5 Best Goalkeeper Gloves – Buying Guide

Best Goalkeeper Gloves

In soccer, a goalie perhaps has the toughest job. That person is the thin line that keeps the enemy strikers from scoring a ball. If you are an aspiring goalkeeper who wants to debut in the pro scene, practice and skills are necessary. But more than that, your hands should be equipped with the best goalkeeper gloves.

Honestly, not everyone can be as good as David de Gea or Manuel Neuer. Together with the other few top brass goalkeepers, they are the most dominant defensive identities in the world of soccer today. These guys are slowly redefining a goalkeeper’s role due to the superb distribution and sweeping skills they display.

However, I am not saying that it is only on their qualifications alone. Just look at how equipped these goals are. Can you notice any weak spots in their body? None, right? Now, could you take a look at their hands? Those gloves are not ordinary. The construction and other features of this piece of equipment add to the performance of these goalies. That’s why if you want to follow their tracks, having the best goalie gloves are necessary.

Top 5 Best Goal Keeper Gloves Reviewed

5. Goalkeeper Gloves by Blok-IT

5. Goalkeeper Gloves by Blok-IT For an inexpensive goalkeeper glove, this pair by the Blok-I is seriously an excellent choice. Whether you will use it for practice or competitive games, this goalie glove will drastically improve your skills in dispersing and catching the ball.

The palm is overall smooth; therefore, you can expect that this glove can give you superior grip and control when catching the ball. Moreover, it has padding and additional cushions placed in the palm, backhand, and finger section for protection and support. Hence, your chances of sustaining injuries will drastically reduce.

When it comes to its closures, the Goalkeeper Gloves of Blok uses the hook and loop strap. Therefore, you can assure that it can fit regardless of the size of your wrist. The strap is also made with Velcro materials for a tighter and comfortable fit. Moreover, these goalkeeper gloves also have a Velcro wrist support system.

The entire construction of this glove is ideal for any goalies searching for durability and sturdiness in a pair. It is also made from breathable materials that regulate the sweat that is coming out from your skin. Moreover, this glove has a stylish finish that looks great when you wear them!

It comes in different sizes too!

Also, you don’t need to wash these gloves with detergent. Just use a damp cloth to wipe it quickly. Afterward, hang it so that it can dry. Just remember that you should store this in a place where there is no direct heat.


  • Inexpensive
  • Velcro support system
  • Soft surface for better grip
  • Have protective features
  • Breathable


  • Extra padding does not offer much quality protection


4. Reusch Soccer Receptor SG Finger Support Goalkeeper Glove

4. Reusch Soccer Receptor SG Finger Support Goalkeeper GloveIf you are into competitive soccer matches already, then wearing the Reusch Soccer Receptor SG Finger Support Goalkeeper Glove is not a regrettable choice.

The Reusch Soccer Receptor sports different features that any goalkeepers will surely love. The overall surface of its palm is smooth, which is a combination of synthetic and natural latex. Not only that it offers a firm grip, but it also provides adequate control and protection.

When punching the ball, its PVC backhand will absorb the shock, thus delivers only minimal pain to your fingers. The PVC is also durable and comfortable to the fingers.

Goalies who prefer tighter lock would love the full strap wrist bandage of the Reusch Soccer. This type of strap will secure your wrist, plus it ensures that the gloves won’t be loose, regardless of the shock it absorbs.

On the other hand, the fingers incorporate the Expanse Cut Pre-Slayed technology, allowing better positioning when you hold the ball. Moreover, the Finger Support system is present between your fingers for more protection. Furthermore, the Thumbflex technology in between the palm and thumb ensures flexibility and proper fit of these gloves.

Overall, the embossed foam construction of the Reusch Soccer Gloves makes all the breakpoints of your hands more flexible.


  • Highly flexible
  • Soft palm for tighter grip
  • Full bandage strap
  • Incorporates different technologies for finger protection
  • Latex construction


  • Not suitable for artificial grass
  • Not breathable


3. Vizari Modena F.R.F Glove

3. Vizari Modena F.R.F GloveConsidering the best goalie gloves will eventually lead you to Vizari Modena F.R.F Glove. Its entire construction is superbly sturdy, thick, and durable due to the combination of natural and synthetic latex.

This glove’s palm is furnished with 3 mm German Latex, which makes it incredibly soft but durable. You can catch balls with more control and precision with this feature. Also, this later enables better hand-to-ball positioning.

The backhand has a flexible spine that is made from super-soft foam. The cushion protects your fingers when punching the ball and gives comfort and a breezy feeling. The flexible spine protection of this glove is useful in diffusing the shock away from your hands.

Moreover, the finger incorporates a Finger Reinforcement Frame (FRF), which is the main feature of this goalkeeper glove. This reinforcement enables flexibility and movement to your fingers without compromising stability and control. Furthermore, this feature gives additional protection to your palm and thumb.

Lastly, it uses an 8cm elastic hook and loop wristband. This size is perfect even for those goalies that have relatively large hands.


  • Made from synthetic and natural latex
  • Additional padding in the backhand
  • Finger Reinforcement Frame
  • Durable and flexible
  • Effective shock dispersion


  • Some users say that this glove is only good for practice


2. Reusch Keon Pro SG Glove

2. Reusch Keon Pro SG Glove When looking for a high-performance goalie glove for competitive matches, one of the best options you have is Reusch Keon Pro SG Glove.

One of the finest qualities of the Reusch Keon Pro is its Soft Grip Palm. It is made from high-quality materials that maximize its softness so that you can have a better grip on the ball. This feature enhances your ball-saving skills, especially in tight situations.

Moreover, the cushioning of this glove is efficient in protecting your hands from those hard strikes. The bottom of the palm is abrasion-resistant. This feature is essential so that the gloves will not tear even when you are doing hard dives. If you want to adjust your gloves after a dive, its pull-down wrist wrap will do it quickly for you.

The backhand has SuperSofti foam covering all over it. This type of foam is embossed to allow the glove to be more flexible at the fingers’ breakpoints. Aside from that, Pro-Flex technology enhances the flexibility and fit of the Reusch Keon Pro SG Glove.

Aside from the said features, the entire construction of this goalkeeper glove utilizes the Expanse Cut ESS (Ergonomic Support System). This innovation uses several patterns so that the fingers are pre-slayed. This feature gives the goalie an optimal hand position to the ball.

Lastly, it has now a wider Later Wrist Bandage compared to other goalkeeper gloves. This means that fitting these gloves won’t be a problem!


  • Uses Expanse Cut ESS
  • Wider wrist bandage strap
  • SuperSofti foam on the backhand
  • Palms are super soft for secure grip
  • Anti-abrasion features


  • Users say that this glove doesn’t last long


1. Adidas ACE Pro Classic Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves

1. Adidas ACE Pro Classic Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves When it comes to the best goalkeeper gloves, the Adidas stand out. They have already produced myriads of quality gloves that many soccer superstars are already wearing. Among these, Adidas ACE Pro Classic Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves has one of the most notable features.

When it comes to construction, this Adidas Ace Pro is off the chart. Its palm has a 3.5mm of Nova latex covering it so that you can have better traction to the ball. Not only that, the 4mm cushioning in the palm enhances the comfort and protection of your palms when saving the goal. This goalkeeper glove also focused on improving the stability and fit the thumbs by integrating double latex wrap.

Punching the ball would not be a problem for you as it has full latex covers and additional paddings for support and shock dispersion.

This goalkeeper glove is perfect for goalies with slender hands. The negative cut is an engineering innovation that ensures seamless contact between the ball and the hands. It also has latex gussets to improve your grip further.

On the other hand, its closure uses the neoprene bandage, a revolutionary design that allows customized to fit any hand sizes. Moreover, this feature improves the sensation the goalie can feel with the glove.

With these specs, the Adidas ACE Pro Classic Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves is perfect for competitive matches, regardless of the weather condition.


  • Highly durable
  • Long lasting
  • Flexible and comfortable fit
  • Nova latex coverings for better ball traction
  • Negative cut and gussets


  • No finger protection

What is a goalkeeper gloves?

Unlike those regular gloves worn by factory and construction workers, a goalie glove has an exclusive design that gives your hand better protection and grip to the ball. Moreover, this piece of equipment enhances your capability to punch, catch, and block an incoming ball. No matter how hard the striker kicks the ball to you, the best goalkeeper gloves will drastically reduce its impact and force.

Wearing a good pair of goalie gloves will define your performance. Your effort in achieving a perfect save will further improve if you have the right gloves in your hand.

Because of the various playing fields, soccer has different types of gloves have developed too. Some gloves are perfect for futsal, while others are good in artificial grass and the rain. Furthermore, there are separate gloves designed for the youth and professional level.

Considerations of Choosing the Best Goalkeeper Gloves

When choosing the best goalie gloves, understanding their anatomy is necessary. If you know the parts and their designated function, choosing the right pair would be easy on your part.

Backhand – This section of the goalkeeper gloves protects your fingers when you are punching the ball. Specifically, the finger gussets and the body of the glove attach backhand and the palm. Ordinary and cheap gloves only have a single foam layer, while the best goalie gloves have backhands made of latex.

Palm – This part of the glove improves your grip in catching the ball. Furthermore, those goalkeeper gloves that display significant grip are known as match gloves. The best goalkeeper gloves have palms made of quality materials, hence thicker and more grip to show. There are other types of palms, too, such as textured, dimpled, and smooth. The texture and dimpled ones are quite durable and ideal for practice purposes.

Soft palms are for excellent grip. If it’s rough, it means it is highly durable.


Closure – The closure defines how fit and comfortable the gloves to your hands. There are different types of closures that you can choose from. The V-notch closures have a vented design to keep your hands dry and cool inside. On the other hand, the hook and loop is an adjustable and flexible flap. This type of closure is the most common because it gives you total control over the gloves’ tightness and looseness in your hands.

Lastly, the bandage closures resemble medical bandages. This type of closure provides an excellent supportive fit. However, many goalkeepers find it too restrictive.

Fingers – The fingers are vital when it comes to securing and catching the ball. Depending on your preference, you may choose between loose and tight fit glove fingers. The loose fit allows free movement of your fingers. On the other hand, tight fit provides more security and control.

Other Considerations for the Best Goalie Gloves
  • Fit and sizing – When choosing the goalkeeper gloves, you must prefer a roomy fit than a tight fit. Those with close sizing are more susceptible to holes and blowouts in the palm and fingers.
  • Grip – Gloves that offers tacky grip tends to be more expensive than the regular ones. However, if you are still a practicing goalkeeper, wearing a less expensive glove is not a problem. It is beneficial to your part because it can teach your technique and focus on saving the ball. By the time you are already skilled, getting a better goalkeeper glove will improve your play.
  • If you want to have a feel on the ball, choose a glove with a thin palm. In the same manner, you should prefer a thick palm if you are concerned about your protection. Usually, the thickness of the palm comes from 3mm to 4mm.
  • Protection of the fingers – There are two types of finger protection that goalkeeper gloves can offer. These are the flexible and segmented spines. The segmented spines keep your finger from hyperextension. On the other hand, the flexible ones are useful in dispersing the shock of the incoming ball.

Also, take in mind that you have to own at least two pairs of gloves. One will be used for practice, and one is for competitive matches. If you constantly use one glove only, its quality will eventually wear out.


List of the Best Goalkeeper Gloves

Brand Notable Features
Adidas ACE Pro Classic Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves 3.5 MM Nova Latex on the backhand for a firmer grip

4 MM Cushioning on the backhand

Negative cuts with gussets on fingers

Neoprene bandage for perfect fit and feel

Ideal for all weather conditions

Vizari Modena F.R.F Glove 3 mm latex construction on its palm

The backhand has super-soft foam and added padding for support and construction

Uses the Finger Reinforcement Frame to improve the protection, control, comfort, and flexibility, of the fingers

Elastic waistband for an adjustable and comfortable fit

Reusch Keon Pro SG Glove A mixture of natural and synthetic latex in the palm

super soft and embossed foams cover the backhand.

Pro-Flex technology to improve the flexibility of the fingers

Expanse Cut ESS (Ergonomic Support System) for better hand position on the ball

Wide later wrist bandage

Goalkeeper Gloves by Blok-IT Soft palm for added grip and control

Padding and cushion in the fingers and palm for protection

Breathable construction

Velcro wrist support and strap for a comfortable fit

Reusch Soccer Receptor SG Finger Support Goalkeeper Glove Natural and synthetic latex on the palms for a tighter grip

Reusch Finger Support for enhanced finger flexibility and added protection

Embossed foam construction allows hand flexibility at breakpoints.

Full-strap bandage closure


Final verdict

With this selection of goalkeeper gloves, choosing the best one would be hard. However, we carefully scrutinized each of them based on the features and ranked them accordingly. Here is our ranking:

  1. Adidas ACE Pro Classic Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves
  2. Vizari Modena F.R.F Glove
  3. Goalkeeper Gloves by Blok-IT
  4. Reusch Keon Pro SG Glove
  5. Reusch Soccer Receptor SG Finger Support Goalkeeper Glove

Despite the fierce competition, it is still apparent that Adidas Ace Pro Classic Goalkeeper Gloves will stand out. Its construction is superb, and many users can guarantee it. In online sites like Amazon, only this glove got the perfect score. This pair of gloves display excellent traction and control of the ball, which is necessary for goalies. Aside from that, it has unique technical specs that keep your hand fit, comfortable, and protected.

With its price, it is clear that this brand is for competitive gaming. It can sustain substantial impacts without getting damaged. Moreover, even if it gets rainy, you can be assured that this glove’s grip would not lessen. Achieving perfect saves are doable because this goalkeeper glove gives you adequate control and flexibility.

Therefore, we declare the Adidas ACE Pro Classic as the best goalie gloves.

In regards to the other gloves, their quality should not be undermined. After all, they have unique features that make them ideal for goalkeepers, whether for practice or competition.

Before buying, make sure that the gloves can fit perfectly fit into your hands. Although all of these have adjustment and fitting features, it would still be great if your hands would feel comfortable inside the gloves.


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