Best Cheap EDC Knifes

Best Cheap EDC Knifes

Finding the best EDC knife is tough. You have to consider options such as the weight and size of the knife. Also, don’t forget to pay attention to the steel or the blade of the product.

Here are the best budget EDC knives you can buy.

Best Cheap EDC Knives

1. Real Steel Gerfalcon Review

Real Steel Gerfalcon Review The Gerfalcon is one of the awesome knives in the EDC category. It has excellent quality and a sharp edge. It’s from a Chinese company that proves effective to most clients. It bears a strong quality that matches its sharp features.

Users can put in their pockets and are sure to enjoy its handy use. The blade is durable but thin to the touch. If you intend to use it for camping, then it’s perfect. Buyers like to have the best knife to make their activities a success.

The steel blade makes it possible due to its durability. You also have the edge in sharpening the knife. As you do it, there’s an excellent way for you to make every activity such as hiking awesome. Overall, you would love using it.


  • It has an excellent frame lock surface
  • The knife has an awesome edge retention system that complements its sharpness.
  • It comes from strong  materials


  • Although it’s under 50, some buyers can’t afford to buy it


2. CRKT M-16 EDC Knife Review

CRKT M-16 EDC Knife Review Any knife enthusiast would love to have the CRKT M-16 due to its unique design. It offers a captivating appeal to the user. The thick blades complement the design and perfect for any user. You can be sure it has a handy feature that makes its usage excellent.

You have ease in using it and perfect for your pocket. Buyers would love to buy it or include the knife to their collections. Also, it gives you no hassle in using it due to the smooth handle. For sure, you have an excellent way of having it.


  • The knife has a small size that allows it to fit any pocket
  • The flipper design is great as you use it
  • The aluminum handle is perfect for easy and comfortable use.


  • Some users find the handle heavy
  • Other users don’t like the knife size


3. Kershaw Skyline EDC Knife Review

Kershaw Skyline EDC Knife Review If you’re looking for the best knife in opening packages, the Kershaw is your best choice. You can find it handy with a thick blade. The lightweight features a secure grip and makes its use easy. The handle assures the fast use of the knife.

Users would love the steel blade it has due to its thickness. Knife enthusiasts also can marvel at the knives design. You both have accurate use together with a handy feature. In using it both for indoor and outdoor activities, you’re sure making things easy.

The finish makes the user want to buy it. The knife’s design and the finish create a perfect blend. Users not only find it handy, but it also makes their work easy. For sure, you would love using this knife.


  • The blade offers good balance and  grip
  • The  design matches excellent usage for any user
  • It  makes any cutting task easy due to its design and thick blade


  • Some users don’ like the size and color of the handle
  • The blade is not that smooth


4. Spyderco Tenacious EDC Knife Review

Spyderco Tenacious EDC Knife Review Buyers would be sure to love this knife due to its excellence. The handle is great, and it offers a good design to secure any task. You see, it has durable blades that match its performance. The knife offers fast usage of any user due to its handle.

Also, the steel liners offer a sure way to have success in the work you’re doing. It makes the work comfortable for you due to the steel blades. It can handle both big and small tasks, so you’re are happy to have it.


  • The handle offers a perfect grip you would like to have
  • The  size is perfect for any use you have for it
  • Any user finds it amazing due to its performance


  • Other buyers don’t like the design and the size of the knife


5. Ontario Knife Rat-1 Review

Ontario Knife Rat-1 Review Any buyer could find comfort in using this knife due to its shape and size. It can offer you the satisfaction you need as you accomplish a task.  It has durable steel that’s perfect for any use. You can marvel at the things it can do.

The sharp edge offers you the best results you need. Users can be sure of the perfect way of making a task easy with this knife, For sure; you would love to buy it.

Also, the handle makes an easy grip you would be proud to have. You have satisfaction in both its price and quality.


  • The knife is easy to re-sharpen, and the edge  is perfect for fast usage
  • The design it has match the likes of the clients
  • Unlike other steels, it’s not  brittle so you can use it effectively


  • The handle of the knife is plastic
  • Some users find it heavy when they use it for a longer time


6. Kershaw Cryo EDC Knife Review

Kershaw Cryo EDC Knife Review Users find this knife impressive due to its blade and design. You can use it for opening packages or on any hiking trip.  The knife has titanium material that offers swift and dependable use. The handle holds a firm grip so you would complete your task on time.

The knife is perfect if you’re hiking, opening boxes, and more. The blade’s design matches the likes of any user. You can be sure of safe handling when you use the knife. Users love the precise cutting it gives.

Also, any buyer has the opportunity to use it for a long time. It’s due to the excellent design of the blade and the steel features. It proves to give you reliable use every day. The quality of the knife matches the affordable price it offers. So, you can make a choice and have this knife.


  • The design offers smart and comfortable usage for any buyer
  • The blade and the handle make knife usage excellent
  • It’s the best tool for any hunter or hiker 


  • Buyers like to have a large size of the knife
  • The blade sometimes don’t offer a precise cut


7. Mtech USA Ballistic MT-A705 EDC Knife Review

Mtech USA Ballistic MT-A705 EDC Knife Review For sure, you would love the performance of this knife. The aluminum handle offers you an easy grip. Any user would love to use it due to the comfort it gives them due to the handle. The liner lock also makes its use effective.

Users can use it in one hand, so it offers easy and simple use to them.  The pocket clip gives s safe and simple use. Buyers can have a great time using it in opening boxes and other items. The blade’s sharpness makes each use superbly.

Also, you can use it when you’re on a hiking trip or a camping expedition. In having the knife, you have an edge to gain comfort in any activity you do. It fits the standards of the users due to the great design and performance.


  • The knife is easy to carry and light to the touch
  • The single hand feature offers fast to use to any customer
  • Buyers can choose from the aluminum and black handle


  • The handle sometimes feel heavy to  other clients
  • The blade needs to have a large size


8. Smith & Wesson SWMP4L EDC Knife Review

Smith & Wesson SWMP4L EDC Knife Review Are you looking for a dependable knife? The Smith and Wesson Knife give it to you. Buyers want to have the best knife to use indoor or outdoor. You can find this knife to have sharp blades excellent handles.  Aside from that, the pocket offers a sure way to make the user safe.  The knife’s quality is excellent.

The black oxide of the blade makes it durable. The aluminum handle is perfect for hiking or hunting activities. You can find the features dependable due to the fast access it gives you.  Both the safety and liner locks offer security for the user.

Also, users have an assurance the blade wouldn’t work because of the locks. Users would love to use it in opening packages or doing any hunting activity. You can marvel at the great benefits it can give you and your family.


  • The fast and easy access makes it  perfect for your pocket
  • The pocket clip offers you secure use of the  knife
  • The black oxide and the aluminum materials make it durable


  • Some buyers experience a heavy grip while using the product
  • The blade is not that thick unlike other knives


9. Grand Way Spring-Assisted Folding EDC Knife Review

Grand Way Spring-Assisted Folding EDC Knife Review If you like camping activities, then the spring knife is right for you. The high-quality feature it has makes its use comfortable. Users have an edge in using it for hiking or camping trips.  Buyers have an assurance that the knife is dirt resistant. The corrosion resistance feature makes the knife for longer use.

Don’t worry about the handle. The ergonomic feature offers a great handle grip. The handle’s sturdy materials make it perfect for everyday use. It gives you amazing options in making its use effective. The thumb studs suit clients who want to use it in both hands.

Also, it suits the size of your pocket. You have succeeded in putting it there. The blade and handle make a perfect combination for you to use it with ease. The buyer can find satisfaction in using the knife.


  • The stainless steel material makes it perfect for tactical use
  • The knife offers comfort for most users who buy and use it
  • The ergonomic handle provides an excellent grip that makes its use reliable at all  times


  • Some buyer doesn’t like the colors of the knife
  • Other buyers find the handle quite heavy


10. Kershaw Zing Pocket EDC Knife Review

Kershaw Zing Pocket EDC Knife Review You can perform diverse activities with the Kershaw Zing knife. You can find it durable in performing animal defense and more. The knives make your life comfortable due to its dependable functions.

The knife doesn’t suffer from rust due to its materials. The strength adds to the reliability perfect for the customers. The handle offers a secure frame lock that makes using the knife safely. You have full comfort due to the lanyard hole and pocket clip materials.  It makes using the knife effective all the time.

The drop-point feature also makes its use excellent. You have a sure way of completing the work at the right time. Customers love the benefits it gives to them, such as excellent user experience.


  • The knife has a lanyard material and pocket clip for a fast and effective usage process.
  • The stainless blade makes cutting prices and easy.
  • The handle makes it possible for users to have fast knife usage


  • Some users don’t like the size of  the blade
  • The handle seems heavy while you use it


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Today, you have the best EDC knives at an affordable price. Buyers and knife enthusiasts have a sure way of buying the best knives. When you select, you would know the unique features that make each knife unique from each other.

Don’t worry about your budget. These knives make a perfect choice you would have. You have a great time using it indoor or outdoor. You think about the great possibilities and would gain satisfaction. In choosing the best EDC knife, you need to focus on the quality and price. These knives assure that you have good quality and the right price.

Buyers have a rich option of EDC knives they would be proud to have. Each of these knives suits your standards. You can buy one or two of these knives for your home. You can make your hiking and camping trip exciting if you have the great EDC knife. You have the best that suits your budget.

So, come now and pick the best knife you like. For sure, you would love it.

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