The primary use and purpose of a flag pole is to hang up flags. It is true that as a person or a bona-fide citizen of your country you are, there may be various reasons you would want to hang up your national flag or any other corporate flag. Whether at your work place, home or any other point you want. For this, you need to get a flag pole, not just any flag pole but a quality and reliable one.

How do you know which flag pole is best and is the right one for you to buy? Like I will always tell people, there are no bad products in the market, you only discover a particular product is not useful after using it and you will also not recommend it for your friends and family to buy. Also, if you use a product and it performs very well, you will notably recommend it for anyone seeking to buy similar product.

In the case of a flag pole, people normally looking out for the following when looking for the best product to buy;

1. Material: What it is made of

2. Design: How it is made

3. Height: How long (maybe tall) it is

These three listed subjects are what you should have in mind if you are seeking to buy a new flag pole because all flag poles are made for various uses. To aid you in your quest to buying the best flag poles, we have listed below some of the most recommended flag pole products by many customers.

Note that this list is in no particular ranking order.

1. Grace Alley Flag Pole: Tangle Free Spinning Flagpole Residential or Commercial 6ft Flag Pole (Silver)

This is one of the best flag poles you can get. It features a “Free spin action” that helps in preventing your flags from tangling as it will fly freely and hardly wrap around the flag pole. It is made with brushed aluminum so it is rust free and being wind resistant makes it very ideal for outdoor use. From the description, it is 6FT in height so it is tall enough. It is not that heavy as it weighs just 1.5 pounds. What more? Upon purchase, the product comes with a one year no hassle warranty.

2. Evergreen Flag Black Weather Safe Iron Extendable House Estate Flag Pole Two Ring Clips

One of the unique features of this Evergreen flag pole is that it can be extended from 35 inches to 60 inches. Also, the evergreen flag pole is black in color and it is one of the most durable flag poles you can find. It is solid and weather proof and it also comes with an anti-wrap tube that makes your flag hang freely on the flag pole. It weighs 1.3 pounds so it is not considered heavy.

3. ZENY 20FT Sectional Flag Pole 3’x5′ American Flag & Ball Top Kit Hardware Outdoor Garden Halyard Pole Inground Flagpole (20 ft)

Being an in ground flagpole, it is to be used for mainly outdoor purposes. It is very easy to install and also anyone can get at it. Apart from the flag pole, the product package also comes with other contents like a Gold ball to be fitted at the top and also a free USA flag. If you are looking for a flag pole to create attraction, you should consider buying this Zent 20FT sectional flag pole.

4. WindStrong® 25 FT Heavy Duty Residential Flag Pole Complete Set

This flag pole is almost similar to the one listed above it because they share so much similarities. The flag is made of sturdy and quality material so it is highly recommend especially for durability. It weighs close to 10 pounds so it is a bit heavier than the others but I don’t think that should be a problem. A 25 FT flag pole is high enough to set your flag high and flying in front of your building. This Windstrong flag may just happen to be exactly what you have been looking for.

5. F2C 20FT Sectional Flagpole Kit Outdoor Halyard Pole

This is another flag pole that you can easily adjust the height. It is a 55 mm diameter flag pole and 20 FT in height but can be adjusted to 3.5Ft, 6.7Ft, 10Ft, 13.2Ft and 16.4Ft. It has 2 Ft PVC sleeves that makes it easy to be mounted on the ground. This feature also makes it easy to set up and it can be done just within few minutes. Weighing 8.2 pounds, I can say that it is of moderate weight. The package also comes with a free USA flag.

6. Super Tough Commercial Grade Sectional 25 ft. Flagpole – Satin – US Made

Just like the description states, this flag pole has different sections which can be easily fitted. It is heavy duty as it is made from high quality aluminum material. With 10 pounds in weight, This Super tough flag pole is designed in such a way that it can withstand hard pressure and resist wind and storm occurrence. Installing the flag pole is no work, the manufacturers also provided detailed guidelines for you to follow. It is a very efficient product and is recommended for purchase.

7. Peach Tree Basic Portable Commercial Flag Pole

This flag pole is said to be perfect for whatever you may need it for. It is made with very sturdy and durable aluminum material and has about five aluminum tubes. It is 8.65 pounds in weight and is portable. The height is very OK and the installation process is very simple as well. It can be able to withstand wind speeds and other related weather conditions. The Peach Tree flag pole can hold two flags at a go, it is an awesome product that is yet inexpensive.

8. Yeshom 30feet Telescopic 16 Gauge Aluminum Flagpole

This product is not so popular but based on reviews from most customers who have used it, I believe it is one of the best flag poles you can buy. 30 Ft in height means it is really tall, taller than most of the flag poles mentioned earlier. Being that tall, it is advisable that you dig a bit deeper hole for it. It is capable of holding two flags and weighs 10.5 pounds, so it can be considered a bit heavy. It is durable and a great choice if you need a new flag pole.

9. A-ONE 8FT Telescopic Indoor Flagpole Kit

This is a flag pole with style; it is uniquely made with a very attractive design. It is easy to assemble and the height of the flag pole can also be adjusted. It weighs 4.85 pounds; it is not heavy making it very portable.  This A-ONE flag pole was built to last long; it is made of high quality materials which are sturdy enough to resist heavy winds. It could make a good buy, most people tag it expensive, but I believe the price is OK for its quality.

10. Anley 4 Feet Telescopic Handheld Flagpoles

Here we have a handheld flag pole; I choose to end my list with a different spec of flag pole just for those who may need it. Of course, handheld flag poles are needed for various activities too. As a handheld flag pole, it sold at a very low price and the product is light weight too. No one would love to hold up something heavy, The Anley Manufacturers were definitely aware of that. This flag pole is made of Stainless Steel and it is anti-slip. Whatever you may need a little flag pole for, this product will be up to the task.


Q: Can you fly two flags on these flag pole?

A: For most of them, Yes is the answer. You should also check the detailed product information for confirmation.

Q: What is the standard flag pole size?

A: I don’t really think there is a standard flag pole size. The size of flag pole you should buy depends on what you want to use it for. Most of these flag poles are adjustable so you can worry less.

Q: How do I choose the best Flag pole to buy?

A: You might get yourself confused because all products claim to be the best, you can choose any of the flag poles in the list, they are some the best you can buy today.

Q: How do I Install a Flag pole?

A: Less work is needed for installing a flag pole. There is no specific installation procedure because the flag poles are different. Most products come with detailed installing instructions which you can follow.

Q: How often will my flag pole require maintenance?

A: Flag poles need just minimal maintenance. If set up very well you may only need to bring it down if you notice any fault on it.


By taking your time to read about the flag pole products mentioned in this article, I believe you would make a nice choice about which flag pole is the best for you to buy.

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