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(Last Updated On: July 4, 2019)

What Is A Hard Drive Enclosure?

An external hard drive is used mainly to increase storage capacity on one’s laptop and by people who tend to move a lot of data around. In layman’s terms, an external hard drive is used to add extra storage to an existing laptop or PC.

An external hard drive case is simply the casing in which one can put their hard drive to either protect it from damage, spillage or to increase transfer speed. Here we review the top eight for you:

1. ORICO External Hard Drive Enclosure

  • Inserted with a 7mm shock pad, the enclosure cushions the device and fits the hard drive snuggly against the case. This not only prevents damage but also keeps it intact and prevents it from moving around too much.
  • Extremely easy to use, the drive comes with easy to understand instructions and a long USB cable. This can be used to salvage files from a damaged computer by simply putting the hard drive into the enclosure and plugging it into an HDD compatible laptop.
  • Lightweight: the enclosure is light and easy to carry and transport.
  • Activity blinker: The enclosure has a blinker that indicates hard drive activity via a blinking light.
  • Speedy writing and transfer: The Orico HDD enclosure aids speedy data reading ranging from around 321.6 MB/s to 409 MB/s and a writing range of 250MB/s to 299 MB/s. This also means that not only does this make your external hard drive more compatible but also aids faster data transfer.



2. SABRENT 2.5 Inch Hard Drive EnclosureSABRENT 2.5 Inch Hard Drive Enclosure

  • Extra protection: The Sabrent enclosure has a sponge for front and top protection of the external hard drive insertion that keeps it safe and protects sensitive data.
  • Easy to use: Easy to use, the enclosure has an on and off button and shuts down automatically after 10-15 minutes of inactivity which saves power. Moreover, no drivers need to be installed. You can just plug it in and use it.
  • Fast transfer: The enclosure aids fast data transfer and is USB 3.0 compatible.



3. SABRENT EC-UK3B Hard Drive Enclosure

  • Better design: The EC-U3B has an aluminum enclosure: this is much more durable and provides better protection than regular plastic enclosures. The rubbers on the sides of the enclosure not only make it shockproof but also prevent it from overheating.
  • Fast transfer: This enclosure is USB 3.0 compatible and has an amazing transfer speed of up to 5 Gaps.



4. SP ARMOUR A30 Hard Drive Enclosure – With hard drive

  • Innovative design: This silicon enclosure has a military 810f rating that ensures protection under a diverse range of harsh conditions like high drop heights, harsh weather, extreme pressure, and humidity. Moreover, the wrap-around cable system makes it even handier and convenient.
  • LED indicator: A blinking LED indicator indicates activity. What’s interesting is that the enclosure has been made in a way that there is a different color when working on 2.0 USB and a different one when working on a 3.0 USB.
  • Widely compatible: Works on most software and is both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 compatible.



5. Sabrent EC-DFLT Hard Drive Enclosure

  • Protection for the external drive: The extra casing, though bulky, provides extra protection to the external drive, protecting it from damage. However, the casing might lead to overheating due to lack of cooling options.
  • No drivers needed: The swappable features make the external hard drive more widely compatible and can easily be used for file transfers without having to install any drivers.
  • Super speed 3.0 USB: High-speed file transfer, this enclosure is USB 3.0 compatible.
  • On/off button: A working on/off switch makes it easy for the user to save power by just turning off the enclosure by pressing the off button.
  • One year warranty: This enclosure comes with a one year warranty, further increasing the consumer confidence in the product.



6. ORICO Tool Free Hard Drive Enclosure

  • Innovative design: The exterior of the enclosure is durable and good quality, providing necessary protection to the external hard drive. Moreover, the interior is cushioned with a shockproof sponge providing further protection to the external hard drive.
  • Speedy file transfer: Easy to use, the enclosure aids up to 5gbps of data transfer making it extremely handy when writing or reading a large volume of data.
  • Compatible: Supported by most software, the enclosure is tool-free and does not need the user to download additional drivers to make the drive readable.
  • One year warranty: The enclosure comes with a one year warranty further ensuring better value for money.



7. Vantec NexStar Hard Drive Enclosure

  • Better protection: The enclosure provides exceptional protection to the external hard drive, making it a good option when using drives with sensitive data. The overall design has been accommodated to prevent overheating by designing the aluminum casting in a way that aids necessary ventilation. Moreover, the stand on the base of the enclosure makes it easy to use.
  • Lightweight: The aluminum exterior makes it durable but at the same time takes away a lot regarding weight. This makes the enclosure lightweight, compatible and easy to carry around.
  • Speedy transfer: Aids speedy transfer and is compatible its most programs
  • Tools free: The closure does not require any additional drivers to be installed to be able to read and write data on the external hard drive. This makes it easy to use by simply plugging in the device.
  • On/off button: The on/off button can be used to turn off the device when idle.



8. Rosewill Aluminum Hard Drive Enclosure

  • Design: This enclosure is portable, stylish and small. The exterior of the enclosure is aluminum, providing necessary protection for the external hard drive inserted into the enclosure. The enclosure is lightweight which makes it easy to carry and portable.
  • LED indicator: The LED indicator blinks when the device is active, letting the user know when the data transfer is complete.
  • Low transfer rates: The rate of transfer is much slower compared to its above-mentioned counterparts making it a good choice for users looking to transfer small volumes of data.
  • Low max capacity: With a maximum capacity of 2 TB, the capacity is ideal for users who need a small device for occasional light work.




The market is swarming with different varieties of enclosures, each perfect for a different purpose. The most lacking, regarding features, is the Rosewill Aluminium Enclosure. It does not have the USB 3.0 compatibility that is in line with modern standards. It also has a deficient read/write speed that makes it a poor choice when transferring large volumes of data.

The ORICO enclosure, though a good option, does not fare well when pitted against the Sabrent EC- UK38 because of its bulky design. Vantec NexStar comes in as a close second when looking to buy enclosures for its user-friendliness and durable aluminum body.

The Sabrent EC – UK38 is the best choice in term of the value for money it provides. Compared to the Sabrent EC-DFLT, and the Sabrent 2.5 inch. The Sabrent EC-UK38 offers better protection with its silicon outlining and design. This enclosure not only aids fast transfer but also prevents overheating, making it a top choice.