Best Bread Slicers [2019]

Best Bread Slicers


Have you ever made bread slices? If you have, you can agree that making bread slices is always easy, not a difficult task at all. You can just get your bread loaf, set it on the table and slice through. Now, the thing is, How do you make your bread slicing more easier, quicker and efficient, by efficient I mean making your bread slices uniform in size and thickness. You do that with the help of a Bread Slicer, a kitchen tool made specially for bread slicing.

Bread slicers also help to make your cooking look professional especially if you are a commercial cook, maybe in a restaurant or so. Also at home, a bread slicer will also be of high relevance in your kitchen.

No matter what kind of bread you want to slice, you will surely see a bread slicer for it. These Bread slicers are of different types, they all aid in bread slicing but have different unique features. For you to be reading this, it means that you are considering buying a bread slicer, not just any bread slicer but the best one there is. The fact that there are so many Bread Slicers in the market will make your task for the best bread slicer a difficult one.

In this article, you will find listed quality bread slicers that you can buy. The products listed below have been reviewed to be;

  • Durable: Made from sturdy materials, made to last long. Able to resist basic wear and tear.
  • Easy to use: No kind of special experience is needed to use them. You can slice your bread easily while they aid you to make your slices perfect.
  • Safe: The listed bread slicers are safe to use. They are not dangerous health-wise in any way.
  • Easy to Clean: A tool that is hard to clean is usually a pain in the neck. The listed bread slices are to be cleaned in the easiest of ways. They also hardly get dirty.

That being said, let’s get to know these products – the best bread slicers you can buy.

Note that this list is in no particular order

1. DB-Tech Bamboo Wood Compact Foldable Bread Slicer

So far, wooden bread slicers seem to be the most preferred so I am kicking off my list with one from the DB-Tech brand. This bread slicer is 100% wooden as it is made from bamboo and it is one perfect bread slicer for making uniform bread slices. Being made from bamboo, it is very sturdy, doesn’t break so it is durable. It is an easy to set up bread slicer, this is primarily because it is constructed with a spring loaded flip design, this feature also makes it possible for it to fold up for easy storage. The DB-Tech Bread Slicer has multiple slice slots and is to be used along with a knife. You get to choose from 3 different slice thicknesses, 0.8cm, 1cm and 1.2cm. Notwithstanding, you can get a more thicker slice if you skip some slots. It weighs just a little close to 2 pounds so it is relatively light weight. For cleaning, you are not advised to wash it in any way since it is wooden. But, it is still very easy to clean, you should just wipe it with a dishcloth, preferably a damp one and you are good.

2. Norpro Bread Slicer with Crumb Catcher

If you always buy kitchen tools, you should be used to the Norpro brand by now. The first you will most certainly notice about the fancy “Our Daily Bread” text labelled on the glass frame. Well, the Norpro Bread Slicer is an ideal bread slicer for turning your bread loaves to even slices on a daily basis. This bread slicer is made with glass, acrylic glass to be specific with a wooden base and it measures about 6.25 inches in width. The cutting is done by a knife, but for added convenience, you can also use an electric knife. The Norpro Bread Slicer allows you to create equal bread slices with its non adjustable slicing slots. As the slots are non adjustable, they give you about half inch thick bread slices. However, you can still get thicker slices if you want by skipping slots but it can not cut slices lesser than half an inch. Just like the description states, it features a removable crumb catcher that collects swaying bread crumbs and prevent them from creating a mess of the place. It is easy to clean, no washing, just wipe with a damp cloth.

3. SierraBASE LLC The Bread Pal Bread Slicer

Another Wooden bread slicer, a bread pal so it is sure to be a good friend to your bread. This is a wooden but not a bamboo bread slicer, it is made of hard wood instead. You just buy it, open and can even start using it immediately, you do not have to assemble anything. It is constructed with a spring loaded, solid locking design that makes it easy to use and foldable for relatively easy storage. It can cut bread loaves to both thick and thin slices and does so with much efficiency. The SierraBASE Bread slicer is perfect for long bread loaves as it measures over 6 inches wide. You should note however that in using this bread slicer, you would need to get a knife a bit long, at least 11 to 13 inches in length. This Bread Pal Bread Slicer has a sturdy base that hardly wears off even with steady cutting, it is also replaceable in case it is damaged. Just like every other wooden bread slicers, you should not wash this slicer, using a damp cloth to wipe it clean is recommended.

4. Bread Slicer Depot, Maple Bread Slicer Classic

From the description, you should have a fore idea that the Maple Bread Slicer Classic is a Classic Bread Slicer. You can rely on the quality of this bread slicer and also on its ability to bring out the best slices from your bread loaves. This bread slicer is made of maple, maple is likely wood both very much hard and sturdy, it is held firmly by stainless steel screws. With four standing rubber feels, it will not roughen your table top. You can slice your bread loaves to the exact slice portion you need, ranging from very thin to very thick bread slices. The fun thing about using this bread slicer is that you can be used it whether you are right or left handed. You use it to slice bread loaves of any length. It features a bread board where the bread slices fall, it helps in keeping your counter or table neat by also collecting bread crumbs. When done, you can simply wipe it with a dry or damp cloth to keep it clean. The Maple Bread Slicer is a very durable product that if maintained properly will last for a long period of time.

5. Bread Slicer Elite, Brushed Stainless Steel Bread Board

This Bread Slicer is almost the same with the previously listed one because they are both from the Bread Slicer Elite Brand. But I would say the manufacturers added a more unique design to make this bread slicer stand out and one admired by a lot of customers. With what I termed a “flawless construction”, the Bread Slicer Elite Bread Board is a professional and highly functional bread slicer board. It is unlikely to break down as it has twenty stainless steel screws holding it tightly in place. The bread board is made of maple, the very sturdy wood-like material and then there is the Stainless Steel arch bar right at the middle of the board, it holds the bread while you slice away. It is ideal for slicing any bread loaf no matter how lengthy it may be into thick or thin bread slices. It is most likely not to get real dirty apart from little bread crumbs which you should just wipe off to keep it clean. If you want to slice any type of bread of whatever reason, this is a slicer to use.

6. Yummy Sam Bread Slicer

Number 6 on my list of the best breast slicer is the Yummy Sam Bread Slicer. So far, it is the first plastic bread slicer on this list. It is made from ABS resin material, a relatively hard and very durable plastic material. The plastic is temperature resistant and also odourless and toxic free. With the Yummy Sam Bread Slicer, you can slice your bread into 5 different  thicknesses which 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25m and 30mm. To be very easy to use, It is designed to be used in a manner that it different from the rest, there is a divider to aid you as you slice with your knife. Being Multipurpose, you do not have to limit it’s function to just slicing bread whereas you can use it to also slice cheese, vegetables and few others. Cleaning this bread slicer should be less a task than the other mentioned because it is dishwasher safe. But just as an advise, if you would love this bread slicer to last longer, then you should hand wash it which is also easy. It is foldable too which makes it easy to store. The Yummy Sam Bread Slicer has everything there is for a quality breast slicer to have.

7. Heartland Bamboo Bread Slicer

The Heartland Bamboo Bread Slicer is a strong wooden bread slicer, crafted from bamboo with a cutting surface made from polyethylene plastic. It is one bread slicer that does not really need to be assembled, you just set it up in the most easiest of ways. This bread slicer is ideal for slicing very thin bread slices, about half an inch for the minimum. You can also slice much more thicker slices by adjusting your slicing slot. Cutting round bread slices is also possible with this bread slicer, to make such kind of slicer, you just have to slice the bread in half and then lay it side down on the cutting surface. A short knife would be useless with this bread slicer or it will waste your time and not give you what you want. Make sure you use a knife that is at least 10″ in length. I have stressed that wooden bread slicers are not to be washed in any way, for cleaning this bread slicer, you should also just use a damp dishcloth. It can be folded which makes it more easy to store. For home or commercial use, the Heartland Bamboo bread slicer will perform above par.

8. Ironwood Gourmet 28155 Avignon Baguette Miter, Acacia Wood

This is a bread slicer devoted to slicing french loaves, I know there are some real French loaf lovers out there so I had to include something for them. It is an ironwood bread slicer made from acacia wood, with an elegant structure and stunning design, it looks just like a french loaf itself. It is ideal for slicing very long loaves of bread into even slices. Now, this is an ironwood product, not just any wood so it can be washed in water. You should however note that you are to dry it immediately and never should you leave it in water for long. It has a stainless steel grommet so you can hang it when done using it for easy storage and also easy access to it when next it is needed. Also, you are advised to oil it occasionally in order to maintain it’s sparkling and natural glow. For this, the Ironwood Butcher Block Oil is recommended, it is sold as a separate product still from the Ironwood brand.

9. Presto – Bread Slicing Guide

The Presto Bread Slicing guide offers a fast and easy way to slice your bread, it is most recommended for making sandwiches and bread for toast. It serves as a guide to direct your knife while you make away with even bread slices. Made from very hard plastic, It is constructed in a simple manner, once you see it, you know what it is for. It features a tilt design that helps hold your bread loaves in place while you slice. It is capable of holding bread slices up to about 5 inches in length. You are advised to use a long knife that can penetrate the slots properly. To your advantage, The Presto Brand provided a customized electric knife to help you. This knife – The Presto Electric Knife – is sold as a separate product so you have to order it on its own, but you should know it is a must hand if you want to really enjoy using this bread slicer. It is dishwasher safe which makes cleaning it more easier. With the Presto Bread Slicing Guide, you would no longer need your knife for bread slicer, it is a recommended and very easy to use tool.

10. Out of the Woods of Oregon Bread and Bagel Slicer

I’m ending my list with a bread slicer very much different from the others in every way you can think of. If you need a very simple tool to help you slice your bread then this is an ideal option for you. From looking at it, you can ascertain that it looks like a hand saw. It is a bow bread knife crafted from American Hardwood with a stainless steel slicing blade. With the type of quality materials it is made from, it is durable and sure to last for a very long time. This bread slicer can be used to slice any type of bread, including bagels, sourdough and it will come off just the way you want. You can choose whatever size you want, whether thick or thin and it is very easy to use. For a bow knife it is, you would need to get a cutting board  as you don’t want to leave scratches on your table top. To clean this bread slicer, using a dish washer is not an option. You should use a damp cloth to wipe it, if very dirty, you can wash it in mild soapy water and then dry it immediately. Being a high useful and reliable tool, the Out of the woods Oregon Bread and Bagel Slicer is Amazon’s choice for bow bread knife. This bread slicer will be a perfect slicing tool and a good replacement for your kitchen knife.


The above listed bread slicers are the top buying options for anyone looking to get a bread slicer, they are also very affordable and won’t cost you much. These products made this list because They have been used by numerous customers overtime and they also attested to the quality of the products. However, every product has its own pros and cons and these products are no different. Notwithstanding, if they are maintained properly, they are sure to last and serve their purpose to the fullest.

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