Best Gaming Mouse Pads of

After a long stressful work week and you’re set to enjoy the weekend by playing games on your gaming pc. But you realize that your mouse pad doesn’t provide the traction that you so much desire.

That is because you are not using a gaming mouse pad. Gaming mouse pads offer different added features that create more fun for you when gaming. It also has a good surface space and proper texture that enables you to have the best feeling when gaming because it makes you game like a king.

Even gaming mouse pads have over the years evolved to feature new technologies and innovations. They may have the same general design just like the other mouse pads, but they now have cool stuff like IQ wireless charging which makes you do away with all those charging cables.

You don’t need to be told how vital using the best gaming mouse pads are because if you are using the best gaming PC to play the best gaming games, then you have no choice but to have the best gaming mouse pads to give you the best gaming experience you can ever experience.

There are tons of different gaming mouse pads out there which makes it difficult for you to know the best amongst them. Fortunately for you, we have compiled a list of the best gaming mouse pads you can choose from to suit your purpose and style.

1. Logitech G440 – Best Gaming Mouse Pad (Best Choice)

The Logitech G440 gaming mouse pad is designed primarily to go alongside the Logitech gaming mouse, but it can also be used for other gaming mice. It is known for its pure speed because it offers low friction and real resistance. PC gamers that require rapid mouse movements can go for this gaming pad because it provides low friction which allows them to glide their mouse with much ease. Even for games where tight mobility and swift map navigation are crucial, gamers will prefer using hard mouse pads like Logitech G440.

This mouse pad is built to last. Even after the sensors on your current mouse give out, the mouse pad will still be with you because of the materials used. It also has a bit of weight, but due to the rubber bottom it has, the mouse pad isn’t going to slip, so no matter the game you are playing, you can focus with the determination to succeed in it.

Key features
  • Good surface space
  • Solid rubber bottom
  • Low friction surface
  • Minimal branding

It has a significant amount of surface space which appears smooth, but it is a polyethylene surface with microtextures that offer the right amount of resistance. It allows fast movement and flicks shots, without slipping off the mouse pad. While gaming, movement of the mouse is done with ease during intense battle because Logitech seems to have a middle ground that is perfect between abrasive and smooth.

  • It is comfortable as rubber bottom will keep it from sliding all over the desktop
  • Textured top gives you ironclad accuracy
  • Designed for high DPI movement
  • Very expensive because of the materials used.
  • Works better alongside Logitech G mouse series sensors than others.

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2. SteelSeries Qck Gaming Mouse Pad

When it comes to getting an affordable gaming mouse pad that gives you top quality. Then, SteelSeries Qck gaming mouse pad is the best shot for you. It is one of the cheapest gaming mouse pads that still gives you value for your money. It is also known as a budget mouse pad as it always meets your budget.

The QQck’s surface material is ultra smooth with a small surface area which you can always click through and choose a size up option, but with a higher cost. It has a high thread count for mouse control and a smooth glide with a rubber base which helps prevent it from sliding around your desk while you game. There is always a catch with its ultra lightweight.

Key features
  • No-fray on cloth
  • Relatively thin (2mm)
  • Ultra lightweight
  • No skid rubber along the bottom

It comes in different sizes, and shapes and there are different versions with the higher end version with RGB lighting. You can always switch between the different sizes and shapes while paying more attention to higher versions which gives you additional features that enhance your gaming experience.

This gaming mousepad is going to warp with time and humidity and become pretty dilapidated. The pad offers about a year of excellent experience. Although, it provides you a time frame of durability, but you get what you paid for. The SteelSeries Qck gaming mouse pad deserves a spot on the best gaming mouse pad because irrespective of the version of pad you buy, it provides you a good gaming experience at an affordable price.

  • It is very affordable
  • The very smooth cloth top
  • Has a small surface area
  • It warps with time. Provides you with a time frame of durability.

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3. Corsair MM300 – Most Popular Gaming Mouse Pad (Also Cheap!)

An oversized mouse pad like Corsair MM300 is necessary if you’re the type of PC gamer that plays with lowered DPI. This is because you probably give your wrist quite a workout. It is also necessary to use Corsair MM300 when massive movements are required to make those precise headshots in games.

Due to the quality construction and non-skid rubber bottom, the material never frays or slips. It’s going to stick whenever you place it down. The textile-specific textured top makes it possible for you to maintain accuracy no matter what, making it intense for long-winded gaming sessions.

While using Corsair MM300 gaming mouse pad, you never have to worry about running out of space for your mouse because while it may seem unnecessary to place a keyboard on top of a mouse pad, the mouse pad accommodates the keyboard and the mouse with tons of room to spare.

Key features
  • No-skid rubber bottom
  • Textile-specific textured top
  • Anti-fray cloth surface

Corsair MM300 like most cloth mouse pads features a smooth textile design that provides gliding a mouse across its surface with ease. Due to its massive surface, it makes a hefty amount of overhead for DPI adjustments easy.

However, Corsair MM300 comes with few issues. The color of the gaming mouse pad usually changes from black to white with time. It also comes with the high chemical smell which is used as a treatment to prevent stain and damage. Corsair MM300 can still be regarded as one of the best gaming mouse pads because it is relatively cheap and you get large horizontal space for maximum range.

  • Low price
  • Wide cover for a maximum range
  • Very smooth tracking surface
  • Fading of the color with time
  • Chemical smell

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4. Razer Goliathus Speed Cosmic Gaming Mouse Pad

If you are a gamer that doesn’t want to settle for a rigid piece of plastic and you have your eye on an RGB mouse pad with excellent horizontal movement, then Razer Goliathus is a good shot for you. It is a product of Razer, a top-rated gaming electronics company.

Key features
  • Anti-slip rubber bottom
  • Cloth won’t fray with time
  • Optimized to handle all DPI and sensitivity settings

The Razer Goliathus takes expert RGB implementation and puts in into a soft gaming pad that will let you have good gaming experience with style and comfort. It is expensive, but it gives you value for your money because of its excellent quality and its anti-fray cloth, with a rubber bottom which stays in place, even when experiencing the most heated match of your faux MLG career.

  • No lag, no issues
  • Excellent horizontal surface space
  • Expert RGB implementation
  • Expensive cloth mat
  • It usually fades in three to six months

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5. Razer Firefly Review – Premium Gaming Mouse Pad

Razer, one of the top rated gaming technologies companies, have put forward one of the best wireless gaming mouse pads. Any gamer could have asked for.

It is a 16.8 million color combination RGB mouse pad, but it was designed to blend smoothly with other Razer devices. You will need to get your mouse and keyboard with the same RGB capabilities from Razer. Else it would not sync with your other brands.

With Razer Firefly, you need not worry about wireless mice dying in the middle of a crucial boss fight. With its wireless power technology, it uses a magnetic field to transfer power to the mouse from the mouse pad. There is a constant stream of power to the mouse as long as it is sitting on top of the mouse pad.

Key features
  • USB plug-in
  • Small surface space
  • 16.8 million color combination for the RGB feature

Apart from its power duration and the RGB function, you can only get one size you choose from. Even though, you don’t get to encounter crummy fray as you do with other mouse pads. With Razer firefly, you just need to sit down on your gaming chair like a king and enjoy a long lasting gaming experience.

  • No-fray. You can use it until your mouse gives out
  • Excellent cost for the size and added features.
  • There are no additional  sizes when you need a larger mouse pad
  • This mouse pad only works with Razer products or devices

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6. Corsair MM800 Polaris RGB

Using a mouse pad with the functionality of a light up is the best for an excellent gaming experience. The Corsair MM800 not just a flashy light show but it also features a high-quality micro-textured surface that makes it easy for the mouse to glide across the surface during small mouse movement without sacrificing precision.

The two significant differences between Corsair MM800 mouse pads from other mouse pads is that it uses 15 LEDs which is way brighter than Razer and it features a USB pass-through port which you can use to plug your mouse or flash drive conveniently.

Key features
  • 15 very bright LEDs
  • USB pass-through ports
  • Additional cable added to the desktop clutter

You can also create your advanced lighting profiles the mouse pad efficiently using Corsair’s revamped iCUE, or you can choose from a large sample of preset modes.

  • It allows easy glide across the surface during small mouse movement
  • It has the best functionality of light up mouse pad
  • It only syncs with other Corsair products

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7. Consair Dual-Sided Aluminum Gaming Mouse Pad

Gaming just doesn’t get any better with Corsair dual-sided aluminum gaming mouse pad. It is one of the top choices for gaming mouse pads. As the name implies, it has a quality double-sided sheet. Whether you can utilize the high-control surface, or use the less friction side, either way, the rubber bottom helps to keep the mouse pad precisely where you need it to be.

Key features
  • made from aluminum and not cloth
  • heavy enough to sit on the desktop without moving

This gaming mouse pad is a bit expensive but you are sure to enjoy every penny because it is going to last for a long while and it is easier to clean aluminum than cloth. No matter the type of game you are playing, you can switch to either side that makes you enjoy your game.

  • easier to clean than cloth
  • Comes with two surface option. The high control and low friction
  • corners provide zero slip
  • a little too raised
  • pricey

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8. Roccat Taito Control

Roccat Taito Control gaming mouse pad is one of the best cloth mouse pads in the market. The cloth mouse pad is the most common and affordable type of mouse pad. They are made of rubber composites with synthetic fabrics to create a soft top. This gaming pad is designed to provide a durable and smooth surface. This type of gaming mouse pad is preferred mostly by gamers that require pin-point accuracy with less friction.

The size of a Roccat Taito Control gaming mouse pad is slightly above other competitors “medium size” but still below their large pads. The pads are also heavier and thicker which make them a top choice for gamers.

Key features
  • Large surface area
  • Thick with stitched edges
  • Excellent surface texture for control

Roccat Taito pads aren’t the smoothest of cloth pads, but it still gives you more control because of its light friction due to its marginally rough surface. With it, you can get a blend of speed and precision. Its combinations of colorful designs add beauty to the mouse pad.

  • It gives you more power with less friction
  • It is durable
  • Its thickness makes it easy to use
  • It can be noisy during intense mouse movement
  • It is harder to clean when compared with aluminum gaming mouse pads
  • Although they have a right pad size which is between the large and medium size of other types of pillows, you cannot get any different size when you need it.

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To Wrap Up…

Before you choose any gaming mouse pad, you need to go through the list of the best gaming mouse pads we’ve listed above. They are well researched to meet with different criteria and specifications of the users. Gaming experts have also tested them with the intention of making your gaming experience awesome.

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