10 Best Fireplace Fans of 2019

10 Best Fireplace Fan with Reviews 2019

The fireplace is the perfect tool in warming your whole house during cold winter season. However, the only major problem is that the heat coming from the fireplace don’t spread throughout the house. The only way that you can fix this problem is by using a fireplace fan, which could help evenly spread the heat throughout the entire house.

The great thing about these devices is that it doesn’t use any electricity to operate, which would greatly help save your electricity bills. With a lot of fireplace fan options in the market, choosing the best product is proven to be quite hard. Therefore, we are here to assist you by listing down the best fans, as well as providing you with a buying guide to help you with your search.

  1. ECOFAN AirMax Heat Powered Fan

This product is one of the top-rated fireplace fans in the market. This fan is designed to be placed on top of the fireplace or wood stove, which would effectively help circulate the warmth around the house quickly and efficiently. This is perfect for rooms of different sizes, including the large ones.

The great thing about this fan is that it doesn’t require any electricity to operate, and it has been proven to help save you up to 18% of fuel while it efficiently distributes heat from the fireplace. Despite its small size, it is quite powerful as it can move air to up to 175 cubic feet per minute. This is definitely a great option for those who are looking for a fireplace fan.

  1. VODA Heat Powered Stove Fan

If you don’t mind paying a bit more money to get the best product, then this fireplace fan from VODA should be the kind of item that you should invest your money on. The only thing that you might not like about this fan is that you’ll have to give it a kick start by spinning its blades, but after that, the fan would continuously be operated by the stove’s heat.

Aside from giving it a little kick start, which is not really an issue, to be honest, the biggest advantage of using this fan is its efficiency. The fan allows the heat to evenly circulate throughout the house without the use of electricity. Due to its five blades, which have been designed for optimum function and form, it makes the fan a far better alternative than most cheaper options.

  1. Tomersun Heat Powered Stove Fan

Are you searching for an automatic fan that doesn’t have to be given a kick start to operate? Then this Tomersun Heat Powered Fan is the perfect option for you. What makes this far more interesting is that it doesn’t use any batteries or electricity to operate. All it needs is the heat that is coming from the fireplace to work.

Once the blades make contact with the heat, it will automatically start turning, rotate, and adjust its speed. This unique device features a Bi-metallic safety device, which would help it protect from the stove’s heat of temperatures up to 300 degrees Celsius. It also reduces the use of heat and would instantly make the room warmer whether if it’s big or small.

  1. VODA Twin Motor Stove Fan

Now here’s a fan that is more advanced than most fireplace fans in the market. The fan itself measures around 9 by 5 by 5 inches and provides an air flow of 210 CFM, which makes it perfect for smaller rooms. However, it also works pretty well in large rooms as you can still feel the heat circulating inside the room.

The way this fan delivers the air inside the room is vertical to ensure the room would warm up immediately. As some of the fans in the market, this stove fan also features a Bi-metallic safety device, which would protect the fan from the stove’s heat to prevent it from melting or getting damaged. In fact, the fan comes in a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer, in case it has problems within the first year.

  1. Kinden Twin Motor Fireplace Fan

Here is another twin motor fireplace fan that can deliver a good amount of warm air into your living room. It could even reach your rooms if you live a medium sized bungalow house. With fans having four blades each, it would be able to spread about 80% of heat throughout the whole house. But if you live in a large bungalow house or a two-story house, the heat might only circulate in a limited area.

Despite being a two motor fan, it quietly operates in spreading heat which makes it a great product for night time use. In addition to its ability to distribute heat, this fan stove also comes with a magnetic thermometer that could help you monitor the temperature. This could be helpful if you want to control the temperature inside your house.

  1. VonHaus Eco Stove Fan

Increase the efficiency of your fireplace in generating heat by using this amazing fan from Vonhaus, this fan of theirs is a four-blade heat powered stove fan. This device automatically operates around 50 to 350 degrees Celsius, along with self-adjustment of speed depending on the room’s temperature.

If you’re worried about using a fan that is too loud, we assure you that this fan is extremely silent and wouldn’t disturb you and your family when in use. To make sure the fan provides an effective warm airflow, it uses four large blades that would help push the heat around the house. In addition, it is very portable as it comes with a handle on top for easy carrying.

  1. ECOFAN UltrAir Heat Powered Stove Fan

If you are looking for a fan that is very suitable in warming rooms of up to 240 square feet, then you might want to consider using this stove fan from Ecofan. If the room is more than 240 square feet, then you should look for another fireplace fan other than this. But if you’re planning on using this in a small part of your house, then you should consider getting one of these products.

The fun thing about this fan is that it doesn’t use any electricity or batteries to work. The fan automatically works by converting the stove’s heat into electric power, this way, you no longer have to handle it manually every time you light up your fireplace. It also operates in a silent way making it perfect when sleeping, reading, or watching TV. This also comes in a 2-year warranty in case the device breaks down within two years of usage.

  1. VODA New Designed Stove Fan

This is one of the best fireplace fans that you can use to help you with circulating heat in your household. As with the other listed products above, this product is also powered by heat to operate. This is very suitable for those who are on a budget that couldn’t handle any more expenses.

Aside from not using batteries and electricity, this also doesn’t use a motor where you’ll be required to use fuel. And since it only runs on heat, the fan runs very quietly that you won’t even notice that it’s working. This is perfect for those who value quietness in their household. As for its durability, the fan is made from corrosion materials making it very durable and long lasting.

  1. VODA Portable Fireplace Stove Fan

Looking for the best stove fan that is light and portable is proven to be quite hard with a lot of options out there, but lucky for you we have listed down one of the best of them that is made from VODA. This specific model from VODA is designed for portability, which is perfect for those who travel a lot and stays at a place that has a fireplace.

The fan has a very compact design and pretty much compatible with all kinds of burners, this includes a fireplace, wood burner, and others. Overall, this product is very effective in spreading heat throughout the room, very durable, and operates silently.

  1. GALAFIRE Fireplace Wood Stove Fan

Now here is a whisper quiet stove fan made from GALAFIRE. This product is among the top-rated fans in Amazon, therefore it would be a good idea to consider getting one of these products from the company.

This fan comes in a very compact design that would easily fit inside a small room. In fact, you can even take it anywhere without struggling with its size and weight. In addition to its portability, its materials are rust-resistant making them long-lasting.


The fireplace fan reviews above will provide you a great starting point when searching for a fan that would suit your needs. If you live in a cold area and use a fireplace to provide some warmth in your house, then using a stove fan is a necessity as using a fireplace alone wouldn’t provide heat in the entire house. So, to make sure you are getting most of your fireplace’s heat, purchase the best fan that you could find and place it on top of the fireplace to help spread the heat.

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