a round of golf once the rain has stopped.


10. Grip Boost Men’s Golf Glove

10. Grip Boost Men’s Golf Glove The Grip Boost golf glove is made from the highest quality of leather for golf gloves, the AAA Cabretta Leather. It is a great material to enhance good gripping function, durability in all kinds of weather conditions. These gloves have a dimple-mesh design to provide good ventilation. It helps reduce the build-up of moisture, keeping your hands dry and cool. The mesh design also allows a fresh airflow in the gloves.

The glove has an angled Velcro strap so that the gloves could be adjusted to fit your hands perfectly. This helps the bunching on the palm side of the gloves. It also provides you with a very comfortable grip when holding your club.

This is one of the best golf gloves that you can find in the market. It’s not only used during the rainy season. It can also be used during a humid climate, cold conditions, and more. Aside from just being a golf glove, it is also quite stylish. So grab your Grip Boost glove now.


About Golf Gloves

Golfing gloves are now an essential gear to professional golfers. The use of golf gloves will give the golfers a better grip, subtly enhancing their performance in making a good shot. When looking for a golf glove, you should look at the glove’s size. Choose a glove that would perfectly fit on your hand. It should also feel like a second skin to you. Aside from the sizes, you should consider knowing what kind of materials are used in the glove.

The most common materials used in making golf gloves are synthetic and genuine leathers. The higher the price of the golf glove, the more genuine its leather is. There are also cheaper products that are made with mesh or elastic.

In addition to the gloves products, they are also golf gloves specifically made to withstand certain weather conditions. An example of this is the ‘rain glove.’ These gloves are designed to work great under rainy conditions. They provide the golfers a better grip on their clubs to avoid losing their grip on it.

How To Choose the Right Pair of Golf Gloves?

First of all, when choosing your golf glove, you should know which hand would wear the glove. If you are a right-handed person, you should wear your glove on the left hand. And if you are a left-handed person, the glove should be worn on your right. The second step is choosing the right size. It would help if you chose a glove that would perfectly fit your hand for better performance. Here are the features that you should look out for when buying a golf glove:

Here are the features that you should look out for when buying a golf glove:

Good Gripping Function

Getting a good grip on your club is one of the key points of having a successful round, or would at least make your performance better. The whole point of having golf rain gloves is to provide the golfers a better gripping. Imagine not using a golf glove with an anti-slip feature during a rainy round that would seem like a disaster, instead of seeing the ball fly through the field. You’ll most likely see the player’s club flying through the air. That would be kind of embarrassing. So look for a glove that provides a good grip.

The Perfect Fit

Deciding whether the glove fits you just right or not is quite tricky. Here’s how you’ll know if a rain glove fits your hand just right.

  • When you wear the glove, your middle finger should be able to fit snugly in the glove. The fabric shouldn’t be loose at the top of the glove.
  • Once you see no loose fabrics on each finger, try clenching your hand into a fist. Your point finger’s knuckle should be able to pull the glove’s fabric over your hand tightly.

If there are many loose fabrics around your hand, then the glove is too big for you. If it does fit your hand but cannot clench you and into a fist, it is too small.

The Glove’s Durability

For an ideal golf glove, you should go for the ones that are resilient to wear and tear. There are some optional products out there that are disappointingly flimsy. So be keen on the materials used on the gloves and its construction. The higher the gloves’ price is, the better the materials are used. However, it would help if you still inspected the chosen glove to ensure its durability.

The Thickness of the Gloves

The thicker the glove is, the more resilient it is. However, it could mess up with your shots once the fabric would bunch up around your palms. Don’t go for the thicker gloves. An ideal golf glove should fit your hand like a second skin. You can find plenty of resilient gloves out there despite the fabric’s thinness.


The Materials Used in the Gloves

As I have mentioned earlier, materials are also an important factor in choosing the right golf glove.

Here are a few examples of the most common materials that are used in golf gloves:

  • Synthetic Golf Gloves

The synthetic materials usually are used on the smaller parts of the gloves. Synthetic materials are incredibly lightweight and stretchable. It suits a golf glove perfectly. The synthetic materials are mainly used around the knuckles’ bridge or would provide more flexibility around the fingers’ joints.

Some markets use 100% synthetic materials. This provides more durability than the leather ones. It’s stretchy, lightweight, and breathable microfibres can adapt to the player’s movement well. It can also keep your hand cool during hot weather.

  • Leather Golf Gloves

This is the most common type of material in golf gloves. Leather golf gloves have a lot of benefits for golf players. The texture is perfect for golfing. It offers a good feel to golfers and would grip like a second skin. It is also very resistant to moisture and will stay soft for a long time, as long as it is properly taken care of.

As time goes by, the glove will stretch out, so don’t go for a larger size. Only choose the size that has a perfect fit on your hand.

  • All-Weather Golf Gloves

Are specially made for people who often play in wet conditions or places with high humidity. It is more resistant to water and can offer a better feel in wet conditions. The fabric is breathable, and the wetter the gloves get, the better its grip gets. The fibers on the palm of the glove would create more friction when it gets wet.

Usually, weather gloves are often made with warmer and thicker materials to keep your hands warm during cold conditions. This is the best option of material that you can use if you play a round of golf during rainy days or if your hands get sweaty during warm weather.


Tips for Taking Care of Golf Gloves

The use of golf gloves is not just about wearing, taking it off, and then wearing it back again. You should also know how to take care of it to last for a long time. Here are a few tips that you should follow for proper golf glove care:

  • When you store your gloves, you should place it in a ziplock bag. It would make your gloves last longer.
  • After you wear your gloves after a round of the game, let it dry off naturally in the open air. This is so that the collected moisture would evaporate.
  • Bring at least 2 or 3 gloves in your bag in every game that you play. Change your gloves as the round goes on.
  • If you are on the course, remove your gloves between every shot that you make. This is to keep your gloves drier. You don’t possibly want to play with a wet glove, would you?


So there’s your full guide in choosing the best golf gloves for rainy conditions. To make sure that you have purchased a golf glove that would suit you best, follow the instructions above. You can also choose one of the listed gloves above that has got your interest. I assure you that all the gloves listed above have a beneficial anti-slip function and would surely help enhance your round of game plays in golf.


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