40 Best EDC Knives To Choose Buy

Everyday Carry, or EDC for short is the stuff you usually carry daily. Naturally, Everyday Carry knife is a type of knife you carry anywhere you go every day. Everyday Carry knife is not primarily intended to be utilized as a weapon.

Instead, it is designed to help out with simple tasks like preparing food, opening mail, breaking down boxes, and handling other chores of daily life. Every Day Carry to a person working in an office and working on a farm is likely to be remarkably different.


Top 40 Best EDC Knives


1. Kershaw Blur EDC Knife

Kershaw is one of the best manufacturers of high-quality everyday Carry knives today. This knife is beautifully made, cuts a fairly aggressive profile, and comes with a serrated part. It comes with a diamond-like carbon coating which prevents rust. It doesn’t matter if you are cutting open poly straps or cutting open boxes. Need to cut a little bit of framing, this knife has you covered. The Kershaw Blur has SpeedSafe features to easily and safely deploy the knife. The reversible belt clip features allow you to carry this knife with ease. It is also extremely slender. The handle of this knife is made of aircraft-grade aluminum.

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2. Ontario Knife RAT-1 EDC Knife

This is a folding knife with a clean outline of typical EDC knives. It has a 3 ½ inch AUS eight stainless steel knife which resists rust. The Ontario 8848 RAT also features molded nylon mesh textured handle, which offers a superb and comfortable grip, a fixed length of only five inches, and twin thumb studs. It is the kind of Everyday Carry knife that skirts the line between survival and utility equipment, and the entire build quality of this knife is exceptional.  It has a simple design and well-balanced both visually and from a weight outlook.


3. Spyderco Tenacious EDC Knife

If you are searching for visually appealing and functional EDC knives, look no further than the Tenacious Plain. It measures 7 ¾ inches long, and the balance once open is really exceptional. It comes with skeletonized steel liners, which help improve structural reliability without adding bulkiness to the knife in general. The blade is accessible, either coated or uncoated.  It comes with an average length of the blade which is 3 1/3 inch and made from 8Crl13MoV steel, thus is it easy to sharpen and does a superb job of maintaining that edge.


4. Kershaw Brawler EDC Knife

Another remarkable EDC knife from Kershaw, state of the art 1990X, has an insistent name and insistent outline, but it is only a well-made hard-working knife of everyday carry that you will be searching for. It comes with a Tanto blade ideal for piercing things, detail work, or maybe making guides for screws.  The 1990X doesn’t have graceful curves, not like the previous models. It is straight on toward the tip, where it angles up piercingly.  This straight edge provides the user the capability to bear down a little bit harder on trimming tasks. In general, this EDC knife is only seven inches long once the blade is open and four inches long once the blade is closed.


5. BlizeTec Survival EDC Knife

This is considered one of the most advanced and high-tech-looking EDC knives available. It is a multi-function EDC knife even if it keeps its SAK (Swiss Army Knife) aims to a minimum. The blade is made of superior 420 stainless steel, and the handle is fashioned from aircraft-grade aluminum, so you are assured of the greatest durability. It is also integrated with belt clip so you can carry it comfortably in your pocket.  What makes this knife apart from the rest is the magnesium rod, glass breaker, and seatbelt cutter to get yourself out from the auto in case of a mishap. It has an emergency light which gives 12 hours of clear illumination on one charge. This is available with a warranty.


6. Kershaw Cryo (G-10 handle) EDC Knife

The 155 Cryo is one of the best-looking Every Day Carry knives available. The blade is made of superior crop-van stainless steel, the same material used to make high-end Japanese cutlery. You can open the blade via SpeedSafe with a press of the thumb stud or manually. Once open, this knife tightly in place.  The blade is smaller than other EDC knives available at 2 ¾, and when it is closed, it measures 3 ¾ inches in length. The handle of this knife is fashioned from G-10 glass-infused nylon for utmost durability.


7. Spyderco Delica 4 EDC Knife

Looking for a lightweight EDC knife? Look no further than Spyderco Delica4 lightweight. It comes with a blade that only measures three inches, and the whole knife measures 4 ¼ inches. The blade is made of hard-wearing, rust-resistant VG-10 steel, and the handle is fashioned from FRN or fiberglass reinforced nylon for long-lasting durability and a comfortable grip. The VG-10 does a remarkable task holding an edge while the FRN handle enables the user to do a good job grasping the knife. It comes with a clip that provides myriad carry options. This EDC knife is costlier than other types of EDC knives available on the market.


8. Kershaw Volt SS EDC Knife

State of the art Kershaw Volt SS is one of the most ludicrously attractive Every Day Carry knives available. It is also comfortable to hold. The blade is made of high-quality stainless steel that is bead-blasted, corrosion resistant, and 3 ½ inches long. It has an aggressive point for rooting and piercing tasks. It also comes with a SpeedSafe feature so you can open it quietly and lock it in place firmly without too much effort. This also lightweight and can also be used as a survival knife. This is perfect for tradespeople, Do It Yourself fanatics, casual campers, and dedicated outdoor aficionados.


9. CRKT Squid EDC Knife

This EDC knife is called squid due to its outline. CRKT is one of the many EDC knives available that is taken the idea of the pocket knife very seriously and available for a fraction of cost. It comes with a blade with a full, bowed cutting edge and measures 2 ¼ inches long. It has a substantial feel which belied its small size and an amazingly clean look many users will love. Integrated with frame lock that keeps it close while inside your pocket, while the knurling at the back of the blade helps user retain full control when used in cutting. It comes with a stonewashed finish that gives a nice touch. 


10. Sanrenmu 7010LUC SA 710 EDC Knife

This EDC knife stands out due to its low price and amazing functionality. It is made of 8Cr13MoV rust-resistant material in the drop point blade, which sharpens up with ease and does a remarkable job keeping its edge. The 7010LUC is easy to hold, and it folds up tight to slip effortlessly into the pocket. It is the best EDC knife to consider if you are looking for a functional, yet reasonable everyday carry knife.


11. CRKT Drifter EDC Folding Knife

This is one of the most reasonable EDC knives available today.  A simple EDC knife that is easy to use and comfortable to hold comes with a black G10 handle with a textured grasp. A stainless steel drop point knife blade in grey titanium finish, this knife looks very stunning. It also comes with an InterFrame build with a locking line for additional safety.  If you’re searching for an EDC knife that performs day out and day in, the art CRKT Drifter state is the best choice.


12. Blue Ridge Zancudi EDC Knife

The Blue Ridge Zancudo Stonewash is a four-inch framelock tactical folder designed by ESEE Knives Randalls Adventure and Training School of Survival for Blue Ridge. This comes with a three inches AUS-8A blade with a stonewash finish.

The black G-10 handle comes with a stonewash stainless rear and includes with pocket clip and a lanyard hole. Jeff Randall and Mike Perrin fully endorse this.


13. Sanrenmu Land 910 EDC Knife

Perfect EDC knife for everything like home use, backpack, hiking, hunting and fishing, army and military needs, outdoor and DIY activities, self-defense, survival, and emergencies, the SRM Land is a cool EDC tactical pocket knife available.  It has a simple and dependable liner lock which prevents unexpected closure and armed with thumb studs for left and right-hand use. It is made of Sandvik stainless steel for a superb balance of toughness and rust resistance. The handle is made of G-10 with notches and finger grooves for a solid and comfortable grip. It’s a remarkable utility knife made from sturdy and high-quality materials for tourism lovers and professionals alike.


14. Sanrenmu 4059BUI-PH EDC Knife

Sanrenmu is starting to dominate the world of EDC knives. They offer a wide range of high-quality EDC knives, but one of the most popular knives they offer is the Folding Outdoor Activities Carbon. Equipped with a back lock mechanism for safe and fast opening and measures 4.72 inches, and the blade measure 48mm or 1.89 inches. The blade is made of 415N, and the handle is fashioned from EP PA66+GF. This is one of the lightest everyday carry knives available today. It can be used for various outdoor activities like camping, hunting, hiking, and many others.


15. Spyderco Dragonfly EDC Knife

Another remarkable knife from Spyderco, the state-of-the-art Spyderco Dragonfly Plain Edge EDC knife, has a medium-sized blade, making it perfect for carrying anywhere you want to go. The handle is offset by a deep front finger coil with spine cusp and hand hugging ergo workable regardless of the size of the hand. Other features include FRN Bi-direction textured handle, two ¼ inches blade, plain blade steel, and lanyard hole. This EDC knife only weighs 33g or 1.2 oz. This is a high-quality EDC knife made in Japan.


16. Benchmade Mini Griptilian 556 EDC Knife

The Mini-Griptilian stands out when it comes to functionality. There are lots of sizes, colors, and shapes accessible in the Griptilian compared to other products from Benchmade. Designed for outdoor and everyday use, the Mini Griptilian comes with a lanyard hole, a standard type of clip with a reversible tip-up clip position.  It is well-made; the AXIS lock is superbly powerful and ambidextrous.

This is an advanced manual EDC knife that can be closed and opened using one hand. It is also comfortable to use as it comes with a lighter and smaller design, and the handle grips are easy and comfortable to hold. The reversible clip provides ultimate accessibility. You have to consider this knife during your outdoor activities.


17. Spyderco Byrd Meadowlark2 Folding Knife

As you may have noticed from our list, Spyderco provides quality tactical folding knives that also feature interesting designs. The Byrd Meadowlark2 adds to this trend with its detailed and stylish Fiberglass-Reinforced Nylon (FRN) handle and uniquely shaped 8Cr13MoV steel blade. These materials make the Meadowlark2 durable and help reduce its weight to only 2.4 oz. At 6.8″open length, the knife as a whole is very compact, thus giving you the most of both worlds of practicality and style.


18. Boker Plus Urban Trapper EDC Knife

This is one of the most renowned EDC knives from Boker. The blade is made of VG-10, and the frame lock is made of titanium to keep it precisely where it needs to be. VG-10 is cutlery-grade materials that usually used in making cutlery in Japan, so this assures you that it is durable and lasts for many years of use. It is integrated with a thumb stud, allowing you to open the knife with one hand, while the 8mm grip thickness provides this knife a controlled and slim balance. The length of the blade is 3 ½ inches, while the overall length is seven ¾ inches. It is lightweight and available with a limited warranty. This is available for a reasonable price.


19. Spyderco ParaMilitary2 EDC Knife

Spyderco is absolutely out of the standard in the EDC knife business in their commitment to researching and creating new, improved, and better-performing material, all with reliability and function being key. Today, one of Spyderco’s most popular everyday carry knives is the Spyderco ParaMilitary2 Black G-10 PlainEdge Knife. This is made of tough and superior materials, tested for durability and quality. Blade thickness is 3.5 mm, and it comes with a 4-way pocket clip. The handle is comfortable to hold as it is made of a G-10 and 14mm round hole for a gloved hand. It has a modified clip point flat ground knife blade, making it perfect to use in outdoor activities.


20. Pro-Tech Integrity TR-3 Folding Knife

The highest possible quality seems to have been the main concern of Pro-Tech when making the Integrity TR-3. Its 6AL4V titanium handle and the S35VN blade have been carefully crafted to the highest standards to provide both an appealing style and long-lasting utility. The Integrity is 8″ long when opened, with the blade being 3.38″ long. Other than the high-shelf price, this is a perfect item for reliable general use.


21. CRKT Crossbones EDC Knife

If you search for a functional and versatile Everyday Carry knife, look no further than CRKT Crossbones. This very flexible knife from CRKY can be utilized for food prep, daily cutting tasks, opening mails, and many others. It comes with a full-flat ground Australian-8 stainless steel blade, which deploys quickly on state of the art IKBS ball bearing pivot mechanism. The handle is made from brushed aluminum and built with a slim profile for comfortable, easy pocket carries utilizing a deep carry clip. This sleek everyday carry knife free of fluff and frill, with the steadiness and reliability of your EDC deserve. This is also one of the cheapest EDC knives available on the market at this point.


22. Albatross HGDK-002 EDC Knife

This Mini Damascus EDC knife from Albatross comes with a liner locking function, thus convenient and so easy to use. It is the toughest knife so far as the blade is made of sixty-seven layers of high-quality Damascus VG-10 steel blade. This makes the blade sharp and extremely durable. The comfortable to hold handle is ergonomically designed and with Yellow Sandalwood finish. It comes with a lanyard hole, which makes it easy to carry anywhere you want to go regardless of the activity. This is nice equipment for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and hunting.


23. Kizer V4458A2 Folding EDC Knife

Kizer Knives Pocket Knife is indeed the best EDC knife amongst people who love to spend their time outdoors. It comes with remarkable features such as a reversible pocket clip, stainless steel liners, and it provides fast, one-handed deployment of the blade. It comes with a frame lock which locks firmly into place. The 3.5 inches blade is made of VG-10 stainless steel with a drop point shape, and grey titanium finish. On the other hand, the bronze washer allows for stress-free blade opening. The handle is made of G-10, making it one of the lightest pocket knives available so far. The blade measures 3.58 inches, while the overall dimension of this knife is 8.17 inches.


24. Gerber GDC Tech Skin Pocket Knife

While it’s not good in the tactical sense, many people carry this GDC Tech Skin Pocket Knife for various reasons. This impressive product features a rust-resistant drop point blade, a lock safety function, and a tech hide handle for a comfortable grip and a perfect cut. Every time you close the blade, there’s no exposed metal. As a result, you can prevent scratches and other serious damages to your phone and other stuff in your pocket. There are rubberized thumb studs, enough blade length, and a fine edge blade. Make a purchase today and see how it really works.


25. Off-Grid Knives OG-170 Fat Boy Pocket Tank EDC Knife

The newly upgraded OG-170 EDC knife is ideal for daily use. It can be opened with one hand using a thumb hole. It has an AUS-8 blade that measures 2.25 inches. Button Lock release so you can use it with one hand. It has an ergonomic handle and pocket belt clips. But, this knife is not automatic and also not a switchblade.


26. Knives Remembered Monogram EDC Knife

This is an exclusive cleaver design EDC knife, smooth assisted operation, and integrated with a frame locking scheme. What makes this knife stand out is the variety of unique designs available for purchase.

With an overall length of 8 inches, you can carry it in your pocket with ease and without annoyance. It comes with a belt clip, and the manufacturer offers free personalized engraving.


27. TacticalGearz TG Rogue X EDC Knife

This ED knife comes with a ball bearing pivot mechanism that offers a quick non-friction blade release, the blade is made of high-strength steel from Damascus and ideal size for everyday carry. Features take account of stonewash pocket belt clip. It comes with a comfortable handle, and the blade measures 3.25 inches, while the handle measures 4.75 inches with an overall length of 8 inches. This is one of the lightest EDC knives available at this point.


28. Zero Tolerance 0562 Hinderer EDC Knife

Rick Hinderer and Zero Tolerance joined forces to create this EDC knife. The 0562 features an exclusive Hinderer flat-ground slicer blade which offers both slicing effectiveness and a tough point. Tough and high-quality stainless steel also complements it. It opens with the help of the flipper and pivot on the KVT ball-bearing opening scheme. The black G-10 handle is comfortable to hole and also integrated with a frame lock.  It comes with an exceptional belt clip that is reversible and allows the user for deep carry.


29. We Knife Co. 815 Double Helix EDC Knife

This a futuristic EDC knife integrated with a solid blade outline and an original Slice Lock system to make a truly exceptional folding knife. The WE Knife Co comes with a metallic handle (anodized blue variant also available) and a stonewashed blade. The Slide Lock feature allows you open and closes the knife with one hand. It also comes with a ball bearing pivot made of ceramic materials that assure smooth and fast blade deployment.


30. CRKT Ruger 2-Stage Folding Knife

Serving their diverse client base for years now, CRKT partnered with Ruger, an American firearm manufacturer, to create a wide variety of knives designed with functionality and durability in mind. Ruger – the company’s new product-was designed by Robert Carter, a world-class master knife-smith.

It features a black stonewashed blade that comes with 8Cr13MoV (58-59 HRC hardness) steel. It also has an anodized aluminum stainless steel handle, an integrated flipper mechanism, a frame lock, all of which allow for an effective blade deployment. Overall, this is a very sturdy pocket knife that also seems quite appealing with its stone finish.


31. Stedemon Smokywash BP02 EDC Knife

If you are looking for a high-quality EDC knife, look no further than Stedemon Folding Knife. This is made of stainless steel materials that provide a reliable and solid handle design. The G-10 scales offer a high-performance grip, most essentially in hard or difficult conditions. It comes with a deep carry belt clip, and a lanyard hole offers versatile everyday carry options. This is available with a limited lifetime warranty.


32. SOG Trident Elite Folding Knife

Another company to depend on the toughest tools is the SOG. The brand was born because of the desire to create relevant knives and other accessories. An elite operative group inspired their products during the Vietnam War. So, you can feel confident to spend dollars on this choice. Like other outstanding products, it features a serrated blade, seat belt cutter, an assisted opening deployment, and a pocket clip. For more information, please feel free to visit the official site. Add it to your cart now before it’s too late!


33. Spyderco A.T.R. 2 C70GP2 EDC Knife

The original At The Ready or A.T.R knife became a cult classic when it was stopped many years ago. The Spyderco At The Ready 2 revived the new style with an improved saber ground blade and full steel liners with G-10 scales. The liners and scales are skeletonized for minimized weight and improved gripping traction. It comes with a clip point blade with a Cobra hood, which allows you to open the knife single-handedly. The four-position hourglass grip offers versatile carrying choices for relaxed EDC carry.


34. SharpWorld Custom Damascus EDC Pocket Knife

This Damascus EDC knife is handcrafted with a superb piece of work that only measures eight inches long. The blade is made of 100% Damascus steel and retains a sharp edge after tough and rough use. This is available in different handles. It also comes with accessories such as a leather sheath. It is one of the cheapest EDC knives available on the market today.


35. Chris Reeve Small Sabenza S21-1000

Chris Reeve Sebenza 21 is one of the most sought-after EDC knives today. It is functional, durable and comfortable to use. Despite its rock-solid feel, it is stress-free to use, and the action is incredibly smooth. It comes with an integral lock feature that assures the knife blade is fixed when it is open. Both elegant and comfortable, this knife is ideal for outdoor activities a must have product for knife aficionados like you.


36. Eafengrow CH1047 Camping EDC Knife

This CH107-G10 EDC knife has a total length of 8.2 inches, and the blade is fashioned from D2 stainless steel. The blade measures 3.5 inches and is considered one of the handiest tool available today. The comfortable G-10 handle measure 4.8 inches and has liner lock. This also serves as a survival knife which can be carried every day. It is to carry, and the blade knife is super thin. Making it perfect to carry during camping, hiking, hunting and other outdoor activities.


37. Kizer Knives V4423A1 Tactical EDC Knife

Kizer V44234A1 has an overall size of 8.14 inches, blade length is 3.58 inches and only weighs 4.6oz. The blade is formed using VG-10 stainless steel which offers quality cutting property. It is also corrosion resistant, and the G-10 handle is made to give superb grip when stabbing, gouging, cutting and many other simple tasks. This knife from Kizer offers quick one-handed release, locks firmly into place thanks to its line lock feature. It also features lightweight and sleek, sharp edge blade, affordable and most of all very durable.


38. Eafengrow EF97 EDC Knife

This EDC knife measures 8.2, one of the longest pocket knives available. It is easy to carry, thanks to its reversible pocket clip. The blade is made of high-quality D2 steel, which measures 3.7 inches. The handle is made of titanium alloy which makes it extremely comfortable to use. This state of the art handle design increased friction which prevents the handle from falling off your hand.


39. Leatherman Skeletool KB Multitool / EDC Knife

This is the best lightweight EDC knife available from LEATHERMAN. This knife is armed with two tools as well as a bottle opener. With a blade which locks firmly when opened, this allows users to cut with confidence. To unlock and close this knife, push the blade lock. This knife is available with twenty-five years warranty, and this gives you many years of reliable service.


40. TwoSun S08 EDC Knife

This 2.36-inch mini EDC knife comes with an exceptional hollowed blade. The handle is titanium finish and is lightweight making it easier to carry. Measuring 5.83 inches length, this considered one of the shortest EDC knife so fat. It comes with a lanyard hole, for easy carrying and available for a very reasonable price.



EveryDay Carry knife is an old school kit, but still, it has lots of applications and is carried by everyone from all walks life. The knives reviewed here are the best and buying any one will be an excellent addition to your every day carry.

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