10 Best Door Organizer Holders

Keeping your home clean and organized can send you an incredibly gratifying feeling. In fact, it allows you to clean your house easily and more quickly, get tasks done smoothly, and you can finish your projects more enjoyable in an organized room. In addition, an uncluttered and tranquilized home can make your house look more beautiful.

However, if you have a small house with not enough storage areas, then organizing things can become quite a challenge, except when you have a good door organizer. In this article, we’ll provide you with the top 10 best door organizer holders to help keep your house organized.

– Bestseller Door Organizer Holder Comparisons Table – 

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1. Simple Houseware 24 Pockets Hanging Shoe Organizer

1. Simple Houseware  24 Pockets Hanging Shoe Organizer

Not enough space in your house to put a shoe rack? This hanging shoe organizer can help keep your shoes away, but still accessible enough to get your shoes easily. This 24 clear pocket organizer can be hanged on a closet rod or on a standard door without problems.

Keep your items or shoes protected from dust and damage, and away from pets that chew on your things. This product not only limits the storage of shoes, but it is also great for organizing toys, beauty accessories, home cleaners, and more. The product’s dimension is about 64-inch in height and 19-inch width.


2. ClosetMaid Adjustable Wall and Door Rack

2. ClosetMaid Adjustable Wall and Door Rack

If you are looking for a product that is more thick and sturdy than the previous door organizer, then you should consider getting this door rack organizer that is about 77 inches tall and 18-inch wide, it has 8 adjustable baskets that can hold tall and short items. Easily organize your stuff with various sizes without losing space.

You can either mount this rack organizer on a wall or mount it on your standard door, the included door hooks of this product have about 1.5-inch depth, so make sure that this could fit perfectly on your door when mounted.


3. Simple Houseware 4 Pocket Door Mount Organizer

3. Simple Houseware 4 Pocket Door Mount Organizer

This cute organizing door holder is not as tall as the other holders, but it is strong enough to accommodate big heavy items, such as thick books and heavy binders. Simplify your life by always keeping your things organized with this product. You can either use this on your bathroom, storage closet, bedroom, basement, and in other rooms with doors.

It helps save space in your house, it is made with good materials, each pocket can hold about 10 shirts in case you want to use it for storing clothes, pockets have cardboard in each side to stay firm, and can be easily hooked on the door without using tools.


4. Whitmor Over-The-Door Shoe Rack

4. Whitmor Over-The-Door Shoe Rack

This is another good shoe rack that you can use that can be mounted on the door. The bars can be easily folded up to create more space for tall shoes and boots. This item is made of durable white resin and equipped with a non-slip door pad to keep it from falling.

You can use this door organizer for books, cleaning materials, and even use it to hang clothes. It is very easy to install and does not require the use of tools.


5. Deco Brothers Supreme Door Hook Organizer

5. Deco Brothers Supreme Door Hook Organizer

If you want to have more hanging space other than your cabinet’s hooks, then you can just add another hook on your door such as this product. This is perfect for anyone who wants to have more hanging space for their clothes, and other stuff. This product features a flexible bracket that could fit doors up to 1 to ¾ inch thick.


6. NEX Hook Shelf Organizer

6. NEX Hook Shelf Organizer

You can also get a mountable door hook with a basket to9 place your books and other small stuff that can’t be placed on a hook. It is very easy to assemble that doesn’t even use tools and screws to mount, except if necessary. Its hooks can fit on a 1.9-inch thick door, and it comes with a PVC protective padding to avoid making scratches.

The materials used are finished with strong anti-rust steel and have around 10 hooks and a basket to hang more clothes and store other stuff in it.


7. Wintek Door Hook Hanger

7. Wintek Door Hook Hanger

Do you love cats or find them cute? If you don’t mind using door holders with cat figures on it, then you would surely like this product. It only has about 8 hooks in it, but you can hang a few clothes on each hook. The hanging door rack is about 15 to 4/5 inches wide and about 6 to 2/5 inches tall. This product is built to fit most types of home doors.

This product is perfect for hanging coats, towels, keys, robes, bags, pants, and shirts.


8. Pro Chef Kitchen Tools Coat Hook

8. Pro Chef Kitchen Tools Coat Hook

If you are looking for a door hook that could fit nicely in your kitchen, then you would surely love this simple door organizer. This organizer is about 15.5 inches wide and can be mounted on cabinet doors or on your kitchen’s door without a problem.

This product is perfect for hanging different kitchen utensils, towels, pot holders, aprons, and more. In this way, you can have more space to use in your kitchens, such as drawers that were once filled with towels and aprons.


9. Hold N Storage Door Closet Valet

9. Hold N Storage Door Closet Valet

This unique and adjustable rack can be adjusted to 3 sizes and easily organize your clothes. Imagine seeing your towels and clothes neatly hung at the back of your door, you’ll see that it is perfectly organized and quite pleasing to the eyes.

Since this product’s rods are made with sturdy construction, it can easily hold an item that weighs up to 35 pounds. It has a simple space-saving design that allows you to hang any clothing, while also keeping your room stylish and neat.


10. Lynk Over Door Mount Scarf Holder

10. Lynk Over Door Mount Scarf Holder

Most mountable door hooks don’t have enough hooks to hold clothes and other stuff, except for this product. This over the door hook has about 16 extra-large hooks that are adjustable and easily organize items.

If you have lots of scarves, coats, jackets, and others, you can just simply hang it at the back of your door without getting wrinkled. And since this product has about 16 hooks, it allows you to hang lots of items without breaking as this product is made from sturdy and durable materials.



Always keep your house clean and organized to make it easier for you to keep and look for stuff that you need. With these kinds of door organizing holder, you no longer have to place your stuff on your chair, bed, or table and then leave them looking like a mess.

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