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When it comes to small children, the number one concern is always safety. For adults, the home is a comfortable, safe place to relax and take part in leisurely activities.

From a small child’s point of view, home is full of new adventures. This makes drawers and cabinets full of really cool things that you don’t even know how to use a jackpot!

Unfortunately, cabinets and drawers tend to be full of things that are dangerous for kids to get their hands on.

These things include cleaning chemicals, medicines, fragile dishes, alcohol, matches, nuts and bolts, safety pins, and many other items that are poisonous, fragile, or not meant for child consumption.

A lot of normal, everyday items in our homes can’t be avoided. So what can you do to help prevent children from accessing these items?

Cabinet locks are a must for any home with young children who are still learning about the basics of life. Thanks to these safety devices, parents can stop stressing about their child getting into trouble or danger in the cabinets of your home.

Top 6 Best Cabinet Locks Reviewed

1. Jambini Magnetic Cabinet Locks

Magnetic cabinet locks are one of the best ways to keep kids from figuring out how to get them open. These Jambini locks are hidden since they are installed inside of cabinets. Installation is simple thanks to adhesive stickers.

Once these locks are in place, the only way to open cabinets is with a special key. Just make sure you hide the key well and remember where it is!

If your locks are needed for young visitors that aren’t around 24/7, then you’ll be glad to hear that you can simply disengage the magnets with the flip of a switch.

Jambini includes a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. That means you can test these out and if you don’t like them, you can return them for a full refund.

The magnets on these locks are strong, making it pretty much impossible to open cabinets without the magnetic key. You will love how these locks are hidden as well as how easy it is for you to gain access to your items inside. These are arguably the best locks we have on this list!



2. Munchkin Xtraguard Dual Multi Use Latches

The Munchkin Xtraguard are easy to install and use as long as you’re an adult! Their design keeps small children wondering how they work while you can open and close your cabinets without any problems.

One latch can be used on two cabinets that are side by side. Just place one side on one cabinet and the other on the cabinet next to it.

What makes these latches difficult for kids is the dual button release mechanism. To open your cabinets, you need to press on the latch’s two small buttons, rotate, and release to remove it from the base that stays attached. Push it back onto the base to lock it in place once again.

Thanks to flexible design, you can wrap it around corners without a problem. Adhesive makes installation and removal easy for you as well. The only negative we can say about these is that there are only two latches in a pack, making them a bit more expensive.



3. Kiscords Baby Safety Cabinet Locks for Knobs

The Kiscords Baby Safety Cabinet Locks for knobs feature a pull cord that wraps around cabinet knobs. Kiscords clarifies that these are for knobs and not handles.

A big benefit with these cords is that you don’t need to worry about damage from hardware or adhesives.

There is practically no “installation” needed to use these! That also means you don’t need to “uninstall” them either.

Locking cabinets closed with these cords is done by tightening around the knobs. To open cabinets, you need to press on the cord button and loosen it up.

It’s fairly simple and can even be done with one hand. Since the locks aren’t stuck on your cabinets, you can also bring them wherever you and your family go!

Don’t worry about potential damage to your cabinets when you choose these pull-cord cabinet locks. Baby proofing is mobile with these so you can lock up cabinets wherever you go. If you’re someone who travels a lot, these are a must.



4. Adoric Sliding Cabinet Locks

Our last cabinet locks are sliding locks. They feature an elongated D shape that can wrap around your cabinet handles before being locked up.

Adjustments can be made by simply sliding the lock closer to the handles. Just like the Kiscords locks for knobs, the Adoric sliding locks also provide the benefit of not causing any damage to your cabinets with hardware or adhesive.

To use these locks properly, your cabinets must have handles that are side-by-side. They can be as far as 7 inches apart while still allowing the sliding locks to secure them shut. To open up your cabinets, you just need to squeeze the buttons on the sliding lock to remove it.

Being made of hard plastic, these are durable and long lasting. Since they don’t need to be installed, you can bring them on the go as they can easily fit into a diaper bag. These are a lock that your child will have a difficult time ever figuring out.



5. Childproof Cabinet Locks by QcoQce

Our first cabinet lock is a spring release type offered by QcoQce. What’s nice about these locks is they aren’t visible from the outside of your cabinet, making them discreet.

The latches can be stuck on the inside of your cabinets with the provided adhesive for easy installation. If you would prefer a more secure installation, screws are also provided if you would like to use them.

You don’t need a key to access your childproofed cabinets when using these latches. To open, you just need to press down on the latch as you open it.

Young kids will have a tough time with these since they are hidden. That makes it a bit more difficult for them to understand why the cabinet won’t open!

Overall, these latches are a great deal since you get 12 of them in a package. That means you can child-proof up to 12 cabinets in your home! You may even have some extra locks on hand just in case you need to replace one.



When to Implement Child Safety Locks?

It goes without saying that a newborn baby won’t be able to get into the cabinets for a while. Once your child can crawl and move around, it would be a good time to start installing child safety locks on your cabinets. Installing them before this is no problem and also allows you to get used to having them around. It helps to have precautions in place ahead of time because, regardless, you’re going to need them anyway!

How Many Locks Will I Need?

Every home is different, meaning every home will require a different amount of cabinet locks to keep the baby away from the no-nos. While you may plan on using the locks only for a select few cabinets, it’s best to place locks on all storage cabinets. This is because your child will most likely be getting into these items on a regular basis, eventually giving you a headache from endless picking up after them.

Another reason to place locks on all cabinets is that the cabinet itself can pose a risk to your child. Small children aren’t aware of the proper way to open and close these storage units. This results in repeatedly opening & slamming cabinet doors and there is a possibility for fingers to get smashed in the process. You’ll be able to thank yourself ahead of time when this isn’t a problem for you!

To assess how many locks you’re going to need, you’ll need to tally up the number of cabinets in your home. The number of locks required will depend on the cabinet type and lock type you choose. Many locks go on singular cabinet doors while others are meant to secure a pair of cabinet doors by their knobs.

Types of Cabinet Locks

Like we just mentioned, there are different types of cabinet locks to choose from. Let’s break them down for you:

  • Magnetic – These are very useful because the doors won’t open without the magnetic key provided. Hardware installation is required, so if you are renting a place, you may need your landlord’s permission before moving on with these locks.
  • Pull-cord – This type of lock will only work for cabinets with side-by-side knobs. It’s a cord that can be tightened around the knobs. Tightening and loosening are done with a pull of the cord and push of a button. Older children will probably figure this out eventually.
  • Adhesive mount – One of the best things about these locks is the easy, non-invasive installation. They stick on surfaces easily and don’t take much work to remove. You’ll want to make sure the brand you choose has some severe stick to ensure they don’t fall off.
  • Spring release – Spring release locks will work at first, but can easily be figured out by kids later on. These are installed inside of cabinets and prevent the door from opening until you press down on a latch inside through the door’s opening.
  • Sliding – Sliding locks require either two knobs or handle side by side. The lock will wrap around the handles and tighten around them to prevent curious kids from getting inside.


We went over the best cabinet locks and made sure to include one of every kind to help you narrow down your options. Every lock has its benefits and downsides. Magnetic and spring release locks are discreet, while the pull-cord and sliding locks don’t require installation. The adhesive latches are also lovely, offering flexibility and simplicity.

Which one do you think suits your home and needs the best? Do you want something that can stay put for a long time, or do you prefer the ability to remove the lock at your convenience? If you’re unsure of what would work best, then pick up 2 or 3 different types to try out around the home. You may be pleasantly surprised at what your favorite one is.

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