11 Best Espresso Glasses and Cup / Saucer Sets 2019

Coffee has evolved throughout the years. The processes became more refined. With the help of proper machines, things have become faster and easier. It’s no longer difficult to create specific brews and achieve the taste you want.

One of the most popular coffee products is espresso. It’s created by using pressure, finely ground beans, and a minimal amount of water that’s close to boiling point. The result of this is a highly-concentrated brew of pure and rich coffee goodness.

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It’s a must for espresso lovers to have the needed equipment and features to create their daily brews. Specialized espresso glasses are often used when you’re creating your drink. This is also often utilized for espresso-based drinks.

Why should you use proper espresso glasses?

Other people think that it’s mainly for aesthetic and for table setting purposes. But there’s a more ‘functional’ reason why having the right glass is imperative to every espresso-making process. The material often used for the glasses are specially created to guarantee that it maintains the temperature of the beverage.

While the best double walled thermal espresso glasses are favorite of many and are considered the trend, there are other choices for espresso glasses which are better suited for your needs. If you aren’t sure where to start, you can refer to the best espresso list below.

Expert’s Top 11 Best Espresso Glasses

1. JoyJoltSavor’s Double Walled Insulated Glass

1. JoyJoltSavor’s Double Walled Insulated Glass This one-of-a-kind design by JoyJoltallows drinkers to experience longer coffee warmth while giving them the chance to enjoy the brew through double-walled glass for an optical effect that makes it seem like the liquid is suspended. With borosilicate glass as the main material, there’s no need to worry about functionality and durability.



2. Farnsworth & Lloyd’s Red Cup

2. Farnsworth & Lloyd’s Red Cup The eye-catching and unique shade of red the set has is what makes it different from others and is also one of the main reasons it’s favored by coffee enthusiasts. If you wish for a difference, this can be a good choice for you. It holds 2 ounces of espresso goodness that you can choose to serve in either a single or double shot.



3. Bormioli Rocco Verde Cups

3. Bormioli Rocco Verde Cups According to experts, this is also something that’s highly suitable for after-dinner coffee. With just 3.5 ounces, it suits the average amount of coffee. The body is made of double tempered glass, but the handle is stainless.



4. HUJI Stack-able Turkish Cups

4. HUJI Stack-able Turkish Cups The set comes with a compact rack that allows minimal storage and less clutter to ensure that you won’t have to worry about where to store these things. If you want to put it on display but wish to keep things organized, this is the perfect choice for you.



5. DeLonghi Double-walled Thermo Glasses

5. DeLonghi Double-walled Thermo Glasses When it comes to keeping temperatures in check, it’s easier when you have glasses that are going to work. Since it is double-walled, it’s easier to keep your espresso at the same temperature.



6. SOLECASA Espresso Set

6. SOLECASA Espresso Set This set provides a unique twist to the classic white ceramic pattern. If you don’t want to stay away from the classics, but you also don’t want to keep using the same stuff, then it’s better to start with this specific set.



7. Bruntmor Espresso Cups and Saucers

7. Bruntmor Espresso Cups and Saucers If you wish for a plain set that’ll complement your restaurant or cafe, Bruntmor’s set will be the best choice for you. Many restaurateurs prefer this over other brands because of its simplicity and functionality. Since commercial establishments demand sturdiness for their equipment, this has become the perfect choice.



8. Gibson 13-Piece Rack Espresso Expressions

8. Gibson 13-Piece Rack Espresso Expressions Tired of boring and plain glass or ceramic, this specific set will instantly perk up your morning the way your espresso does. On top of that, you don’t have to worry about clutter since the set comes with a rack where you can place all the cups on full display.



9. Zenco Espresso Gift Set of 6

9. Zenco Espresso Gift Set of 6 Whether you’re thinking of making an espresso or a Nespresso, it’s important to have the right glass to help with such needs. Borosilicate glass is a material that’s lauded for style and durability while maintaining the thin layer of glass for style and convenience.



10. Kibaga Premium Espresso Glass

10. Kibaga Premium Espresso Glass The cup comes in sets of two and is perfect for the stylish drinker. Not only is the cup functional, but you’ll also be able to sense the class that it emits. Despite the main material of the cup being glass, the handle is stainless steel.



11. Aozita Espresso Cups w/ Espresso Spoon Set

11. Aozita Espresso Cups w/ Espresso Spoon Set Aoizita’s cups are the very definition of modern and sleek. The cups hold 2.5 ounces of liquid and come with their saucers and spoons to match. This specific set allows organized stacking. Since it’s dishwasher and microwave safe, you’ll be able to do more things with the help of the cups.



How to Choose Your Espresso Mugs

For avid coffee lovers and business owners, choosing an espresso glass isn’t something you approach in a thoughtless manner. It’s important to think about what the mug has to offer and what your needs are before deciding on the entire thing.

Brand reputation. While others may shy away from being attached to brands, there’s a smart logic behind this specific factor and by using this step. There’s a major reason why other brands are more valued and chosen by others. They have an upstanding reputation for providing products that have the quality and will deliver the promised features.

Reviews about the product. These days, products rely a lot on reviews for marketing. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t use this to your advantage. Reviews, first and foremost, were created to help would-be consumers with their purchases by supplying the right information and providing the specifics that are not commonly found on labels and advertisements.

Current features. The make, the other functions, the materials, and all the other specifics of the entire mug must be taken into consideration. For a real connoisseur, it’s absolutely necessary to think of this since it affects the quality of every espresso brew served.

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