6 Best Floating Chlorine Dispensers

When summer comes, it only means that is high time to fill up your swimming pools and get ready for a pool party and a barbecue galore on the sides for the ultimate family bonding!

Filling a pool takes time. And surely you do not want to drain the pool now and then just to keep it clean and crystal clear.

You do not want to waste precious time drain and fill your pool again, but you are also concern about the cleanliness of your pool, especially if it’s been there for days.

So, what do you do? Buy the best floating chlorine dispenser today!

Top 6 Best Floating Chlorine Dispensers Reviewed

– Bestseller Floating Chlorine Dispenser Comparisons Table – 

1. GAME Solar Duck Pool Chlorinator

If you are looking for a useful and fun pool companion, then this Solar Duck Pool Chlorinator from GAME is your perfect choice! This floating chlorine dispenser can hold up to 6 chlorine tablets for consistent cleaning of your pool without too much maintenance on your part.

It features a solar light function that illuminates at dusk for an added ambiance. It also has an adjustable flow rate for any pool size. Not only it does a great job in maintaining your pool squeaky and clean, but it also adds some aesthetic appeal on your pool. You got a funky duck cleaning your pool— what more do you want?

  • Funky duck design
  • Works with different pool sizes
  • Stays lit all night long
  • Holds up to 6 chlorine tablets
  • Water can get inside, damaging batteries and other components
  • The solar panel is not on top

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2. JED Pool tools Shark Fin Floating Chlorine Dispenser

If you want to keep your guests and friends while you clean your entire pool, then this chlorine dispenser is the best you should buy. Other than pranking guests and friends, this chlorine dispenser in a shark fin design can hold up to 1” to 3” chlorine tablets for cleaning and maintaining your pool.

It has a canister bottom which can be adjusted for the chlorine flow by punchable tabs. It is made of sturdy and robust plastic, so you do not have to worry about its durability. Plus, its color will never fade even if it is exposed to harsh elements such as UV rays.

  • Holds 1” to 3” tablets
  • Adjustable Chlorine Flow
  • Shark Fin Top
  • Made of sturdy and tough plastic
  • Resist UV rays
  • It won’t stay floating upright

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3. PoolSupplyTown Floating Chlorine Dispenser

If you do not like the hassle of maintaining a swimming pool or do not have a lot of time on your hands, then this efficient and reliable floating chlorine dispenser from PoolSupplyTown can give you a helping hand at a great value.

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You can fill it with up to 5 pieces of 3” chlorine tablet and forget that it even exists. It can accommodate both 1” to 3” chlorine tablets. It dispenses the amount of chlorine that you have set which is based on the size of your pool.  Also, this floating chlorine dispenser comes with a built-in 5” thermometer for added convenience.

  • You can adjust the amount of chlorine it dispenses
  • Holds up to5 pieces of 3” chlorine tablets
  • Built-in thermometer
  • Great value
  • The thermometer is hard to read

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4. Milliard Goldfish Chlorine Dispenser

Want a goldfish that keeps your swimming pool cleaned and maintained all season long? Then this chlorine dispenser should be your best bet!  Now you spend less time working and more time swimming. This chlorine dispenser is made from durable ABS plast8ic that can last season to season.

This adorable goldfish chlorine dispenser accepts 1-inch and 3-inch chlorine tablets and can store up to 5 tablets at once. It is an adjustable dispenser which dispenses just the right amount of chlorine as it floats.

This goldfish-top chlorine dispenser is not only functional but also adds décor and fun to your pool. Plus, it can be folded and collapsed to save space when it is not in use.

  • Adorable goldfish top adds décor and fun to your pool
  • Accepts 1-inch and 3-inch tabs
  • Can store up to 5 tablets
  • Foldable for easy storage
  • The lid is hard to screw
  • Leans on the side

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5. Aquatix Pro Duck Pool Chemical Dispenser

Another adorable looking floating chlorine dispenser, this one also takes the shape of a duck floating aimlessly on your pool while keeping it clean all season! This chlorine dispenser is made of heavy-duty materials which can serve your swimming pool for many years to come.

It accepts 3” chlorine tablets plus it has locking caps to keep the chemical tablets safely inside for a safer and more enjoyable pool experience for you and your family. It has an adjustable ring that provides complete control and flexibility over the chlorine dispenser.

Moreover, it is quite easy to clean and store when not in use. Lastly, the manufacturer offers a 1-year guarantee for risk-free buying!

  • Locking caps for keeping tablets safe inside
  • Adorable duck-top design
  • 1-year guarantee
  • Adjustable ring
  • The dispenser does not stay attached to the rubber duck

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6. Poolmaster Alligator Chlorine Dispenser

This chlorine Dispenser adds some personality to your pool while keeping it fresh and clean all day long! If you are not into cute fishes and adorable ducks floating around, have this realistic, scary alligator around to do the work for you as you sit back and relax.

There’s no need to choose for a boring chlorine dispenser, add some personality and characters in your pool and let your guests and friends be amazed!

It features an adjustable chlorination ring which you can set to dispense just the right amount of chlorine. It is also made of non-corrosive material so it can last for many years and keep working hard to maintain your swimming pool.

Not only does it help in cleaning your pool, but this scary alligator head floating chlorine dispenser can also keep unwanted birds and critters away from your pool.

  • Made from non-corrosive material
  • Keeps unwanted birds and critters away
  • Adjustable chlorination ring
  • Accommodates up to 3” chlorine tablets
  • It fills with water

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