10 Best Cat Nail Clippers of 2019

Cat loves scratching. It’s instinct! You can either get used to your cat scratching or not have a cat at all.

However, proper cat nail care can both reduce the damage which is caused by scratching and the amount your cat scratches.

In order to properly care for your cat’s nails, you need to get the best nail clipper there is! There are various kinds and a good list of brands out there. Here are some of the best cat nail clippers and trimmers available today.

Top 10 Best Nail Clippers for Cats Reviewed

1. Pet Republique Claw Clippers

Featuring a protective guard which ensures that there is no overcut, this professional clippers from Pet Republique is most suitable for cat nails. With high ratings, these clippers benefit from an optimized design which handles adult cats superbly.

It sports non-slip handles that offer control while the integrated spring provides an effortless and quick nail clipping process. Also, it has a specially angled design that offers the most comfortable and safest control in order to reduce any injuries.



2. Gonicc Pet Nail Clipper

An ergonomically and perfect looking nail trimmer for pets, the Gonicc Pet Nail Clipper comes with a sturdy construction that should serve you for a very long time. IT features a non-slip handle for a comfortable and good grip when clipping and trimming nails.

This nail clipper is also lightweight and its stainless steel construction gives the blade extreme sharpness andquality. It sports a lock-unlock mechanism so you do not need to worry about your kids playing with it and ending up hurt. Plus, it also features a Safety stop which allows you to only cut the nail part of your cat and avoid injuries.



3. KittyNails Cat Nail Clippers

The cat nail clippers from KittyNails features sharp and thick stainless steel blades that are tough and very sharp that can last for the years to come. Although it is most suitable for clipping cat’s claw, it can also be used for other pets such as rabbit, small to medium dogs, guinea pig, and birds.

It has a reliable grip rubber coated handles that ensure no slipping when using it to clip or trim your cat’s claw. Lightweight and small in size, this nail clipper is very easy to use and is well tolerated by cats.



4. Pro Pet Works Cat Claw Clippers

With a combination of durability, effectiveness, ease of use and comfort, the Pro Pet Works Cat Claw Clippers is ideal for beginners. Featuring a non-slip extra-comfortable grip, it is quite easy to handle the tool and a stress-free nail clipping.

The blade is made from stainless steel for sharpness and durability that should last for a very long time. It also sports a safety stop guard to prevent cuts to the pink part of your cat’s nails. Plus, it includes a detailed and clear instruction that should help make you nail clipping session a success. Moreover, it comes with a nail file for smoothing that can help your feline friend to avoid snags.



5. GoPets Nail Clippers

If you need to give your feline buddy a professional claw trim, then this is the best clipper to use. This nail clippers from GoPets is extremely popular and widespread among cat-grooming experts.

It sports a sharp stainless steel blade for smooth and fast cuts. Plus, it delivers a great cutting precision and its incorporated quick sensor that prevents overcutting. The large handle design makes the clipper very ergonomic with a non-slip surface that provides control and firm grip. Lastly, the blades are designed to lock easily for a safer and more convenient storage.



6. Shiny Pet Cat Nail Clipper and Claw Trimmer

This product does not just fit really well with your fingers. This nail clipper also promotes eco-friendliness with its ergonomic handle seated from 100 percent recycled plastic. It features angled blades so you can position it on tiny cat nails and easily cut without any pain.

With every purchase of this nail clipper, you will also get an instructional ebook material that shows you how to properly trim and clip your pet’s nail. Its stainless steel blade is hypoallergenic and its handle is finished with a slip-proof coating, allowing you to securely grip the clipper to prevent any painful accidents.



7. Resco Cat Claw Clippers

In the year 1937, Resco conceived the guillotine-style trimmers and proudly manufactures it in the United States ever since. With more than 80 years of experience, you can rest assured that their products are of high qualities!

The blades of this clipper are micro-honed in order to ensure that they are extremely sharp and avoid crushing the nails. It sports a loop in order to place the nail before cutting that ensures a clean cut every time. And in case the blade gets dull after the years. You can just easily replace the blade without buying an all-new clipper.



8. JW Pet GripSoft Cat Nail Clipper

Specifically designed with cat claws in mind, the JW Pet GripSoft Cat Nail Clipper is individually made for your feline buddy by taking care of his claws size and shape. It features the right size of blades so that you can cut only the nail and not the sensitive pink-ish part.

Its handle sports a slip-free, soft grip that ensures comfortability and ease. This nail clipper is safe to use to any breed of cats and will provide you with perfect results every time!



9. Whisker Wishes Cat Claw Clippers

An excellent set of cat nail clippers, the Whisker Wishes Clippers come at a great mid-range price and are specifically designed for cat nail clipping and trimming. Made from high-quality steel blades, you will surely have clean cute every time and has no room for rusting.

Its grip is designed for firm and comfortable hold even if your cat moves around avoiding the clippers which ensure a stable cut and prevent any bad experience. The handles are specifically designed to accommodate both left and right-handed individuals.



10. Boshel Cat Nail Clippers

Boshel offers a scissor-style nail clipper that is highly recommended by grooming professional. Featuring a unique angled semi-circular blade which makes it easy to see your cat’s nail, you can have an easier and safer trimming without any accidents.

The Boshel Cat Nail Clippers also features a non-slip grip for accuracy and comfort during the clipping process. And its durable stainless steel blade offers extreme sharpness that should last for many years!



Most Common FAQs Answered

How often should I clip and trim my cat’s nails?

If your cats are pretty devoted about scratching in order to sharpen his nails, then you will need to clip them around every 2 weeks or so. Waiting much longer will turn your cat’s nail into talons or razor blades. At kitten age, it is highly recommended that you clip and turn them more often.

Can I just use my personal nail cutter to cut my cat’s nails?

Well, using your “personal” nail cutter seems unhygienic. However, you can use human nail cutters, but know that vets are against it. Just make sure that you have a separate one for your kitty and use a toenail one which is typically bigger.

Can I use claw covers instead of clipping?

You shouldn’t. claw covers prevent your cat from fully detracting and retracting their claws since covers are glued on the nails. If he retracts his claws, the covers can actually injure him and cause an infection.

My cat hates clipping. How do I get him used to the nail clipping process?

The more often you clip your cat’s nails, the more they can get used to it. It is highly recommended that you start young. Trim regularly an reward your kitten afterward.

If you have an adult cat that hates or does not tolerate clipping, then here are a few tips:

  • You need to get your cat familiar with his nail clippers so they are not afraid when he sees it. Just leave the clippers in a place where your cat stays a lot— in her bed or a place where he lounges around. Your cat will be familiar with the sight and associate it with something she likes.
  • Next, you want to familiarize him of the clipping sound. Cats can’t see what you are doing when clipping and sometimes a new sound frightens your feline buddy. Cutting pieces using the clipper near your cat while she is doing something he likes can help associate the sound with a positive experience.
  • Be sure that you gradually trim his nails of your cat hates it. You can trim one paw at a time or a couple of nails before allowing him to scamper off and providing him with some treats.
Should I Clip My Kittens Nails?

Yes! It is highly recommended that you clip your kitten’s nail. It is best to teach your cats the trimming process at a young age so that he can get used to it and prevent him scratching and biting you when clipping his nails in the future. Not only that, but he is also easier to handle, thanks to his size.

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